The Dragon King's Bride

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Chapter 28 - The Order of the Pearl Dragon

The thunderous roar of the tremendous waterfall raged on from behind as a hooded figure emerged from out of the darkness, silently making his way through the damp cave entrance.

Delving further inside of the mysterious cave which was now pitch black, the strange lone figure continued walking as if he hadn’t even noticed. Turning back to take a quick look at where he had come in, he revealed his bright purple eyes which were luminescent in the bitter darkness around him.

As soon as he saw the coast was clear he turned again and then continued walking.

In actuality, his eyes were what allowed him to walk in pitch black darkness without bumping into anything. They allowed him to see in the dark!

He was not a human, but instead one of the Veemon; a race of wise and skillful creatures similar to humans, but with the ability to use powerful magic.

That and he had a pair of wings hidden beneath his cloak!

Similar to a man-dragon, a Veemon looked a lot like a human, if not for their bright purple eyes, large pointed ears and wings. Most would conceal their wings beneath their clothing.

The Veemon were thought to have been extinct, having been wiped out in the Great War hundreds of years ago, but since their apparent disappearance, they have continued to live in hiding, fearing the outside world and what it has become since their departure from it.

But they had not dared show their faces in centuries. So what was this one up to?

After a long walk through the darkened tunnels and caverns deep within the mountain's surface, he finally reached a large stone wall with a magnificent round carving displayed on it.

Removing his glove, he placed his open palm onto the wall and closed his eyes as a purple glow began to shine brightly beneath his palm. Within seconds, the large stone wall which had once stood before him, appeared to dissolve revealing a large underground series of caverns and tunnels leading all the way through the gigantic mountain.

Opening his eyes, he stepped through the space where the wall had once been and seconds later it had formed back into place behind him, blocking them off from the world outside, as they had preferred.

After yet another long walk through several tunnels, he finally came to a small doorway and stopped as another larger figure with purple eyes stood beside it.

“She’s been looking for you, Flynn!” the larger Veemon announced as he stepped aside to allow him entry. “You know how she gets.”

Flynn, the hooded figure rolled his purple eyes in response as he walked past the larger Veemon and entered.

Inside was a medium sized cavern the size of a bedroom and sitting on a chair by a raging fire was an older Veemon woman, staring hypnotically into the warmth of the flames as she suddenly spoke.

“Where have you been? I’ve had others out searching for you.”

Flynn walked around to stand beside where she sat in her chair and he looked down at her.

“You know that’s not necessary. I can handle myself.”

She shook her head at his snide reply.

“What was so important that it was worth risking yourself being seen?” she asked with a concerned expression.

He knelt down next to her now, placing his hand over the top of hers as it rested on the side of the arm chair, a huge grin on his face. He had something exciting to share with her!

“Lynn... I found her.”

The older woman’s concerned expression disappeared as her purple eyes widened in surprise and excitement upon hearing what he had just told her.

“Are you certain it’s her?” she asked, leaning in closer toward him. "The one with the dragon's marking?"

He nodded in reply as he spoke. “I’m sure. I saw the marking with my own eyes.”

She smiled and then appeared to think to herself for a moment.

“This is indeed excellent news, Flynn!” she gestured toward the other chair sitting opposite her with a wave of her hand. “Come sit, you must tell me everything. What does the girl look like?”

Obliging her offer, Flynn stood and walked around to sit on the chair as instructed, continuing their discussion as he did so.

“She’s beautiful, Lady Lynn. Just as you said she would be. With hair like the sun and emerald coloured eyes. She is everything we hoped for and more!” Flynn reported as he sat and warmed his hands by the fire.

“Who is she? Did you perhaps learn her name?”

“I believe she goes by the name Lillian. I understand she is now a Queen, though I do not yet know which Kingdom she rules over.” Flynn continued.

“Oh human Kingdoms, they're all alike... A Queen you say?” Lady Lynn repeated with interest.

“Hmm, that could make things a bit difficult... But no matter. We must make contact with her immediately. It is imperative that she is found and brought to me; there is much at stake here Flynn.”

“What are your commands, my lady?” Flynn asked.

Lynn blinked as she thought to herself silently for a moment.

“Take as many men as you need. Track her down and bring her in unharmed.” she commanded.

“Of course.” Flynn replied.

Lady Lynn moved her hand across to grasp him by the shoulder as she spoke her next words with a serious expression on her face.

“She is vital to our cause Flynn, you must protect her at all costs. Allow nothing to get in your way, do you understand?”

Nodding his head slowly, he replied with a grin.

“Have I ever let you down before?”

“This is serious Flynn! If anything happens to this girl the entire Order of the Pearl Dragon will be destroyed, lost in the folds of time. We must prevent that from happening. You must keep her safe!”

“You know you can count on me, Lynn.” he assured her.

With those final words, he stood and began to make his way toward the doorway when her voice stopped him one last time.

“Remember, our entire race rests in your hands Flynn.” she called out, turning to face him as he stood in the doorway.

“The Order must have the girl, no matter the consequences!”

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