Sexual desires

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Chapter 3

I watched very closely at the door that was about to open as if I'm a prey that is targeting my next meal. Just as the door opened; I sprint right out of the room. Well... I thought I did. I didn't make it. A strong arm caught me by my waist and I was thrown on a shoulder like a kid.

"L-let me go!"

"Let me the fuck go!!" I shouted on top of my lungs.

Then I was slammed on the bed. And I saw his face. It's the gorgeous guy! Never mind that! I just want him to get off of me!

"Let me go!!!"

I fought with all my might and he pinned my wrists above my head. My legs was spread wide open but didn't stop me from trying to break free.

"Help me! Someone please hel-"

He cuts me off by putting one hand over my mouth and his other hand had both of my wrists pinned.

"Keep it down." He said in a low deep voice.

"No one will help you. Not even my guards."

"Stop squirming. Just hear me out. At least try to. I will let my hands get off your mouth until you calm down. But still will have your wrists pinned because there's no telling what you are planning on doing."

I had no choice but to calm down and keep still. Just as he notice that I'm calm; his hand slipped off my mouth.

"Ok so... you were sleep and I hated to wake you. I arrived at Clinton Avenue like you told me but I didn't know where at Clinton you want me to put you out. You looked totally drained and exhausted. So I took you here in my house.

I get started breathing deeply through my nose. That's what I do whenever I get angry.

"I didn't kidnapped you... in your sleep; you looked pretty wore down and plus you were running a fever. Seems like you are feeling better due to the way you are acting right now."

"Let me introduce myself. I am David."

"I don't want to know your name, I just want to get out of here."

Somehow he looks very surprised at me.

"Can you let me go now...?"


And then he finally let me go and I was so relieved. And we both stand up.

"Well aren't you going to introduce yourself?"

Wow every funny David. Very funny.

"But you already know my name. Somehow..." I said curiously.

"I know but I improvise the professional way. Like it or not. In my company; everyone has to introduce themselves. It's our way of communicating. " he said in a straightforward way.

"Umm ok then... My name is Kenzi." I said when rolling my eyes.

"Hmm try looking me in my eyes when you introduce yourself."

He passionately tilt my chin up to look up at him.

"Hmm all better. Now say your name while looking at me straight in the eye."

I smack his hand away from me.

"Say it yourself."

"Hmm? Why the attitude?" He said with a smirk on his face.

I stepped up in his face. And now we are face to face.

"Guys like you should go to hell. Who do you think you are bringing me to your home? Matter of fact; I didn't even give you permission to bring me here. People like you should vanish. Just because you are a filthy rich doesn't mean you can do whatever the hell you want. Now take me home or else I will report you in to the cops. This is posed as a kidnapper. Now take me home."

" hmm? Impressive. Say that again. I loved that." He said smirking and tilted my face up again with his hand.

"Eww fuck off!" I slapped him across his face.

He slammed me to the wall and pinned my wrists above my head.

"Impressive. You really have all that guts to hit a guy who is the head of a huge CEO COMPANY. From here on out... you are my assistant.

I'm his what?! Who are you telling me I'm your assistant without my concent? I feel like exploding on him! My face turns slightly red from what I just heard him say. How am I going to be his assistant if I haven't been interviewed and I don't even have a resume. Oh no; what did I just get myself into. A suppose to be a 5 minute nap got me into all of this? If only I didn't let my guard down that night.

"Listen to me David. You can't make me your assistant. I dont want to be your assistant. This career is out of my choice. I never wanted to be an assistant from the very beginning and most importantly; I didn't give you my permission." I said.

"Listen baby girl... life has no choice, no decision. You have no choice in the matter to be my assistant. This assistant job will bring you out of your misery. I'm sure you can no longer tolerate that restaurant any longer."

Well he do have a point. Everyday; I honestly hate working at that restaurant. Plus I barely make enough. Making minimum wages isn't worth my time. I feel like the harder I work, the lower the pay.

"What do you expect? You didn't interview me and I dont have an existing resume."

"Hmm. I'm we can work with that." He said smirking.

"Starting today. You will be introducing your self to the workers at my COMPANY and I will give you a tour around my COMPANY. Your first day as being my assistant will be tomorrow. Now get dressed."

He let's go of my wrists.

"But I didn't bring any-."

"I already got that covered. My maids will get you dressed. Be ready in 1 hour. I will be waiting for you down stairs."

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