The Scarred Black and Sinful White

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"What the fuck is this?" He asked narrowing his emerald eyes on me. Clearly furious for unknown reasons. I furrowed my eyes in confusion to this hot creature standing in front of me. He was like a walking sex. You know, a nasty-nasty-hockey-tockey on two human legs. "That's your green tea sir" I replied with a forced smile. "Where is my sugar?" He asked again, with an annoyed tone. You not the only one who's annoyed hot bastard. I said to myself. Wait- did he just mention sugar? I nearly laughed when his words came back to mind. I mean who drinks green tea with sugar? "With all due respect Mister, you did not mention anything about adding sugar to your green tea. In case your eyes dont function well, I dont have bones hanging around my neck to tell that you drink green tea with sugar " He slammed the cup on the table, earning a slight jump from me. Who on earth does he think he is. " Listen here you black tæve, you dont know who I am but trust, you wouldn't want to mess with me. Now be a good little waitress and give me my green tea just the way I like it best" Well, now that did the trick, I took the cup from table counter, and stirred the tea slightly while watching the smirk on his face and I threw it right on that perfect face, wiping off that smirk and smiled. "There you are sir. Your green tea with sugar just the way you like it" Hate♡Racism ♡Abuse♡Mature Content

Erotica / Drama
Hábìlë Mōñå
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Dimitra POV

I stood in my new apartment with my 2 travel bags on the floor by my sides. Looking around my new home for the coming 2 years, I made a mental note to change the curtains because the current ones made the living room look so stuffy and dark. As much as I loved my darkness, a girl's room gotta be pink.

I smiled to myself thinking of how my mother used to tell me that I need to grow up and stop liking pink things. I miss her so much. It's been 63 hours since our last encounter but it feels like its 10 years. I hollered my two heavy travel bags and closed the door behind me, wincing at the creaking sound the door made. Well- that needs some oiling.

I put my back pack on the nearby couch and made another tour around my apartment. Two bedrooms with doors opposite to each other, one bathroom at the end of the corridor, a small cozy living room with a big leather couch beside the wall and the other smaller one on the far end, a 40 inch flat TV on a wooden TV stand, and a kitchen with a nice island. I'd look good bending over there with a hund behind me.

" Behave Dimitra" I chuckled to myself from my dirty thoughts. I've always had a very twisted mind. People back home thought that being the eldest daughter of a Reverend would clearly make me the most innocent girl alive. Little did they know. Well I was the innocent pure girl in front of them because I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize my dad's reputation. I love that man with the whole of me and I'd kill for him. So i was that good little girl with a bright smile (but the dirtiest mind).

Turning towards the living room, I dragged my feet and feel face first on the couch, feeling all the exhaustion from the last three flights all the way from South Africa to Denmark. Noting that this was the longest trip I've ever taken in history. I remember how my first flight to India was three years ago. I swear I looked like an idiot. Asking almost everyone where my gate was. I chuckled to myself again. Life though.

With all these thoughts running through my mind, my eyes began feeling heavy. Dont blame me, I was worn out. Giving up to my only best friend in life, whose name is SLEEP, I closed my eyes and let the darkness consume me.

I woke up to a hard pounding on the door and groaned deep. Cant one have a beauty sleep?...Rubbing my sleepy poofy eyes, I made my way to the door and opened it, noticing that it wasn't even locked.

"H-hi!" I said through a yarn, then opened my eyes to see a tall guy 6ft8, with a black curly hair, beautiful blue eyes staring at me like I was the most funniest thing in life. I furrowed my eyes at him in clear confusion.

"Now I'm in love with you babochkah" he said with a huge green. The first thing that came to my mind was, is this some sort of a prank? I mean who would knock on someone's house at 23:00pm telling them they are in love? Without annoyance evident on my face, I crossed my arms over my chest,pushing my twigs higher and oh boy. God gave me them tits. I mean 36C. All natural.. anyway you know the African body. Hourglass figure. That's me over there.

"Well, I dont know what makes you fall in love but Mister you just disturbed my beauty sleep. Now if you dont mind, will you kindly go away so that I go back to lalalan?" I said after a few minutes of analyzing the idiot infront of me.

"No prinsesse, that's not how you talk to your new roommate. Where are your manners?" He said with a fake annoyance. But the fact that he was my new roommate got me dumbstruck. So this cute idiot standing infront of me is going to be my roommate? For how long? After a full minute of awkward silence he busted out laughing. "Now that got you. Make a way darling I'm so tired. I wanna sink my ovaries in a hot tub of water full of roses" He said pushing me aside. That's when I realised he had four damn huge boxes near the door and a travel bag. Was he chased out of his home or something?

Wait- did he say something about soaking his ovaries? A grin formed on my still poofy face on a realization that this roommate of mine here, is not a straight man but a gay. Oh! How I love them gays. They have that thing you know. Shaking myself from my trance, I got back inside the living room and sat down. Listened to my new roommate while he grunted about incoherent things. I chuckled to myself.

After full 30 minutes of moving in and out, talking non stop, he threw himself next to me and took a cushion from behind him. Tried to cuddle it when he quickly threw it away with a disgusted look on his face. I furrowed my eyebrows "Ewww...did I just touch your snort or drool on that cushion?" He clutched his neck and made a gagging sound. I couldn't help but laugh. That earned me a huge grin in response.

"Anyway, this hot baby here goes by the name of Victor Lensel. And who might you be my love?" He asked licking his lips.

I smiled. Boy this guy is just so so

" I'm Dimitra Mona" I replied with a smile and with that, he threw himself on me in a bone crashing hug. Well,that was unexpected. "Oh my dear Mona Lisa you and I are gonna make a great team. We gonna go partying every Saturday and get dicked then come back Sunday morning looking like we've been hit by a tornado"

Still in his embrace, I laughed at his idiot being. We indeed are gonna make a great team.

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