The Wildcards

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Chapter 4

Heading into shop class after lang arts, Asher scrunches his nose as the smell of oil and gas hits him. Frowning his disapproval he takes in the garage, some cars already up on lifts. “Alright ladies and gentlemen, grab a cover-up and join me. I don’t wanna hear how you ruined your clothes.” A male voice calls out from somewhere further in the shop just as a familiar redhead comes skipping into the room.

“Geeze, Mr. Trev, ya could at least offer to buy us dinner before telling us to strip.”

“Keep your clothes on under that, Montgomery!” Mr. Trevathan orders, causing all the boys to grumble and groan.

“What if we want her to take it off?” someone offers up causing Asher to cock a brow. The idea isn’t bad.

“Sorry boys, but teach say no,” she pouts.

Watching Charlie head over to her locker, Asher slowly follows after scanning the room. She’s the only toy worthy of his attention in this room. Sure there are others, but they don’t scream out like she does and they’re certainly none as fascinating as this one. She’s unusual, with layers he didn’t expect and he wants to unwrap her further, besides she’s a pretty little fox. Coming up beside her, he thumps his fist on the locker next to her, startling her. “Hello, Charlie. Long time no see.”

“Hey!” Charlie smiles wide.

“One of these supposed to be mine?”

“Just pick one. They aren’t assigned in here, but I’ll show you where Mr. Trev keeps the extra overalls.”

Nodding, Asher opens the one he just hit and throws his backpack inside. “Lead on.”

Charlie takes him over to a bin filled with dark blue overalls, some stained. “So you’re a grease monkey too?”

Asher shrugs, “Our guardian’s got a bike.” If I consider that man my guardian. “Figured I should know what I’m doing around it.” So I can sabotage it.

"Our? So like...siblings?” She asks. So inquisitive, little fox. “Does he, she, or they get to live with you?”

Asher shakes his head. “Brother and no, not now. They split us.” His face darkens at the memory of that day and their elder brother who allowed it by allowing Ash to be put in the system to begin with. “Liam was already an adult when shit happened. He stayed in his precious Naval Academy while we were put in the system.

“That’s awful. I could live without one of my brothers. James is a total douche bag. He’d happily let me rot in any hell hole that they put me in. My other two though...” she trails off as a soft smile grace’s her lips. She gives a little shrug. “They’re pretty great but I never tell them that. It’d go straight to their heads. I’m not allowed to be around them often though. It’s hard to explain.”

Asher nods, “I’m not even supposed to know where mine is. ” His lip curls up on amusement, “but I do. They kept him ironically nearby but he has no desire to come here.”

“Do you get to see him then? Since you found him? Your twin brother?” Her eyes focus on his own.

Biting his lip ring, Asher’s lip curls in amusement. So bold. So you’ve met Ash have you, little fox? Well, two can play games “I do, often even, but who said he was my twin?” He raises a brow.

“Did I say, twin?” A sly grin crosses her face, “that’s weird. I guess I just assumed cause you seem close, the way you talk about him.”

“By that logic, you’re a triplet with these great brothers of yours. Yet I doubt that’s true. We are close though. People will say it’s better he’s not here though. This school couldn’t handle the two of us here. He’d burn it down for one.” Biting his lip ring Asher flashes a coy grin at her, “They say I’m just a shadow in comparison.” The Boogeyman is just a shadow, used to keep children in line. The Grim Reaper death as well as a soul stealer, but she needn’t know I mean the literal meaning of their myths.

She flashes him a grin, “Yes well, most people do seem to fear death.” She smiles as she leans in closer as her eyes drop over his body, “as much as children fear the Boogieman until they grow out of it that is.” Her eyes dance with mischief.

“Oh, little fox,” Asher shakes his head in mock shame. ”This Boogieman steals souls and minds for fun. Grimm only reaps them. He also just got out of juvie for homicide.” He leans forward as if to share a secret. “And that wasn’t my first time there or even my second.”

Her lip curls in amusement, “If you’re trying to scare I’m afraid it won’t work, but you’ve redeemed yourself. Juvie is hot, and death is a friend of mine. We go way back.”

Curling his lip in amusement, Asher pulls his overalls up over his clothes. Such an odd little fox.

“How did your older brother take it? You know, doing time?”

“Liam? Like he always does, like I didn’t exist.” And I don’t, not in his eyes. He zips up his overalls, “Our younger brother,” he shrugs. “That would have irked him. If he’s magnanimous he’ll consider taking him out one day in oh five or so years when he’s done serving our country and we’re legal.”

Something dark briefly flashes across his face, one that suggests Asher knows he might never hit eighteen though Ash at least will if he has any say about it. “Better to have the Grimm Reaper owe you, right?” He sneers, “The Boogeyman is just a myth used to scare children after all.”

Charlie’s eyes grow distant, “The Grimm Reaper isn’t as scary as most people think.” That brings a slight frown to his face. Just what do you know about my brother? What’s your game little fox?

Grabbing a practically new looking pair of overalls, Charlie gives her head a light shake. She forces a smile and the sparkle comes back to her eyes. Peeking around the corner of the lockers to see if Mr. Trevathan is watching before Charlie puts a finger to his lips, “I know he said to keep my clothes on, but these baggy pants under this jumpsuit drive me nuts.”

Charlie quickly unbuttons her pants and slips them off, revealing nothing but a G-string underneath.

Raising a brow, Asher leans against the side of the lockers, his body unintentionally blocking the rest of the boy’s view of Charlie’s ass as his eyes unabashedly take her in. No social qualms either, little fox, interesting. “By all means. Though such actions can come with consequences."

“Only if I get caught,” she carefully folds up her pants, taking an odd amount of perfection to do so. “As for the other guys in class,” she snorts, “what are they going to do? Gangbang me right in front of Mr. Trev? Not likely.”

Asher mood instantly darkens, “You wouldn’t joke like that if you’ve seen some of the things I have. Girls like you... don’t last long untouched.” Charlie’s gleeful face falters. Oh, pretty little fox you think I care who shares your den, do you? Asher’s eyes flick back to her, “The pretty ones tend to attract unwanted attention.” I don’t.

Charlie smiles again, “Well, despite the fact that my parents wish I wasn’t theirs, they’re stuck with me, which means I get to flaunt this,” she says wiggling her body, “all I want.”

Instinctively Asher’s eyes go to her ass before his gaze snaps back to her eyes as he bites his lip ring in amusement.

Charlie smiles up at him, “Like what you see?”

More than you know little fox. “He’s about to come this way,” Asher warns, not willing to touch that subject, not with a teacher barreling down on them. “Hurry up, or you’re going have a lot to explain.”

Charlie lets out a little, ”Eep!” And quickly pulls on her overalls.

“Ok,” a large African American man in his fifties, his hair in dreads, barks. “Name’s Mr. Trevathan, I’ll be your shop instructor this semester and I expect you to all listen to what I say. Failure to do so will have you sitting out and failing my class, we clear?” He casts a sharp gaze around the room.


“Yes, sir.” Meet him in response.

“Good, now call out here when you hear your name.”

Disinterested, Asher crosses his arms, his dark vibe growing as his appearance instantly turning hard and contemptuous. Letting his sensing flare out, he instinctively watches those around him never fully trusting such a crowd. Trust after all gets you killed. That thought though brings a voice he can no longer place words to mind. Best way to keep people off your back is to act like you’re bigger and meaner than they are. Nobody wants to challenge a true alpha, so be him and they’ll leave you alone. Not hard when I am. Especially the first time you meet other guys like yourself. Don’t let them think they can push you around or they’ll make you their bitch.

“Ash German?”

“Yeah, but it’s Asher, not Ash.”

Mr. Trevathan’s brows crease, “I have here.”

“My nickname, I’m aware. Doesn’t change the fact that my name’s Asher,” he stresses the er at the end.

“Who fucking cares.” Oh but I do little fox. “Ash, Asher, all the same.” That’s what you think little fox, but only prey like you gets to call me Ash. “Let’s move on,” Charlie states, causing Mr. Trevathan to scowl.

“That’s your first warning, Montgomery, watch your mouth in my class,” Mr. Trevathan scowls.

Charlie salutes, “Right-o, Mr. Trev, I will behave,” she tells him before turning to Asher and whispering, “Well, at least when my other two warning run out.”

Asher chuckles, only to raise a defiant brow when Mr. Trevathan turns a stern gaze his way, one that says he’s clearly on his radar too. “Alright,” finally finishing going down the roll, “Pair up.”

Grinning brightly, Charlie grabs one of Asher’s arms and jerks it down, interlacing her fingers with his as she does so. “You and me Asher,” lifting her head up she smiles at him. Such a bold little fox, few would grab one such as me by the tail.

Around them, Asher hears several boys grumbling about him scoring easy-in Montgomery. Tensing his jaw, Asher narrows his eyes and glares murderously towards them till they drop their own damn gaze. Never let them stare you down, it shows you’re weak and you aren’t weak boy. No, I’m not, and I won’t let them play with my toy either.

“Alright,” Mr. Trevathan looks around at the class, “now that you’re partnered, find a vehicle to work on.”

“You got any motorcycles, Mr. Trev?” Charlie calls out with a huge grin on her face.

“Why on earth would you want one Charlie?” he demands, eyeing us warily.

“Cause I want one,” Asher retorts, “Yamaha YZF-R3 preferably.” That gets the teacher to raise a brow.

“Got a few old ones, nothing like that. You know your bikes kid.”

Asher shrugs, “Got one where I live.”

“Bikes are in the back bay, on the right.”

“Come on,” Charlie tells him as she drags him off toward the bikes.

“That’s a motorbike, it isn’t street legal,” Asher grumbles, eyeing the first, an automatic pit dirt bike. Moving to the next he nods, “Kawasaki, not bad. Don’t know which, my brother would.” Stopping by the last bike Asher’s lip curls, a vintage Harley and he’d wager one they’re not supposed to touch by the fool of a teacher didn’t say anything about that so...

"Not that one! You keep your hands off my baby. Use one of the others.” Oh, I’ll play with it if I want to, old man, but lucky for you your toys don’t interest me.

“One of them isn’t even a real motorcycle, it’s a dirt bike!” Asher deadpans.

“Deal with it, German!” he shouts back, causing Asher to fight the snarl that wants to form on his lips for the man daring to tell him what to do.

“Which one?” Asher turns towards Charlie only to find her already mounted on the Kawasaki pretending to ride it. Grinning to himself, Asher shakes his head. “What are you doing, Montgomery?”

“Feeling the power between my legs. Or, the lack thereof. It won’t turn over so I guess we better figure out why.”

A predatory grin spread across Asher’s face, “You want power? I could slide some between your legs real quick.” Charlie bites her lip and raises a surprised brow at his bold words. “But if you don’t think you can handle it...” His eyes run over her body leaving no question to his meaning.

The outright brazenness pulls a shocked laugh from her, “That one,” she shakes a playful finger at him, “that one is a new one for me.”

Biting his lip ring, Asher playfully smirks at her, oh I doubt that little fox with the way they talk about you. “Got any idea what we’re supposed to be doing?” He nods at the Kawasaki, “I might have access to a bike at home, but my guardian would attempt to crush my nuts if I touched it.” Not that he’d survive it, he’d try though. Now boosting it, that’d I’d like to learn to do since bikes are more complicated, but I can’t exactly tell her that now, can I?

Charlie lets out a little giggle. “It’s probably as simple as a spark plug, so we should start there, or the fuel tank vent might be plugged...hell there is a list of simple fixes that could be wrong with it.” And yet you know them, how curious little fox. She hops off the bike and squats down next to the motor.

Asher bites his lip grin, his lip curling in amusement before he turns his attention to the task at hand. “He got manuals around here somewhere so we can check and of course parts? Kind of need those if we’re fixing it.”

“Yeah, if you need one. They’re right over there on the shelf over the workbench.” Charlie points to the far wall as she starts fiddling with the bike.

Watching her work Asher raises a brow, ”You know what you’re doing?”

“Oh, yeah. It’s my thing. I love working on cars and bikes.” Curious and curiouser, little fox. Just how much more will you tempt me?

“Then why do I need a manual if I have you?” Ash flashes a playful grin before joining her.

“The spark plugs look fine, and the wires to them are pretty snug. I’m really thinking it’s the fuel in-take valve,” Charlie looks serious for the first time since he’s met her, “You know, the other guys in the shop like to make me stand to the side and fetch tools for them. You’re the only one that actually listens to me.”

“Yes well, I don’t suffer from their idiot standards of women.” They don’t know how to appraise the value of their toys, I do. “Why would I turn down good help just because it’s from a woman, besides... you’ve got a better ass to watch bending over.” He points to another group and one of the boys who’s totally flashing his ass crack. “Hands down, any day, your ass over his.” Asher playfully grins at her, but there’s a hungry gleam in his eye that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Charlie gives him a bashful smile, “Yeah, well, maybe if I had an ass to show. Stupid pancake booty.”

“That was hardly a pancake ass you flashed earlier and even if it was, I’d still take it any day over that,” Asher points over his shoulder. “Now tell me what to do, or look for.” He squats down side by side with Charlie, their shoulders brushing.

Charlie bites her lip, her eyes trailing down his body and lingering at his crotch for only a moment. She tells him as she leans in closer, pressing up against Asher’s side, as she points, “We need to take off the carburetor. Then we can easily access the intake values. They’re usually plastic and get pretty worn out over time.”

Grabbing a wrench from beside him, Asher leans forward, his arm brushing against the side of her chest as he begins to take off the cover Charlie pointed out only to pull away with it a few minutes later. “Alright, it’s off, what now?”

Charlie turns it over in his hand to inspect the intake valve, and grins, “Yep, this thing is shot. Let’s take it over to the workbench.” Charlie pulls him to his feet and drags Asher over to the workbench, “Mr. Trev would just want us to fix it with another plastic valve and maybe replace the fuel line, but this bike would last longer if we used a metal intake valve and replaces this nipple,” she says pointing to the top of the carburetor.

Asher’s gaze briefly flicks down to Charlie’s chest then away, as she fights the smirk trying to grow on her face.

“And replacing it with an elbow. But, that’d be hard to do here. You’d need dry ice and epoxy. Mr. Trev doesn’t have dry ice sooo, stupid plastic valve it is.”

A sly grin spreads across Asher’s face, “Chemistry would I bet. We could go get it. As long as you don’t touch it it’s not too hard to swipe.”

“There’s no way Mr. Trev will let us go. He’d think it was pointless,” Charlie huffs. Oh, little fox, who said we’d ask?

“Just proves he doesn’t care.” Or know how to properly play with his toys. “No way would I want to replace something twice when I didn’t have to.” Or at all.

“Yeah, it’s total bullshit.” Charlie bites her lip and glances over her shoulder. As if she’s pondering how to smuggle some dry ice in. A crafty one, are we?

"Whose bike is this anyway? I mean if it’s scrap I get it,” Asher frowns, clearly not really liking that idea. “But if it’s owned, shouldn’t they have a say? I wouldn’t want my bike poorly done.” Who wants a broken toy? It ruins all the fun.

“It’s not really half-assed, it’s the standard way of fixing it, just not going the extra mile. People in the community bring their cars and bikes here for a cheaper fix and to help us out. They bring their stuff in here and we fix it up for a discounted rate. The money goes back into our supplies.”

Asher raises a brow in disgusted disbelief, “So... people take their toys here to be barely glued together? That’s...” His lip curls in disgust. That’s the work of a terrible collector.

“I don’t think they’re expecting much, we are a bunch of high school students,” Charlie giggles, “but if Mr. Trev would let me do what I want, we’d have cars lined up down the street.” Charlie’s nose wrinkles up in irritation knowing she could do so much better.

Huh, who knew this fox could be so cunning. “California Institute of Arts and Technology converts them to electric. Not that we’d really want to do that with a bike, but still...there’s money in that and that whole save the environment thing.”

“Yeah, that’s a little too up-scale for our class, it is just high school.”

Asher smirks, “I got sent here because it’s supposedly the best school. I would’ve stayed at Abraxas if I realized it was crap.”

“Hey, try and get in her pants later, finish that shit now. Some of us still got work to do, vampire,” a large kid built like a football player barks.

Narrowing his eyes, Asher’s presence flares out, making the entire room fills with displeasure as he glares at the fool like he’s dirt beneath his feet. Filthy little rat doesn’t know when it should stay silent. “If I wanted in her pants I’d be fucking her right now.” Getting an arched brow up at him from Charlie. “Don’t assume because we talk that’s all I want from her. Some of us have brains, not just brawns, and I happen to like chicks who can fix a car’s engine and not just rev mine.” Her eyes narrow in contemplation, trying to figure out his game with his backhanded compliments.

The jock’s jaw tightens and he takes a threatening step forward as Charlie slips in between them with a sweet smile, “Bobby, I just need the bench for a couple of seconds.” Charlie sweetly grins, and bites her lip, “I’ll make it worth your while later.”

Behind her, Asher scoffs. Don’t offer yourself up little fox, I don’t share my toys, much less with a rat-like him. “Let’s get this done so the jock boy can get his strap out of his ass, Montgomery.”

“Two minutes,” she tells Bobby and quickly jumps in taking the plastic valve off. Joining her, Asher switches between watching what she does and flaying Bobby with his eyes. Should I show you how quickly your kind fall? How they run like little rats when faced with a Nightmare like myself.

Charlie shows him what to do and quickly gets the part fixed. She laces her hand in Asher’s, causing a smug smile to cross his face as she pulls him back to the motorcycle but not before he whispers something for only Bobby to hear. Tensing the stupid jock lunges for him but Asher merely steps to the side his foot snaping out as his hand snaps into the jocks back with lightning speeds causing the stupid rat to fall forward and into the table as if by his own accord.

Once out of earshot Charlie whispers, “That was bold. If anyone caught what you just did to Bobby you’d be toast. He’s a total hothead, and has a ton of buddies that would help pummel you.”

"And?” Asher flippantly raises a brow, completely unphased by the idea. “You think I don’t know how to watch my back? First rule any system kid learns, don’t trust. Second, never back down, it’s them or you. You might not be, but we’re disposable. Street rats like me, we disappear all the time and nobody in your precious society gives a damn.”

“Bullshit, you’re not disposable.” Her brow pulls together as her eyes run over him, but not in a lust-filled way like before, “You’re... special. I’m just saying. The first enemy you make here, probably shouldn’t be Bobby Henderson, oh, and steer clear of Ty Saint-James and his friends.” And what does that exactly mean little fox? Though I should thank you perhaps for pointing out my competition.

At the name Saint-James, Asher raises a brow, “You mean the Fallen’s favorite angel of light?”

“Have you already had a run-in with them?” Charlie stiffens, realizing he not only knows about the Fallen but also Ty’s call sign, ”Please tell me you haven’t pissed off The Fallen.” There are so many fucking Fallen here. He’ll get himself killed.

Crossing his arms, Asher leans slightly back slightly only to raise a brow at her like he doesn’t have an ounce of fear in his body. “I’ve never seen him personally but I’m sure by now he’s aware of who I am just as I’m aware of him.”

Charlie’s eyes grow slightly widen, “Look, if you got any beef with The Fallen, you better steer clear. You don’t wanna mess with them.”

A cruel smirk crosses his face, as his eyes seem to turn chilling. “Why? If they were wise they’d steer clear of me and my brother.”

Charlie bits her lip, as she squats down and finishes putting the carburetor back on. I still want to play with him, but if he pisses off Ty, it’ll end my game fast.

Running his hand through his hair, Asher knocks his hood back as he squats down beside her, revealing shaggy black hair that grazes his shoulders before he props his elbows to his knees. “Und wie bist du an den gefallenen kleinen Fuchs gebunden?” And just how are you tied to the fallen, little fox? He ponders in German.

“Yeah, I didn’t get any of that, sweetheart.”

“It’s nothing.” Hearing the sound of the bell, Asher rises to his feet, and without saying a word begins removing his overalls before moving to his locker and stuffing them in. Grabbing his backpack he turns to leave with the rest of the class.

Charlie grabs her things from her locker, “Doesn’t sound like nothing.”

Asher’s lip curls in amusement as his eyes dance in delight, “Perhaps, if you’re lucky I’ll stay around long enough to teach you. But I seldom stay long, Montgomery. They tend to keep me moving around the state, I’d say for the fun of it but,” a hint of darkness fills his eyes. “I’d be lying then.”

She shrugs with a little smirk, “I wouldn’t mind you tutoring me.” Charlie looks down at her balled up pants and glances over at Mr. Trevathan, “I gotta get changed.” Eyeing Asher, her eyes dart to the supply closet behind her as the next class starts to filter in, seeing a golden opportunity. “Can I ask a favor?”

Raising a brow Asher’s gaze runs appraisingly over her, ”Plotting ways to get me into trouble already?” Such a bold fox, to ask a favor of me so freely. Many would sooner meet their fate then ask.

“What” she flashes him an innocent smile, “I would never plot to get anyone in trouble. I’m not smart enough to do that.”

Reaching out, Asher shakes his head as he grabs her hand for the first time and pulls her back towards it, ignoring the eyes that follow their movement. “You’re far from dumb, little fox.” He unexpectedly chastises, surprising her.

Charlie looks down at their interlocked fingers in awe. The shock that Asher grabbed her this time blatant on her face. All class she’s been dragging him around, but he actually reached out to Charlie, this time.

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