One Night

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Short Erotic Story

Reoma Rogers
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Chapter 1

Fuck” I said under my breath as he kisses me. His tongue in my mouth rolls over my tongue ring, making me hiss. His hands roam over my body as we continue to kiss. He stops at my hips and smiles up at me, through dark lashes and baby blue eyes that make my heart melt. He then loops his fingers into the hem of my pants and pulls them down slowly to reveal the devil red thong I am wearing underneath. He drops to his knees as he begins to set soft kisses through my panties making me moan in pleasure. The more he teases me the wetter I get. He slowly removes my panties, his warm breath on my heat makes me shiver in delight. “On the bed ” he commands his voice deep is heavy with lust. I jump on the bed excite for this to finally be happening. I giggle nervously suddenly aware of my naked body before him. “Your beautiful ” he says as he slowly climbs onto the bed.

He slowly climbs onto the bed leaving a trail of kisses on my body. When he reaches me he kisses me hard and deep. We fight for dominance in our kiss making my body heat up. His hands go to my core as he pushes his fingers into my heat. I scream out at the sudden intrusion, my back arching. He moves his fingers swiftly hitting my G spot with every stroke. Quickly I began to lose my calm as my orgasm approaches. “Baby look at me” he says as my pussy tightens on his fingers, he knows that I’m getting close. The second I look into his blue eyes I lose it. I scream as I cum bitting his shoulder to muffle my screams. My pussy pluses on his fingers as my orgasm washes though me. When I finally come down I flip him over so his back is on the bed. I mount him, my heat still slick from my orgasm. He hisses as I lower myself into him. I grind my hips into him slowly, teasing him with the slow rocking motion of my hips. Suddenly frustrated with my antics, he grabs my hips and moves my body faster against him. It’s rough and animalistic. I can feel his need with every move. I moan at the intensity of our sex his length filling me up completely. He digs his nails into my skin as we move faster together bringing me closer to my orgasm. “Baby you know to look at me” he says knowing just what to do to set me over the edge. I cum hard digging my nails into his back until I come down from my high.

On your knees” he says and I instant drop to the floor. The dominance in his voice makes me want to submit. “Open” he says. I do and he says and open my mouth. As soon as I do, he puts his entire length into my mouth making me choke. Spit falls from my mouth coating him. He moves in and out quickly. I moan as he goes faster, his rough, sloppy movements turn me on even more. As he continues to assault my mouth, I reach down to touch myself, his attack on my mouth is turning me on even more. I rub circles on my clit bringing myself to my own high. As I reach my orgasm I moan on his cock sending vibrations through his length. “Shit” he says “babe I’m gonna cum”. Seconds later his hot seed hits the back of my throat. I swallow his cum and smile, using my thumb to wipe the corner of my mouth. Suddenly streams of cum hit my cheek. “So I guess you liked the show” I say to my husband and laugh. “Happy Birthday baby”.
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