Billion Dollar Daddy

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ON HOLD FOR THE TIME BEING! THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING! "I'll make you wet with my words before I fuck you with my fingers." * After graduating from college with a Bachelors in Business, Leona ends up with a job at Guzman's Enterprises. It's a billion dollar company with a billion dollar owner, of course. He's known as the devil in disguise and she knows that it's true. With her head held high, Leona walks in on her first day, confident--only to leave contemplating what she had gotten herself into. Will she be able to deal with the devil or will his fire of a personality threaten to burn her alive? Hector Guzman had nothing to give. No love, no affection, no emotions. After a rival gang murdered his family while he was still a teen and left him with a grotesque scar on his back, he fled Mexico and built a life for himself. Now with billions in the bank, Hector's ready to seek revenge. But when a gorgeous woman with wide hips and thick lips becomes his PA, he knows if he doesn't keep her at a distance, she'll become a pawn in a game of chess she didn't even know she was a part of. THIS BOOK IS EXPLICIT! I ONLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK FOR ADULTS!!

Erotica / Romance
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Don't You Know I'm No Good For You

“I want to do to you, what spring does to cherry trees.”

* * *

The nightmares never stopped.

As Hector stood under the spray of his hot shower, he sighed. It had been yet another sleepless night. Nothing but tossing and turning. He’d woken up drenched in sweat. It was like he could still feel the flames against his back, hear the screams of his love ones as they burned in the house he’d grown up in. But this was the life he’d grown accustom to.

Waking, working, fighting, fucking, sleeping.


Thirty minutes later Hector was dressed in a velvet suit as he ventured down to the town-car that awaited him.

“Morning sir.” Jose greeted as he opened the back door for his boss. The driver never said Good Morning to his boss, because in Hector’s eyes, no morning, for the rest of his life, would ever be good. With a curt nod, the business man stepped into the car and took his seat.

Hector immediately got on the phone with his brother to make sure things were in place for his new PA. It would be the fourth one this month, but he didn’t care. He didn’t have time for incompetence. It was a weakness and everyone knows that weaknesses are exploited, whether in the business world or personal one. His brother informed him that his employee would be seated at her assigned desk inside of his office when he got to work. He then told him ′good luck’, which was odd.

Once parked outside of his building, Jose opened the door and bid his boss farewell. Upon entering his building Hector greeted his lobby receptionist with a tight lip smile that still made them both swoon. Turning away, Hector got to the elevator, swiped his card, then stepped inside.

The elevator ride was quick but eventful. Martha from the fourth floor had managed to get on with the CEO. Her make-up seemed to be extra heavy, her lips painted black for some reason. She gave her boss a small kiss and then proceeded to hit the emergency stop and blow him just for the hell of it. Hector had never been the one to deny himself pleasure, so of course he didn’t stop her. He willed himself to finish quickly and then booted Martha on a random floor before proceed to the top. Once the elevator stopped, he typed in his code that open the doors to his office.

For some unknown reason, he felt the need to brace himself. His brother thought he would need luck, which meant the woman was one or two things.

Really fucking ugly or really fucking hot.

When the door opened and he looked to his left, Hector found that it was the latter, at least from the back.

She had on a gray pencil skirt, with a silk blouse tucked into it. Six inch heels that made her long tone legs stand out.

The woman was currently bending down to grab something out of the filing cabinet and it gave Hector a view he truly appreciated. His dick was stirring back to life, forgetting all about the mediocre head he’d just received.

Clearing his throat, Hector watched with an entertained expression as the woman jumped spinning around with a frantic look on her face. Even in her surprised state; eyes round and bulging, lips parted in shock, her beauty was something to admire.

Mocha skin, fierce grey eyes, big juicy lips, the woman was something serious. Hector had strict rules against fucking his PA’s...consider that rule null and void.

“Did my brother explain everything to you?” Hector asked as he made his way to his desk. Undoing the button on his blazer, he shrugged it from his shoulders, while holding intense eye contact with the new PA. To his surprise her gaze didn’t falter.

“Yes.” She said and Hector kissed his teeth.

“Well, Miss-”


“Miss. Leona, you obviously weren’t listening. So, I’ll ask you again and I expect you to address me the way I expect you to. Did my brother explain everything to you?”

“Yes sir.”

“Very good.” Hector mused as he sat down at his desk. When he looked around he found the contract from his recent merger already sitting on the glass furniture. This pleased him and he smirked as he began to work on the document. He didn’t say another word to Leona as he diligently worked on revising his terms on the contract. It wasn’t until a protein bar and a bottle of water was placed on his desk that the man stopped. Hector flicked his wrist so that his watch would give him the time and sure enough it was eleven. Without so much as a glance at Leona, the man ate the healthy snack and drank his water. His PA took his garbage once he was done and asked him did he need anything else. He waved her off with his hand and continued with the contract.

Fifty pages later, the document was done and Hector was standing from his chair. He stretched his limbs, grabbed his jacket and picked up the contract.

“I need this completely retyped by nine A.M tomorrow morning. That’s when I will be meeting with the CEO of the company I’m consuming.” Hector deadpanned as he slammed the thick file on Leona’s desk. When she looked up at him, she seemed to want to say something but thought better of it. With a sullen face, she gave him a faint ‘yes sir’.

“Is it alright if I make a phone call?” Leona asked and Hector sighed.

“If you must, but you make it here and then we go.” He said as he put on his blazer and buttoned it. Walking over to the elevator, he waited patiently for his PA to make her call so she could following him out of the office.

Hector watched as the woman brought her cellphone to her ear and let out a deep breathe. A few seconds later, she began to speak.

“Hi baby love how was your day?” She paused and looked up at him before quickly looking away. “He’s nice. I just called to tell you that you’ll have to stay at gramgram’s tonight, is that okay?....I know and I will make it up to you.....Okay, love you to the moon...bye bye.” Once Leona hung up the phone, Hector pressed the button to the elevator and watched as the woman grabbed her things including the contract and rushed over. The elevator opened and the business man allowed Leona to get on the elevator first as he admired her ass. Stepping on behind her, he pressed the lobby button and folded his arms over his chest.

“You have children.” Hector stated suddenly. He glanced down at Leona to see her staring up at him with those pretty eyes.

“No. That was my nephew. My mother and I have duel custody of him.” She answers while looking straight at him.

There was something different about this woman. Most people shy away from eye contact with him, but this young woman stared straight at him every time he spoke.

“I don’t like that you look at me like that.” Hector found himself saying. He watched in silent awe as the woman broke out into a smile that showed a single dimple on her left cheek. Her eyes beamed as she let out small little laugh that made him feel...something. And what she said next took him by complete surprise.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t be so pretty.”

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