The Dragon King's Bride

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Chapter 17 - Betrayed

Lillian spun around before the full-length mirror, a great big smile across her face as she looked at her reflection. She had been busily trying on various gowns and sparkling jewels, all the while being assisted by the three servant women who had escorted her up to the chambers. She had no idea of the treacherous plot taking place behind her back as she stood gazing in delight at the stunning gown she was wearing now.

The gown was a full-length A-line V-neck made of a crimson silk which appeared to flow like liquid with every movement she made. It was such a beautiful gown and looked even more amazing on her as she placed her right hand on of top the large jewels resting on her neck.

She wore an extraordinarily designed ruby choker necklace which had smaller rubies coming down from it in the shapes of tear drops, all the way around her neck. And right at the centre the largest ruby she had ever seen dazzled back at her as it lay against her soft skin in the shape of a large red heart.

“This is... I’m speechless.” she whispered as she continued staring at herself in the reflection of the mirror. Her long golden hair was down and fell over her shoulders and down to her lower back as she couldn’t help but smile.

A voice came from the now open doorway and they all turned to see Lord Blaine leaning casually on the door frame with his arms crossed and a sadistic grin.

“You look incredible, my Queen!” he announced proudly.

“Lord Blaine, I didn’t see you there.” she greeted him with a smile. “Do you think the King will like it?”

“Pardon my insolence my dear, but he’d be a fool not to.” Blaine continued to compliment her.

The three servant women continued to pack away several pieces of jewellery as Lord Blaine stood and entered the room slowly, making his way around the back of where Lillian stood in front of the mirror.

Lord Blaine came to stand directly behind her, then suddenly moved in closer and stood with his head leaning over her shoulder. Lillian sucked in a sharp breath as he did this, standing frozen in shock while both his arms moved in around her waist and up to touch the giant red ruby heart sitting against her skin. Both his arms brushed softly against her firm breasts, whether it was intentional or not, she wasn’t sure. But it made her feel very uneasy. His voice rumbled against her back as he spoke to her, his hot breath flowing over her neck.

He was close; too close!

“The heart of a dragon.” he announced.

“I’m sorry?” she managed to ask, confused by his words and caught up in an uncomfortable situation.

“The gemstone you’re wearing... It’s called the ‘heart of a dragon’. One of the largest and finest rubies ever found. It’s worth a small fortune and one of the most exquisite objects in existence...” he paused, his fingers moving from the gemstone down onto the skin of her chest. “Though it pales in comparison to you.”

Lillian could feel her heart thumping inside of her head as her breathing fastened dramatically. She needed space from him, fast!

“Lord Blaine, I would like to be escorted to my husband now.” she looked him in the eye through the reflection in the mirror.

“I’m afraid he’s...” he paused for a moment, smiled and then continued, “...busy. A King’s work is never done.”

Now panicking, she felt her heart sink with despair as tears began to prickle at the back of her eyes. Swallowing a lump in her throat, she licked her dry lips.

His lips began to brush against the side of her neck now and Lillian decided enough was enough! Turning around to face him now she spoke sternly.

“Lord Blaine, what do you think you are doing?” she demanded, her brows furrowed together in anger.

He looked her up and down, his eyes glazed over with lust as he took a step in towards her, boxing her in against the long mirror which brushed against her back; the cold transparent surface chilled the warmth of her skin and caused her to let out a small moan.

“As soon as I saw you, I knew I had to have you.” he spoke smoothly, never once breaking eye contact with her.

“Lord Blaine, you are way out of line!” she snapped, but it did not seem to concern him at all!

His right hand lifted and he caressed the side of her face with his long fingers, Lillian turning away from him with a look of disgust as he did so.

“Stop this!”

He licked his lips as his right hand moved from her face down towards her neck. She gasped as he suddenly grabbed her around the throat and held her against the wall; not hard enough to choke her, but firmly enough to hold her in place. Her hands instinctively moved up against his chest to push him off of her, but he was quite strong.

“Please, don’t do this!” she begged, shaking her head. “I want to see my husband!”

“I told you, he’s otherwise detained.” Lord Blaine reminded with a smirk as he stuck his tongue out and ran it up the side of her neck.

Cringing, Lillian spoke loudly now.

“Then I wish to be taken to him, immediately!”

Lord Blaine’s eyes flicked upwards as he paused upon hearing her sudden demand. More than anything right now, he wanted to fuck Lillian and he would have her, that much was certain. But perhaps there was another way to get back at the cocky Dragon King, one that would cause Draxus even more pain and anguish. Blaine grinned deviantly at his new idea; it was simply monstrous and the best part was that he would thoroughly enjoy it!

With a loud sigh he lifted his head up to meet her gaze as her curved chest heaved in and out rapidly with each of her hurried breaths.

“Very well then, as you command my lady... I will take you to see your husband.”

Lillian was almost running as she fought to keep up with Lord Blaine who pulled her along by the wrist, through several different hallways, back out toward the courtyard she had originally come from earlier.

As soon as they rounded the corner and stepped into the courtyard, Lillian’s eyes locked onto the bound prisoners who were lined up against the wall, chained with their arms above their heads. It was as if Lord Blaine had them purposely displayed like this!

“Draxus!” she called out frantically as she tried to pull her wrist out of Blaine’s grasp, but failed to do so.

Draxus, like the others chained to the wall either side of him, was gagged and unable to speak. His furious amber eyes darted between his helpless wife and Lord Blaine who held onto her wrist tightly as she struggled to pull free.

In a fit of powerful fury, Draxus shouted out a series of muffled words, though none of them could be heard as he struggled angrily, pulling against the chains binding him to the stone wall behind him.

“So, King Draxus... The mighty Dragon King... How does it feel to be the helpless one for once? To have someone else decide whether you live or die, Hmm?” Lord Blaine taunted.

Draxus struggled angrily in response, wishing he had the chance to show this pompous windbag just how he felt at that exact moment, his eyes burning a bright amber colour as he gritted his teeth together around the gag. If given the chance, he would have torn the treacherous Lord apart with his bare hands!

Lord Blaine suddenly pulled Lillian in closer to him, with her back up against his chest now and his arm around her waist, trapping both of her arms against her sides as she continued to struggle pointlessly.

“She’s absolutely stunning, isn’t she Draxus?” he continued to menace the restrained ruler. "You certainly know how to choose a bride, I'll give you that!"

“Let go of me you coward!” she snapped angrily.

With a small chuckle at her feisty attitude, he grabbed her by her hair with his free hand and pulled her neck to the side, causing her to cry out in pain.


Lowering his head to her neck, he brushed the tip of his nose against her soft skin and inhaled her sweet scent, closing his eyes as he exhaled with delight. He was doing this in front of Draxus for a reason and it was clearly getting underneath the King’s skin as he pulled furiously at his chains.

“Now you will get to witness first hand just how powerless you really are, King of Dragons!” he announced, releasing her hair and reaching down toward his belt.

He unsheathed a small dagger made of steel and lifted it up to slide underneath the right shoulder strap of her crimson coloured dress. With a sudden flick upwards, he had cut through the silk material with ease and it fell apart, revealing the top of her right breast as she let out a gasp of horror.

"What are you doing!" she squealed angrily. "Let go of me, let go!"

Lord Blaine ignored her pleas, instead moving the dagger across to her left strap and doing the same to that side.

"No, stop it! STOP IT!" she shouted angrily.

With an insulting laugh, Lord Blaine looked across to King Draxus who was in a fit of rage, pulling and kicking angrily against his restraints as they jingled loudly against the stone wall behind him.

General Shasharan and Zaar, who were also chained up beside him were doing the same as they were forced to stand and watch their captor torment their helpless Queen.

Sheathing his dagger once more, Lord Blaine grabbed Lillian by the bottom of her face, cupping her chin as he pulled her head back into the space of his shoulder. His eyes stared directly into those of the Dragon King as he spoke his next words loud enough for all to hear, especially Draxus.

"And now King Draxus, I will fuck your Queen before your very eyes..."

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