The Wildcards

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Chapter 2

Feeling the sun on his face, Asher’s eyes snap open as his senses kick in telling him he’s not the only one awake and whoever they are isn’t in this room. Shoving Luna and Cyan off him without a care he quietly rises only to meet the green eyes of Missy as she too swiftly dresses. Without saying a word Asher opens Cyan’s window and slips out with Missy right behind him only to silently cross the roof before jumping down with her hot on his heels. Together they casually cross the street and walk down it only to have him turn and head north towards the bus stop.

“You know,” Missy calls out to him, “You could have manipulated them to do a lot more for you.”

Turning, Asher bites his lip ring as an amused smirk crosses his lip. Oh, I’m well aware, little toy. Despite her appearances, this angelic-looking girl is manipulative as hell and also a good thief. “And you could have stolen more.”

A huge grin crosses her face, “I know, but we both took something. Too much and they’d suspect. Plus we both want to work them over more, right?” Turning on her heels, Missy releases a little laugh as she gives a small wave over her shoulder bidding him farewell. “Thanks for the mindblowing sex, and the opportunity! Till next time!”

Shaking his head as if he’s amused, Asher hops onto the bus as it arrives and pays the driver before claiming a seat only to arrive near Mira Mesa’s new movie theater. Hopping off he ignores those around him and crosses the street north only to walk forty-five minutes north and head up Mercy road. His brother would be at the abandoned movie theater they’d found weeks ago, Ash wouldn’t have gone home and Jett being Jett wouldn’t let Ash be alone there. He would say it’s because he didn’t want his brother alone but Asher and Ash know better, the kid doesn’t like going home either. Homes like theirs aren’t pleasant places. Hell, he and his brother don’t really have a home per say. They aren’t even homed together anymore, not after Asher had to serve a little stint in juvie. Not that it stopped them from being together. They’d found each other by accident after he got out and this place, Asher’s eyes fall on the abandoned movie theater, its half-circle facade standing out in the darkness as it stands boarded up and covered in graffiti. All the lower windows and doors were still boarded and secure but that didn’t stop them from getting in. It does nicely stop others though, giving them a safe place to crash.

Grabbing the side of the gutter, Asher begins to climb only to reach the extended roof covering halfway up that would shelter those coming in and buying tickets from the rain. Pulling himself up on it, his eyes casually scan the area before he ducks within one of the broken windows only to leap off the upper ledge and roll his landing, taking the ten-foot drop with the skill and grace few have. Rising from his crouched position, Asher closes his eyes for a brief moment as his senses expand. Ah, there you are. Turning towards the right, he heads down a hallway leading to the 1-4 theaters only to knock with a distinct rap, two hits, pause, seven more in uneven progression on the single handicap bathroom door.

Unlocking it, his brother’s gaze runs apathetically up and down him before he pushes the door open wide to reveal a still sleeping Jett. “Better?” Ash cooly demands only to get a nod from Asher. Stepping out of the bathroom Ash lets the door close behind him. “We good?” He raises a brow, asking the silent question as to why his older twin blew their cease and desist whistle last night.

“Yeah, he just got a strike.”

Ash’s mood darkens, clearly unamused. ”Why?”

“Tried to pickpocket someone even out of my league.”

That gets Ash to raise a brow clearly surprised there’s someone out there Asher can’t do. “Can you draw him?”

Asher nods only to have his eyes drift to the closed door. “Anything happen after I left?”

Crossing his arms, Ash leans against the wall beside the door only to prop his foot on it and shake his head, “No, just watched Haunted Sirens then bailed. Stole enough for a while but clothes...” he makes a face. “And that social worker will be by soon.”

Asher makes an annoyed sound in the back of his throat as an equally unamused look crosses his face. Both their social workers were asses, his being the most irritating of them, the man could somehow tell them apart making it difficult to do the old switcheroo and keep Ash the hell out of his foster house and away from the psycho mother. “How long?”

“Day maybe two,” Ash kicks a piece of debris on the floor before his own ice-blue eyes meet his twins. “I’m not joining with you this year at Abraxas.” That makes Asher raise a brow. “Pussy’s are sending me to some stupid technology charter with their girls.” His mood turns dark and ominous showing just how much he dislikes the idea.

“Does he know?” Asher nods towards the door and Jett sleeping within.

“He’s not even in our school district,” Ash icily reminds, “Why would it matter when he’s at Mira Mesa High?”

“Cause it matters to you,” Asher deadpans only to cause his younger twin to turn defensive in posture. “I know you like him, Ash.”

Narrowing his eyes Ash flicks him off. “Do you need to crash or am I waking Jett up?”

“Wake sleeping beauty.”

Rolling his eyes Ash opens the door only to let it slip inside and come out a few minutes later with a groggy Jett.

“I thought we were waitin’ on your brother...” Jett stills only to nod at Asher. “Mornin’ man.”

Turning on his heels, Asher heads back to the main entrance into the theater only to go down the other wing and up a flight of stairs taking them all to the roof. “Got enough to fence yet?”

“Y’all know a fence?”

“Yes,” Ash cooly answers, ignoring Jett, “And yes.” As they disappear out into the mid-morning light.

Charlie quietly threads her legs back into her fishnet stockings and clips them into her garter. Jaxson’s ‘Metallica’ t-shirt hangs just low enough that she can wear it as a dress. Which is a lot more comfortable than the rocker bra she was wearing last night. After she slips on her Doc Martin’s, she grabs her clothes. Softly clicking the door closed, Charlie leaves the newly cleaned room and sleeping Jaxon in peace. The house is still quiet as she slips back through and out the door to a vibrant red PT Cruiser.

Hurrying down the driveway with the bundle of clothes in her arms, she jumps into the car. Looking at the driver she casts the shaggy sandy blonde boy a wide smile. “What’s up, Ryker.”

Ryker raises an unamused brow at Charlie before he pulls away, “I am. At the ass crack of dawn, no less and it ain’t because some girls got me in her mouth.” His sky blue eyes cast her a glare.

“Oh come on,” she pokes him in the side, “You’re always up at the ass crack of dawn in the summer. Hashtag baker life!”

“It was my fucking day off, ass. The one day I’m allowed to sleep in.” He grumbles, as his eyes flick back to her and run an appreciative gaze over her outfit. “Looking hot, I take it you had an enjoyable night too.”

“Oh, it was good.” She grins as she rests her head against the padding behind her. “And I’ll make up this favor to you if you want.”

That brings a smug grin to Ryker’s face as he reaches down and adjusts his basketball shorts. “I take it we’re going to my house then?”

Charlie gives him a sly grin, “I mean unless you want to go to my house with my brothers and Pops there?”

“Oh, fuck no,” he chuckles heading to Saber Springs just outside of Poway where he and his parents live. With his mom and stepfather at their bakery, Patty Cakes, it leaves the house free to the two teens.

Charlie hops out of the car, and bounds into the house. She’s been here enough that she’s quite familiar with the two-story stucco. The door to the garage leads into a modest kitchen. On the jade green island counter sits a plate full of chocolate chip cookies.

“Miss Patty made cookies!” Charlie dashes over to the island shoveling one of Ryker’s mom’s cookies into her mouth while filling both hands full.

Following in behind, Ryker’s eyes go wide, “That’s a lot of sugar for you. You’ll be bouncing off the fucking walls.”

“I plan on burning it off,” she mutters through a mouth full of the delicious soft cookie while wiggling her brows at him.

Plucking two cookies out of her hand he places them back on the plate making her cringe, “Dude, I touched those.”

“Yeah, and I know you crazily scrub yourself down head to toe twice daily if you can. Not to mention all the weird cleaning rituals you got. God knows how many times I’ve woken up to you scrubbing my windows in the middle of the night.”

Charlie narrows her eyes at him and points an accusing finger, “You need to keep your windows cleaner and then you won’t hear midnight squeaky squeaks.”

“Alright,” Ryker dips his shoulder down and scoops her up. Charlie lets out a little yip, suddenly in the air, and over the boy’s back. “Come on baby, I want my payment.”

Letting out a giggle as she dangles upside down he hauls her up to his surfer themed room. He plops her down on the bed and heads to the top drawer of his dresser where he keeps a box of condoms hidden in a pair of folded up boxers. Finishing off her cookie, Charlie lays back on the bed and gazes up at a giant Playboy poster tacked up on Ryker’s ceiling. Unfortunately for both Charlie and Ryker, Miss Patty wouldn’t allow a fully naked model up there, but a breasty blonde in an itty bitty pink bikini is enough to get both of their fires going.

“Afraid I’m gonna compare you to her?” Ryker smirks as his eyes roam over her body. “Trust me baby, those tits of yours are grade A.”

“And homegrown,” She bites her lips, before pointing up, “Unlike those. But no, I’m not worried, I’m here and she’s not.” In truth, she was admiring the body as much as any guy would. Though she imagines all the things she would do to that woman on the ceiling she wouldn’t dare tell anyone about it. Her parents might actually put her in an early grave if they found out she was bi-sexual.

Scooting to the edge of the bed, as Ryker approaches, Charlie hungrily licks her lips. A smug smirk pulls at the corner of his mouth as she threads the shorts off him. His act of heroism impressed her immensely when she learned he was with another girl, so she’s going to give him a rare treat. She takes him into her mouth pulling a deep graveled groan from him. His hands thread through her vibrant hair, locking them in at the base of her head.

"God, baby.” His hips start bucking as he fucks her face. “Fuck,” he hisses, as his grip tightens on her hair when she swallows around him. The pleasure intensifies for him but he’s determined not to finish here. Her blow jobs might be mind-blowing, but he loves hearing those heavenly noises she makes during sex.

After a long while, Ryker finally pulls away from her kicking his shorts and boxers away. He pulls his shirt over his head, as she watches on, biting her lip as her gaze falls over his rippling muscles. Thank you football training.

“You’re a little behind there, baby.” He gestures to the fully clothed Charlie.

She gives a little giggle as she kicks off her boots, and pulls the Metallica t-shirt over her head. Ryker smirks as his sky blue eyes slowly trail over the thin fit frame. Her tiny waist makes her grapefruit-sized breast look two sizes bigger than what they actually are, and the slight olive undertone in her skin keeps her from looking sheet white, like most natural gingers. The girl is able to tan if she wants to.

The only thing she leaves on for him is her fishnet stockings and garter. While she threads her black lace panties off Ryker pulls a condom from the package and rolls it onto himself.

Joining her on the bed, Ryker runs a hand up her thighs before jerking her close to him. Charlie lets out a yelp of excitement as he positions himself between her legs.

The initial waiting has Charlie reeling. The anticipation has her hips rocking in desire. Tilting her hips up, Ryker latches onto them and slams deep inside her.

“Ryker!” she gasps as she grabs unto his wrists to ground herself. Ryker pounds into her, taking the occasional break to kiss her and catch his breath before starting up again. Charlie keeps her moans mild, knowing that Ryker is a reactionary lover. She controls how long he can go by the noises she makes. The boy is vain and gets off by the sound of girls getting off on him.

Towards the end she lets her screams fly, making Ryker’s pace increase before his hips become sporadic, tipping Charlie over the edge into her bliss-filled release. Ryker lets out a deep throaty groan before pulling out and collapsing next to her. Both completely out of breath but sated.

“Think you can walk after that?” Ryker teases, quite sure of himself.

Charlie gives a little snort and turns her head to look at him. “I’ll find a way to manage. Why, what do you have in mind?”

Turning on her side, she gently runs her hand up and down his ripped abs. His gaze travels over her body in appreciation. “Knowing you, those cookies is all you’ve eaten today. What do ya say we grab a bagel sandwich and soup from the bakery?”

Charlie’s eyes go wide with excitement, “Yes! Absolutely, yes.”

“Figured, mom’s been bugging me to bring you around anyway. Come on weirdo. I know you’re going to demand a shower for the both of us. What does this make for you now? Five?” He grins as he pulls himself up from the bed and deposes the used condom in the garbage.

“No,” Charlie grumbles, slipping out of her hose and garters, “this makes two.”

Ryker snorts as he heads to the bathroom he shares with his older brother Spencer.

After a long hot shower with wandering hands, mostly Charlie’s, they finally head to the small bakery nestled in La Jolla near where Charlie lives. Ryker has to park a few blocks down forcing them to walk to the bakery. Charlie skips and bounces happily next to him seemingly unaware to the world around her. Ryker strides on when she suddenly stops. Her Carribian blue eyes lock on two ominous figures striding toward them. Two gothic cladded twins perfectly in sync with each other cast an air of danger about them to the point others on the sidewalk give way for them and their blonde friend to pass. Their shaggy neck length black hair is swept to the side showing off a single brilliant ice blue eye each. Like a moth to the flame Charlie’s eyes grow wide and she starts drifting their way, pulled by their magnetic charm.

“Not those two, baby,” Ryker swoops in out of nowhere, drawing her attention temporarily away from the Grim Reaper and the Boogieman. Twins, well known with the youth of North county because of the reputations they’ve made for themselves amongst them in the short amount of time they’ve been here.

“But so pretty,” her eyes drift back to the two tall dark twins.

“Yeah, and so am I,” he grins, leaning down to plant a heated kiss on her lips, knowing it’ll be like dangling a golden bait in front of the tiny fish until they pass. Pulling away, Ryker grins down at her, “let’s go eat.” Placing a guiding hand on the small of her back he urges her forward as he looks back over his shoulder only to meet the cool knowing eyes and a dark smirk of the most dangerous one to girls, The Boogieman.

With Patty Cakes in view, Charlie jogs down the sidewalk with Ryker on her heels, because Lord knows what will catch that girl’s attention before she makes it ten feet to the door. The ding of the bell rings out in the little bakery as the redhead flings the door open signaling her arrival.

Several blocks over another bell dings as Asher strides in with his brother and Jett on his heels. “Say nothing,” Ash hisses at Jett, his presence turning dark but not as dark as his older brother. After all the Grim Reaper may reap souls but it’s the Boogieman that steals them first.

“Welcome to The Sun Jimmy Sea cave, do you...” a fellow goth boy cuts only to have a smile spread across his face. “Well if it isn’t my favorite country twins.”

“We’re not from the country,” Ash icily deadpans bringing up the fact they lived in Los Angeles and New York.

“No, but you two are named after one.” That gets them both to roll their eyes.

“You three here for the caves or...”

“Or,” Asher answers, his voice identical to his brother’s save for a hint of a growl that laces his every word.

Moving from behind the counter Dade, a somewhat friend of theirs from school leads them to a back room and a hidden staircase. “Head on up, they’re both in.” With that Dade turns and heads back to the shop.

“Who are...?” Jett begins only to have Ash cut him a sharp look for speaking. Reaching up to his mouth Jett pretends to zipper it shut but Ash merely turns on his heels and with a few quick steps catches up to his brother. Moving through a small hallway Asher makes his way to a black door only to rap his knuckles against it. Moments later the door opens and a pale boy with yellow contacts and a septum ring in his nose opens the door. Dressed in goth punk his black ringed eyes roam calculatingly up and down the three outside his door.

“My, my, the Boogieman and Grim Reaper,” his eyes shift to Jett, “and a friend. What can I do for you boys?”

“We have business,” Asher pushes past him only to have his brother follow, and Jett hesitantly do the same.

“So pushy, Velvet,” Draken calls out as his eyes slide appreciating over the German twins. “The nightmare twins are here.”

Sliding out from another door, a beautiful girl with light purple hair twisted up into two buns, her makeup elegantly done in black with a hint of white to accentuate her pale almost silvery-white eyes. Seeing the two goth twins the corner of her lip curls up as she releases a hum of appreciation. Gliding over to them she reaches out and runs a hand up each one’s chest only to have both twins, in sync, step away when she gets too close to their upper chests. “Ah, yes,” her rich velvet-like her name, voice purrs. “The exquisite Nightmare twins, so much pretty death in your eyes. What,” her gaze shifts between the two as she utterly ignores the blonde behind them. “Can we do?” her gaze runs calculatingly up and down the both of them, “for you?”

“We have things we acquired and need to discreetly sell.” Asher answers as he makes a small gesture and his brother begins to remove things from his cargo pockets revealing several sets of rings and watches as well as a few other items he’s picked off others.

Coming beside his sister, Draken whistles at the sight of them, “You have good taste, Grimm, very good taste.”

“I know,” Ash retorts, his voice a mirror image of his brothers, even down to the slight growl behind his words.

Draken’s gaze shifts to Jett, “And your pretty charity case?” He raises a brow, somehow knowing between the two brothers Jett is Ash, not Asher’s choice.

“He’s learning,” Ash simply states.

Giving a small nod, Draken extends his hand only to have Ash cut a glance to his older brother who in turn gives his own. Snapping his hand out Ash releases his treasures into Draken’s upturned hand. Turning his gaze to Jett, Draken raises a brow only to have Ash step aside and let the only non-goth in the room step forward to do the same.

“Learning, indeed,” Draken softly tsks at the sight of several lesser pieces in his hand. His eyes shift to Asher, “And what of the Boogieman?”

Rolling his eyes, Asher strides over to a table only to place a treasure trove of items upon it making Draken nearly gitty. “Oh, I do like these Nightmare twins, dear sister. They bring me such pretties.”

“So do I,” Velvet agrees as her eyes roam over the twins with a different sort of appreciation. “Count their pretties and figure out a value for them,” lifting up a finger Velvet beckons them to follow her into the other room only to raise a finger and shake it when Jett begins to follow them.

Left alone with Draken, Jett uncomfortably shifts on his feet as he warily eyes the room making the man across from him grin. “Oh don’t fret, little one. She won’t devour them... much.” Turning moments later when the door slams open, Drakens raises a brow in surprise when Grimm Reaper storms out only to slam the door behind him, the room filling with the soul takers’ unamusement.

“You’re a prickly one, aren’t you?” Draken’s eyes rake over him with a hint of judgment in them only to drift to the door when his sister begins to serenade them all in a different way. “Ah...” his gaze drifts back to Ash, “Not your cup of tea?” He raises his own brows with interest only to drift his gaze to Jett.

Ignoring the statement, Ash leans against the far wall and kicks his foot up against the wall, his eyes keen on what Draken’s doing on the table, as he ensures the little fence doesn’t pilfer himself.

Picking up one of the pieces before him, Draken releases a sigh of appreciation, “You do find such pretties, I’ll give you extra for this jewel and...” his sister screams in pleasure. “Velvet’s entertainment. When should I expect my sister’s return by the way?” He cocks a brow.

“When nightmares roam,” Ash deadpans, causing the man to purse his lips in clear admiration. “You Nightmare twins really do live up to your reputation. I suppose that means I’m paying you two.” Ash nods.

Pulling out a stash of money, Draken begins to count it only to get a raised brow from Ash when he stops. “Oh fine, you know the values of your pretties too,” he grumbles but there’s a hint of respect there too for the silent demand of the boy before him as he counts out nearly double the amount he’d had before.

Snatching the offered bills out of his hand Ash pockets it only to head straight for the door, pushing Jett’s shoulder in a silent demand to follow him as he goes by.

“Not the talker, are you?” Draken calls after them. “Though I suppose you let your violence do your talking for you. Anything you wish me to tell your brother for you?”

“No,” Ash snaps back as he hits the top of the stairs only to jog down them with Jett on his heels. Moving silently through the shop he nods to Dade only to step out into the touristy street just by the cliffs where the sea lions like to lay.

“Who the hell are those two? Are we really gonna leave Asher there?” Jett hisses suddenly at his side.

“The Wickens,” Ash’s eyes snap icily over to his friend, “Never deal or talk to them, they’re manipulative s.o.b.s that will eat you alive.

“How much did we get?”

“Enough,” Ash evasively answers as his eyes cast around the area.

“But he was tryin’ to cheat us right?” Jett presses.

Turning sharply on him, Ash’s eyes narrow, “Yes,” he hisses, “Now enough, we’re not the only ones of our trade that work the tourist areas.”

Widening his eyes at the realization they’re now possible targets Jett gives a small nod. “We goin’ back to...”

“No, we kill time.”

Jett sticks his hand into his pockets, “What are we gonna do?”

Looking towards the tours gathered by the seals that he would normally suggest they hit, Asher shrugs knowing he’d make a good target too, and yeah... that’s not going to happen. Letting his eyes drift to the beach a look of yearning crosses his face at the sight of the water only to turn sour before his head snaps away. “Hungry?” He cocks a brow at Jett.

“Always. We passed a bakery earlier that smelled amazin’ wanna check it out?” He nods back the direction they came.

Ash’s ice blue eyes cut over to Jett before he gives a small shrug, “Sure, I got it.”

With a nod they head back to a glass front bakery with a giant pink cupcake with ‘Patty Cakes’ encircling it. Entering the building they’re accosted with pastel colors and dainty looking displays of desserts and sweets displayed within glass containers all around the store as well as a typical bakery display by the kitchen where a list or meals besides the sweets are made or special ordered as well as coffee. Drawn naturally to the sweets Ash glides their way as his eyes take in all the delicate individual cake slices and brownies.

“You’re droolin’ a little,” Jett smirks, nudging his buddy next to him.

“I like chocolate, sue me.” Ash counters only to pick up one of the dainty chocolate cakes in its plastic container. “It’s not like I get them often.”

Jett picks up a container with a slice of apple pie in it. “Should we pick up somethin’ for...” he trails off not wanting to mention the man’s name.

Eyeing the food around the room, Ash crosses the room and snatches up a brownie before heading towards the back counter to look at the menu. “Two bottled waters, and can I get three orders of pancakes with fruit. Put it on the side... and whatever he’s having.” He tips his head towards Jett.

“I’ll just take the same thing, two pancakes and water,” Jett tells the redhead behind the counter.

“Sure,” she quips back staring at the tablet trying to find the orders to ring them up.

“Charlie!” A tenor voice calls from the back, “Don’t take fu-reaking orders. I’ll be right there.”

Snorting she shakes her head, “Not fucking rocket science. AH! See, five pancakes with three waters.”

Coming from the back a tall sandy blonde hair strides up behind her, to peer over her shoulder. At the sight of Ash and Jett the boy stiffens. “Grim Reaper,” he quietly mutters out, making the redhead cast him a ‘what the fuck are you talking about’ look. “Charlie, why don’t you go in the back.”

“Uh no, I started this order I’m finishing it.” She declares turning her attention back to them only to see the cute goth boy narrow his eyes at Ryker as a sense of foreboding fills the air. “You made them nervous, you go in the back, dumbass.”

“Char-” the boy starts to say only to get cut off by her.

“That’ll be an even eighty.” She tries to push the jock away, but the brick wall doesn’t budge.

Reaching into his pocket with his eyes still on the boy behind her, Ash’s gaze briefly dips to his hand before he smacks a fifty and three tens down. “Make it to go,” he icly states before he turns and walks away with Jett at his side only to pull up a chair to wait.

“Guess we won’t be comin’ back here again,” Jet states taking a seat next to Ash before glancing back to the counter where the surfer dude looks like he’s getting his ass reamed by the feisty redhead.

“Asher will find out who he is, it’ll be fine. I’ll make it so,” Ash ominously decrees.

“Ya just want the food,” Jett’s blue eyes flash to him with a smirk on his face. “Just can’t give up that chocolate addiction, can ya?”

“It’s good,” Ash counters, crossing his arms as he glares at the surfer boy when he casts a look their way again. “If I have to Jedi mind fuck his ass, I will.”

“That’s Sith, not Jedi,” Jett points out only to meet a dead stare. “The ones with the red sabers.”

Ash makes a noise in the back of his throat, “The good ones, yeah.”

“Eh...” Jet shrugs and gives a little nod, “sure. Good’s a relative term.”

“They fight the annoying ones who take kids from their homes, don’t they?” Ash raises a brow knowing from Jett’s comics and the few movies he’s seen Jedi do just that. They take children from their homes, just like they were taking from theirs.

“Why are you being such an ass?” The little red raises her voice just enough for Jett and Ash to overhear and snap their gazes her way.

“Would you lower your goddamn voice, baby.” The jock cast a glance over at them, only to be met with Ash’s cold deadly stare.

“You’re being a judgemental dick,” she huffs tucking her arms under her chest. She shakes her head in frustration, “I’m out.”

“Charlie,” he grabs her arm to stop her from stomping off in a fit of fury “I’ve heard rumors about...” he trails off and lowers his voice enough that the other two can’t hear. Whatever he tells her though seems to have him worried, but the redhead named Charlie seems unfazed. If anything it’s piqued her interest. A sly grin pulls at the corner of her mouth as her blue eyes glance over at the two of them.

“Well,” Jett quietly says to Ash, “that’s not a normal reaction, is it?”

“Not really, it’s just normally when my brothers around they get that way.” Reminding Jett of the fact girls flock to the Boogieman drawn by his magnetism.

Jett nods in agreement, “Yeah, but that isn’t an I wanna tap that face. That’s a look of... fuck I don’t, but not what he normally gets.”

The redhead’s eyes flicker back to the jock, and gives him a roll of her eyes, “Oh my god, Ryker, chillax will you? Good lord.”

“No,” Ash’s lips lightly thin, “but they do give me those looks sometimes, and you. She wants trouble.”

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