Sexual desires

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Chapter 2

After I cleaned up for which seemed like 50 minutes; it was 9:39pm when I clocked out.

*Sigh* "Finally I can go home."

When I was at the bus stop; I wondered what took the bus so long to arrive. I looked at the bus schedule and it seemed like the last bus came at 9:20pm. Oh great! Worst day ever! Firstly; My General manager Alexandra scolded me today. A man was trying to flirt with me, Kira left me alone to do all the work on my own, some gorgeous dude was at the drive thru talking to someone and taking his precious time, and then I missed the last bus. Could this day get even worse? And then I felt something wet on my forehead. Wow! It's raining. I didn't know it was going to rain. I didn't get an umbrella. This is a terrible day for me. Now what am I going to do? Just as I get out my phone; I tried to dial my best friend Marcus and out of the blue; I saw car lights blaming my way and when it pulled up to me; the windows rolled down. It was the gorgeous dude that was at the drive thru. What does he want?

"Um may I help you?"

" Hey do you need a ride?"

Just looking at him makes me have insecurities about myself. I feel like as a women; he looks better than me. Wait! How did he know I was here? He came just in time as I was about to dial Marcus to come pick me up. But he appeared out of now where. I looked left to right wondering how he got here. Their is obviously traffic lights; I would of seen him waiting at the light but no one was out at the hour. That's so weird. But I can't stop noticing this luxury car he's driving in. Seriously what brings him here?

"Aren't you going to get in instead of wondering how I got here?"


"Just get in. It's pouring out here."

"Let me call my bestfriend to come get me."

When I dialed Marcus; his phone went straight to voicemail. Seriously Marcus; what type of friend you are?

"Let me guess; your friend didn't answer. You have no choice in the matter. Just get in."

The gorgeous man is right. I have no choice to get in. I missed the last bus and it's raining very heavily. Without a word; I got in his luxury car. And he drove off as soon as I got in. I'm kinda feeling cold. So I put my cold hands under my thighs.

"You cold he said.?"

I nodded.

And he turned on the heat for me.

"So how did you know I was here? What brings you here? Why did you pick me up? How did you know what time I got off?"

I mean yeah it's weird of me to ask all those questions but it's the only way of knowing it.

"Ok Kenzi; I will answer the first ques-."

I cut him off.

"Kenzi? How do you know my name?"

"Ok. Let me answer the first question. "

" I just happen to pass by here."

You just happened to pass by here just as I was about to go home? Something seemed off about this. At 9 something pm; the road is very clear and quiet. Why him out of all people came passing by here.?

"Ok so aren't you going to tell me how you know my name?"

My thighs clamped together as I start feeling suspicious of him.

He squints his eyes

"Hello! Aren't you going to answer my question?"

"Ok never mind. Just take me home."

"Where do you stay?"

Wait a minute. If I tell him where I stay; I'll be doomed. Maybe if I can tell him where to drop me off 6 minutes away from my home. It wouldn't hurt me to walk for a little 6 minutes.

"Drop me off at Clinton Avenue. "

When I looked up at him; I cant stop staring at his face. It's just so beautifull and handsome. Just as I'm looking at him; I saw him staring at me from the corner of his eyes and I quickly looked away staring out the window at every scenery that passed by. I feel so tired that my eye lids are growing heavy. Maybe I will nap for just 5 minutes until I get to my destination. When I opened my eyes; I'm in a dark place and feeling very warm.

" mmm..."

When I opened my eyes to something bright; I squint my eyes and saw that it's daylight. I bolt right up. This isn't my room. Where am I? All I remember is taking a 5 min- wait! Ugh! Why would I take a nap in a random stranger car? Now look what I got myself into. I'm in some random stranger house. Don't tell me this guy drop me off at his place. When I get my hands on him; i will kill him for sure. Bringing me to his home without my permission makes it seems like I just got kidnapped. Wait... I did just got kidnapped. Right? Yet... this is a beautiful spacious room. 3 times bigger than my room where I always feel cramped in. I looked out the windowand can't believe my eyes. Where the hell am I? In a castle? In a mansion? Yep it's a mansion all right. Thank god he didn't take advantage of me when I was sleep. I'm just about to leave and turn the doorknob and I can't get out. I know this mother fucker didn't just locked me up in this room; actually a beautiful room. Where am I? In the movie 365 days when a women named Laura got kidnapped and woke up in a unfamiliar room and were locked up in their. No this is not going to be me. I need to get out of here. At least I'm trying to but Laura just stayed put. Their has to be a window somewhere. As I saw a window in the bathroom; I try my best to open it and it won't budge.

"Shit!" I said quietly to myself.

As I'm working my way to opening the window; I heard keys unlocking the door.

This is my chance! When that door opens; i will run so fast out of here as if I'm getting chased by a dinosaur.

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