The Dragon King's Bride

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Chapter 26 - Our New Home

After another long day of travel, King Draxus finally returned home with his new Queen, Lillian. From the moment they had crossed onto Westorian soil, the King had felt a great sense of relief, that soon they would be within the safety of the castle walls and nothing could harm her, his precious Lillian whom he had come to adore in such a short amount of time.

Having had enough time to recover by now, Lillian was back to her normal level of health as she peered out the window of the carriage and saw the rich countrysides passing her by. The air smelled clean as the scent of fresh grass entered her nostrils, and the sky was a bright blue with only a few clouds off in the distance. It truly was a perfect day to inspect her new home, the Kingdom of Westoria.

"Well, what do you think of Westoria so far?" Draxus asked, leaning back against the carriage interior, opposite where she was sitting. "Is it to your liking?"

She smiled as she turned to lock eyes on him.

"Its amazing. I've never seen anywhere quite like it before." she announced. "You must love it here!"

"Home is where the heart is." he spoke, then leaning forwards and taking her hand, pulling her across to sit on his lap on the carriage seat.

Lillian giggled at this gesture.

"You're adorable." she said, her body turned slightly so she could look into his warm eyes.

"Tell anyone and I'll deny it." he teased with narrow eyes.

Feeling happier than she had ever been before, Lillian leaned in and took him by the back of his head, pulling his lips towards hers and kissing him passionately. Draxus closed his eyes enjoying the brief moment he and his beautiful wife were able to share. They would soon be run off their feet with countless duties and events to attend as the rulers of Westoria.

The couple opened their eyes as they slowly began to pull away from one another, their obvious heated attraction seeming to radiate from them as the carriage came to a complete stop.

They were finally home!

Having been shown around Castle Krillian for a while, Draxus was currently in the process of escorting her up to see the royal chambers with him. This would be the place they would be able to spend most of their time together and she eagerly anticipated seeing the new room she would be staying in.

The rest of the castle was incredibly stunning and there was so much space with over fifty rooms, a massive stable and a jeweler on site. Plus there was a supersized underground heated pool made of white sparkling stone, glass and crystal; Lillian was already excited about going for her first swim in it! She hoped Draxus would be able to join her, of course.

As they walked, Draxus continued to converse with his clearly exhilarated wife as he held her hand and felt her squeezing every time she saw something that dazzled her, which was quite often.

"The entire castle is yours to explore, though I do warn you, it is possible to get lost within these walls so take care. If you do have any problems, simply ask one of the servants for assistance and they will do as you command." he explained.

"I'll try not to get lost, but I'm not promising anything." she toyed with a smile. "Why are all of the rooms so big?"

Draxus shrugged.

"It's how the place was built. It was designed by my late Great Grandfather, Adonis Rhys Krillian."

Lillian narrowed her eyes as she spoke.

"Rhys... you share the same middle name with him!"

He nodded.

"Very perceptive. He was also a great King and warrior who not only designed and commissioned the build of this great castle, but could also command and communicate with dragons."

"Like you can." she said softly, refusing to make eye contact with him as she was now beginning to understand a little more about him.

Once again, he nodded in agreement.

This topic was interesting her now as they turned yet another corner and entered a new corridor made of white walls and chandelier lights hanging from the rooftop.

"About that... can you really command dragons to do your bidding?" Lillian asked hesitantly, "And how does it work? Do you have to speak another language for them to understand you, I mean, unless they speak our language? I guess they could..."

She paused upon noticing that he had stopped walking and turned to face him.

"What?" her voice was coy.

Draxus was attempting to hold back a big smile. He didn't normally smile, but she was so inquisitive and he found it humerus to see her this excited about their current topic.

"Are you laughing at me?" she put her hands on her hips and raised her left brow in warning.

"I would never laugh at my Queen!" he taunted, stepping up and taking her by the hand again as he continued their walk.

Eventually, they had arrived at the two large white wooden doors, leading into the royal chambers. A guard stood either side of the doorway, dressed in black and golden armour and standing at attention as their leaders approached.

Lillian watched as the two guards each leaned in and grasped a handle of the door, opening the two white doors in unison and allowing the King and Queen access to their room.

As she stepped inside, Lillian was taken aback in astonishment and surprise. The chambers were massive and finely furnished with everything they would need and more! An over-sized fireplace had been built into the far wall and the bright flames roared to life as Lillian could hear the crackling sounds of the wood burning from where she stood. A large fluffy rug sat by the fireplace with an assortment of cushions and blankets.

Several desks and storage chests sat in various places around the room, each made of a dark oak wood and carefully carved with unique markings and intricate decorations. A large red couch was situated a small distance away from the fireplace, with matching chairs either side and a small dark oak wood table in the middle.

Finally she saw it, the bed she and Draxus would share as King and Queen. It was the biggest bed she had ever laid eyes upon, more than enough room for both of them!

The four poster bed had a large black satin canopy over the top of it and was made of the same dark oak wood as the other furniture around the room. The bed itself was covered with a mass of black silk pillows at the top and a large black and gold embroidered blanket lay across the surface of the mattress.

"Now that's what I call a bed!" Lillian suddenly announced, staring with delight.

Before Draxus could speak, she suddenly went into full sprint across the room and jumped straight onto it's soft surface, giggling like a small child. He chuckled as he walked across to where a large desk sat with several parchment papers and books.

"This is amazing!" she shouted, closing her eyes and smiling as she lay on her back, facing the canopy at the top of the bed. "Draxus, come join me!"

When she hadn't heard a response, Lillian frowned and sat up, looking across to where he stood with his back facing her. Did he hear her, or was he busy with something?

"What are you doing?" she asked, moving to the edge of the bed and getting off.

As she began to walk toward him he turned around and she stopped dead in her tracks when her emerald eyes caught sight of what was sitting on the black pillow he held carefully in his hands.

It was a diamond encrusted crown!

Lillian's eyes dazzled with the glittering reflection of the magnificent object Draxus held before her; the crown must have held at least two thousand carats, if not more! She wondered how much it would weigh as by the looks of it, it had to be heavy.

Stepping up toward it slowly, she could feel as tears began to threaten forming behind her eyes. Her emotions were toying with her for some unknown reason.

"It's absolutely exquisite." she spoke softly.

"It belonged to my mother, Queen Elaine and my grandmother before her. This crown has been in my family for generations and it is customary that the Queen be crowned with it during her coronation."

He paused, looking at her and waiting for her to respond to what he had just said. But Lillian had become lost in the unique piece's beauty as she shook her head and looked to him in question.

"Wait, what? Did you say the Queen wears this?" she asked, seeking clarification.

He smiled as he nodded.

"Yes. Traditionally it is given to you at an official coronation ceremony." he explained. "As King, I would prefer the tradition to continue, if you're comfortable going through with it?"

She looked back at the crown and blinked as she spoke.

"You want me to be coronated? As Queen? In front of hundreds of your people?"

"Our people, Lillian." he corrected her. "And actually, it's more like thousands. Wait, probably closer to tens of thousands come to think about it... But yes, as the new Queen of Westoria your people will want to get to know you and I believe it would be best for you to allow them to help celebrate your special day... with a grand coronation..."

Noticing her expression, Draxus quickly turned and placed the cushion onto the desk nearby. Stepping across to her side, he put his hands onto her shoulders as he looked into her eyes with concern.

"What's wrong?" he asked. "Have I already frightened you away?"

She gave a weak smile and shook her head.

"No, it's just hard to wrap my head around everything that's happened since becoming your Queen, that's all. I mean, if you think about it, merely days ago I was a desperately lonely princess sitting in a flower garden tending to some roses... and now..."

She looked down to the crown where it sat on the pillow.

Draxus finished her sentence for her, lifting her chin up for her eyes to meet his once more.

"Now you are a strong and powerful Queen! With the bravery and kindness you have shown me in our short time together, I have no doubt that you will lead your people into a future of prosperity and greatness... with me."

She frowned. "You certainly have a way with words, my King."

He smiled.

"It's part of the job, I'm afraid."

She returned his smile now as he continued.

"But know this, I only want what is best for you, whatever will make you happy. You are now my wife and my post prized possession. I will do whatever it takes to keep you safe... to keep that beautiful smile on your face."

He looked to her lips and leaned in, the touch of their lips was quite gentle as they joined together in a soft and loving kiss, with both their eyes closed as they basked in the comforting sensation.

That's when they heard a knock at the door...

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