Dr. Wilde's Dirty Diary: Sarah May

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Which is more powerful- your mind, or your desire? When Dr.Wilde finds himself in a situation that would relight a passion he had kept dormant, the notion of using his career as a Hypnotherapist for his personal gain becomes a temptation even he could not resist. An erotic MIND CONTROL series, follow Dr.Wilde’s dirty diary as it fills with sinful stories of subservient clients that have no choice but to follow his every command…

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It was never my intention to use my resources for selfish reasons. I spent my entire life wanting to help people- to be their saviour when their own minds drew them into the darkest corners of reality. There’s a comforting sense of accomplishment when you can finally say goodbye to a client that a mere few months before, had no where else to turn. From drug addiction to alcoholism, deep-seeded trauma and anxious introverts; it was my job to give these people a reason to keep going- and for the longest time, it was enough for me.

But people change.

Eventually, I had lost sight of why I began doing all of this. Whilst some success stories praised my work, letters of appreciation and enough fruit baskets to last a lifetime, I have given countless others a restart button on their lives without a single acknowledgement, or perhaps even became a person to blame when other aspects of their lives turned out of control. I did love my job, once upon a time... but I found that the more I had to give and endure, the less I wanted to pry myself out of bed each morning. No professor in the world prepared me for how draining my life would become and so, I decided to relight the spark of my passion in my own way; though unconventional, exactly what I had needed all this time. The endless years of study and perfecting the art of Hypnosis, staring upon framed sheets of paper that certified my being here and, for what? I worked hard to get where I was. The leader of my own office- the Hypnotherapist of the decade, guiding lost minds to become the better versions of themselves- and yet, I was left to fend for my own desires, with nobody apart from myself to help me.

And so, is it such a crime to succumb to my own needs- to give myself something in return for all of the guidance I have provided for people that had no where else to go? The notion itself made me feel sick for weeks, the first time I used my skills for my own gain.

But I know you would understand if you had seen her too. Sarah May was a walking, breathing goddess before my eyes- sitting in my office and telling me that I was her last hope. She plunked herself onto my couch with plump lips daring to be used and platinum hair that begged to be wrapped around my fists. Her tanned legs stretched for miles and I remember wondering how it would feel like to have them crossed over my hips before I even heard her story. Pale blue orbs, trapped behind teary clouds that held onto so much self-loathing, I wanted nothing more than to reassure her that she came to the right place. And though you wouldn’t believe, this gorgeous, petite woman had the one issue that sealed my fate without hesitation from the moment her soft voice filled the room with lost stories.

“It’s quite embarrassing, Dr. Wilde.” She hiccuped, staring down at her fidgeting fingertips as she scratched at old nail-polish.

I am in awe with the mere sight of her, eyes drifting over her canvassed skin as I imagined tasting every inch of her. It was near impossible to remain professional- to listen to her speak without creating the sound of her sweet moans in my head. It took all of my strength to pull my thoughts to the problem at hand and yet I cleared my throat, crossed one leg over the other and stared deeply into her sapphire eyes.

“This is a safe space, Sarah.” I replied, giving her all of the time in the world to trust that.

Her nod was an adorable waver and she sniffled before continuing.

“I just...” she starts, “It’s just that....” she stutters.

She rolls her eyes at herself, a small huff leaving her throat as I study her soft features. She could have told me anything in that moment and I wouldn’t have batted an eye. A woman so bewitchingly beautiful, holding herself with a grace that would captivate even the strongest of men. Surely, a lady like Sarah was capable of getting anything she wanted with the flutter of her long lashes. I considered if perhaps it was this ease that had gotten her into such a mess. Before I could finish the thought, she blurted out a string of words that would change my life forever.

“I can’t stop having sex!” She cries.

I almost choke on my own saliva. I prayed for the first time in my life, pleading with the universe to not let her see my raging hard-on that immediately pulsed in my pants from the admission. I was instantly overwhelmed with a jealous heat that rose up my neck at the thought of whoever would be so lucky to be involved with her. I was stunned, silent, staring blankly at her as I tried so desperately to return to the professionalism I used to pride myself on.

“And it’s not like I haven’t tried, Dr. Wilde.” She furrows her brows. “I have tried excessive masturbating, dieting differently, watching boring documentaries and thinking about things that are the opposite of hot.”

She begins rambling, counting her fingers as she lists off every reason she needed me.

“I thought I had it under control, until a few months ago my boyfriend found me in a run-down pub across from a truck station, taking cock from two hairy bikers in the bathroom stall.” She bit her lip with an anxious expression, waiting for me to give her some form of reassurance.

The silence filling my small office space was as thick as the lump in my throat, daring me to pry further into her stories for my own, promiscuous imagination. Those wide, round eyes- staring upon my blank expression like a dear in oncoming traffic, stunned by the headlights as I gaze at her with intentions that would have me on the first flight to hell. My length pulses against the harsh material of pants and it was all I could think about. Sarah May had a hold on me that I had never experienced before and I was both bewildered and aroused all at once. I imagined the grandness of falling in her path before this day; becoming another one of her conquests as she struggled to keep her insatiable appetite at bay.

I could almost feel her manicured nails clutching into my shoulder blades- her tight sex gripping around my aching member as she moaned around each thrust with a gorgeous mixture of pleasure and self-loathing encasing every whimper. Before Sarah May, the correct procedure would have been to assign her a different, more capable therapist- one whom could take her case with a professional manner without a single selfish desire crossing their minds. One that wouldn’t have to fight every fibre of their being from pinning her to the couch against her will, plowing those delicious curves against the dark cushion until she was too tired to be upset anymore. And yet I gawk at her soft features in silence, wanting nothing more than to take her for my own and revelling in the notion that she would never have enough of me.

“Sarah May,” I begin, unsure even as I speak, where I was going.

She stares at me with an expression so lost- so vulnerable- it sent a new wave of pulsating arousal through my entire body. I shudder, stopping in my tracks, knowing that I was but a man and she was a siren with an everlasting beauty I couldn’t avoid. I clear my throat, uncrossing my legs and hunching over with my elbows rested onto my knees. We lock eyes and I knew exactly what I was going to do. It was an inevitable outcome that I had no intention to fight. It was a sign from the universe, telling me that I needed this. Hell, she needed this too. A safe-haven, or a focus. Something to channel when her addiction became too much. I stare into her sky-blue eyes, shaking my head slightly as her undeniable beauty becomes all too much to handle. As the thick silence grows, I conjured just enough courage to follow through. And...woah, was it worth it. I let out a deep exhale, steadying my nerves before beginning. I smile softly.

“Sarah May,” I repeat with a levelled tone.

Her expression held a slither of hope; a small light that shone just brightly enough that I could see she was willing to do anything; and that was exactly what I had hoped for.

“Sex addiction is nothing to be ashamed of.” I start, entirely aware of my rock-hard cock vibrating with a deep heat below my belt.

“In fact, this is a case I have dealt with many, many times before.”

Sarah May lets out a sigh of relief, her gorgeous smile beaming over me as her entire presence becomes lifted for the first time. She was even more beautiful than I had anticipated and saliva pooled in my mouth, starved for the taste of her.

“So you can fix me?!” She almost squeals, her face lit with such innocent, pure joy. It would have been impossible for me to anything else with her in this moment. I couldn’t help but let out a small huff, elated with the hope that radiated from her porcelain skin.

“I can give you the tools to subdue your urges,” I correct, utterly captivated by her newfound, radiant glow.

“I’ll take it!” She chimes with a wide, pearly white grin.

She clasps her delicate hands together, threading her fingertips with a tight, excited squeeze.

“When do we start?” A slow smirk stretches across my face, uncontrollable eagerness roaring through my veins as I stand from my chair, stalking over to the office door.

She watches me with intent, curiosity enveloping her beautiful features as I turn the lock on the door. I swivel around, facing her entirely before speaking.

“Lay down, Miss May. Close your eyes.”

She nods silently, hooking her legs over the couch as she rests her platinum locks on its cushion. She was a gorgeous mixture of excitement and beauty and I return to my desk, prying my work phone from its hook and setting it aside. If I was really going to follow through with this, I wanted to enjoy every last moment. My hands jittered by my sides as I return my sights to her, both nervous and excruciatingly aroused by the mere sight of her relaxed body. Her long eyelashes flutter as she closes her eyes, giving me more trust than she should have. I shook with anticipation, ready to have her as I wished. I shake my hands, steadying my quaking limbs before I walk over to the couch. With each step, I reconsidered my intentions. I regret letting myself give in.

Then, I remember how miserable I had been until she floated through my door. I stand at her head, gazing down in awe as I study her flawless complexion, wondering how I could have ever resisted such a beautiful sight. I bend at the knees, leaning over her rested face. Inhaling deeply, the subtle smell of her intoxicating perfume envelopes me, filling me with the scent of a sweet and luxurious aroma that forced my cock to twitch.

“Sarah May,” I begin, voice slithering over her soft features as she lay just breaths away from my lips. “You are in a safe place.”

She exhales, lips pursing as she blows out her anxious thoughts. Her breath smelt of light mint, delectably simple and yet my mouth salivated for the taste. I swallow the urge to take her now, momentarily considering the possibility that she wouldn’t protest before I continued.

“You’re in a safe place and you know you are, because your eyes are growing heavy- almost as if you were drifting to sleep.” My fingertips tremble as I slowly slide my hands over her temples.

The contact of her warm skin satiated me more than anything had in months. I throbbed for her, painfully aware of how hard I had become already. I move in small circles, caressing the sides of her head softly, guiding her into a state of calmness.

“As you drift into a deep sleep, use my voice as your guide. Know that I am here through every step and you can relax in my presence.”

My eyes trained onto her, I watch as she slowly lets go. Her mouth parts slightly, hands collapsing to her sides with the sound of my voice. Breathing in slow, steady breaths, she is utterly consumed. She would follow any command- anything I wanted her to do. I lift my hands from her head, fumbling over my belt as I calmly unbuckle my trousers.

“Sit up, Sarah May.” I command.

Without hesitation, she lifts her head from the couch, swivelling to rest her feet on the ground with eyes remaining closed. She sits up, hands rested at her sides whilst I step over to her.

“Open your eyes, Sarah May.” I order Bright blue orbs peer up at me through long eyelashes.

“Open your mouth, Sarah May.” I demand.

Her plump lips part with ease. I slip my hand beneath my trousers, fisting my pulsating member as the ache to feel her heightens ferociously. It sends a shiver down my spine, goose-bumps tingling over me as I let my pants drop to my ankles. I reach for her soft cheek, cupping her beautiful face and taking in her gorgeous features. I reach further, gripping her bright locks and pulling her toward me. With a throbbing heat, my hard length bounces in the air, eager to find her lips and I grip the base, guiding her head toward me as she gazes at my size with a mischievous glow. I groan at her sensuality, watching in awe as she slowly flicks her tongue over the tip of my cock. Arousal oozed from my knob, glistening on her tongue as she pulled back slightly. Enveloping her mouth around me, she savours her first taste. She sucks on my sensitive skin, pulling my length further between her lips with patient strokes. A soft groan falls from my throat and I grip tightly onto her blonde locks, before sinking down her throat with one, swift push. She was so warm, lips shining with her own saliva as she takes my shaft without hesitation.

I smooth down her throat over and over again and I feel her moan around my girth each time. The vibrations from her sweet tones reverberate around my shaft and it takes all of my strength not to come in her pretty, little mouth so soon. She swallowed me with a hunger I had never felt and I revelled in every small hiccup, each time I pushed too far. I throb and pulsate for her, captivated by her patient skill as she pulls me and out of her mouth. She licks and sucks on my length, like I taste of her favourite desert. She gripped onto my base with her dainty hand and I trembled in elation, croaking out a gritted moan whilst her lips dance around my cock with the most delicious pressure. She was so willing -so determined- to take me deeply, relentlessly.

“Take your dress off, Sarah May.” I clench my teeth. “And your panties, too.”

Without fumbling the sweet sensations of her swirling tongue, she reaches for the straps of her thin dress and smooths them down her shoulders. One arm after the other, she pries free from the material and lets it fall down her torso. Perked breasts bared to me, she never stops sucking on my hard, greedy cock. The sight of her dusty, punk nipples, taut with arousal as she continues to please me, force a shaky groan to erupt from somewhere deep -ferocious- and I force myself to step back from her beautiful lips. I wasn’t even nearly finished with such a masterpiece, despite my body screaming for elation. She pushes the dress all the way down, stringing along her little panties until they fall to the floor beneath her. Her gorgeous curves lay atop my couch with a gorgeous glow. Glistening with the touch of light peering through my curtains, she became and angel before my eyes. Glowing and glistening with a heated scorch, her body heaved for my next command. With shudders of longing and sin, I bend down and reach for the smooth skin on her calves. I wrap my hands around her ankles, staring into those forbidden sky eyes that gleamed with desire. I swallow, hard. It was like staring into her soul; deep pupils bared to me more than I had ever seen. She was utterly consumed by my every move and I wanted nothing more than to feel her ogle over me, always.

“Kiss me, Sarah May. I whisper.

Licking her starved lips, she ravishes me with her tongue, desperately prying between my lips as her sweet moans release down my throat. She massages my tongue with hers and I groan into another kiss, body heaving for her whilst she smooths her hands around my shoulders. I lean against her, pushing her further onto the couch as I lift her ankles. Her long, toned legs stretch over my shoulders and she gasps lightly, a sensual smirk encasing her features as I bend toward her.

“Crave the feeling of my cock, Sarah May...” I take my time, journeying my hands all over her smooth skin, revelling in the sight over her nudity whilst my own limbs burn for more.

I push my lips toward her once more, enthralled with the return of her tongue as she dances over my teeth with a frantic fervour. With her legs in the air, I feel her wet excitement sleek over my shaft and I groan loudly as I grind against her, obsessed with the intense pleasure. I guide my aching length to her pulsating folds with a shaky hand. A mess of need and torment, the relief of her warm sex was beginning to become a necessity of my own.

“P-please, fuck me, Dr Wilde.” Her soft, feminine voice slithered over me and I slide inside her with a hot, slow ease.

We moan simultaneously, utterly entrapped with endless sensations. Her wet juices stream over my length as I fall into her, becoming enveloped with her gorgeous, warm walls. She moans, so sweetly, pushing back- wanting more. Something wild surges through my veins and I thrust all the way in, becoming entirely lost within her hot, wet pleasure. Agonisingly slow, I pull back out and feel every inch of her greedy walls clench around my thick length. I feel every moment, in awe of her overwhelming obsession.

As I fall back into her, she cries into the air, an erotic moan escaping her little throat and it sends me into a frenzy of pure, chaotic arousal. I buck my hips forward again, feeling her trickle down my shaft and I become lost inside of her. Over and over again, I thrust and grind onto her, falling for those gorgeous moans that escape her mouth each time I sink between those walls. Whimpering for me, she pushes back, silently beckoning me to go harder and faster. Of course, it would have been impossible for me to resist.

“This is all you need, Sarah May.” I huff into her ear, frantically pounding into her sweet sex relentlessly. “Just this hard cock, destroying your needy, little pussy whenever I please.”

She nods her head, hiccuping as her hands frantically grip and squeeze my shoulders and back and I want nothing more than to come inside her, filling her with my thick load as she squirmed beneath me. She was so beautiful, bouncing against my girth as her petite ankles clank against my shoulders with each thrust. Her mouth parted, blue eyes staring intently down at her entrance as I fill her unforgivingly. Deepening my raging member, I push harder, watching her fall apart under my weight as she drools and groans for the feeling of me.

Engulfed under my control, her eyes roll to the back of her at the sensation and I buck my hips harder and harder, in awe of her unrivalled euphoria whilst she melts around my thick, hot shaft. Her head falls back onto the couch and I take the opportunity to bite into the tender skin on her neck. I sink my teeth into her skin, careful not to mark her for others to see; but make her feel my mark as she recollects all of this.

“Remember only this, Sarah May.” I grunt. “Remember how fucking obsessed you feel right now.”

The delicious pull of my climax begins to ripple over me and I grit my teeth, roaring into the air as I move faster - harder - ready to release my load into my needy piece of art. Finally, my come bursts through me in ferocious waves. With a fiery relief, I thrust deeply inside of her just once more, filling her with all of me.

Filling her until she couldn’t take any more and my come trickles out of her clenching walls and falls down her trembling thighs. My vision blurs and my limbs stiffen and, Holy Shit, she felt incredible. Before long, the room harboured but the sound of our panting breaths, heaving and groaning into the dark room as my climax settles over me.

“And after you dress, Sarah May, you will not tell a soul.”

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