Tempted By Death

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AZRAEL For thousands of years, all I have been able to feel is pain. Then Ivy came into our lives and broke the curse, but now I wish that she hadn't. Because of Pim, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. My Ice Princess. I loved her a soon as my eyes met her two-colored ones. Now she hates me, and I don't blame her. I hate myself too. But one thing I learned, loving someone who hates you is even more painful than not being able to love at all. PIM I hate him! I hate him so much, and I hate that I'm drawn to him. I hate that I am so tempted by death. Death is he, who happens to be my mate. But then Marcus comes into my life like a shining star, and my life turns upside down. All I know that in my family, crazy things happen.

Erotica / Fantasy
Sandra Johansson
4.8 63 reviews
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This story has moved, and you will not be able to read the completed story here, at least for now. This has happened because someone decided that stealing 8 of my stories was a good idea.

If you want to read the complete story, then you have to join me at Patreon. You will find the link on my wall under the support me button. Lots of love to you/ Sandra


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Saved by the CEO, COMPLETED
Spinoff: Lily the devil’s flower COMPLETED
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Lily the Devils flower (can be read without reading Lash, but I recommend it)


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