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As a young teenager, Melody, is facing all sorts of things, love, sex, trauma, friendship. Read to learn her and the people around hers' journey.

Erotica / Drama
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He laid on top of me. Three fingers inside my already wet pussy. My breathing increased, I held the bedding bunched up in my right hand. While me left hand was tangled in his hair, slightly pulling it. I felt it, I knew. If he kept plunging inside of me, I was gonna cum. I knew I was almost to the point of no return. Sucking in air through my teeth, I moaned, but louder than I should've. I made it sound like I came, I didn't. I lifted up and took my right hand and placed it on his shoulder.

I whispered, "I came, I'm done." The words flowed out of my mouth with ease, it wasn't my first time faking it. He kneeled up and looked at his hand, soaked with my juices. He slowly licking each finger, sucking off and tasting me.

God, that's so fucking hot. I wanted to grab his hand and suck the last finger, but I resisted. I needed to cum, but I distracted myself with the need to make him cum. And I did, very quickly.

That was just a little taste, of what's to cum, so if you licked, it please continue reading. Also, warning for graphic and sexual content. Please like and comment, let me know if there's something I missed.
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