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New beginning


I wake up ready to get on the road. I was so excited to get back to the pack with our new Luna. Everyone was just going to love her. I know there will be some people who will not approve but that’s okay because I’m the Alpha and I don’t need anyone to approve of who I picked as my Luna.

I look over and see my beautiful mate sleeping. She was my everything, I will protect her at all cost. The moon goddess doesn’t make mistakes when choosing your mate. And I for one think she chose perfectly for me.

“Sky baby it’s time to wake up, we have to go see Liam and Lucy before we get on the road.” I whisper softly in her ear as I run my fingers through her hair. She was going to be one badass Luna. I can’t wait to see her in action.

Sky rolls over and her eyes fluttered open, she smiles sweetly at me and runs her finger down the side of my cheek. “Kye dear we have plenty of time. I know you need to get home, but let’s not rush our time with Luc okay? I need to make sure she is 100 percent fine before I leave.” Sky says.

She gets up and walks towards the bathroom, she turns her head over her shoulder and says. “Besides I’m sure we can shift and run back faster.” She winks and goes to take a shower.

Oh that cheeky little minx. She already knew how to push my buttons and with one wink she had me. I guess we will be running home. I don’t mind and I’m sure our wolves would enjoy a good trip.

I make my way downstairs and find Liam sitting at the table with Lucy next to him. Damn I didn’t think she would look any different, but she has a glow to her. She looks like she just walked out of a photo shoot. But yet there was no trace of makeup on her face. What the hell was going on.

“Kye we have some news but we want to wait for Sky before we share. We want everyone here for this.” Liam stated

Okay this can’t be good and I was in no way shape or form going to be able to stay away from my pack for much longer. Jake has already called me a million times these past few days. He needs me and my pack needs me. But if Liam needs me I would always help him first. He was always here for me before anyone else.

“Well hello beautiful” Sky sings as she walks down the stairs. God she was so fucking hot, how did I get so lucky? Thank you, thank you, thank you moon goddess.

Jameson and Stella walked in the room with big grins on their faces. Well I guess it’s just Sky and I who don’t know the big secret.

“Okay well as you all know Sky and kye will be leaving us for a while. The pack needs them and I couldn’t be more grateful for your help. You are our best friends and I love you both with all my heart. It’s time for you to go and start your new journey together as Alpha and Luna. I couldn’t be more proud of you two.

I am so glad you guys found each other. Love has a funny way of walking into your life and shaking it all up. Trust me I know. Ha I have been blessed in more ways than one. Sky, Kye would you do us the honor of being our baby girl’s godparents?” Lucy asked us and Sky jumps from her chair while covering her mouth with both of her hands.

“Oh my god!! Luc you’re going to be a mother? I can’t believe this. You beat me and I’m jealous. I love you and I will love my niece more!!!! Of course we will be her godparents. Right Kye?” Sky turns to look at me and I stood there shocked to the core. How the hell did Liam get her pregnant? Is this a joke? What am I missing?

“Of course we will. But How are you pregnant Luc?” I wince at the words that come out of my mouth. They sounded harsh and I didn’t mean them too. I was happy for them I was just worried. I have never heard of such things.

“I know it’s unreal I couldn’t believe it at first either, but she saved Lucy. She showed her the way to the light. She is more powerful then we all know. But when we was on the magic island it dropped the veil and It let us make our miracle baby.

Kye I’m going to be a dad. Something I have always dreamed of. And I never knew was possible.” Liam explained and I was not longer worried. He told me all of it. I was so happy and proud of my best friend. I stand up and hug him tighter than two dudes should hug. But at that moment it felt normal to show my love and happiness for him.

“I’m so happy for you two, and we will always be here for you both. Whatever you need just let us know.” I stated and kissed Lucy’s cheek. “Congratulations.” I whispered in her ear.

They would make amazing parents. But the one thing I couldn’t get off my mind was what Sky had said to Lucy. You beat me, I’m so jealous. The love I felt when she said that she was jealous of not being pregnant only made me want to take her right now and put my pups inside of her.

She wanted pups with me. She was my mate and Luna and she wanted to have pups. Could she get anymore perfect? I walk over to Sky and wrap my arms around her waist nibbling on her mark. She lets out a soft moan, and I smile.

“Kye now is not the time for that.” She says as she reaches back and slaps my arm. I chuckle when I see her cheeks turn red. She’s so cute when she blushes.

“So you want to have my pups?” I asked in a whisper.

“No!” She says as she turn around to face me. She cups my face in her hands and looks deep into my eyes. “I want to have our pups. I want to lots and have the big family that I didn’t have. I am finally happy in my life. No more sleeping with men for no reason, no more parties to meet men who are selfish and boring.

I have a Alpha wolf as a mate and the baddest best friend a girl could ask for. Everything I have done in my life was to put me right here. With you. It will always be you.” Sky says to me while wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me softly.

“I love you so much my Luna.” I whisper on her lips. She was my world and I would give her as many pups as she wanted.

“I love you to my Alpha.” She says deepening the kiss. There was no one but us right now. Only there was.



“Um guys you know there are other people in the room right?” Stella asked as she cleared her throat.

Sky started to giggle and I let out a full belly laugh. We was acting like two teenagers who just had sex for the first time. I couldn’t wait to have her all alone back at the pack house. I was more than ready to start our new life together.

We all hugged each other and I started to pack our backpacks. We had to leave some stuff as we was running home. Stella said she would mail it to us, I wasn’t worried. But Sky on the other hand wanted all her things back. Ha she was just to much. So needy when it came to all her girly things.

“Okay guys this is it. This will be the farthest I have ever been from Sky and I don’t know how my heart will live without you. I love you and call us when you two make it home. Safe travels.” Lucy says hugging us one last time with tears shining in her eyes. I have grown to love that girl as a best friend and I’m so happy she found my best friend as I have found hers.

Me and Liam hug patting each others back. We knew, there was no words that was needed. It’s always been this way. But now with our mates being best friends we knew we would see each other a lot more. Sky and Luc wouldn’t and couldn’t live without each other. And we was both okay with that.

With that we walked out the door and shifted. I Let Sky shift first as her wolf was so beautiful to look at. She was magnificent in both forms. I shifted and let out a goodbye howl to our friends who have became our family. We was going home to our pack.

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