The Dragon King's Bride

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Chapter 21 - A Moonlit Dip

By sunset the King's procession had arrived at a nearby clearing neighbouring a large sparkling lake with overhanging trees and branches of vines filled with brilliant purple and white flowers. A large cliff face loomed over the opposite side of the clearing and it was decided that this would be a great place to set up camp for the night.

Within an hour or so, the campsite had been prepared and large fires raged all around in the darkness of night as Draxus' soldiers took the chance to rest, eat and talk amongst themselves.

The full moon shone brightly from the star-filled sky above, giving off a white glow and lighting the area with an almost daylight feel.

Two soldiers were in the process of escorting Queen Lillian down to the nearby lake to bathe before she retired for the night. As they reached the lake, they purposely turned away from her so that she could undress and enter the water unashamed.

As she stepped down slowly into the cool water, Lillian breathed in and out deeply, her body adjusting to the chill as she emerged herself deeper and deeper into the lake's depths.

Her bare feet could feel the sandy bottom as she tried to avoid any large rocks in her path.

Once the water had reached up to her shoulders, she stopped and took a look around at her surroundings, enjoying the chance to relax and take in such an enchanting place. It really was beautiful there.

Tilting her head back, she dipped all of her long hair up to her scalp underneath the water's surface and allowed it to soak for a bit; the sensation of the refreshing cold against her scalp was invigorating as she tilted her head forward again and began using the water scooped up in her palms to wash the sides of her neck. Her hands roamed all over her naked body, scrubbing herself clean from their long travels and recent events.

She wanted to get all of that filth off of her!

As their Queen bathed the two soldiers stood watch by the lake's shore, each glancing around at their surroundings with caution as they watched for any signs of strange activity around them.

The sudden sounds of footsteps approaching alerted them, as both quickly moved to unsheathe their swords, but quickly paused and let out sighs of relief upon sighting their King.

Draxus walked across to where they stood and stopped, resting a hand on one of their shoulders as he spoke.

"Take a break. I can handle it from here."

"Yes, my King." they replied in unison.

His command was calm and the soldiers bowed their heads, then marching off toward the direction of the camp. This left the King alone and he was able to watch his Queen as she bathed in the water before him.

Lillian had not yet spotted her husband as she continued to wash herself down, slowly, almost sensually.

Draxus felt himself hardening in his pants and he narrowed his amber eyes; just the sight of her bathing was turning him on!

There was only one thing on his mind now as he took off his belt and sheathed sword, allowing it to fall to the rocky ground below; he had to have her, right now!

The sound of his sword hitting the floor alerted Lillian as she gasped and looked up to see Draxus now standing there. A small smirk curved at the side of her mouth as she realised who it was watching her; she continued to wash herself down with the fresh water, reacting as though she didn't care if he was there or not.

Draxus reached behind his head and pulled his long-sleeve shirt off, throwing it to the floor while keeping his amber eyes fixed on her.

"How's the water?" he asked, taking one of his boots off and dropping it to the floor.

"Refreshing, husband... you should try it." she urged with a grin.

"Oh, I plan to."

Lillian stood in the water, watching as her mighty husband unclasped and pulled down his long pants. As he stood back up her eyes locked onto his already erect cock, standing at attention and clearly visible in the bright moonlight.

Biting her bottom lip, she could feel a warmth starting to build within her already as he started to make his way into the water to join her.

Wading out to where she stood waiting, King Draxus came up towards her, his amber eyes focused solely on her pouting lips as he prepared himself to taste them.

But Lillian wasn't prepared to give herself over to him so easily; she wanted to toy with him first.

"Well, the water's yours... I'm all done." she teased, turning to make her way back up towards the shore.

Instantly, a warm arm shot out and his hand grabbed her by the arm, pulling her in until her back hit the firm muscular skin of his chest with a powerful thud. The very moment that the two connected, Lillian let out a loud moan as his arm wrapped around her waist, holding her in place as he leaned his head down to rest his chin on her right shoulder.

"Where do you think you're going?"

His voice was deep and husky now; it was making her even more wet than she already was as she slowly closed her eyes and began to breathe deeply. Lust had taken her over now. She could feel his hard erection as it rested against her buttocks and the anticipation began to build inside.

Draxus grinned as he moved his mouth close to her right ear, his hot breath sending chills down her spine as he licked and then nibbled at her earlobe.

Lillian moaned, leaning back into his chest and allowing him to do as he wished with her. It felt too good!

"Tell me you're mine." Draxus suddenly whispered into her ear.

Without hesitation and completely lost in the moment, Lillian smiled as she replied in a soft whisper.

"I'm yours."

"That's right... only mine..." his whisper caused goosebumps to form on the skin of her neck.

She could feel as his free hand moved down her waist, across her thigh and finally stopped at her heated mound where he then proceeded to use his long fingers to massage over her clit, drawing small circles across her sensitive folds over and over.

Lillian could feel her naked body already responding as she furrowed her brows and closed her eyes, her mouth agape with gasps of air, lost completely in the erotic sensation she was experiencing.

"These will be the only hands allowed to touch you... My mouth, the only one allowed to taste you... and my cock..." he paused with a pant and then continued, "...My cock will be the only one to ever fuck you!"

He continued to taunt her with his whispered words as he continued to play with her clit beneath the water's surface. Her breathing became faster and more desperate as she opened her eyes and started to shake; her climax fast approaching.

"Oh... please don't stop..." she begged.

Just when she thought she could take no more, Draxus surprised her by inserting his middle finger inside the tight hole of her pussy.

"Oh god!" her voice had become louder now as she sucked in sharp breaths. "I can't... I can't..."

With a grin, Draxus knew she was close and he continued pumping his middle finger in and out of her, while still massaging her clit; the sensation was driving her wild as she began to feel faint and her vision began to blur.

"That's it... cum for me..." he spoke softly into her wet hair.

Her body tensing up within his arms, she opened her mouth wide and threw her head back onto his shoulder as she rode her massive wave of climax, all the way until it finally finished.

Her breaths were deep and loud as she began to come down from her euphoric state, panting, desperate for air as her body relaxed once again.

He let out a satisfied chuckle from behind her, lifting his hands out of the water and turning her around to face him.

Lillian's emerald green eyes were hooded with lust as they appeared to sparkle in the water's reflection. Her large breasts heaved in and out with each of her pants as she looked him in the eye; this man who seemed to have complete control over her somehow.

Acting purely out of instinct now, Lillian reached out and grasped the back of his neck pulling him in quickly and moaning as their lips crashed together hard, igniting a deep and lustful kiss between the two. Fighting for the tiny breaths of air between one kiss and the next, the King and Queen wrapped their arms around each other, entangled in a heated web of desire.

Lillian closed her eyes as his wet tongue entered her mouth, exploring until it met hers at last. The sounds coming from the couple were arousing on their own, with pants, moans and the moist suction of their lips clasping together as they massaged each other passionately using nothing but their tongues over and over.

As their kiss continued, Draxus reached underneath the water and grasped his firm member, directing it toward her entrance simply by feel.

Without waiting for permission he suddenly thrust himself inside of her, catching Lillian completely off guard as her eyes opened wide, along with her mouth as he looked at him in shock.

"Draxus..." she whispered.

Getting a good hold on her hips Draxus thrust inside again, and again, over and over as he stared his beautiful wife in the eye.

His heavy breaths began to quicken along with his thrusts and Lillian held on to him for dear life as they moved together beneath the water's surface.

Lillian moaned loudly.

She could feel his thick cock sliding in and out of her, filling her with every thrust and it excited her greatly as the water splashed around them.

As the couple continued to make love under the water's surface, they hadn't yet noticed as a strange figure stood watching from the other side of the lake, hidden by the shadows of the surrounding trees.

The hooded figure's purple shaded eyes watched with intrigue as the married rulers panted loudly, lost in the euphoric sensation of their intimacy.

"I'm cumming..." Draxus breathed out between thrusts, his speed quite rapid now as his wife continued bouncing upon his pulsing cock.

A few thrusts later, the Dragon King closed his eyes as he scrunched up his face and pulled Lillian in as he let out a massive groan. His glistening body shook as he held Lillian tightly against his chest, her fingernails digging in against the skin of his back as she moaned loudly.

"Fuck." he spoke with a smile.

Lillian, although out of breath as well, returned the smile as they looked to one another. He lifted his right hand to brush some of her damp hair out of her face as he gazed down upon her lovingly for a second or two.

"You're absolutely perfect." he said to her.

"You're not so bad yourself." she replied with a grin.

He chuckled and then leaned in for a kiss; this one was soft and gentle and only lasted a few seconds.

"Come on, let's get you out of here..." he announced, taking her hand and leading her out of the water. "You're beginning to prune."

As the King and Queen exited the water on the other side of the lake together, the hooded figure took one last look from where he stood in the shadows of the trees, then stepped backwards and out of sight.

Who was this mysterious stranger and what was his business with the Dragon King and his Queen?

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