The Dragon King's Bride

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Chapter 18 - Repercussions

Draxus looked around the room, there were several men wearing various leather outfits who looked like hired mercenaries standing around the edges of the room, appearing to enjoy watching this display of humiliation.

With his blood boiling over in pure uncontrolled rage, King Draxus glared with venomous hatred at his captor Lord Blaine as he practically dangled Lillian before him, taunting him with promises of rape and torture.

“I will take your beautiful Queen right here in front of you and your men, and then I will slit her pretty little throat!”

“NO!” Lillian screamed out in absolute terror.

Hearing this, she went into a complete panic as he began to drag her across to a nearby table with a grey stone surface.

“Lord Blaine, stop this!” she begged, but her words fell on deaf ears; Blaine had a score to settle with the Dragon King. "Please, I beg you! Let me go!"

Bending her over the table, Lord Blaine grabbed both of her arms and pulled them up behind her back, holding them in place with his left hand as he had her pinned face-down against the cold stone surface. She struggled against his grip but he was clearly too strong for her and tears began flooding down her cheeks as she looked up toward her restrained husband for help; help he could not give.

Blaine worked quickly to lift the skirt of her crimson gown up and push it out of the way, revealing her perfectly rounded buttocks in the shape of a creamy peach. He didn't have to say anything; his grin said it all as he moved his right hand across the skin of her behind, admiring such purity.

"Now I see why you chose her, Draxus!" he menaced his captive from afar. "So fucking perfect!"

Draxus struggled angrily, his eyes narrow.

"Bastard! Get off of me!" Lillian spat as she tried desperately to lift herself off of the table's surface, but his weight pushed her down and was too much for her to counter.

Blaine began to remove his pants now.

Draxus could take no more of this, he needed a distraction fast and was running out of time. Forcing himself to break his gaze from his poor wife, he closed his eyes for a moment and focused everything he had into a single thought. His dark powers began channeling from within as he chanted the same phrase over and over in his head in a strange and ancient language, not of this world.

With his pants pooled around his feet, Lord Blaine looked up as he began positioning his already hard cock at her entrance, just in time to see Draxus with his eyes closed and he frowned.

"Don't you dare close your eyes Draxus! I want you to see every single horrible thing I'm about to do to this pretty little wife of yours."

He lifted Lillian up by her neck with his free hand to meet his face as he smiled defiantly at the Dragon King. Her perky breasts were free from the confinement of her gown as they were out on full display for all to see.

But Draxus still refused to open his eyes and this was beginning to piss Blaine off!

"Draxus! Open your fucking eyes I say!" he shouted hysterically, still holding the terrified Queen up by her throat and causing her obvious discomfort as she groaned loudly.

In a fit of anger, Blaine momentarily released Lillian's throat and unsheathed his dagger. She gasped loudly as he held it directly at the base of her throat, now threatening to slice open her delicate skin if Draxus chose to refuse his command again.

Absolutely horrified, Lillian stood with her legs forced apart, her hands held tightly behind her back and a sharp blade touching against her skin; she was completely at this madman's mercy! She wondered if this was how she would die as she looked across to Draxus, who still had his bloody eyes closed! She wondered what the fuck was he doing! Didn't he care that she was about to die?

"Draxus, please!"

Lord Blaine was furious now and his patience was wearing thin.

"I'll give you to the count of five to open them Draxus, or I'm going to have to paint the floor with her warm blood a little earlier than planned!" he warned with a harsh tone.

Then he began counting down.

"Five... four..."

"Draxus..." she whimpered.

Lillian could feel her heart working in overdrive as she hoped and preyed for a miracle to come.

"...Three... two..."

Her heart sank as she closed her eyes, waiting for the sharp sting of the blade's kiss against her skin as he said it.


Just as he had spoken the word, Draxus suddenly opened his eyes and both Lillian and Lord Blaine were surprised to see the bright illuminating glow emanating out from the Dragon King's now golden-yellow eyes! They were actually glowing!



Blaine's words were cut short when there was a sudden explosion sound, followed by large rocks and debris bursting through the side of the wall surrounding the courtyard they were inside.

Dust and dirt filled the air as a thick cloud of smoke emerged showing a now gaping hole in the wall, and through that hole, several darkly-dressed soldiers emerged charging forward with swords drawn to fight back.

They were soldiers loyal to the Dragon King!

Their fierce cries echoed off of the walls of the stone castle as Lord Blaine stood watching in shock as they entered rapidly and began slaying his apparently useless hired mercenaries with ease, one by one.

Realizing he may have to re-think his strategy, Blaine quickly bent down and pulled his pants up, still keeping a firm hold on Lillian's arms which he held tightly behind her back.

"Let go of me!" she growled as he released her wrists and instead wrapped his arm around her waist and held the dagger to her throat once more.

At least her arms were now free, but she still had the danger of the sharp blade against her throat to worry about.

Pulling her backwards with him, she watched as soldiers burst through the chains holding their General with their long swords. Shasharan immediately did the same for his King and once Draxus was free he pulled out his gag and threw it angrily to the floor as he began marching forward with his eyes locked onto his prey; Lord Blaine.

Zaar, who was now also free called out.

"My King, catch!"

As he did so he threw a long sword toward Draxus, who managed to catch it with ease, while not once breaking eye contact with the traitor holding his wife.

He was beyond furious and it showed as his golden eyes glowed with such powerful intense rage as he stalked toward his enemy.

"Draxus... stay back!" Lord Blaine commanded sternly.

But the Dragon King was running on pure adrenaline now and wanted Blaine's blood as he continued to march forward.

"Hey, I said STAY BACK!" Blaine shouted, lifting the blade in closer to her throat.

Lillian let out a squeal as the tip of the blade pierced through her throat's soft skin, held in place as a warning. Her emerald green eyes practically begged Draxus for his help as she stared directly at her husband.

"Draxus..." her voice was soft, almost apologetic as her lips trembled in fear.

Seeing blood beginning to run down the side of her throat, King Draxus immediately stopped still in his tracks and went from an offensive front to a defensive one, with his left gloved hand raised up as he spoke.

"Alright... Don't harm her."

His words her of some relief to Lillian, though she still had the trouble of being held hostage to deal with.

Blaine was clearly not going to win this battle; a fact he now knew. But he still had one card up his sleeve; the Queen.

Draxus feared Lord Blaine would take Lillian's life just to spite him and knew he would need to talk the Lord out of it somehow. But how?

"Just let her go."

"Yeah, that's not happening." Blaine spat sarcastically.

"We can talk about this, just the two of us, man to man. But you must first release my wife." Draxus tried negotiating.

"Your Queen is the only thing keeping me alive, Dragon King! Don't try and manipulate me, I'm no fool!"

With the dagger to her throat, Lillian had never been so afraid in her entire life; this could very well be the end of her life and she knew he would not release her willingly. Draxus was clearly at a stand-still, too afraid to try anything for fear of her being harmed in the process.

She needed to do something.

Glancing down for a moment at her right hand she noticed a faint glow beginning to shine out from the marking on her wrist. The marking started to burn as she winced in pain, but it gave her an idea; crazy one of course, but an idea none the less.

Almost as if by instinct, Lillian closed her eyes and began to focus everything on a single thought. Blocking out the words being spoken, the sounds being made around her, the feeling of her captor's firm grip, until everything was gone; everything but her one thought.

"Light... light... light..." she repeated ton herself over and over in her head.

She could feel the burning sensation moving from her wrist, up her arm and throughout her entire body as something channeled from deep within her.

Meanwhile, Lord Blaine was clearly panicked now as he realised he was not getting out of this alive. He shook his head angrily as he spoke.

"If I'm to die here, I'll take her with me!" Blaine spat angrily.


Draxus' eyes widened as he watched Blaine go to slice the blade across Lillian's neck, but he stopped suddenly; Blaine's face held a curious expression as he appeared to frown in discomfort. His breathing began to quicken.

Lillian opened her eyes to reveal a magnificent white glow filtering out from each of them, not that her captor could see, but King Draxus could!

Draxus watched in shock as her eye's glowed one moment, then faded the next and returned to their normally emerald green colour. Lillian let out a large exhale, as if coming out of a hypnotic state, as she blinked rapidly.

The reason for Lord Blaine's discomfort suddenly became obvious as he began crying out in great agony and horror as large white flames engulfed his entire back, burning with such heat and intensity that it melted through the fabric of his clothing and into his skin within seconds.

During his fit of terror Blaine had released Lillian and Draxus lunged forward, grabbing his wife by the arm and pulling her away to a safe distance from the man who was now fully-engulfed in white flames, being burned alive before their very eyes.

Lillian did not turn away from the hideous sight like Draxus thought she would.


Instead she watched him.

And with an unreadable expression painted across her face as she stood in the arms of her King, she never once blinked as the flames finally turned Lord Blaine's body into nothing but grey ash.

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