Sexual desires

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Chapter 3 (part of chapter 3)

Who is he telling me that I have an 1 to get ready. After he left out of the room; the maids came in with a lot of cosmetics and racks of clothing. Who am I? A doll who has to be pampered. Nope that's not me. But seriously; look at all these clothings. These looks like first ones clothing which looks like they are not sold yet in department stores.

"Oh no you shouldn't. I don't deserve this." I said shyly.

They ignored what I said as if they are just doing their job and following David orders. One of the maid was whispering something in the other maid ear. And they both giggled. I have a bad feeling that they both are bad mouthing me. Ok Kenzi... just pretend no one is here. Just get this day over with and go home and act like this stuff never happened.

"Ok miss Kenzi. Firstly we will bathe you."

Wait! They will give me a bath? Hey hey now; I know how to wash myself. I'll pass on that.

"U-um I know how to bathe myself. I'm good from here." I said awkwardly with a fake smile.

"I'm sorry Miss Kenzi but we must follow boss orders. He told us to give you a bath." Said one of the maid.

"Well how about you tell your BOSS that I'm not a puppy. I can bathe myself." I said getting a little upset covering my naked body.

"There there Miss Kenzi. We are going to give you a bubble bath and wash your hair. Now hold still."

Just as one of the maid touched me I completely lost it.

"Hey now! This is my body! Let me do it! I want my own PRIVACY. "I said looking serious.

The maid got started washing me in the tub.

"Miss Kenzi. You are making this a bit difficult for us. You are not a child. We are women and we all have the same body parts as you." Smiled the maid.

Well she is right but I never been bathed. The last time I was bathed was by my mom when I was 5 years old. It's obvious at that age I couldn't do it on my own. But at this age is a HUGE no no for me. I feel so uncomfortable. Well I have no choice but to tolerate it. This bath will not last for long.

"Ok... just speed it up. You might have problems with my hair because a black girl like me have different hair. A more tighter curl hair texture then you all."

"We get it Miss Kenzi. We will try our best and do what we can. I promise." Smiled one of the maid.

Well this maid right here who is pampering me; she seems very sweet and nice. She looks like she is in her late 20's. Unlike the other maids; they are giggling and gossiping about me. Duh I'm not that stupid not to notice that.

Just as the sweet maid finish bathing me; she gave me a robe to put on and wrap a towel around my head. After she leads me out the washroom; she took me to a different room from mines and I was welcomed by a professional stylist.

"How are you my dear?" He said smiling excitedly. And gave me a Faire la bise kiss on both of my cheeks.

" I know everything that's happening seems to be happening fast but long story short; would you please do the honor and sit down in this chair and let me glam you up today."

"Um sure." I said not knowing what to say.

"Ok dear so... hmm let me see here. I would say a perfect natural makeup look would best fit your gorgeous melanin skin. And just look at your poofy hair. I would say a perfect hairstyle for you would be... hmm. Ok baby dear; how about a perfect flat iron and flexible curly rods just for you. I will curl your hair on the ends and give you a swoop bang. How does that sound sweet heart?" He said in a preppy way.

"Hmm that is a type of hairstyle I would wear. Sounds perfect for me." I said.

40 minutes later... he turned me around so I can have a look at myself.

"Ok doll! We are done. Girl you look snatched and stunning. Yasssss girl!!!" He said when snapping his fingers.

When I looked at myself; its like i looked at a different me. I look so beautiful.

"I can't thank you enough." I said and hugged him.

"Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate it."

"No. I actually want to thank you for being patient with me. Today's outfit will be a beautiful silk blouse with dress pants and some beautiful heels to go with it. Something like a casual professional look suits you."

"That also sounds like something I will wear as well." I said.

Wow this stylist surely knows my taste just by looking at me.

"Now how about a final touch? I would say a nice scented lavender perfume would go along with your outfit." He said with a smile.

And now we are done dressing me up like a barbie girl.

"Thank you so much!" I gave him another hug.

"Oh you most welcome. Now next time you want to be glammed up; make sure to give me a call and my name is Chris." He hands me his business card.

"Ok thank you so much!" I said

" You welcome. Now go downstairs because your boss might be a little impatient." He said with a wink. And then I smiled at him and the maids escorted me downstairs.

As I got downstairs I saw David standing with his arms crossed and shades on with his body guards standing on each side of him. Wow someone looks a little upset. Just as I think that; I was fighting back a laugh what I was holding in.

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