Smoking Hot One-Shots

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A series of one-shot sure to leave you squirming in your seat, dont read these around others unless they're equally as dirty as you xx A mature read, containing both MxF and FxF relationships, Open for requests just drop me a message and I'll aim to jot it down for you <3 updates every week if not sooner.

Erotica / Romance
After Dark
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Updated book cover: 17th Aug 2020
Chapter post schedule: whenever I feel like it, but usually around 1-2 weeks.
Requests? Open.

Hello there! Welcome to my first ever book-or-well-One shot book on Inkitt, I come from Wattpad, however, they dont have a place for the erotic genre which brings me here!

I cannot guarantee mistakes won't be made through my writing but I do my best to make accurate hot and steamy stuff for you, just keep in mind this is for mature audiences, you can message me a request and I'll keep it in mind!
Please do not steal, take or alter my ideas for these one-shots, this is plagiarism and I feel you can be creative in your own way rather than steal someone's work! So please remain respectful!
The same rules apply for any of the kinks I write about in this book if it's not your cup of tea that's okay baby just keep moving on, it ain't cute to kink shame <3
I appreciate votes, constructive criticism, tips, and requests and reviews! so send them my way if possible!
I hope you guys will like my writing style and maybe even add it to your library if Im lucky lol, I hope to grow my account so I hope you'll stick around.
But I know reading intros can be a total bore-fest, you want to read something to get you hot and bothered right? well without further ado, let's get to it~

- Sincerely, After Dark
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