The Dragon King's Bride

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Chapter 23 - Desperate Times Call For Desperate Alliances

Far off to the West was the cut-throat Kingdom of Ordanna; not only a wasteland of death, carnage and terror but also home to yet another blood-thirsty ruler, King Rathman Ortega.

Rathman was a thirty eight year old man standing at five feet, ten inches tall with short messy blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes. His beard was like his hair, messy and untamed, and reached down to just below his chin. A large black tattoo of various symbols had been inked into the skin of his neck and the markings ran from below his chin all the way down and across his chest, over his shoulders and down both arms right to the tips of his fingers.

He was truly a rugged man.

The King, who was father of countless bastard children and a man known well for his lack of sympathy or mercy, had a lot of trouble keeping his cock in his pants where it belonged and there wasn't a woman in the entire Kingdom who hadn't shared his bed at some point or another along the way.

His entire Kingdom ran as a system of anarchy, a place with practically no rules or regulations to abide by and this is what made it so dangerous. There was however one rule in Ordanna that had to be followed at all times; 'obey the King', and many had previously paid the ultimate price for forgetting that simple rule in the past.

The truth was, the King's soldiers were nothing but brutish and untrustworthy henchmen who made it their job to cause trouble wherever they went. Those who lived in Ordanna were either extremely tough, wealthy or completely bloody insane! It truly was a terrifying place.

But to King Rathman, it was home!

At that very moment the King was in the middle of torturing several former business associates who had made the unfortunate choice of trading produce and gaining profit behind his back.

Their only true mistake was getting caught.

It was as it would appear an unforgivable offense and needed to be dealt with right away.

"General Wu, what are these men charged with again?" Rathman asked. "I forget."

The King sniffed as he casually leaned back against his large wooden throne, glaring down at the five trembling men kneeling at the base of the small staircase leading up to him.

General Wu was an older Asian looking gentleman with long straight white hair tied up in a high ponytail and a long straight white beard which reached down to his chest. He wore silver armour over his black full-length one piece suit and his almost black eyes were slanted.

He stepped forward to stand by Rathman's side as he replied with his hands behind his back, an obvious Asian accent could be heard as he spoke.

"Sire, these men were found profiting from your own produce without the crown's knowledge. They were arrested this morning." he explained.

Rathman rolled his brown eyes and scoffed.

"Seriously, you dragged me all the way down here for this?" he asked with a frown, waving his hand in the direction of the kneeling men before him. "Just have them killed and let's be done with it!"

Normally the General would have been shocked by the King's lack of interest in the matter, but Rathman was always unpredictable as ruler, so he obliged with a bow of his head as he replied.

"Of course, as you command."

Turning to one of the soldiers standing off to the side, he gave a simple nod signalling what needed to be done and the soldier nodded his head in response, then marching down the small staircase to where the five men knelt in a panicked state.

"Anything else you need me for?" Rathman asked with raised brows as he glanced up to General Wu.

"Sire, my men inform-"

His sentence was interrupted by a sudden scream.


Both the General and King looked down to where the terrified prisoners began panicking as the soldiers worked to behead them, one by one.

Turning back to face one another, Wu and Rathman attempted to continue with their discussion.

"My men informed me that-"

"-No, please... don't!" the second man kneeling down begged for his life, once again cutting in on their conversation.

Both the General and Rathman rolled their eyes, turning to watch as his head was sliced clean off, blood squirted free from the arteries in his neck as the lifeless body flopped to the floor.

"NO, NO!" the third began screaming hysterically. "NO please!"

Rathman threw his head back and let out a big sigh of frustration; their conversation was getting nowhere with all of this noise going on in the background!

Suddenly standing, he casually patted General Wu on the arm as he walked by him.

"Come, take a walk with me."

Following along after his King, the two exited the throne room through a back doorway and left the soldiers to complete the executions on their own.

"Don't know about you, but I couldn't hear a thing over all that bloody noise." Rathman announced as they walked casually down an empty corridor together. "So... you were saying?"

"Oh, yes. My men informed me that a visitor arrived at the castle late last night. She has asked to have an urgent meeting with you in person." Wu explained.

Rathman grinned.

"A woman hey? What'd she look like?" he asked, curious as ever.

Wu frowned.

"Uh, I am not sure sire. She wore a hood over her head. But we have her staying in the high tower for now with an armed guard watching over her. Shall I arrange a meeting between the two of you?"

"Yes." the King commanded with a nod. "Have your men inform her that I am willing to meet with her, then have her brought to me in my chambers at once."

"Yes sire." General Wu replied with a bow of his head.

The elderly Asian man then marched off to complete his task, leaving his King to stand alone in the middle of the corridor.

Rathman wondered who this woman was and why she wanted to meet with him so urgently. Though the truth was, he didn't care why; he had only one thing on his mind now as his cock began to twitch with excitement.

Soon after he was off making his way back down the hall in the opposite direction, on his way to his chambers to meet with this mysterious woman who had apparently arrived late last night.

Half an hour passed before there was a sudden knock at his chamber doors and King Rathman sat casually on a chair facing the doorway as he responded.


The doors suddenly opened from the outside and revealed a single woman standing in the doorway, wearing a long black cloak with a large hood over her head.

"Ah, come in my dear." Rathman gestured with his hand.

Obeying his command, the woman silently stepped inside the chamber and stopped just inside of the doorway. The guards outside closing the doors behind her and leaving their King alone with this strange woman they knew nothing about.

"I hear you requested to speak with me." he announced, a devious smile spread across his face.

"King Rathman, I have traveled far for this meeting." her haunting voice spoke as she reached up and lowered her hood over the back of her head.

Rathman's brown eyes widened with delight upon seeing her face, with skin so pale and glowing white eyes staring back at him. Her long black tattered dress flowed down to her feet and her long black hair cascaded down over her shoulders as she lowered her hands again.

It was Rayvinn the sorceress. She spoke with a grin.

"At last we meet..."

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