Finding Morgan

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Morgan knows nothing about her heritage, her parents, or anything. Orphaned at 6 months old at a fire station in Charleston, West Virginia, she went through a series of foster homes, before staying in the group home. Graduating college and looking forward to what is in her future, what happens when Morgan finds Alpha Chase and her life? How will she handle the changes ahead?

Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 *Morgan*

No no no no!!! I am late to class yet again. This is the third time this week. My professor is not going to be too happy. Only a couple more weeks of classes that I need to make it through. Running down the hallway, I get to the door. I can hear the professor lecturing. Oh no, he has already started. Maybe I can just slip in to the class and sit in the back and he won't even notice. Professor Locke is a stickler for the rules. Shoving my glasses back up my nose, taking a deep breath, and stealing myself against the possibility that I am going to be scolded in front of the class.
I quietly push the door open and notice that Professor Locke doesn't even notice or stop talking. Yes, maybe there are small victories. Sitting down I quickly and quietly get everything out and begin to take notes. Over the next twenty minutes and countless times of pushing my long red hair out of my face, class is finally coming to an end. Shoving everything back into my bag, I am preparing to leave the classroom when I notice a shadow over me. Looking up, there is my professor staring at me.
"Miss James, you know that you were late yet again. Is there something that is going on? You are my top student and I know that you are about to graduate, but that doesn't mean it is time to drop the ball now." Professor Locke said. I don't know what to say or how to explain, so I just blurt it out. "I am so so so sorry Professor. I had to pick up hours at the restaurant in order to make my last tuition payment so that I can graduate with everyone when the time comes. Then I was up until just a couple hours ago making sure that I got all of my work done, and I fell asleep at my desk and hadn't gotten a chance to set my alarm yet." I take a deep breath and hope he understands. He just stands there and sighs. "Morgan, I understand what you are saying. If it was anyone else that would be showing up, I would be concerned. You just need to make it through this week and next week and you will be done. I can't have you be late for the final. If you aren't here at the beginning of class next Thursday, there is absolutely nothing that I can do to help you." I am completely dumbstruck that he didn't yell at me. Quickly I nod my head as I say "I understand Professor. I won't be late".
Walking out of the classroom I have to hurry home and shower. I have another shift at the restaurant tonight. Walking back to my dorm, my mind is off in so many directions. I have no idea what I plan to do after I graduate college. How many people still get a degree in Engineering and Mineral Resources, let alone study plants and mineralogy? I only did it because I have been fascinated with the old coal mines that run all through West Virginia. They are fascinating to me in a way that I have never understood. Anything to do with minerals, plant life, and sustainability I have been drawn to. I guess that is something that I am going to have to figure out soon. I don't know where to start and think I am going to have to spend some time on the computer looking for any of the mines that may be in need of a Geological Engineer for their site.
Lost in my thoughts trying to figure out my next move, I didn't realize that I was back to the dorm building. Fishing out my key card to get into the dorm, I drop my room keys on the ground. On the ground I find a penny with the face facing up, that must mean I am in for some good luck coming my way. Picking up my keys, I swipe my key card and enter into the building. It is busy tonight since it is a Friday and the year is almost over. Everyone is partying and celebrating the end of the year, then there are the groups sitting at the table trying to study amid all this chaos. I have to give them props for attempting to responsible. Moving to my dorm room, I put the key into the lock and go into my room.
Throwing my bag down, I pull my hair out of its scrunchy, lay my glasses on the table, and look at myself in the mirror. I look horrible. My already pale skin looks almost translucent, my green eyes look clouded over, and my red hair was a mess. Oh lord, I went out looking like this. Makes me look at my clothes in wonder. I hope I managed to put my clothes on the right way. Looking down I see that my clothes are on the right way, but I put a brown shirt on with black pants and blue tennis shoes. I have no fashion sense and it is even worse apparently when I am in a hurry with no sleep.
Grabbing my black slacks, underthings, and a white t-shirt to wear under my uniform shirt I go into the bathroom. I happen to be in the larger dorm where we just share a bathroom with our dorm mate, not the whole dorm. It isn't fancy at all, in fact it is just big enough to stand in and only has a shower, no tub. Not like it matters. I haven't taken a bath since I was a teen and living in my last foster home. I wish that they had never divorced. I probably would have stayed there until I graduated, had people who were as close to parents at my graduation from high school, and then in two weeks when I graduate college. Shaking my head I turn back to the shower, turn it onto warm the water up, turn around to the sink and comb my hair out before stepping into the shower.
Cascading down on me is the hot water that I normally wake up to in the morning. At least I will be fresh and awake for my shift. Washing my hair and scrubbing down the grease from last nights shift off my body, I can't wait until Sunday. I have a day off of work and school, but will use that day to do all my homework, study, and finish my last two papers. Grabbing the towel off the hook, I turn the water off, climb out of the shower as I wrap myself in the towel, and glance at my phone to check the time. Almost two o'clock in the afternoon. I have an hour to get ready before I need to leave to catch the bus to the restaurant.
Drying off, I comb my hair blow it dry, throw it up in a messy bus, and get dressed. Looking around I notice I haven't seen my dorm mate in a few days. Heck, I have hardly been here and she got a new boyfriend. Oh well, its not like we were really friends. She hates when I come home smelling like grease and coffee. Complains about having poor dorm mate. Oh well, at least I will graduate debt free, not owe someone in my family money, and I can decide what I want to do with my life without worrying about disappointing someone. Applying a little eyeliner and mascara to take away from the super tired look on my face and in my eyes, I finish up, put my shoes on, grab my bag and walk out the door.

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