The Dragon King's Bride

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Chapter 31 - Tricked

Lillian glanced behind her and saw their exit was now also blocked off by soldiers loyal to King Rathman; she, Draxus and the two soldiers leading them were not going anywhere anytime soon!

King Draxus glared at the intruder standing before him; an old enemy he had long since forgotten about; one he wished had remained forgotten.

"I should have known someone as slippery as you could find your way in here. Though I never thought you'd have enough balls to actually try!" Draxus taunted. "I'm actually impressed."

Rathman chuckled at his snide comment.

"Oh come now, you're hurting my feelings." he joked, holding free hand over his heart and pouting.

"Cut the crap, Rathman! Why are you here?" Draxus demanded with his more commanding tone.

"Very well, enough of the pleasantries, straight down to business I see..." he paused and stepped forward, pointing with his torch as he spoke his next words. "I'm here for her."

Lillian's eyes widened upon hearing this.

Draxus tensed up in anger.

"Not gonna happen!"

The Dragon King looked fearsome as he continued to stand in a defensive position with his sword drawn.

Rathman rolled his brown eyes and threw his head back in frustration, clearly aware he had the upper hand here. Lifting his left eyebrow in protest, he continued.

"You're not exactly in a position to be refusing me, I'm afraid."

King Rathman turned to face one of the soldier standing around them and gave a nod to proceed.

Seeing his King's silent command the soldier who held a flame torch in his left hand and his sword in his right, moved forward to get his hands on Lillian.

It all happened too fast for anyone to actually witness it.

Within the fraction of a second there was a 'swish' sound as Draxus' blade flew through the air. The soldier fell back screaming in agony as he dropped his torch to the floor, blood spurted out from the space where his missing arm used to be.

"Aaah, my arm!"

Draxus was back in his stance just as fast, the soldier's blood dripping down from his sword's blade as he looked Rathman in the eye with an intense glare.

"Anyone else foolish enough to try?" the mighty Dragon King taunted, his amber eyes moving around the circle of soldiers who each carried expressions of concern now.

Trying to ignore the screams of the soldier who was lying on the floor and bleeding out, Rathman chuckled. He had to give it to Draxus; he wasn't backing down without a fight!

"Alright, enough toying around." Rathman finally said, shaking his head. "Take them out!"

Lillian sucked in a sudden gasp of breath as she heard the sudden 'whisps' of air rushing by in front of her and watched as the expertly-aimed red feather-tipped darts hit all three men guarding her, right in the sides of their necks!

Draxus grunted in surprise from the sting it gave him as he reached up and pulled it from his neck, holding it out to inspect; the moment he saw it he knew what had happened and he looked back to Rathman who had a look of satisfaction painted across his face.

"Darts, really?" Draxus mocked.

Rathman shrugged in reply.

"Whatever works." the bearded King said with a grin.

"Fucking co..."

The Dragon King's voice slurred and his expression suddenly changed as the poison from the dart acted quickly, causing everything to blur and darken, and his body to become ridiculously heavier than normal.

Before he had the chance to say anything to Lillian he and the two soldiers in front of him collapsed to the ground beneath her feet.

"Draxus, NO!"

Lillian let out a scream of terror as she watched him fall unconscious to the floor; she quickly knelt down beside him, concerned about her husband's health and what they had drugged him with.

"You bastards, what have you done to them?" she demanded with a furious glare directed at their leader, King Rathman.

"We've already wasted enough time here boys," Rathman announced, addressing his men now. "Grab the girl."

"No, NO!"

Before she knew what was happening, several of the soldiers standing around her moved in and seized her by the arms, pulling her up to her feet as she kicked and screamed at them in anger.

"Let go of me you filthy bastards! I said let go!" she snapped as he fought against them with all her might. "Draxus!"

Her screams were ignored as the soldiers began to drag their captive along with them as they followed along after their King, down deeper into the darkened chamber and toward the underground passage they had entered the castle through originally.

After what felt like five minutes of walking, Lillian finally got up enough courage to fight back. Taking the chance to cause a distraction, she suddenly lifted one foot and slammed it down hard on the foot of the soldier holding onto her right arm.

"Ah, fuck!" he shouted angrily, hopping on one leg as he released his grip on her upper arm. "My fucking foot!"

She moved quickly and sent her left elbow back in a hard jab, straight into the stomach of the soldier holding onto her left arm. He too leaned over, winded and with a pained expression as he gasped for air.

As soon as she had been freed, she turned to run back in the direction they had come from, but instead ran right into King Rathman who grabbed her around the throat and held her tightly.

His brown eyes were fixed on her as she struggled, clawing desperately at his large fingers which were wrapped around her delicate neck.

"Oh you're full of surprises, aren't you?" he teased her. "Now I see what Draxus liked so much about you..." he paused and looked her up and down, "Besides the obvious."

She scrunched up her face and spat right into his right eye. Rathman, with his tainted eye closed now, grinned as he used his free hand to wipe away her saliva from it.

Pulling her right in close so that their noses almost touched, his expression showed his inner malice as he spoke softly, so that only she could hear his words.

"I'm gonna enjoy having my fun with you, your majesty!" he teased. "Once the witch is done with you, of course."

"Fuck you!" she whispered with what little breath she had left as she frowned in pain from his firm grip on her throat.

He hummed with delight at her feisty spirit.

"All in due time, love..."

With that he pushed her backwards by the throat and into the waiting arms of his soldiers who made an effort to keep a better grip on her now.

With Rathman back in front and leading the way again, the soldiers continued to drag Lillian along after them as she coughed loudly; her throat sore from the pressure he had put on it.

Her thoughts were only of the well-being of her husband as she wondered how he was and if anyone would find him in time.

Meanwhile back at the main entrance to Castle Krillian, Zaar was in the middle of interrogating some apparent witnesses when General Shasharan stepped up behind him and placed his hand onto Zaar's shoulder in a friendly manner as he spoke.

Zaar turned to see the General and frowned.

"General what are you doing here?" Zaar questioned.

"I'm a little concerned. Have you heard anything from the King recently? I haven't seen him or the Queen since this whole breach incident began." Shasharan asked as he looked around, his dark eyes searching for something.

Zaar's expression changed immediately.

"What do you mean? You agreed that you would meet King Draxus and his Queen at the entrance to the underground tunnels less than half an hour ago..."

Shasharan's expression mirrored Zaar's concern now.

He shook his braided head as he spoke.

"I made no such arrangements, Zaar."

Then everything began to fall into place and the two looked at each other in a state of panic; they had been tricked!

"Come on!" Shasharan commanded as Zaar ran along with him. "Quickly, to the tunnels!"

Several of their darkly-dressed soldiers ran along after their General, following them on their way down to hopefully find their missing King and Queen.

But had they already missed their chance?

( End of Book 1 in the 'Power' Series )
"The Dragon King's Bride"

(Coming soon - Book 2 in the 'Power' Series)
"The Order of the Pearl Dragon"
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