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Missing the Bus

Chapter 1

“Damnit, wait! Shit!” Kinsey had just missed her bus…again. Even though her shift ended at 5pm and the bus didn’t run until 6pm, her boss had demanded she count her tips three times to make sure she divvied up the money equally among all the servers and hostess. Ted could be such a dick sometimes. Kinsey thought he just enjoyed watching the look of frustration and anger wash over face over and over again when he made her recount the money. What was she going to do now that she’d missed her bus? She lived on the north side of town and there wasn’t another bus coming to the Maple Street stop for another hour and a half. She had a paper to write for her English Lit class and really didn’t have time to waste waiting for the next bus.

Kinsey walked back into the restaurant to see if her friend Jessica would be willing to give her a ride home. She didn’t live close by Kinsey but maybe she’d be feeling generous enough to help. She could also offer her a $20 but that’d be the last resort. She really needed the tips she’d made today.

For some reason, Jessica never came straight out of the restaurant at the end of their shift. She always had some reason to hang around after they’d done all of their closing work and counted out for the day. Kinsey didn’t understand it; as soon as the shift was over, she was ready to get the hell of there, which was why the shit Ted pulled was so damn annoying to her.

As Kinsey walked through the back door of the restaurant, she could hear a persistent banging sound and muffled grunts and moans. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what she was hearing but her curiosity wouldn’t let her walk away.

Kinsey rounded the corner and saw that the manager’s door was slightly ajar.
“Well, that was careless,” Kinsey mumbled to herself as she walked closer to the door. She could feel her cheeks begin to flush with embarrassment and heat as she peeked through the crack in the door. Ted had Jessica bent over his desk, papers strewn all about, while he mercilessly pounded into her from behind. He grunted with every thrust while Jessica’s heavy breasts swayed to the rhythm of the pounding she received.

“Oh fuck, Ted…” Jessica moaned.

Kinsey couldn’t help feeling aroused as she watched. She could only imagine how good it must feel to get fucked like that. She hadn’t had sex since her last encounter with Connor in his dorm room. And that had left her unsatisfied and antsy until she got back to her room and her favorite vibrator. She licked her lips as she watched her friend get fucked and started to picture herself bent over, taking every inch of Ted’s dick into her hot, wet pussy. Her nipples started to tingle just thinking about it, so she reached up and started massaging her tits. Keeping her eyes on the scene in front of her, she slowly slid her middle finger into her hot mouth and sucked it, getting it nice and wet. Kinsey slid her wet finger down into panties and her silky folds to finger herself while she watched Ted and Jessica get off. Completely forgetting that she was spying, she began to moan softly and rock onto her finger.

“Jessica, I believe we’ve got an audience,” Ted suddenly said, startling Kinsey and causing her to stumble into the room.

“Oh shit!” Kinsey exclaimed, as she clumsily stumbled into the room. “I – I didn’t mean to – “

“Shh…it’s okay, Kinsey. We were hoping you’d come back to join us. Why do you think I made sure you missed your bus?” Ted said with a knowing gleam in his eye.

“You did that on purpose!” Kinsey said in shock.

“I sure as shit didn’t do it so that you could stand there and watch me fuck Jessica’s tight little pussy and ask stupid questions. Now get over and bend over next to her,” Ted said.

“Mmm…yeah, Kinsey. Come bend over and take a turn getting fucked. Ted’s got a pretty amazing cock,” Jessica purred.

Kinsey couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She stood for another moment and just watched as Ted turned his attention back to Jessica. She could see his cock glistening with juice from Jessica’s soaking wet cunt. She moved around to get a better view and saw how big his cock was as it went in and out of Jessica’s pussy. She felt completely removed from her own body as she sat her bag down on the floor and began peeling off her shorts and panties. She didn’t know what was taking over her in that moment, but she knew she wanted to feel that big dick slide through her dripping folds too.

She bent over next to Jessica, who turned her head to face Kinsey. Her eyes were hooded and rolling back in her head as Kinsey looked at her. When Jessica finally focused on Kinsey’s face, she smiled and moved in closer to kiss her lips. With the force that Ted was pounding into the her from behind, she couldn’t keep her head still, but that didn’t stop them from furiously making out while Jessica continued to get fucked. Kinsey started rubbing her engorged clit, tasting Jessica’s mouth and matching her moans with fervor. Just when she thought she might come just from the pressure she was creating by playing with her own pussy, she felt Ted’s weight shift as he slid out of Jessica’s cunt, grabbed her hips, and slammed into her pussy.

“Oh!” Kinsey shouted.

“Fuck yeah! You were ready for me, weren’t you, Kinsey?” Ted said through gritted teeth.

Before she could even reply, Ted began to stroke her pussy with his thick, long dick, making her moan in pleasure. She could feel the pressure of an impending orgasm building, but she wasn’t ready to cum just yet. As Ted fucked her harder and faster, Jessica walked around to the other side of the desk began to suck on Kinsey’s swinging tits. Just when Kinsey thought she was about to explode, Jessica’s lips left her tits.

“Ted, take her ass. I bet she likes getting stuffed there too. I’ll suck the cum out if you finish in her ass.”

Kinsey couldn’t bring herself to tell them that she’d never been fucked in the ass before. She was so hot and overcome with desire, she would be willing to take Ted’s cock anywhere he wanted to put it.

Ted pulled out of her sloppy wet pussy and began to rub the head of his huge cock over her puckered hole. She felt pressure as he began pushing himself into her virgin ass.

“She’s really tight, Jess. I think I’m the first to conquer this little ass,” Ted said, smiling.

Kinsey could feel herself stretching to accommodate Ted’s cock and she felt a slight burning sensation as he pushed through and seated himself deep into her ass. He was still for just a moment to give her time to adjust to his girth but immediately started to thrust himself in and out. As soon as Ted found his rhythm, Kinsey could feel her orgasm building again. Ted began to fuck her ass relentlessly, making Kinsey squeal and moan with delight.

“I’m about to cum, Ted! Fuck!” Kinsey yelled. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over Kinsey as her pussy spasmed and she began to leak and squirt juice from her pussy while Ted continued to pound her ass.

Just as her body started to go limp from her orgasm, Ted let out a guttural moan as he shot his load into her ass. She could feel the hot jets of cum being released into her hole for the first time and she loved the way it felt. As Ted slowly pulled his now semi-erect cock from her ass, she opened her eyes and saw Jessica walking around the desk again.

“What are you –” Kinsey started.

“Time for me to slurp that fat load of cum out of your ass. Ted, you still owe me an orgasm. Get behind me and fuck my ass next,” Jessica demanded.

Guess I won’t get the English paper done tonight, Kinsey thought, just as she felt cum running out of her ass and Jessica’s tongue sliding up her ass crack to chase it.

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