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Iniquity Or Trinity✨

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I sit here and think about what my brother was asking of me, he really has been doing good but I know he needs a little more help with controlling his thirst. I have been thinking about who he could hire in his club, but I have a hard time with where my mind takes me. I don’t want her to work for my twin, no I want her with me but she is the only vampire I have seen to have a sweet side. She is in control of her emotions and helps a lot of vampires who go to see her at Redux.

She is always so happy to see new faces and she could just smile at someone and it would light up their whole day. Well that’s what she does to me anyways. I go down to Redux every night and sit in the same spot just watching her. I know I sound like a crazy stalker, but I just can’t get over how beautiful she is. There isn’t a mean bone in her body, she’s feisty I will give her that. It must be the fiery hair and red eyes. Her eyes will switch to blue every now and then, but I think she like to keep her vampire out just to keep the perverts at bay.

I decided to sit at the bar right in front of her. I needed to ask her for her help, but how do I do that when we have never even spoke a single word to each other? I’m a fucking tribid and I’m suppose to be this big bad ass and yet here I sit with my mouth open and no words coming out.

She walks over to me and rest her elbows on the bar and her chin on her hands. Her breast are on full display and I can’t help but think about my cock being in between them. Her small black short leaves me just at the point where I could push them to the side and slide my cock right into her wet pussy.

“Are you just going to sit here and stare at me all night or are you going to order a drink?” She says as she flips her red hair over her shoulder and give me a cocky smirk.

Okay well maybe she isn’t as nice as I thought she was. Or maybe she was just nice to everyone but me. But goddamn that feistiness was sexy as hell. Either way it was now or never. I needed her help and my brother counted on me to help him.

“Well I would to speak with you after your shift, I don’t mean any harm I just have a proposition for you. Are you interested?” I give her my stern look and wait to see if she takes the bait or not. I know she’s not stupid by any means, I just hope she is just a tad bit curious.

“I get off at 11, if you want to wait you can. But I will not be leaving with you! I know who you are and I don’t want the rumors to start.” She says with a small smile and brings me blood orange fusion drink. What the fuck, I miss my human bar with my human damn whiskey.

I sit and watch this feisty red head tend bar and it accrues to me I have no idea what her name is. I really hope she will help us, I don’t know who else we could possibly find on such short notice.

“Okay I’m ready, lets take that booth in the back and you can ask me what you came to ask me.” She points to the dark back booth where there are no other people. She must not be to scared of me if she wants to be with me in a dark place.

She starts to walk to the booth and I walk a few steps behind her. I watch her ass sway back and forth, my eyes drift down to her perfect long legs. Damn just the thought of them wrapped around me makes my cock twitch.

She turn around and give me a smirk. “She something you like?” It wasn’t a question, she knows damn well I see everything I like. I look at her breast and lick my lips, I just couldn’t fucking help myself, she looked good enough to eat and I wanted to devour every part of her.

“Eyes up here. Is the kind of thing you do to women you don’t know? She is pointing at her eyes and I see them flash from red to blue and back to red. Lord have mercy on my soul, I’m about to take this woman right here on the fucking table.

I slide into the booth and give her a sly grin. I just never met a vampire who has this much patience. Little lone deal with other crazy ass vampires. But she does it with a smile and it never falters.

“Okay can we start with names? I’m Killian Archer.” I hold out my hand and she takes it in hers and I hold it a little to long. “I’m Brynnlyn Briggs, but people call me Brynn. And I know of you, I wouldn’t say I know who you are because well I don’t. But I have heard things.” She smiles and it’s the most beautiful smile.

“Well Brynn you know what they say. You can’t believe everything you hear. Some may be true but most of the times me and my twin are made out to be monster, but I like to think of it as making a good life out of a bad situation.” I take a deep breath and her scent hit me like a ton of bricks. It is incredibly sensual, rich and sweet. She smells like a jasmine flower, so intoxicating, exotic and intense.

“Is there something wrong?” She asked in a worry tone, goddess she was absolutely perfect. No nothing at all, besides the fact that every time I look at you my cock twitches and I have a very bad urge to bend you over this fucking table and fuck you until you can’t remember your own name. But yes I’m perfectly fine.

“Yes I’m okay, now I need your help with something. My brother is having control issues and there are young vampires going around killing humans. We are trying to control it but Kahlo is going through his blood lust and I could use someone with your kind of patience.” I lay it all out on the table, either she will help me or I will have to find someone who will. Oh goddess knows I hope she fucking will.

“So what would you like me to do? Babysit?” She asks. And I think it was a genuine question. But when she crossed her arms over her chest and pushed her breast up and made a pouting face. I had to adjust my throbbing cock and cross my fucking legs. What fuck is wrong with me?

“No I need you to teach. I have a lot of vampires in need and my brother pays well. You will work at Trinity. And help him when he goes out to feed.” I explained and I see a worried look cross her face and then it disappeared as fast as it came.

“I’ll give you one week. If I don’t like it and I feel uncomfortable I’m out.” She held her hand out and I shook it. There was no way I’m letting this woman leave me ever, I will have her and she will love every fucking second of it.

“Deal. See you tomorrow! And thank you, you have no idea how much this means to me.” I left with my head held high and my back straight. If I made one wrong move my cock would come busting out of my fucking pants. This woman will be the death of me.

I get back to Iniquity and make sure the place was cleaned up for the night. The under ground club never closed but Iniquity closed at 3 am every night, but tonight I closed early trying to help Kahlo. I need to get someone in here that can run things when I’m gone, but its hard to trust any body in a city of the supernatural. Everyone always wants something for you and they will squeeze every last drop until your bled dry.

But I know one thing is for sure, I can’t wait to see my fiery red head tomorrow.

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