Sexual desires

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This is a story about a black African American 19 year old girl whose in college and her name is Kenzi. She worked at a restaurant "Row boat" and she had high tolerance in rude customers. She want to look for a career so that way she can say goodbye to that restaurant.  A 19 year old girl who was still a innocent virgin but who knows about her deep dark side. All men throw themselves at her but it doesnt interest her. She loves playing hard to get. This story about a guy name David who always had his eyes on Kenzi but play like he don't know her so she dont get her suspicions up on him. He suddenly became a regular at Row boat just to have a glimpse of her. Find out what his intentions are with Kenzi. Sexual desires? Teach her who she really is? She plays hard to get but it turned out her body cant say no to him.

Erotica / Romance
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Sexual desires Chapter 1

Sigh* Another hard day at work and it's on 6pm. Time sure is not getting anywhere. Seems like time is teasing my anxiety. I'm so tired because I slept till 4am. I was tired but managed not to sleep. Well that says about my anxiety. Just looking at the word "anxiety" makes me want to have an anxiety attack.

"Kenzi?! Hello?!."

"Yes?!" I said while startled.

"Kenzi, I don't think I can do this anymore, you keep daydreaming in the middle of work. I wonder if you do this at school." Says Alexandra in a annoyed tone.

"Go on and take that order. God knows how long that customer has been waiting just for your daydreaming ass." Says Alexandra while walking to the back to resume on her paperwork.

*Sigh* "Hello, welcome to Row boat. How may I take your order?."

While taking this 30 something year old man order; he looked at me in a satisfied way. But I dare not to pay attention.

"Hey, you a beautiful girl. How about you write your number and name on my receipt. And I'll call you straight away as soon as I get home." He said with a wink.

I pay no mind to him and acting like I'm busy.

"Here you go sir; here us your drink. What type of sauce do you need?"

"Hmm the first sauce I need is you young lady. "

While ignoring him; I put Row boat sauce, ketchup, and mustard in his bag.

"Alrighty, you take care and enjoy your afternoon. "

He took his bag from me what I handed to him while looking upset and greedy. And he stumbled off.

"Wow Kenzi, you sure put on a little show right there. Bravo." Says Kira while clapping with a impressed look on her face.

"What show." Pretending to be confused.

This is Kira, 20 years of age, nothing going for herself 3 kids and she sucks dick for money.

"You know; you totally ignored his ass. I would go for it and write my number on his ticket." She says when her arms are resting on the countertop.

"Kira, I'm nothing like that. Plus, that guy looks like a junkie. Why would I waste my time on that geezer?"

Yeah that's Kira alright. I mean, why would I want someone like that guy.? He looks old enough to be my dad, trust me; I'm not judgemental. I'm just stating the facts weather you like it or not.

"Girl you need to stop playing the hard girl." Says Kira rolling her eyes and getting back to putting customers food boxes in the bag.

To be honest; I have no problem with Kira. It's just how she acts so slutty around guys. That's what I hate about her. After the General manager leaves to go hime; she goes out the restaurant to go talk to those boys whose smoking outside of Row boat while still on clock.

"I can't believe she's flirting with those guys and leaving me hanging taking these orders all by myself." While murmuring to myself.

Gee I feel like snitching on her but I ain't going to do her like that because a part of me is in a good mood due to this line getting shorter. Finally I'm not swamped up with all these customers. Friday was terrible because Friday fish days; is always the most busiest days of them all. Most people gets paid on Friday's and want to buy all these family meals and etc...

"Hey Kenzi, what time is it?" Says one of the cooks in the back looking exhausted.

"It's 8pm."

Time to get a watch is what I want to say.

Well that cook that asked me about the time is the manager of the store. And his name is Robert. He's 18 years of age and his looks are casual meaning theres barely nothing to say about his looks. He's pretty chilled guy who was in high school but dropped out in his senior year. I mean why would he do that? He was so close to graduating. He should of push himself a little more. Well let's say he decided to drop out when school was about to come back in. He was going to to an official senior but called it quits.

"Hey Kenzi; the General manager days you can clock out at 9 because we are going slow today and barely no customers are coming. So go on ahead and finish with the customers you already have in line and get started cleaning up." Yelled Robert in the kitchen.

"Ok. No problem."

Doing drive thru and doing the inside sure did the one on me.

I'm just about to collect this last customer payment at the drive thru when I see a very charming face. Huh?! Wait a minute! Just because someone is cute doesn't mean they will treat you right. Someone can be very good looking or what ever you want to call it but can treat you like shit. Hell no! I'm not going for that. Sorry sir but you can't fool me. Lots of girls probably thrown themselves at you but not me. Not today!

"Hey sir. Your total is $30.09." I say in a calm tone.

"Sir? Your total is-"

Ok, I have no time for someone to be at the drive thru on their phones and acting like they can't hear me. Seriously; who do he think he is? I an so ready to go home but he sure is testing my patience. My hands are out the window like an idiot waiting for him taking his precious time talking to whom on his phone. He cuts me off finally taking out his bank card. As he gives me his card, I cant help noticing how well defined it looked. It looks so expensive. The type of black cards rich people carry on then. The card reads David of CEO on it. Oh well I don't care what card this is. I just want to collect his money and give him his food, clean up and go straight home.

"Here you go sir, what type of sauce do you need?"

Finally he just hanged up with whom he was speaking to.

"Give me what you have." He said in a calm tone.

When he looks up at me from his car; I can't help but feel spellbound by his looks. His face is so well structured, his cheekbones looked as if he had a fresh contour, clear white skin like a porcelain doll, beard well shaped up. I'm still holding onto his card but wondered why he is staring at me with a raised eyebrow.

"My... card?" He said in a questioned voice.

"Oh! I'm so sorry. Here is your... card." While looking dumbfounded.

Really what is someone like him doing here out of all places? This place doesn't suit him. He belongs in the most expensive restaurant in the city. Maybe he wants to be cheap? Nah no way. But I wonder what brings him here. Yeah I know most of you all would say duh he wants to be their to eat like the rest of the people. But I just wondered what brings him to this cheap restaurant.

Just as I give him his food; he drives off and a part of me wanted him to stay so I can look at his face and just stare at him like he's no other. His face is so beautiful but another part of me wants to go home and flop on my bed and sink in it.

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