The Dragon King's Bride

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Chapter 24 - Scheming

King Rathman sat casually on a cushioned wooden chair in his chambers as he looked the strange woman up and down with a sadistic expression. He was wearing nothing but his royal robes made of red and gold silk, tied up around the waist. If his expression did not give his intentions away, his choice in attire surely did!

Sure, the woman before him was a bit paler than most of the women he tended to sleep with and those eyes; creepy! But he was not merely as picky as many may have thought him to be and he started thinking of all the fun things he would do to her beautiful body as she stood before him.

"Tell me your name, beautiful angel." he asked, standing from the chair and slowly making his way across the room towards her.

Rayvinn smirked, clearly finding it funny that he thought he was the one in control of the situation. She decided to continue to play along with his strange fantasy, for now.

"I am Rayvinn, your highness." she replied, her voice smooth and almost hypnotizing. "I have come before you with a proposition, one I think you'll find quite interesting."

Rathman's chocolate brown eyes narrowed as he smiled at her words. He was now standing within arms reach of her as Rayvinn continued to stand her ground, not once showing any signs of concern from his advances.

"I have everything I need right here, angel. What could you possibly offer me, besides the obvious of course?" he purposely looked her up and down as he spoke these words. "You are a very attractive young woman."

With a large smile she stepped forward to meet him, her hands wrapping around the back of his neck and her lips were held just in front of his as she looked him in the eye and spoke softly into his mouth.

"How about the Dragon King's head on a silver platter?"

His smile faded instantly and his expression was now serious as he looked down at her with caution. His brown eyes narrowed as he spoke.

"And how would a pretty little thing like you plan to perform such an impossible feat? Many have tried to snuff out the light of the mighty King Draxus, yet all have failed. What makes you so different from the rest, angel?"

She chuckled softly and tilted her head to the side as her hands began to roam slowly down his neck, across his big shoulders and down towards his chest, resting on his firm pecs.

"I have my ways..."

He took this as a sign to make a move and groaned with lust as he reached forward and grasped her by her hair, holding onto it firmly as he leaned in and planted a big, sloppy kiss on her lips.

But the kiss was not consensual.

The sorceress' hand suddenly grabbed him by the throat firmly, Rathman's eyes widened in terror as their lips parted ways and she began to lift his entire weight of him above her with a single hand; the King slowly rose up into the sky as he struggled desperately to breathe. Both his hands moved to grab at hers, but she was inhumanly strong!

Rayvinn grinned at this pathetic man's expression of fear as she spoke while looking up at him.

"Did I fail to mention I'm a sorceress of the dark arts?"

He let out a grunt, as if trying to reply to her. His face was beginning to turn red as his air had been cut off.

"Now, listen carefully. Blink once for yes, twice for no, understood?"

Rathman blinked once, his face contorted in pain.

"Are you willing to listen to what I have to say?" she asked her first question.

He blinked once, the skin of his face beginning to turn purple now.

"Excellent. And no more unwanted advances?" she added.

His eyes began to cross as he blinked once; the lack of oxygen getting to his brain beginning to take a more serious effect.

"That's what I like to hear!"

And with that, she released her grip on him and he fell half a metre down to the floor, landing hard on his hands and knees. Sucking in desperate gasps of air, Rathman coughed loudly as he tried to regain his regular breathing pattern, completely astounded that he had almost been killed by this madwoman!

Grasping his throat, he breathed in and out deeply as he slowly stood and watched her as she began to move around the room, glancing at everything out of a curious interest.

This woman was not to be messed with! And he liked her more than he had before!

With a hoarse voice, he spoke to the sorceress as she continued to move around his chambers, watching her closely.

"How can someone like me help someone as powerful as you?"

Rayvinn stopped walking and turned herself around to look at him head on. She had his undivided attention now, just as she had planned.

"You may have heard a rumor about the Dragon King finding himself a Queen recently." she began.

"Of course, everyone has. But its just a rumor."

"Wrong I'm afraid... He has indeed married. She's a sweet young thing; a Princess or at least she was before she became his Queen. Her name is Lillian."

"So, what's that to you? Are you jealous or something?" he grinned at the thought.

"Hardly..." she grinned in return. "His new Queen is the key to bringing the mighty King down, for good."

Rathman's eyes narrowed as he considered what she was suggesting. She obviously wanted to work with him, be partners or something, but what was he asking him to do?

"What exactly is it that you need me to do, angel?"

He had relaxed a little more now, knowing she was not there with the intent on assassinating him. She would have killed him by now if she were.

"I'm planning on setting up a little trap for our old friend Draxus." she began to explain with a devilish smirk, "...and I will need you and your soldiers to help me pull it off."

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