The Dragon King's Bride

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Chapter 12 - The Night is Young

By the time Draxus had returned to their shared chambers he found the room darker than before, with only a few candles around the room still flickering and the large fireplace roaring loudly. His amber eyes searched for his wife in the shadows and finally noticed the figure tucked in beneath the large fur blankets.

As he moved in closer to get a better view, he could see that she was lying on her back with her eyes closed and her long golden hair splayed out beneath her. The brown fur blanket was up over her waist and her arms rested gently against her chest as it slowly rose and then fell back down with each of her breaths. He stood silently over her for a moment, watching his most prized possession as she slumbered so sweetly. She was almost too beautiful to wake... almost.

Lillian woke to a tickling sensation running down her arm and she slowly opened her eyes, allowing for her vision to adjust to the dimly-lit surroundings. She immediately froze when she caught sight of him climbing on top of her. Before she could protest he had both of her hands pinned down to the bed either side of her head and she lie still beneath him.

“What are you doing?” she asked with furrowed brows.

“The night is young... and I’ve been craving the taste of your lips.” his voice was low and husky as he lowered his mouth to hers, initiating a slowly sensual kiss between them.

“Draxus, please... it’s late.” Lillian spoke as he began moving his lips down the base of her neck towards her collarbone. “I’m tired... I...”

She could feel her skin beginning to tingle as the warmth within started to emerge at her core. No matter how hard she tried to resist his touch, it was of no use. She melted beneath his touch.

As Draxus released his hold on her left hand he moved his fingers down to her thigh and began pulling up her nightgown’s long skirt. Lillian’s first reaction was to move her free hand down to stop him and as she did, she spoke pleadingly.

“Stop... please sto-”

She frowned as he silenced her by placing his left hand over the top of her mouth.

“Shhh...” his voice was a gentle warning as his right hand quickly worked at removing his pants and freeing his already hard member.

Without a second thought, Draxus thrust his pulsing cock inside of her, revelling in the warmth of her already wet pussy. Lillian let out a muffled cry, her eyes wide as the initial pain caught her off guard and tears began to pool in the corners of her eyes.

“Mmmm... so wet for me already.” he whispered into her hair as he continued to thrust in and out of her at a steady pace.

No matter how hard she seemed to struggle against him, he was far too powerful for her to fight off. Her muffled grunts could be heard from beneath his palm as she used all of her strength to try and push him off of her with her free hands. Draxus saw to that quickly, grabbing one of them and forcing it down against the bed beside her. Lillian panicked, tears rolling down the sides of her face as she realised she could not escape his assault on her.

Lifting himself up to get a better look at his prize as he continued fucking her, Draxus decided he wanted a better view of her breasts and taking his hand off of her mouth for a moment, he reached down towards her chest and began tearing away at the fabric of her nightgown, ripping it from her body with ease to reveal her two perfectly round breasts.

“No!” she begged him. “Stop it! Don’t!”

Her struggling became more desperate now as she began swinging wildly toward his face in anger. One of her swings managed to connect with his face, her nail giving him a slight scratch down his left cheek.

“Argh, get off of me!” she snarled.

Draxus chuckled at her fiery response to his dominance, continuing to thrust in and out of her tight little hole as he covered her mouth once more with his large palm and fought to control his urge to cum so soon. He wanted to make it last as long as possible, though it was difficult; she was just so delectable! Her grunts and screams were once again muffled as he suddenly increased his pace, thrusting faster and faster into her as he was quickly approaching his climax.

Tears fell from her eyes as she could suddenly feel him tensing up on top of her, followed by a strange pulsing feeling as he finally came deep inside her. Draxus groaned loudly, grabbing her by the hip as he gave two more hard thrusts and then seemed to relax. His breathing was still heavy and she could see tiny beads of sweat lining his forehead as he looked down at her.

Lillian refused to make eye contact with him as he lifted his hand from covering her mouth and wiped the sweat away from his forehead with the back of it. Her mouth was red and sore from the force he had used against her face and she was surprised as he reached down and slowly wiped away one of the tears from her cheek, then pulling out of her and rolling off to his side of the bed.

Doing her best to suppress her emotions in such a vulnerable moment, Lillian looked down at her torn nightgown and decided she would needed to change into something else. Gathering what little pride she had left, she went to sit up and get out of bed. A powerful grip stopped her suddenly as Draxus grabbed her by the wrist. She quickly turned to see what he wanted, taking care to cover her exposed chest with her free hand.

“Where do you think you’re going?” his voice was blunt.

Lillian blinked, seeming confused.

Glancing down at her torn nightgown, she replied softly.

“I’m going to change... you’ve torn my nightgown.”

Draxus shook his head, pulling her by the wrist back into bed with him.

“No.” he commanded, pointing at the torn gown. “Take that thing off. You can sleep in the nude.”

Lillian felt her heart sink upon hearing his embarrassing command; she never slept in the nude, not once! And now she was being ordered to sleep naked next to him!


“Hurry, Lillian...” he warned. “...before I feel the urge to go another round.”

That was all she needed to hear; she quickly removed what remained from her nightgown and climbed onto the bed and under the covers. She made sure to pull the animal skin blanket up to her chin this time, purposely rolling away from Draxus and lying on her side. She almost expected him to make a move and put his hands all over her again but after a minute or so she started to hear a deep and steady breathing behind her. With a confused frown she slowly turned over to find Draxus lying on his back with a hand resting across his chest, fast asleep!

Closing her eyes and letting out a great sigh of relief, Lillian rolled back over away from him and snuggled into her soft pillow. Once she was comfortable enough she closed her eyes and began drifting off into a deep and relaxing slumber. It was only a few hours until the sun was due to rise and she would need as much sleep as she could get. The next few days were going to be non-stop for the new Queen, whether she liked it or not...

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