The Dragon King's Bride

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Chapter 25 - Sealing the Deal

Rayvinn was explaining to King Rathman how she planned to set a trap for the Dragon King who was apparently an enemy to them both.

"I will provide the distraction while your men move in undetected and snag our bait. Then we set the trap and wait for him to come to us.”

“I assume by bait, you mean the girl?” he asked, walking back across to the chair he had been sitting on earlier and taking a seat. “So you want me and my men to kidnap her and bring her back where? Here?”

“Your castle seems strong enough to fend them off, at least until I make my move on Draxus.” she explained, slowly making her way across to where he now sat. “And once he is no more, his men will have no choice but to surrender to you and pledge their loyalty to their new King.

Rathman looked down at the timber floor, deep in thought as he considered her suggested plan. It could work. It was risky, but what plan wasn’t?

“Castle Krillian is impregnable, everyone knows that!” he suddenly announced, watching as she moved in closer towards him.

“Not for me.” she teased, moving to stand between his legs as she looked down upon him. “Let’s just say I can ensure safe passage for you and your men, in and out of the castle. The rest is up to you.”

“Why this girl? What makes her so special to him?” Rathman asked, his head tilted as he looked up at her with narrow eyes.

“She’s his only weakness.” Rayvinn hissed quietly as she flicked one leg over his hip, followed by the other as she now sat straddling him on the chair.

Rathman watched her with hooded eyes as she placed both of her hands onto his shoulders. She continued to look into his eyes with a coy expression.

“And what’s in this for you?” he spoke softly to her now. “You have to want something when all this is over, you wouldn't go to so much trouble if you didn't... what is it you’re after, sorceress?”

Rayvinn’s eyes flashed bright white now as she grinned.

“That’s for me to know...” she paused and brought her face right up to his, her lips almost touching his as she maintained eye contact with him, “...and you to find out!”

Rathman could feel his cock hardening as she stuck her tongue out and moved forward, sliding it inside his mouth as her lips pressed against his, igniting a seductive kiss between the two of them. He could feel her tongue moving around inside of his mouth, exploring every inch of it as he felt her hands suddenly beginning to move down his chest toward his pelvis.

Before he knew it, she had untied his robes and opened them to reveal his large thick cock which immediately sprung to attention between her legs. His breathing was deep and needy as he watched her move her hands to grasp it firmly, then begin to slide them up and down across his long shaft.

Breaking their kiss for a moment, desperate for air, Rathman was acting on pure instinct now as he moved his hands down to gather up the bottom of her dress, then lifting the black material up along both of her thighs until he at last had access to her most sensitive area.

His hands moved around to reach underneath her as his fingers found her throbbing clit; they began to quickly move across her wanting folds, rubbing her with the intention of making her incredibly wet for him.

“You like that, huh?” he hissed. “You like how that feels?”

“Mmmm... don’t stop.” she moaned in reply, licking her lips and looking down at his hardened cock which she continued to pump with both hands. “Inside me! Now!”

That was all he needed to hear.

As they both quickly moved their hands out of the way, Rayvinn maneuvered herself to hover over his erect tip, then forcing her way onto it.

Rathman let out a loud moan as her pussy slid right down over his cock tightly, covering it in her moist juices as she then began to bounce up and down on top of him.

“Oh yes, that’s it... Ride me angel!” he whispered to her.

Rayvinn reached up and one side at a time and pulled her sleeves down, revealing her huge double D size breasts as they bounced with each movement she made. Her pants had become louder now as she flicked her long black hair back out of her face and grabbed him by both shoulders in order to steady herself.

“Fuck yes...” he spoke, as if out of breath. “You’ve got the tits of an angel.”

“Mmmm, you like those?” she teased, licking up the side of his neck with her tongue and coaxing yet another moan out of him.

Rayvinn lifted her hands and placed them onto his hips as she spoke suddenly, “Stop, stop...” she breathed loudly.

Rathman’s brows furrowed with both surprise and concern as he wondered what she was doing. Did he do something wrong?

He watched her stand up, climb off of him and then take his hand in hers.

“I want you to take me on the bed.”

With a satisfied grin, he stood and allowed her to lead him across to where his large bed sat. As they stepped up to its side Rayvinn released his hand and climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees, turning her head to look back over her shoulder at him with a grin.

“Please fuck me from behind, my King.” she spoke smoothly.

He wasted no time, moving across to climb up behind her and positioning himself at her entrance quickly. Without warning or permission he thrust deep inside of her, causing her to moan loudly and throw her head back as he held her by the hips and began to fuck her at a more rapid pace.

“You’re so deep!” she moaned. “So... deep!”

“Oh god, you feel so fucking good, angel!” he replied, pounding away at her wet pussy from behind.

Glancing to the side he could see her massive breasts as they bounced below her over and over. She was so incredibly sexy and his thoughts began to fade as he started feel his climax fast approaching.

“Yes, fuck me harder! Harder!” she moaned loudly.

He obliged, slamming into her at an even faster pace and with even more force as his face crunched up in extreme pleasure. His vision was becoming blurry as he felt the sensation building up within him.

He needed release!

“I’m gonna fucking cum!” he spoke softly, closing his eyes and focusing on riding the wave of euphoria.

“Yes, cum inside me, my lord.” she replied. “Cum inside me!”

He shouted now, “UHH!”

Rathman held onto her hips tightly as he released his hot load into her, his body pulsing every few seconds until he at last had finished and began to relax.

Completely out of breath and covered in sweat, the King leaned forward and planted a kiss on her back and then with a chuckle, pulled out of her and went to put his robe back on.

“Does that mean we have a deal?” Rayvinn asked, now lying on her side on the bed, still completely naked as she watched him dress in front of her.

King Rathman smiled as he tied the strap of his robe around his waist.

“Alright...” he replied. “Count me in!”

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