The Dragon King's Bride

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Chapter 11 - The First Time

Lillian was stunned; had she heard him right just now? Did her new husband just announce that they were going for a swim... together? She had to admit, she had not seen that one coming!

“A swim?” Lillian’s voice was laced with surprise as she watched Draxus standing up beside her. “But, I have nothing to wear.”

“Who said you’d be wearing anything?” he spoke with a smirk, holding out his hand for her to take.

She could feel the instant sensation of blood flowing to her cheeks as she looked down embarrassed by what he had just insinuated. Glancing up at him again, she slowly reached for his hand and grasped it.

His long warm fingers wrapped around hers as he began to lead her across to the large heated stone pool which was specially built into this room by the most creative builders in the entire Kingdom. In truth, Lillian would often visit the pool in her spare time, but sharing it tonight with this intimidatingly large and handsome man she now called her husband, her concerns were not for once, of drowning. And worst of all she would be completely naked!

As the couple reached the edge of the stone pool Draxus released his hold on Lillian’s hand and reached around, unfastening his robe and pulling it up over his shoulders, allowing it to drop completely and reveal his perfectly sculpted naked body.

Without realising it Lillian’s eyes widened, as did her mouth as she sucked in a sharp breath of air and stood staring in awe at the god-like man standing before her. Embarrassment quickly taking over she quickly looked away and swallowed, focusing on steadying her breathing and pulsing heart.

Draxus turned his head to the side, glancing over his shoulder with a smoldering expression as he spoke.

“Like what you see?”

Lillian could not shake her obvious embarrassment as her cheeks instantly turned red and she refused to look in his direction. Nor would she reply to him while he stood there completely nude.

With a deep chuckle, King Draxus began to step down the stone steps and into the warmth of the heated water which filled the pool. Rose petals had also been sprinkled over the water’s surface and hot steam rose up from the pool as he moved deeper and deeper into the clear, sweet-smelling liquid.

Casually glancing to the side, Lillian noticed he was now standing waist deep in the water and his manhood had been modestly covered. Both of her arms were wrapped around her chest in an effort to keep herself warm as she looked at the steam rising from the water’s surface and wondered how it would feel to be in there with him.

“Are you coming in?” he asked, picking up a petal from the surface of the water. “The water’s great.”

Lillian hesitated for a moment, afraid of being naked and vulnerable with this intoxicating man, but she was freezing cold and the alluring temptation of the heated pool was far too hard for her to ignore.

“Fine. Turn around!”

Draxus grinned and shook his head.

“Not a chance.”

With a venomous glare, Lillian huffed and turned herself around instead. If he was going to watch her undress she knew he could see less of her nude body from behind. She couldn’t believe it; the sheer arrogance of this man!

Draxus proved her point as he smirked, sitting back against the edge of the pool with both hands spread out either side of him; his huge muscles bulging from both arms as he sat watching his beautiful new wife undress before his very eyes.

Reaching up behind her head, she used her long slender fingers to unfasten the long vail from her hair, leaving it to glide along gracefully to the stone floor below her feet. By now she knew Draxus was watching her every move and she decided it was time for a little payback! With her movements purposely slow, she then proceeded to gently push one lacy strap of her gown off of her shoulder, she then did the same on the other side, allowing the gown to slowly shimmy down around her hips and to the ground, pooling around her feet. With her back still facing him, she grinned at her efforts. She didn’t need to see his expression to know she was driving him wild. Though she’d never before been intimate with another man, she had plenty of experience in flirting with them.

Draxus felt as if all of the air had been sucked clean from his lungs as he caught a glimpse of the tantalizing beauty standing bare and vulnerable before him. Her body was curved in all the right places with a firm, round rear shaped just like a creamy peach. Her long, slender legs were ridiculously tantalizing and seemed to go on forever as his lustful eyes moved slowly down them.

Moving her arms Lillian carefully placed them both across her large perky breasts, almost hugging herself as she worked up enough courage to turn around and lock eyes with him. As soon as she did she could see the obvious expression of hunger painted across his face as he sat there silently, drinking in the perfect view.

Fighting her apparent fear, Lillian needed warmth and while biting her bottom lip she carefully focused to step out of her gown and made her way down the stone steps and into the warmth of the scented water to join her waiting husband. As soon as the water was above her chest she let out a small moan of delight, closing her eyes and tilting her head back for a moment to enjoy her surroundings.

Draxus was fighting with everything he had to tame the urge to rush forward and take her then and there; her obvious intention to tease him clearly working wonders as he could feel his long, hard erection pulsing from beneath the water’s surface. His amber eyes narrowed as she began rinsing herself off with the sweet-smelling water, first washing her arms and then her neck. He could feel his heart thumping loudly within his head and knew he could not take much more of this. And why should he? This was his wedding night after all!

With her back to him, she reached up to untie her hair and allow it to fall loosely down but her fingers suddenly met with familiar warm hands. As she froze up, Draxus began untying her hair for her from behind, taking his time not to pull at her hair and eventually allowing it all free to fall in great wavy golden locks down her back and across her shoulders. Lillian gulped as he suddenly used his hand to brush away her hair from the side of her neck and push it out of the way, his lips soon after caressing her neck with soft kisses, his tongue running up her neck to reach her ear.

She let out a small squeal as he gently sucked on her earlobe and breathed his hot breath down her neck. Closing her eyes, she felt warmth covering her entire body, but felt it mostly down below and the sensation confused her. Why was she feeling like this? She felt dizzy and her vision blurred. Was it the heat from the pool, or was it something else entirely?

His left arm suddenly wrapped around her waist as she unintentionally leaned back into him. His right hand moved through the water, down to cup her untouched mound. Lillian gasped loudly, seeming shocked at his actions and trying to pull herself out of his grip by pushing off of him.

“What are you-?”

Her voice stopped suddenly with her mouth open wide as Draxus used his long fingers to begin rubbing circles over top of her clit, his hot breath running across the back of her neck as he worked his wonders on the inexperienced woman in his arms.

Lillian’s eyes scrunched closed tightly as she continued to gasp and suck in short sharp breaths of air, overwhelmed by the incredible sensation he was giving her. She could feel her entire body tensing up as she moaned loudly over and over, riding the waves of the euphoric sensation she was experiencing as she slowly began to climax.

“Oh... oh god...” she cried out loudly, throwing her head back against his shoulder as he gave Lillian her first ever orgasm.

Draxus held her as her body shook, riding the waves of her own pleasure. It was such a beautiful sight to him; something so pure and raw. He grinned.

Opening her eyes and blinking rapidly, Lillian could only see colourful spots around the room and her entire body felt dizzy and heavy, and she collapsed into the King’s arms exhausted yet satisfied by her first sexual experience. Focusing on steadying out her breathing Lillian turned around in the water to face him; the man who she hated and yet suddenly craved more than anything. His lids were heavy with lustful thoughts as he stood over her, moving in and taking her by both shoulders firmly, his lips instantly crashing hard against hers as the two shared yet another passionate kiss.

Taking this opportunity while she had been distracted, Draxus moved his hands down to grasp her firmly by the hips and lifted her up easily in the low gravity of the water around them. Pulling away from his lips Lillian panicked as he suddenly felt the end of his firm cock pressing against her tight entrance. Her green eyes were wide with fear.

“No, no, no wait!” she pleaded desperately, fearing what would happen next.

But Draxus paid her no attention as he maneuvered his pulsing member into position and used his left hand to guide himself inside of her slowly, inch by inch. Lillian’s expression was that of both shock and pain as she cried out loudly with each of his thrusts, her nails digging into the skin on his back.

“Oh god, stop, stop!”

But he didn’t stop. He couldn’t, not now!

A few more inches later and he was only halfway in, though he decided to go easy on her for her first time. Next time he would not be so kind!

Lillian could feel the sharp stab of pain shooting up from her core with each thrust he made inside of her warmth. She wondered how anyone would possibly enjoy such a sensation as he pulled her in closer toward him, so that her breasts touched his ripped chest with each of his thrusts.

Her grunts became louder but were less pained now as she began feeling the overwhelming sensation of another orgasm creeping up on her; she couldn’t believe this monster of a man was making her feel this way!

Holding onto the back of his neck for support, she bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes; Draxus glared lustfully at her, enjoying her reactions to everything he did to her. His grunts had suddenly become more animalistic and untamed as he gritted his teeth together, his end fast approaching with each of his deepened grunts.

Holding onto him for dear life, Lillian moaned into his chest as Draxus moved faster and faster, until suddenly his entire body tensed up and his thrusting ceased.

“Oh, fuck!”

Throwing his head back he emptied into her, his warm liquid filling her with his seed as he slowly relaxed again, his breathing hot and heavy as he rested his face in her damp and entangled hair.

Lillian sat in his warm and muscular embrace, her arms still wrapped around his neck as she breathed deeply against his pecs. His head was almost resting on the top of hers now as he relaxed his breathing; she could feel his pulsing heart race deep within his chest and she smiled.

“Are you alright?” his voice caught her off guard but she replied quickly.

“I’m fine.”

Pulling himself off of her and lifting her by the chin to meet his eyes, he stood for a moment admiring the stunning woman; his stunning woman, his wife. Her golden hair was damp and tangled in knots and her cheeks were red and raw from brushing up against his stubble but she still looked perfect to him. Absolutely perfect!

With one final kiss; a much more tender one this time, Draxus grinned and then began to make his way out of the heated pool. Lillian watched as he stepped out and reached down to grab the robe, dressing himself once more and covering his perfectly sculpted body from her view.

“Rinse yourself off and prepare yourself for bed. I’ll return shortly.” his command was stern as he turned and walked towards the chamber door.

Within a few seconds he had silently exited the room, leaving her alone once more. It appeared that Draxus was back to his ruthless self again and her heart sank at the realization.

She hissed in pain, feeling the sharp burn coming from down below. In truth, everything down there hurt now. It had been her first time after all and he wasn’t exactly gentle with her! Taking extra care to be gentle, she cleaned herself off, washed her hair with sweet-smelling rose oil and dried herself off with a towel.

After searching, Lillian found a long white nightgown in the bedside draw and got dressed into it, then drying her long damp hair off as much as possible and brushing it beside the mirror. Once she was finished she moved across to the balcony window and stood staring out at the night sky surrounding Castle Woodsend, her home. This could be the last night she spent at her family’s estate and she wondered what her life would be like as King Draxus’ Queen and wife. Where would they live? Would she ever see her family again? Would her entire life be one of non-stop danger and endless wars being waged? Had she married a madman?

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