The Dragon King's Bride

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Chapter 10 - Making a Point

Lillian fought Draxus the entire way up to their private chambers, furious that he would dare embarrass her like that in front of his men. Not far behind him, General Shasharan and the tattooed man followed along behind their King; they would be his eyes and ears for the night during their stay here in Rykiss.

“Uh, let me down you bastard!” she snapped one final time as Draxus ignored her harsh words as if they meant nothing to him, because they did. “Let me down!”

Turning one final corner, he had finally arrived at their chamber doors and two guards standing watch bowed their heads, reaching in and opening the doors for the massive man holding onto what they believed to be their former Princess. Looking to one another, they seemed unsure of what was going on here, but before they could act on it General Shasharan and the tattooed man stepped in to take over the King’s watch.

“Thanks gentlemen, but we’ll take it from here.” Shasharan announced.

One of the soldiers glanced down at the tattooed man, who seemed to be spinning a dagger around in between his fingers as he stared back at them with those menacing neon green eyes. It was clear they did not want to provoke their guests. With a nod, both of the guards began marching back down the hallway and left their guests alone, as instructed. Both Shasharan and the tattooed man stood watch at the door as their King entered the room and closed the doors behind him.

As soon as Draxus entered the chamber he glanced around to see what he had to work with. The room had everything he could have asked for and appeared to even be decorated with hundreds, if not thousands of red rose petals spread out across the floor and on top of the large bed sitting in the centre of the room. Draxus had to hand it to Greggory; the old man certainly knew romance.

“Put me down this instant!” her demand was stern this time as she punched at his back hard with both of her fists. “Put me down now!”

Draxus grinned as he spoke, “As my wife commands.”

Lillian could feel his body move as he walked for a bit and then stopped, suddenly releasing her and watching as she squealed, falling down to the large soft bed below. But before she had the chance to climb away he quickly climbed on top of her, grabbing both of her wrists and moving them above her head as she struggled to free herself from powerful grip. With such large hands he was able to hold both of her tiny wrists within his left hand alone, as he then proceeded to slowly move his right hand down the length of her outstretched arm, caressing her soft skin with his fingertips.

“No, please...” her cries had become quite desperate now as she squirmed beneath him, her body wriggling helplessly and tears filling her glossy green eyes. “Please, don’t-”

“-Shhh...” the sound of his voice seemed to somehow calm her slightly as she remained still beneath him, her eyes watching his as he looked down upon her, in all her beauty and untouched innocence.

She amazed him.

Her breaths were short and sharp as she lay there, wondering what was about to happen to her. Lillian was still dressed in her white silk wedding gown, with her vail remaining pinned into her hair’s elaborate up-style. The tiara had long since fallen from her head when she had been turned upside down and carried up to their room and long stray strands of her golden hair which had escaped her up-style fell loosely over her shoulders and over the surface of the bed. She was a sight of pure perfection, and tonight she was all his.

Draxus’ fingers continued to move down from her upright armpit to the side of her face. He watched as her chest moved up and down with each of her shallow breaths. His amber eyes were hooded with lust as his fingers slowly moved down her cheek to where her soft lips were slightly parted as she breathed in and out beneath him. Being an untouched virgin, Lillian did not know the first thing about being aroused or what the sensation felt like. All she knew was that tonight she would apparently become a woman, in all sense of the word, as she lay with her new husband and the thought of it terrified her.

As his fingers ran gently across her bottom lip she forced her head to turn away from him, in some kind of small effort to stop him from continuing. She swallowed nervously as he tilted his head in amusement at her obvious display of defiance.

Then he finally spoke with his deep and husky voice and she cringed.

“Let me taste you.”

“Please, don’t...” she whispered, closing her eyes, as if that would somehow help her.

She felt utterly helpless lying pinned beneath this fearsome man, completely at his mercy, yet at the same time a small part of her wanted to submit to the sudden desire she was feeling. She actually wanted to kiss him, though she didn’t yet know why.

Using his free hand he gently reached down and forced her to face him once more.

“I’ve been craving you all day.” he whispered quietly. “Would you dare to deny me that?”

With narrowed eyes Lillian lifted her head up, right in front of his face now as she spoke a single word almost directly into his mouth.


The single word was spoken with such defiance, such confidence and determination. Draxus knew she would not give herself to him willingly. Not yet anyway. And as King he needed to teach his new Queen her rightful place.

Just as Lillian began to feel comfortable in her given situation, Draxus surprised her by suddenly lifting and flipping her over onto her stomach. Lillian could not see what he was doing from this position, but while reaching behind her back she could feel his weight resting on top of her, preventing her from getting up, struggle as she may. Then the unmistakable sounds of material tearing could be heard from behind her and she could feel the fear beginning to rise within her once more. What was he doing back there? Turning her head in a desperate effort to see, she realised she could not catch sight of anything from her current position.

“Let me go! What are you doing?”

Suddenly Lillian gasped with surprise as Draxus’ arm suddenly wrapped around her waist, scooping her up in one smooth movement and pulling her back toward the base of the bed, where a large wooden bed frame was. Although she fought against him, kicking her legs wildly and screaming out, Draxus worked quickly and began tying her left hand to the wooden bed frame with a long piece of torn sheet. Her worries instantly multiplied upon realizing what he intended to do to her and her kicks and screams became more frantic as she fought desperately to somehow free herself from his grip.

“Ah, no don’t do this! Please, let me go!”

Once he had one hand tightly tied to the bed frame, Draxus reached for her second arm, though she struggled pointlessly to keep it free from him. Once he had both of her hands restrained to the wooden bed frame Draxus moved off of the bed and stood there for a moment, revelling in his small victory as he watched her struggle helplessly.

“Release me at once you coward!” she snapped angrily, pulling at the material binding her wrists to the wooden bed frame.

Leaning in toward her, he grabbed her by the chin and lifted her head up as he spoke down to her with a devilish smirk.

“Now don’t go anywhere...” he said with a wink, “I’ll be right back.”

Pulling her face from his grip, he chuckled as he turned and began to make his way to the other side of the chamber and completely out of her view.

“Hey, you can’t just leave me here like this!” she called out to him but there was no response. “Draxus!”

The room was silent once more and Lillian remained tied to the bed frame of the large bed sitting in the centre of the room, wondering what the hell had just happened! How did she end up in this predicament?

After around an hour or so of pointless struggling in an attempt to free her wrists from their restraints, Lillian was beginning to feel the cold chill of the night air as it brushed against her soft olive skin, across her shoulders and over her arms and legs. Goosebumps began to form as her body shivered violently, working hard to keep itself warm from the surrounding elements. Her teeth chattered together loudly and her arms, which were still bound to the bedpost behind, were killing her; the material having worn into the skin of both wrists leaving red markings behind as evidence.

A deep voice suddenly caught her attention, though she did not turn to face him as he appeared beside her.

“You’re shivering... Are you cold?”

Lillian wanted more than anything to snap at him, something rude and sadistically terrible but she chose to keep her mouth shut for now. She didn’t want to risk angering him further; she wanted out of her restraints! Pursing her lips together tightly she glared in the opposite direction, making an effort not to make eye contact with her menacing husband.

Draxus smirked as he sat down on the bed beside her. Lillian immediately noticed that he had changed clothing during his absence and was now wearing a long black and red robe which was wrapped around his mid-section and tied in a loose knot. His look was certainly a lot more casual now, but Lillian had to fight the urge to wonder what lie beneath that single robe hugging his muscular body.

Catching her taking a quick glimpse of him, Draxus smiled as he lifted a goblet up to his mouth and took a sip of the crimson coloured wine inside. It was an exquisite red wine, aged to perfection and he enjoyed the aftertaste as he swallowed it down smoothly.

“Do you plan to leave me here all night?” she finally spoke, still refusing to make eye contact with him.

Draxus smiled, swirling his goblet around.

“That depends. Are you planning on fighting me all night?” his reply was sharp and to the point.

She rolled her eyes, then shook her head in defeat.

“Good...” he announced, bringing his goblet across to her lips and tilting it. “Drink.”

Before she had the chance to protest, she was opening her mouth as it was filled with the delicious wine she had been craving all night. Without realising it, she let out a soft moan as she closed her eyes and continued to drink down the intoxicating liquid. But just as she had begun to enjoy herself, he pulled it away from her lips and left her wanting.

“Wait... I wasn’t-”

She paused mid-sentence upon realising his amber eyes were fixed solely upon her, his free hand holding onto the side of her face. It was as if all her words were suddenly forgotten as she sat staring back at him, at those dangerously delectable eyes.

With a devilish grin, his amber eyes moved from her soft pink lips up to her eyes again as he moved his head slowly to meet hers and the very moment their lips touched, Lillian felt a welcoming warmth building from deep within. The kiss itself started off as a soft and delicate one, as if he were testing the waters to see how she may react. But upon noticing she was actually returning his affections Draxus became more forceful; the kiss becoming more passionate and needy; his free hand moved up to hold onto the back of her neck as they continued.

His lips were surprisingly soft as they locked onto hers, his tongue finding its way inside of her mouth quickly as the kiss grew in both intensity and heated passion. Her moans were soft as she became completely lost within the kiss itself; one unlike she had ever experienced before. Having her arms restrained behind her was surprisingly arousing, giving him full control over her; something she never in her wildest dreams thought she would like. But she did like it, a lot!

As Draxus unexpectedly pulled his lips away from hers she opened her eyes, now hooded with lust as she continued to pant desperately for air. She was surprised as she watched him begin to untie her wrists, one by one.

“Wait, what are you doing?” her voice was shaky.

“We...” he began to explain, releasing her from both restraints at last, “...are going for a swim.”

Lillian’s eyebrows suddenly knitted together with surprise at his strange command. A swim?

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