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Life wasn't always easy for the Archer twins. In fact, there was a time you could say it was horrendous. As teenagers their pack was attacked by a malicious group of vampires killing many people in their pack and turning Killian into one of the very first tribrids of his time. Through blood lust and inability to control himself he turned his brother Kahlo, bringing him into a dark side of the supernatural world neither one knew existed. It is now two years later and Kahlo is beginning to learn of what Blood Lust is for himself. Will he give in to the dark temptation or will he find a way to stay in the light?

Erotica / Fantasy
Meg Rockett🌻
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It’s been the same thing for the last few days, I can’t control my thirst for blood no matter how hard I try. I blame my damn twin brother for all the shit I have to put up with now. Like I have time to be stalking humans to feed on. I have a fucking club to run and to top it all off he won’t even help me. He says I have a bad temper, oh well I fucking wonder why? I am only the second tribrid in New Orleans and every one wants something from me.

While he gets to sit up there in his club have a grand ole time, my throat is on fire and I need someone to kill. I hate this part of being a vampire, the speed and strength I get from my wolf and I’m use to it. But being so fucking hungry all the time is killing me, I just want to go back to being a hybrid when my life was much simpler.

I feel my throat start to to catch fire, I feel like I’m suffocating and I don’t need oxygen to breath I need blood. My brother turned me into a monster and I hate it. But I know now what he went through and how hard it is to control your blood lust. I don’t hate Killian it wasn’t his fault for being turned, but I do hold a grudge for him turning me.

I smell a strong sent of blood and start to follow it, I need to get this under control and the only way to do that is to try and feed without killing the human. Killian told me to snatch, eat, erase. I haven’t been very good at it since I can’t seem to stop myself from drinking every last drop. But I have to try or I’m just going to kill more people trying to keep myself under control.

I see drops of blood on the ground and use my wolf eyes to see in the dark, all my senses are heighten and I know I’m close to my next meal. If you can even call it that, I’m still not use to drinking blood from humans and calling it a fucking meal. God why am I like this?

I round the corner and see a young girl holding her hand tight and I see the blood running down her arm. My fangs come out and I can feel the veins on my face start to rise to the surface. Oh no I’m going to scare the hell out of this poor girl, I’m not a killer I don’t want to hurt people but I don’t have to control to stop once I start. And once I smell blood I have to have it.

“Stay back I have a knife and I will use it.” The little girl shouted at me. She couldn’t be no more then 12 years old. I need to turn around and go the fuck home before I do something I will deeply regret.

“I’m not going to hurt you, I just want to take a look at your hand. Are you okay?” I ask her in a calm voice hoping maybe she will point me in the direction of the person who hurt her. They seem like the perfect person to practice on.

“Um-m well a man was chasing me, and when I took out my knife to use it on him he used it on me. I ran as fast as I could, and I came here and met you.” She explained, her voice is shaking and she is out of breath from running.

It wasn’t but a few seconds later I could hear someone coming out of the back door. I used my vampire speed and vanished into a hiding spot. I watched him stalk slowly up to the child. He had a big grin on his face like he just won a big fucking prize. Fucking sick pervert. Yes he will do just fine, and why waste a kill right? Guys like him don’t deserve to be alive anyways. So maybe this is just my way of taking the bad people off the streets.

“Please don’t hurt me. I’m sorry I tried to stab you.” The little girl pleaded with her life and I couldn’t bare to watch any longer. I walked out of my hiding spot and bent down to the little girl, I compelled her to go straight home and stop for nothing. She needed her hand to be looked at or she was going to lose it.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” I taunt the man and circle around him, making him shiver by the look of my eyes. Red glowing eyes, and a hint of gold from my wolf.

“What do you want? I wasn’t doing anything. I didn’t hurt her, she tried to kill me.” The man stuttered out his words and I know he’s lying, thanks to anther trick from my vampire side.

“Well I don’t like liars, nor do I like child molester’s. You are a sick freak preying on children. Today will be your last day and all the children will be safe without you being around to harass them” I stepped behind him and pulled his head to the side giving me straight access to his carotid artery.

I let the beast in me fully come out, my fangs grew to their full length the veins on my face rippled and my eyes turned blood red. The fire in my throat was about to choke me, I felt like I was high with adrenaline. I sunk my fangs in his neck and as soon as the metallic taste hit my tongue my whole body tingled and shook. I waited to long to feed and I drink him like he was my last meal.

I never in my life have felt like this before, every time I feed I feel stronger more powerful, like there is something inside me that needs to be set free. It’s a glorious feeling and it’s the best part of being a tribrid. I have 3 different species inside of me and I can feel them all come together when I am no longer hungry.

I drop the man in the dumpster and head back to my club Trinity. My job was done out here, but I had more things to do in the office before I could call it a night. I need to make sure no more vampires are out killing people.

I know what it looks like, I just killed someone but he was bad and I only kill bad people. These vampires are young and turned out of spite. They don’t have no one to show them how to control it. I take them to my club and try my best to help them, but I need help, myself my control sucks and I need someone who will have some time to help me. So I can help them.

I need to see my brother maybe he knows someone who needs a job and is good with vampires. Yeah let’s hope, because I have no idea where to even look for someone like that. I walk in my brothers part of the club, it’s the top human club Iniquity. I have the supernatural club Trinity. He’s better with the humans then I am at this point. And I love being underground where no one can find me.

“Hey Kahlo did you kill more monsters tonight?” Killian asked, I know he’s joking but it really isn’t that funny. I know he went through the same shit but can’t he see I fucking struggling.

“Yeah if you must know I saved a little girl from a sick ass pervert, but that is not why I came to see you.” I spat growing angrier at my brother.

“Oh come on Kah, I was just teasing. I’m sorry I know you hate this but it all part of the process.” Killian’s right and I know I’m being a asshole but I hate this fucking shit.

“Okay so do you know anyone who can help me with my control so I can help these young vampires? They can’t keep killing every human they see.”

“Actually I may know of someone, let me make a few phone calls and I will let you know soon. Oh and for what it’s worth I think you are doing very well at keeping your thirst under control. You are a hell of lot calmer than I was.” Killian pats me on the back and I head back to Trinity.

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