The Dragon King's Bride

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Chapter 29 - Failure to Communicate

After having a few days to get to know Castle Krillian and her required duties as Queen, Lillian felt she had settled in quite well considering recent events and her given circumstances. She recognized most of the servants who worked around her on a daily basis, knew how to act around particular guests and dignitaries and was well-cared for by her doting husband, King Draxus.

But there was one thing she did miss, amidst all of her sparkling surroundings and lavishing gifts; her freedom.

Though she felt an obvious longing to be able to leave the castle at will, Lillian knew she was under a constant watch for a reason and had come to accept her situation, for now at least.

The sun had set over an hour ago and King Draxus had been kept away from her for the majority of the day, having been swamped with his royal duties as per the norm.

Lillian was bored.

At that very moment the Queen was attempting to distract herself by having a swim in the large indoor heated pool, and it appeared to be working wonders for her. The warming sensation of the heated water she was submerged in was not only relaxing her, but exciting her at he same time. How she wished Draxus were here with her now. She smiled as she sat thinking of all the things she would do to him.

After a while, she decided it was time to head up to her chambers for bed and while drying herself off, she happened to glance up as a pair of soldiers marched by the end of the room, obviously on guard. They paid her no attention as she quickly covered herself up with a large black robe and tied it around her waist. Then, while still drying her long golden hair, she began to make her way up to bed.

During her walk, she passed by many soldiers who were no doubt on watch throughout the castle. But they all seemed to move around in pairs, constantly on guard and prepared for any kind of an attack. She found this comforting.

However, she also thought it over-excessive, but who was she to judge. This was all new to her, after all!

Stepping around a corner she let out a loud gasp as she suddenly bumped into another figure who was coming in the opposite direction. Taking a step back, she looked up to see his face and locked eyes upon a soldier’s helmet instead, with two eyes peering back at her through the holes in it.

“My apologies, your highness.” his raspy voice spoke as he quickly bowed his head and moved around her, continuing on as if nothing had happened.

Turning to take one last look, Lillian met eyes with him; his eyes underneath the helmet were dark and appeared to bore deeply into hers with his unsettling stare as he stepped around the corner and out of her view at last.

She didn’t know what to think; the entire moment seemed quite unusual to say the least, as if she could sense something was not right.

As she continued along, Lillian thought more about the encounter with the lone soldier in the corridor. She remembered that his voice was strangely calm for a soldier who had just knowingly bumped into his Queen; normally they would make a big fuss over it and apologise, asking for forgiveness and what not.

But this one hadn’t.

And why was he travelling alone? From what she understood Westonian soldiers always traveled in pairs, for safety reasons. Maybe he had just finished a shift and was exiting the castle? She couldn't be certain.

Was she thinking too much into it, or was there something off with what had just happened?

Before too long she had reached her chambers and smiled at the two soldiers standing guard at the door, as they each bowed their heads and reached for the handles in unison, opening the doors and allowing her entry inside.

"Good evening, your majesty." one greeted her.

"Good evening." she replied warmly.

As she entered the doors were closed behind her and Lillian began to make her way across to find something to wear to bed.

As she reached for the handle of the cupboard with her nightgowns inside, a voice coming from behind her caused her to jump with fright as she let out a small squeal.

"Where were you?"

Turning around with her wide eyes and open mouth, Lillian met her husband's amber eyes as he sat back casually in a chair hidden by the shadows of the chamber. His voice was deep and commanding, as if he were not happy about something.

"Draxus, you frightened me." she spoke letting out a great sigh of relief. "What are you doing over there in the dark?"

Draxus suddenly stood, revealing that he had even had the chance to change into his robe during her absence. As he began to slowly stalk towards her, he explained.

"I finished my meeting early and wanted to surprise you... but you weren't here..." he paused and stood over her, looking down upon her with an intense gaze. "So... where were you?"

With an almost immediate defensive frown, Lillian responded while looking him in the eye.

"I was having a swim..." she gestured with her hands at herself as she continued to dry her damp wet hair with the towel she held, then added, " you can see, I'm completely soaked."

He took a moment to look her up and down, slowly; his blood was boiling and began to ignite his heated lust for her as he wondered what she was wearing underneath her long black robe.

"Your robe... take it off." his voice remained gentle, for now.

She rolled her eyes; perhaps a mistake.

"It's late, Draxus-"

"-I wasn't asking."

His voice was husky now as he suddenly reached out and grabbed her by the upper arm, firmly enough not to harm her. She looked down at his grip on her knowingly as her breathing suddenly began to deepen with each breath she took.

This was the man she feared; the lustful Dragon King who took what he wanted and showed no mercy. But why was he acting this way?

"Draxus, what's wro-"

But before she could finish her question, he began pulling her across the room in the direction of their large bed.

As they stopped next to it, he spun her around to face him and she quickly took the chance to speak, though her voice was shaky and hesitant.

"Draxus, you're scaring me!"

"Shhh..." was his only reply as he held his large finger up to cover her trembling lips.

Lillian's brows furrowed together in uncertainty as she looked into his amber eyes with concern. His eyes remained locked on hers, hooded with desire as his hands both moved down to where her robe was tied snugly around her waist.

Within seconds and without even having to look at what he was doing, Draxus had skillfully removed it and reached up to her shoulders, removing her robe and allowing it to fall gracefully in a pool at her feet, revealing the answer to his recent ponder; she was indeed naked underneath it.

Her heart began to race as she looked down to see herself standing naked before the mighty Dragon King once again; something she could still not get used to even as his wife!

"Lay down on the bed." he commanded rather calmly and Lillian looked away hesitantly, as if signalling a refusal with her glance.

This enraged him.

"I said..." he paused as he suddenly leaned forward and pushed her backwards onto the soft mattress of the bed behind her. "Lay down!"

His last command was a little more stern as he stood over her, his large chest heaving in and out with his deep and overpowering breaths.

Lillian's expression showed obvious fear now as she used her arms to hoist herself up on the mattress, still watching the beast of a man standing before her with concern.

"What are you doing? Draxus, please you can talk to me..." she whimpered.

He simply stood watching her with a possessive gaze as he began to untie his robe and brushed it off, revealing his equally naked body from underneath it. Lillian's emerald eyes moved down to see his perfectly sculpted body as it began to move forward, then climbing onto the bed after her.

His fully-erect cock pulsing and wanting as he grabbed her by the legs and pulled her down underneath him as she begged in a panic.

"Wait, stop..." but her pleas went unanswered as he began to position the tip of his glistening cock at her tight entrance.

He seemed dominant... far too dominant!

"Please, just talk to-"

Her words were silenced as she sucked in a sharp breath and her eyes widened as his large cock forced its way inside of her, with no warning or permission.

She gasped as he gritted his teeth and forced himself back inside of her again, then continuing to do so at a steady pace over and over. All Lillian could do was lay there and take it from him as she bit her bottom lip; forcing herself from crying out in both unwanted pleasure and pain.

Draxus let out a loud moan as he buried his head down into her neck, his breath warming her neck as she closed her eyes tightly shut, trying to fight what her body was telling her to do.

She wanted this, badly... She craved it!

But her stubborn reasoning was holding her back from enjoying the spectacular sensations he was currently giving her and she hated herself for it.

Why couldn't he just communicate his problems with her instead of taking them out on her like this? This was the fourth time he had surprised her like this since she had arrived in Westonia, acting this way and practically raping her. And she had begun to notice a pattern; it was always when he was stressed about something.

He couldn't talk to her like a normal couple would have; no!

He had to fuck her instead.

And then once it was over, he was back to his normal self; the Dragon King was long gone, until next time at least.

With the last few thrusts, Lillian could feel him reaching his climax as he began to stiffen on top of her, his pace was quick as he pumped in and out of her with everything he had in him.

Then finally his release.


His groan was loud as he gave one last thrust, then dropped his head down as he fought to steady his breathing once more.

Lillian could not look him in the eye; she had her head turned to the side as a single tear rolled down her cheek and hit the blanket below.

As Draxus lifted his head he noticed she was refusing to look at him and he immediately felt guilty for the way he had treated her just now.

With a great sigh, he climbed off of her and crawled underneath the covers of the bed, patting the covers to the side of him where Lillian usually slept.

"Come on, we've a big day ahead of us." he announced as he lay on his back, his head on the pillow and closed his eyes. "You need your rest."

Gathering up all of her pride and whatever respect for herself remained, Lillian sat up and wiped away the tears as she crawled underneath the covers beside him as commanded.

Turning to her side facing away from Draxus, she lay her head down onto her soft pillow, she sniffed as she kicked her legs out to get comfortable and then closed her eyes.

Beside her now, Draxus looked as if he were asleep but really wasn't. As soon as she was completely still he opened his eyes, blinked and turned his head to the side to see her laying there facing away from him.

His heart felt torn.

Having been raised the way he had, by tyrant parents bent on gaining ultimate power over others, he was never shown how to express himself when he got into these moods. Never shown how to care or be cared for. He had been raised to take what he wanted and not give a care or concern for anyone in the process, but it was clearly getting to Lillian and this greatly concerned him.

If this was going to work, something would have to change...

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