The Wildcards

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They call him a delinquent, a criminal, a cold-hearted sociopath but Asher German saved us all. From the cruelty of the streets, the abuse of those who are meant to protect us, and even ourselves. When no one else dared, he stepped forward and protected us, taught us the ropes, taught us to love, a word no one uses to describe his kind. Unwilling to follow their rules, he made his own and became the thing they all feared, a true Wildcard. The boogieman of their nightmares and we, we became the strongest cards within his deck. We became the Wildcards.

Erotica / Drama
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Chapter 1

Heavy base pounds the large warehouse, as lights flash and move around them all in the aptly named Ice House since the club was once, in fact, an ice house. Eyeing the room, Asher’s apathetic ice blue eyes sweep around the room, scanning the toys as they frolic and dance to the hypnotic beat. Somewhere amongst this horde of toys Ash and Jett are lurking too but he’s not concerned about what they’re up to right now. They can learn to survive on their own for a damn half hour or so, preferably more.

Prowling through the room, Asher’s hands deftly slide across unsuspecting people as he steals a bracelet here, a wallet there, a set of keys, a nice little bag of something potentially fun for later. It’s so easy to just take from them, pathetic little toys with no skills of their own and not even a decent collector amongst them. The only thing any of them are good for is the quick little rushes they give him. Filling his pockets with their little treasures he glides towards the front and the mosh pit looking for a different sort of rush.

Pushing his way through the line of girls, some whose hands readily reach for him causing him to smirk and wink at them Asher disappears within the mass of bodies, mainly male and all high on testosterone. Throwing an arm out here or there, a foot, or a light unsuspecting hit into those around him a grin grows across his face as chaos begins to ensue and those around him begin to fight thinking another started it. Enjoying the violence he skillfully unleashed Asher slides past the ring of boys protecting the girls. The second he steps through a girl shrieks and throws her arms around his neck.

“Asher! Your favorite girl is here to save you from boredom!” A blue and black balayage haired girl bounces next to him. Her eyes are lined dark, but her white shirt and colorful plastic beads give her more of a peppy look.

Ah Cyan, I suppose she’ll do. Like flipping a switch he sudden grins down at her as his eyes run up and down her body, “Hey Cyan. Here alone?” He cocks a brow as if interested if she is or not.

“I’m here with friends, but I’ll gladly ditch them for you,” she bites her lip as runs a finger down his chest.

Stiffening at her touch, Asher’s icy gaze falls on her as he bats her hand away. “Who?”

“Missy, Alanna, and Luna,” Cyan’s gaze turns to the crown looking for the two redheaded sisters, and her dark blue-haired friend.

Ah the little manipulating thief and her older sister and another semi-decent fuck, it might be worth my time. Instinctively scanning the room for either Jett or his brother, Asher’s eyes land on the blonde lanky Jett Cummings as he clumsily lifts someone’s wallet across the way only to move towards a kid with... Shit, not that one, the fool. Lifting his fingers to his mouth, Asher releases a sharp whistle causing both Joker and the boy he’s considering pickpocketing to snap their eyes towards him. Catching Jett’s eyes he lightly shakes his head no and tilts it as if to say go, now. Done with him, his gaze shifts to meet a set of hazel green eyes oddly similar to his own Asher scans the kid sensing somehow he’s much like himself.

Narrowing his eyes in return, the kid’s presence turns dark somehow knowing just what’s going down by the way he whips around only to discover Jett’s long gone thanks to Asher’s warning. Flashing him a dark grin Asher drapes his arm around Cyan’s waist and turns, disappearing into the crowd to find the others.

Across the room Jet slides through the crowd, his eyes darting every now and then behind him looking to see if that mark is following him. “Fuck, I thought I was doin’ good. Did I mess up?” he curses, knowing between the two Asher’s got the least amount of tolerance. Three strikes and you’re out, for him five since Ash seems to favor him. Ash, fuck I gotta find Ash.

Scanning the room for their youngest member, Jett finally spots the quieter of the two brothers leaning against a far wall dipping his head to the music. His shaggy neck length black hair obscuring his seemingly identical face to his brother as he taps his foot against the wall. Dressed in a pair of black goth pants, wearing a baggy black shirt with an anime cat girl sitting over a pentagram the words cute but dangerous over her, Ash ignores the girls around him.

It’s one of the weird ways to tell them apart. Asher’s got a magnetism to him and likes to toy with people, likes to use and discard girls since their nothing but a good time. Ash, Ash is super quiet but man are you fucked if he snaps. Jett’s seen him pull a knife and throw it straight into a kid’s neck for daring to interrupt one of them talking. Crazy as fuck to watch but definitely people you want watching your back and for some reason, Ash took a liking to him the few times he’d run into them.

“Ash,” he calls out, causing the other’s eyes to snap towards him only to give a small nod before his eyes drift back towards the stage. “Asher’s bouncin’, we should too.” Surprisingly though, Ash doesn’t move from his place on the wall save to turn and hiss at a girl who gets too close to him. That’s another quirk with the twins, they’re weird about touching. Neither likes anyone touching their chests but Ash, he doesn’t tolerate people getting in his space. Pretty much only the two of them could without getting the shit beaten out of them. Girls he tended to only hiss at, giving a lot of people the impression he considered himself a vampire with how pale he is and the goth style he and his brother like to wear. “Oi Ash!” Jett bellows, afraid he didn’t hear him given how close to the speakers they are.

“We’re staying,” Ash icly decrees, catching Jett off guard since Ash never generally stays if Asher doesn’t.

“Did you not hear me say Asher’s leavin’?”

“We’re staying,” Ash snaps as his mood darkens causing Jett to instantly put up his hands in surrender.

“Alright, alright,” he mutters striding up to lean against the wall too as his eyes drift towards the platform just as a new band takes the stage.

A fiery redhead jogs up the steps as her bandmates plug in their equipment. A tall bandmate of hers with dark spiky hair and black-rimmed eyes gives her a wink.

“You got this, Charlie,” he reassures her, knowing she’s as nervous as hell, despite being one of the more popular local bands at the Icehouse. She takes in a raspy breath trying to calm the jittery bundle of nerves settling in her gut and gives Calvin a little nod as he pulls the strap of his guitar over his head. Her eyes drift over to her drummer, and bass player. A brother and sister duo. Jersey twirls his drumstick over his dark-haired head, as he gazes over the Icehouse’s drum set up, while his slender sister gets her bass guitar ready for the performance.

Getting herself in position, Tennessee’s grey eyes drift to Charlie and she gives her a ready nod. Slightly trembling, Charlie nervously licks her lips as she pulls the mic from its stand only to snap it into the mic stand attached to a keyboard.

Before starting, she adjusts the straps on her lace bralette with several leather strap buckles over her chest. A short black tulle skirt sits above her black garter, and fishnet hose.

The crowd roars to life with excitement, chanting, “Sirens!” over and over again. Her gaze rakes over the dark crowd, as a coy smile pulls at the corner of her lips.

In their midst, she can’t help but notice Ty Saint-James glaring across the crowd, but it isn’t an uncommon thing to see him scowling. Those field green eyes with flakes of sunshine are placid to most, but Charlie knows there’s more brewing under that broody surface, even though he never shows it. She looks for the victim of the glare but nothing seems to stand out to her, at least nothing within the area that isn’t blackened by the bright lights overhead.

Charlie places her delicate fingers on the plastic keys and taps her Doc Martens on the stage. Playing out a soft introduction she leans in close to the mic, “You can call me poison to your soul. You can try to find the remedy. But I’m not curable, and I’ll never regret being me.” Her siren-like voice falls over the crown, as a young sharp jawed gentleman draws to the stage to get closer to his baby girl. Charlie looks down from her perch, catching sight of him and gives him a wink.

A sly grin crosses his face as his seafoam green eyes lighten. Near him, a group of girls screams out in delight, feeding Charlie’s energy as the song picks up.

“Your grace has faded. You’ve just forgotten about me. I’m drowning in my grief. Completely broken.” She belts out still feeling the whole that the boy who broke up with her put there. The sorrow shows in her voice as she sings.

The thoughts of his hands on her body still burns her soul. Even though they’ve been over for a year and a half the pain is still too real to her. “I dared to fall in love. Yes, I fell in love. But I wasn’t good enough. For his Elysium. He’s an angel untouched. I just had an ether crush.”

Her hands glide gracefully over the keyboard putting a few of the boys in the room in a trace as they watch her. “Now I need a devil’s touch. A catastrophic lust. I’m lost and alone. Completely broken, from these immoral needs.”

Her gaze shifts away from the keys back to Jaxon whose heated gaze is raking over her body, setting a fire alight deep within her. He’s willing to be her devil for tonight, and she’ll gladly take the offer.

Shit! She panics realizing that if Ty looks for her after she’s going to get busted. Hopefully, he’ll remain distracted enough through these next few songs, and forget she’s here so that she can slip out with Jaxon.

The crowd is hopping as she finishes up their last cover. Charlie kisses the orange guitar pick in her hand and throws it out to the crowd. Several kill themselves to get to it as she turns to her fellow bandmates, Tennessee, the dark-haired hottie, with a thin face and high cheekbones is grinning like a giddy school girl at the response of the crowd. Her sultry grey eyes, that complement her older brothers, Jersey’s, fall to Charlie as she gives an excited hop.

Both Louis siblings and Calvin watch their lead singer make a wrap it up motion, as the redhead helps them get their gear together. They know Charlie well enough to catch on that something’s up. Their girl needs a slip and as always, they’re more than willing to help.

“What’s wrong?” Tennessee hisses as she scans the crowd, while she places her bass in its case.

“Nothing,” Charlie looks over her shoulder to see where Ty is, “yet.” Luckily for her, he doesn’t seem too interested in she’s doings, so she might actually make a clean break. Her deep blue eyes shift back to Jaxon and makes a motion with her head, for him to meet her outback.

Jaxon nods and starts pushing his way through the crowd as Jersey wraps up the amp cords and looks down at Charlie, “Do you need a ride home?” He offers since he’s the only one out of the four that has a car.

“Oh, fuck no,” Charlie shakes her head, “I’m not going home tonight.”

“Ooh,” Tennessee gives a knowing smirk, and nudges her with her elbow, “got a groupie on the hook already?”

Charlie snorts, but nods her head, “Of course I do. Benefits of being in a band. Thank you, Haunted Sirens.” Charlie leans over and kisses the naked mermaid sticker on her guitar case. “You guys need help with the rest?” She gestures to their amps and the guitars.

“No,” Ten giggles, “go get that booty. We’ll help Jersey pack up.” Offering Calvin’s services.

He rolls his deep brown eyes, “Thanks, I didn’t have anything else planned.” His eyes the crowd looking for a little booty of his own.

“You’re the best. I love you all. I swear I’ll make it up to you!” Charlie grins, throwing her cased guitar over her shoulder before she heads backstage. As she moves through the white cinder block passages that lead to the back door she passes by a tall lanky goth guy with dark hair that only gives her a glimpse of his ice-blue eyes. He’s attractive, especially with that lip ring of his. The girl kneeling in front of him must think so as well since she’s boldly servicing him in the back passageway.

Charlie unabashedly looks at the two, only to get a wink from the dark-haired hottie. “Nice,” Charlie chuckles, as she gives the dude a nod in appreciation. Too bad for him the girl isn’t doing it right. Luckily for Jaxon, Charlie has every intention of servicing him well tonight.

She bursts out of the heavy metal door. Her eyes squint as they try to adjust to the darkness as she scans for Jaxon. Once she catches sight of him she skips down the concrete steps and throws herself in his arms. Jaxon cocks up his brow at her, one that most people find devilish and terrifying, but Charlie adores it.

“Ready, baby girl?” He asks, wrapping his arms around her slender waist. Her heart races with excitement, as she gives him a nod.

“Do you think I can crash at your place tonight?” She gives him a sweet innocent grin that gains a look of surprise from him.

“You want to go home, with me?” His eyes hungrily raking over her, but he also knows those heated thoughts might have to be put to the side. “Charlie, I still live with my parents.” Tattoo artist’s apprentice don’t make money off their work. Their payment in the experience and clientele that they build working under their mentors.

“So?” She fanes innocents. “I’m a quiet sleeper.”

Jaxon snorts and runs his hand through his hair, trying to decide how bad of an idea this is. His parents are pretty lax when it comes to rules, and have been even more so since he graduated. He also knows he has a hard time keeping his hands off this little vixen. It’s not led to anything serious yet but he can’t guarantee it won’t tonight.

Charlie’s been hinting to him that she’s ready to take their relationship to the next level. Glancing over his shoulder at his silver two thousand-one Toyota Echo, Jaxon contemplates if he really should take this girl home. He likes her, but not meeting his parents the next morning after they fuck likes her. He’s worried she’ll be one of those needy clingy girls. Charlie seems independent enough right now, but it isn’t until you bed one of those crazies that they show their true colors, especially virgins.

Reluctantly he lets out a sigh and nods, “Sure. You can crash at my place.” Sliding his hands from her hips to her hand, he guides her over to his car and opens the passenger side door for her to slide in.

It’s a quick drive to his parents’ white and blue single-wide trailer in Escondido. With his dad being a freelance photographer, and his mom a children’s’ book author, Glen, and Debbie Baker aren’t exactly swimming in money. They were able to provide Jaxon with a loving and comfortable home which was more than he could ever ask for.

When he gets to the screen door he motions for Charlie to stay put. His parents are normally asleep at this hour, but the one night they would stay up, it would be this night. Quietly opening the door he pokes his head in to find the house dark and quiet. With a sigh of relief, he grabs Charlie’s hand and pulls her in behind him.

Off to their right is a breakfast bar facing the small but up-to-date kitchen, just off the family room. The house has a bohemian artistic flare, one that doesn’t suit Jaxon’s style, but his down to earth hippie parents fit right in.

Jaxon guides her past the wicker furniture, seat up to face a small flat screen tv, and down a short hallway to a small bedroom off to the right. Charlie looks around in awe at the taped up pencil drawings that Jaxon has done himself. Most likely sketches to practice his style and rejected art that he kept out of his portfolio. Even the rejected stuff is amazing. Charlie inspects a sketch with a large skull in the center, and two angel wings flared out behind it, as Jaxon quietly shuts and locks the door.

The click catches her attention and she turns her blue smiling eyes to him. “These are really good,” she whispers.

“Thanks, do you want to borrow some clothes?” He gestures to her outfit. The leather and tulle don’t look like it would be very comfortable to sleep in.

“That’d be great, yeah.” Charlie smiles turning toward him. Moving to his dresser, Jaxon digs out a black Metallica t-shirt, and a pair of dark blue boxers for her, though he’s pretty sure with her tiny waist the boxers aren’t going to stay up.

“Thanks,” she bites her lip, as she takes the clothes, acting like she’s shy and not sure what to do next.

Jaxon licks his lips before turning his back to her. “I won’t look,” he quietly offers.

Charlie wouldn’t care if he did, but it’s all part of the virgin act she puts on for guys. She knows they like to consider themselves her first, even though that honor has already been taken by her one and only love. Since he broke up with her though, she’s given her v-card honor out more times than she can count.

It’s just part of the games she likes to play to keep things interesting for her since she bores so easily anymore. Slipping out of her bralette and skirt she slips the black tee on. To get more comfortable she slips off her hose and garters and folds everything neatly up before setting them on top of his dresser. Charlie doesn’t even bother slipping Jaxon’s boxers on over her black lace thong, there’s no point, she isn’t planning on keeping any of this on for long. This is just part of her play, and the game has already started.

Perching herself on the edge of his charcoal-colored full-size bed, she pulls one leg up to her chest while leaving the other, “I’m done.”

Jaxon’s eyes dilate in lust at the sight of her slender white legs poking out from under the contrasting black shirt. Her flaming red hair is draped over her shoulder. His baby girl looks like a rock goddess, now more than any ever tonight. Even when that soul snatching voice of hers stole the attention of everyone in the Ice House tonight.

Crossing the room, Jaxon leans over and plants a soft kiss on her lips, “Do you want me to sleep out on the couch?”

Charlie scrunches up her nose, “How are you going to explain to your parents in the morning, why you were sleeping out on the couch?”

“The truth,” he chuckles, “I brought a friend home, and gave them my bed.”

“Hmm,” she gently traces his solid jawline, “you could do that. Or, you could stay in here with me.”

Leaning in close Jaxon whispers against her lips sending shivers of excitement down her spine, “Charlie, have you ever stayed the night with a guy before?”

“No,” she lies, “why?” She cocks a brow at him, “Do boys turn into vampires at night?”

Jaxon snorts as a sly grin spreads across his face, “Well, sort of. Alright,” he pats her leg before pointing up to the head of the bed, “go ahead and get under the blankets.”

Charlie scurries to the top of the bed and slips between the sheets, as Jaxon pulls his shirt over his head, revealing his trim figure. Much to her grievance though he tosses the shirt to the floor making her little OCD brain twitch.

Losing his belt he kicks his pants off into the new pile of clothes as Charlie repeatedly tells herself, It’s fine. You can pick up the clothes after the sex is done.

With only his blue plaid boxers now on, Jaxon joins her in the bed. This is the part of the virgin role Charlie hates the most. Instead of jumping them and showing them what she knows, she has to refrain and be shy. She has to lure them in, yet make it look like they were the ones that made the first move.

Facing each other Jaxon runs a hand down the side of her cheek, “You sang beautifully tonight.”

Great, a toy that’s a talker. She wouldn’t normally mind, but it’s been a few days since she got to play and she’s feeling mighty hungry. “I hate talking about my performances.” She waves him off, as she scoots closer to him and runs her finger across his rippling abs.

Jaxon takes a sharp breath in, clearly affected by her, “Charlie,” he warns, “you don’t want to start something you can’t finish.”

She so does though. She also plans on finishing too. If she has to make him work for it all night, she will make sure she gets her finish. She may even allow him to have one or two of his own.

“I want this.” Her hand starts to travel lower. “I want you to be my first, Jaxon.”

Jaxon lets out a deep throaty groan showing he wants her just as much. Leaning in he captures her lips with his, starting the kiss off soft and gentle before it turns quickly heated.

Charlie molds her body to his in desperate desire. She doesn’t let herself rip off his damn boxers like she wants to, she just impatiently waits for her next cue. Does Jaxon want the desperate virgin that is ready to hurl the v-card at him or the timid one he wants to coax?

He rolls her onto her back while continuing to kiss her, “Are you sure about this?”

Charlie lets out a nervous breath, but he doesn’t seem to notice it’s fake, “Yeah, I’m just nervous. Friends told me it hurts.”

“It’ll be alright,” he gently kisses her, “I’ll take it slow. Just tell me what you need. Speed up, slow down, just talk to me. You can say stop at any time.”

That offer takes Charlie a little by surprise, not that she shows it. Not many guys offer an out after the start. She gives him a nod as he dips to her neck sending tingles throughout her body. Opening up her legs for him, Charlie lets out a little groan as his hand slips up her shirt. Jaxon moves slowly ensuring every time he does something new she has a chance to tap out if she feels the need to. Sliding his hands up her stomach he cups breasts that fit just like grapefruits in his hand. She moans and arches her back to his touch.

“You’re going to have to be quiet, baby girl,” he whispers into her neck while teasing her nipple.

Quiet is not her forte. She’s been boisterous during sex since day one, and only seems to be getting louder, but it’s a chance she’s willing to take.

Pushing the shirt up over her head, Jaxon looks down at her gorgeous frame. Her light skin is like a blank canvas before him, as he runs his hands across her stomach to the hem of her black thong.

Charlie’s breath hitches in her throat as Jaxon threads her underwear off her and tosses them to the side. Looking down at her mound, he smirks, “You really are a natural redhead.”

“Don’t make fun of me,” she giggles, as she nudges him with her leg.

“I am most definitely not making fun of you, baby girl.” Reaching over to his bedside table he pulls out a condom and rids himself of his boxers finally showing Charlie what he’s been hiding underneath.

She nervously licks her lips as she watches him slip the condom on. Before he slides in she really clenches down her inner muscles to really give him that virginal feeling.

Getting in position Jaxon eases in, only to let out a deep groan, “Fuck.”

She sucks in a sudden sharp gasp, as one would expect, but holds back a grin knowing she’s already on the small side and without even clinching down she feels like a virgin to most guys. It’s how this little game started in the first place.

“You okay?” He stills not wanting to hurt her. She gives him a small nod of affirmation. “God, you’re” he groans and makes a small jerk with his hips, “so fucking tight.”

She wants to moan out in pleasure, but she knows it should hurt a little, or at least she needs to make it look like it does. Sucking in a breath Charlie wrinkles her brow, causing Jaxon to frown. “Sorry, baby girl.”

Shaking her head she gives him a small smile, “I’m fine. Don’t stop, please.”

Nodding, he slowly starts thrusting, making sure not to hurt her. His thoughtfulness is endearing but aggravating. She wants to be thoroughly fucked. Charlie can tell that he’s fighting the urge to slam into her and knows he just needs a little encouragement. Turning her head she licks up the side of his neck before nipping at his ear.

With a grunt he slams hard into her once, losing control and making her breath hitch. “God, sorry, baby girl.”

“Don’t stop, I like it. I like pain.” It is true, she does like pain, and in reality, this isn’t hurting. Not that this doesn’t feel good, but it’s time to dive this girl home.

Jaxon’s eyes widen in surprise, but he tilts her hips up and looks down at her to make sure it’s what she really wants.

“Do it Jaxon, god please, do it.” That’s all the permission he needs. Rearing back he slams into her hard. Muffled mews of please fall from her lips, as she covers her mouth with her hand trying to stay quiet so that they don’t wake his parents.

Jaxon keeps his fervent pace as he leans over and nips her breast hard enough for it to sting, Charlie’s eyes fly open wide, “Oh!” she quickly slaps both hands over her mouth covering her screams of pleasure as she continues to tease her peaks. Jaxon brings her to the brink of her orgasm and his.

“Look at me, Charlie.” Jaxon pants, almost to his breaking point, and shockingly worn out by this ‘virgin’. “I want you looking at me while you come.”

The demanding nature in his voice pushes her over as she moans out, “Oh my god, Jaxon!” Her voice softly hisses, sending him into his own finish. His pace becomes sporadic before it slows and he slumps over her. His breaths are hot and heavy as he tries to regain his senses.

“I’ll be right back,” he promises her, before leaving a chaste nip on her lips.

Before leaving his room, he gives a quick glance up and down the hall before jetting over to the bathroom to dispose of the condom, by hiding it under a few tissues in his bathroom trash.

When he gets back to the room, he finds Charlie curled up in his bed, already half asleep. Crawling in next to her, he cuddles up and wraps his arms around her.

“You okay?” he asks, digging his nose into her neck smelling the light scent of roses with a hint of freesia wafting off her.

“Mmhmm,” she hums curling into him with a sex plastered smile on her face.

“You might be sore in the morning,” he warns as he runs his hands over her body.

“If I am,” she grins wider, “it was totally worth it.”

He plants a soft kiss on her shoulder as they spoon into slumber

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