Sold on Love

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Book Three of the Sold Series - Book 1 Sold on You, Book 2 Sold my Soul. Now that Trinity has been arrested, what will Stephen do next to save his love and the mother of his Children? ** Very Mature Sexual Content ** ** This is my original works, originally published on Chapters as part of the Summer Extravaganza Writing Contest. Any attempts to recreate it will be reported (unfortunately with the amount of stories that are being copyright lately it is sad we now have to put these disclaimers on our works to protect us writers) **

Erotica / Thriller
Luci Fer
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Chapter One - Stephen’s POV

To say I was raging was an understatement. This fucker knew exactly what he was doing. Sunday early morning!!!! Fucking Sunday. He did this on purpose. He knew the courts were not open on Sunday for an arraignment hearing so my wife would be held over in custody overnight until she could get before a judge tomorrow.

I felt my daughter touch my cheek and I had to make a note to myself to keep my cool here and not lose my shit for my children's sake. It is all my wife asked of me.

I get up and slam the door shut and take our babies through to the living room to collect my phone. I dial Clint first

Clint - (Phone Call) Fuck off, it is too early on a Sunday to hear your voice

Stephen - (Phone Call) Detective Peters just arrived and arrested Trinity on murder

Clint - (Phone Call) We'll be there in 15 minutes

Stephen - (Phone call) Thanks bro

I hang up and make the second call she asked of me and dial Benji

Benji - (Phone call) Your retainer just went up

Stephen - (Phone call) Done name your price

Benji - (Phone call) Fuck! How bad?

Stephen - (Phone call) Detective Peters was just here and arrested Trinity on murder

Benji - (Phone call) I'm heading to her now. I'll call you when I can

Stephen - (Phone call) Thank you

I look at my children I had put down on their tummy's on the rug while I made the calls. Fuck I miss their mother already and I want to kill someone for it, but when I look into their beautiful big brown eyes they bring a new calmness and strength to me to make sure I am here 100% for these two and let Benji do what he does best and bring her home to me.

I lay down on the rug with them and I feel my eyes fill with tears as my little pea pods wiggle over to me and fight each other to crawl up on me.

I don't know how long I was laying there with them just watching our beautiful babies when I heard the door go and assumed it was Clint, Mia and Willie

Clint - Bro, you ok?

Mia and Clint rush in and put Willie down on the floor with the twins while Mia kneels down and grabs me into a huge hug. I needed this, I needed reassurance from our loved ones we would be ok and get through this.

Clint - Come on bro let's get you a coffee hey?

Mia - I'll watch the kids, just bring me back a coffee, while I can still have them

Clint - Ok baby

I start to get up to head to the kitchen

Stephen - What wait? While you can still have them?

Mia - Oh Clint and I are going to try for baby number 2. But that is a story for another time now shhooo

Clint and I heard through to the kitchen and switch the coffee machine on.

Clint - So what happened bro?

Stephen - We just got up like normal today, we were in the living room watching the twins have tummy time and I must have zoned out. I was thinking about everything in front of me you know?

Clint nods in understanding

Stephen - I didn't even hear the door go when she nudged me and asked me to get it. I honestly thought nothing of it man! Fuck! I've gotten too comfortable. I use to check windows and shit like this but not this time. I had to be the big brave bastard who just waltzed out and opened the door to 6 of the fuckers with Detective Peters on my door. SIX!!! Even just one of them would snap her in half, why he fucking needed six!!!

Clint - Mate you can't honestly be blaming yourself right now can you? It's ok to fall in love man, to start a family, Fuck we got out of this so we didn't have to always look over our shoulders and so our families were safe. I would have been the same, I can't tell you right now that I would have checked through the window first, I would have just gone to the door now.

Stephen - But that's just it isn't it mate. She's not safe. If I had of been smart we could have at least dragged them off until tomorrow so she didn't have to sit in a fucking cell tonight awaiting arraignment tomorrow.

Clint - Bro we all know that prick did it on purpose to get to you. But you can't let it because then he wins. You need to be stronger here for her, and for your babies.

We stand there in silence for a while waiting for the coffee to finally brew.

Stephen - Thanks bro

Clint - I got you man. We've all got each other

He pats me on the shoulder as we wait for the coffee

** Clint's POV **

I'm woken to my phone buzzing next to me and I grab it and see it's Stephen

Clint - (Phone Call) Fuck off, it is too early on a Sunday to hear your voice

Stephen - (Phone Call) Detective Peters just arrived and arrested Trinity on murder

Clint - (Phone Call) We'll be there in 15 minutes

Stephen - (Phone call) Thanks bro

I hang up and put my phone down for a minute and roll over to my wife

Clint - Baby wake up

Mia - mmmm boo I love you but can't you just stick it in and do your thing while I continue sleeping

I smile to myself. I love my wife cheeky bitch she is though

Clint - As much as I would love to baby we got to get to Stephen's. Trinity was arrested on murder just now babe

My wife starts to get up quickly

Mia - I'll get Willie's bum changed and get him dressed if you could get dressed and pack a quick bag for him then I'll get changed

Clint - Got it baby

We quickly rush around and get sorted and I hold Willie while Mia gets changed. He's pretty grizzly this morning, he hates being woken up

We get in the car and race to Stephen's We don't even bother knocking we just head straight in and when we get to the lounge room I'm kind of shocked you know. I half expected he would have flown off the handle and the place would be half smashed up. Instead I see my brother being the great father and husband he is. That woman is everything he needed and never realised.

Mia - We have to get her home for him

Clint - Whatever it takes baby

Mia - Whatever it takes

I watch as my wife puts our boy down with the twins and walks over to Stephen kneeling in front of him and pulls him in for a big hug

I look at them and then our kids and think to myself. Whatever it takes, we're bringing her home.

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