The Dragon King's Bride

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Chapter 9 - The Celebratory Feast

After the massive spectacle of a real-life dragon sighting, the wedding party soon began to make their way up toward the Great Hall of Castle Woodsend, where an elaborate feast had been prepared in honour of the newly married King and Queen. Rows upon rows of tables had been set up for Noblemen and women to attend, along with scheduled dance performances, live music and much more to come. King Greggory had been assured that the dragon would not approach the castle unless it was given a reason to; one of the Dragon King’s surprise insurance policies it would seem. Not that King Greggory would dare plot to do anything against the dreaded Warlord King, especially now that his only daughter was married to him!

The bride and groom were seated at the central table, right at the front of the Hall. Their guests at the other tables around the room. The night was only young and there was much celebration to be had. Draxus’ men had no trouble celebrating as they ate their fill and drank as much ale and wine as they could stomach.

As Lillian had been seated beside her new husband she found it difficult to enjoy herself, even at her own wedding! Draxus did not say a word to her, nor did he even seem to acknowledge she was there at all. Not wanting to risk angering her new husband she tried to focus on her food. But even that tasted flavorless. Reaching out she took her glass goblet and went to bring it to her lips but a firm hand stopped her by grabbing hold of her wrist. It was Draxus.

Frowning, she turned to question him but he merely looked at her as if to warn her, then released her hand. Unsure of what he was doing, Lillian let out a huff and sat back in her chair. Her mind raced with thoughts of frustration and fury toward the man she had just married. How dare he! She had every right to drink at her own wedding!

Without concern for consequence, she bit her bottom lip as she reached out for her glass a second time but just as her hand went to touch the surface his hand gripped her wrist once more, this time slightly tighter. She let out a small whimper as she tried pulling her hand back out of his grip.

“You’ve had enough wine tonight.” he suddenly announced, quietly enough for only her to hear. “Eat something.”

“I’m not hungry.” she snapped back at him as she pulled her hand free from his grip and turned away from him in anger. “Besides, since when do you make the rules of what I can eat and drink?”

“Since I became your husband.” his reply was dry as he continued focusing on picking at his food.

She glared back at him now, both of her arms crossed in front of her like a spoiled child.

“Like hell you will!”

Her words caused him to instantly stop eating and within a flash he reached out and grabbed her by the upper arm, pulling her in closer towards him so that they faces were mere inches apart as he spoke. She breathed heavily as she felt his hot breath caressing her face with each of his breaths. His amber eyes almost appeared to glow as he stared right into hers through his now narrowed eyes. She could sense the fury he was somehow holding back from unleashing upon her, but why was he holding back?

“Go on...” she taunted with a whisper. “Show everyone here what a monster you truly are!”

Normally he would not have allowed anyone to have spoken to him in such a disrespectful way, but with her it was different. He did want to punish her, make no mistake about that, but he had plans of how he would go about that. He would need her alive and well for what he had planned for their first night together.

Looking her up and down for a moment he moved his face so that his lips were almost touching hers and spoke softly for her to hear.

“I will truly enjoy making you mine tonight...”

Lillian’s eyes narrowed as she snapped back in anger. “I’ll never be yours!”

Draxus merely grinned; damn, even his grin was sexy!

“We shall see.”

With that he released his grip on her and allowed her to sit back in her seat beside him once more. Her heart was beating rapidly and she felt something strange taking over her which she had not yet experienced. A sensation completely new to her; uncontrollable lust.

About an hour or so later and at least five or more mugs of ale, King Draxus finally stood from his chair and held out his hand for Lillian to take. As soon as she noticed it, she knew what came next and her nerves took over once more. It was time for the newly-married couple to return to their shared chambers and consummate their marriage. As Draxus stood over her, glaring down at her impatiently, Lillian gathered all of her courage to raise her hand and take his, lifting herself out of her chair and allowing him to lead her away from the table.

Draxus’ men all began to cheer loudly, some whistling and others chanting over and over.

“Bed her, bed her, bed her!”

Lillian had never been more embarrassed than she had now as Draxus, who was smiling at his men and their jokes, led her through the Great Hall, right down the middle aisle of the room and toward the entrance. Just as they had reached the doorway he turned back around to face his adoring crowd, half intoxicated and half excited for what was to come. Without giving it a second thought, Draxus pulled Lillian in toward him, locking lips with her in a big, heavy and passionate kiss which caught Lillian completely off guard as she scrunched up her eyes in anger. She could smell the scent of ale on his breath and taste it on his lips and it disgusted her. Both her arms fought to push him off of her, but he was far too strong.

His men suddenly roared with laughter and praise, raising their goblets for the happy couple at this obvious display of affection from their King and master.

As he pulled away and allowed her to breathe once more, she became filled with darkened rage. Raising her right hand into the air and without thinking, she landed a hard slap against the side of his face; the sound of her palm hitting his skin could be heard across the entire room.

The very second she had done it, her eyes widened at what she had done and she watched as he turned his head back to look at her once more. Her heart pounded heavily, anticipating what he would do to her in retaliation. But she never expected what he did next.

Lunging forward, King Draxus bent down and flicked Lillian up over his muscular shoulder causing her to scream and hoisting her high into the air as he held on tightly to her thighs. Turning to his men he grinned as he gave her a playful smack on her buttocks, causing Lillian to cry out in both shock and pain.

Once again, his men cheered for their King as Draxus gave a final bow and then turned, marching out of the entryway with his new bride kicking and screaming over his shoulder, her clenched fists pounding angrily on his back.

“Put me down at once!”

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