The Wildcards

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Chapter 5

Reaching the storage room, Asher turns and briefly eyes the room before opening the door and shoving Charlie inside. “Change, I’ll stay...” Feeling Charlie grab his arm Asher suddenly finds himself pulled inside the storage room too, the door slamming shut behind him. “In here, fine.” I’ll allow it little fox, this time. Leaning against the door, Asher raises a brow. “People are going to say we’re hooking up in here. I was hardly discreet about dragging you in here. Well minus Trev,” he amends.

“Oh for shame. My reputation will be tarnished. It’d be a shame to lose my virginity without actually losing it,” Charlie smirks, as she wiggles out of her overalls.

Tilting his head back, Ash’s eyes flare wide as he unexpectedly releases a deep laugh. “Virgin? You, little fox, are far from that. Does that ploy work often on them?” He gestures to the world outside.

Charlie lets out a little huff, “Quite often actually, and you ruined my little game. This isn’t how we play.”

"Aw, poor you,” reaching out he lightly bops her nose. Learn to play better, less obvious games, little fox.

She gives him a playful pout, “I thought you were going to be fun to play with.” She gives a little sigh, “Oh well.”

An amused smile crosses Asher’s face as he bites his lip ring, “Who says I’m not? Maybe you’re in my game, little fox. Ever consider you might just be another’s toy in play?” He cocks a brow.

She raises a brow up at him, “So you do want to play?” She bites her lips and runs her hand up his abs toward his chest, only to have him jerk away.

“Ugh,” she growls, “don’t taunt a girl if you’re not going to give her a taste.” Charlie marches over folded up pants and leans over to thread them on over her converses.

“I didn’t taunt you.”

Charlie rolls her eyes, this boy is throwing her games off and it’s frustrating her.

“But I won’t make it easy for you either,” Asher counters, as he pushes off the door. “Especially when you haven’t said what kind of game you think we’re playing.”

“Who said it was just one game,” she smirks. “You,” she points a wagging finger at him, “are a very fun toy.”

Oh I’m no toy, little fox, but you’ll learn that soon enough.

“Shall we play a game of who can play the field the best?” He cocks a brow at her, “I’ll still be the fastest,” he flashes a coy smirk as he bites his lip. “But I can act like you’ll have a chance.”

Charlie gives a little snort, “Sure, why not. Starting when, and what are the rules? Not that I’ll abide by them, but they are nice to hear.”

Asher smirks, “Shall we pretend we care if we get caught?” The look in his eyes saying he very much doesn’t and doubts she really does either. “And that you can’t just run to your boyfriend and fuck him a dozen times and have it count. That would be dull and frankly anyone could do that.”

“Ugh,” she makes a distasteful face, “I don’t have a boyfriend, so don’t fret over that rule. But the same goes for you. Doing that with your girlfriend doesn’t count, the same can be said for you.”

Asher softly laughs, “Hell will freeze when I get one of those.”

“Hear hear,” she bitterly grumbles, “And exactly how are we proving these hookups?”

Leaning forward Asher suddenly nips Charlie’s bottom lip. ”Trust me, you’ll hear about it.”

“Fine,” she rolls her eyes, “are you wanting some sort of proof from me? I mean, oh never mind.” She mutters as he raises a brow at her.

“Afraid you won’t leave a memorable experience for the poor boys of this establishment?”

“Yeah, sure,” she grins, “I’m a terrible lay. So?”

Chuckling, Asher shakes his head and bites his lip ring, “You are a horrible liar, little fox.”

“Yes, I am,” she admits, thanks to Ty and Pops though, she’s learned how to twist the truth into a lie and get away with anything.

“Ahh,” his eyes dance with delight at her words as he bites his lip ring, “Now that’s a twist of admission, well played little fo, but we need to hurry this up. I’ve got to find Pre Algebra still and I can’t miss many classes or it raises flags and my social worker will appear like that,” he snaps his fingers.

Charlie gives him a smirk, “All right, tiger, we’ll finish planning out these rules later. I’ll even show you to Pre-Al.” She quickly grabs the overalls to throw in the bin.

Opening the door behind him, Asher slides out and blends in with the students only to lean against the outside of the door to shop as he waits for Charlie who appears a few minutes later. “Lead the way little fox, I’ll follow, but the rules are simple. Don’t get caught by authoritative figures, unless of course you’re fucking said one, and try and keep up.”

Charlie nods in agreement, “That last one is going to be very important for you.” She casts him a playful smirk as they weave down the hall. “Oh...orgies and multiple partners at one time count. One point per person. I’m not giving those up to waste my time on this game.” Oh little fox, the handicap you’ve just given yourself.

“Let’s also keep in mind once a month the game will have to pause,” he casts a pointed look at her.

She scowls slightly, “Why?” Her mouth forms a tiny ‘O’, “Yeah... that. Well, yeah, but...” She tilts her head back and forth as she tries to figure out how to put it, “I’m going to have to let you know. I’m not exactly what they call consistent.” She adjusts her backpack, she does a little skip to keep up with his wide gate. “Just for curiosity’s sake, what is the prize at the end? Guys come out looking like a hero when he can score easily. I’m going to be labeled a slut. So what do I get out of this when I win?”

Asher’s lip curls in amusement, like you really care, easy in Montgomery. “I’m pretty sure your virgin ruse is up, little fox, with the name I heard them calling you but,” his eyes calculatingly run over her. “What do you want out of it if you do unexpectedly win?

“Hmm,” she bites her lip, calculating him. “An open favor. Don’t worry,” she quickly throws her hands up as he grows dark, “nothing major. Just one favor in case I need help from the Boogieman.”

“Define one favor,” he icily rakes his eyes over her, knowing many would take advantage of such an open-ended favor much less from one such as him. “Do you even know the favors often asked of me, little fox? Many would say they are akin to the deals a certain Lightbringer likes to make.”

“Not as serious as his. Just a little vengeance. I’ve taken on a demon role of my own, and sometimes I need a little help plotting.” She gives a little shrug.

“I have no intention of implementing myself in a crime if you fail and get caught. I will not be your scapegoat, little fox. If I help with this vengeance I’ll see that it’s done smoothly.”

“I get the final say,” she states, “of whatever the plans are. I’m not going down for anyone either. I should warn you, what I do for other people, it’s pure vengeance, I make no profit from it. There is no gain, and the person we are doing it for will be anonymous to you and visa versa. They won’t know you’re involved.”

“No, they won’t,” he agrees, his words sending a little shiver through her since they’re laced with a dark promise.

“And If I win? What are you willing to wager, little fox?”

She shrugs, “What do you want?”

Asher raises a brow as he casts her a sideways look. “I’ve only just arrived and yet to really learn who you are.” Though you at least seem to know who I am, to a degree, little fox. “So how about an open ended favor as well. Though unlike yours, they will know I did it and I will profit or gain something from it.”

“No,” she flat out turns him down, “unless I know the full details of the favor beforehand and can refuse. No offense,” her gaze runs over him, “but I trust you just about as far as I can throw you. I’m not going to walk into some blind deal.”

“And now you know how I feel about open ended deals, little fox. Especially to a girl who has a vague idea of who I am and wants to use my reputation. A reputation she wishes to utilize to some effect that’s beneficial to her, no less, without an idea of how it will affect me. Feel free to put stipulations as I did on it, I would expect nothing less.” His eyes dart to her, “Though it doesn’t mean I’ll agree to them.”

“Whatever this favor is, I want full details of it. The operation, who and what will be involved, times, dates, what the profit is, everything. I get to deny it if I feel it isn’t in my best interest. I will pay my winnings, but I’m not sticking my neck out for you. This is just a game. Which leads me to my next stipulation, no one will know that I’m involved, except for your brother and that blonde headed friend of yours. Those I’ll allow, but they can’t know my name, and if I have to be involved in the activity that you’re planning, my face is allowed to be covered. I have a reputation I have to keep to myself.”

“I would tell you what you need to know for your part, little fox. But such full disclosure would allow you to jeopardize any plan I set in motion so no, I won’t, just as I’m sure you won’t actually tell me you’re full plan. I will guarantee no one will know you were willingly involved and that no one will know of it.” His gaze runs over Charlie as they climb another set of stairs. “As I said before, I have no idea who you are or how I might need your services. Depending on what I feel like I may require you to be seen, but if so, I promise it wouldn’t be in any fashion that would jeopardize your precious reputation.”

“That’s fine, as long as long as you don’t use me for my name.”

So your family is important, interesting, little fox. “You mean like you wish to use me for?” He raises an intrigued brow.

“NoPe, I already told you, I’m not dropping your name in what I do. I just want your mind, maybe some heavy lifting if I need it.” Holding out her hand to him, “We have a deal?”

Asher’s lip curls, “We need a time frame first, or did you forget that small detail?”

“End of the school year? Though repeats are inevitable, just warning.”

Tilting his head back, Asher releases a deep laugh that makes him briefly look carefree as his hair falls back out of his face exposing his sharp jawline becomes more. Damn, too bad I’m not going to touch that now with our little game, he’s hot.

“You have no idea how right you are on that, little fox. Especially if you limit me to the girls of this school only.”

“Outside counts.” She shakes her head in frustration, “I’m not limiting myself.”

Turning his head, he bites his lip ring as he flashes her a panty dropping grin, “Then we should exchange numbers so we can keep a private tally between us. And I assume you agree outside would require some sort of proof since neither of us lives near the other. Pick your proof, little fox.”

“Well,” she clears her throat, “as appealing as Asher German porn sounds, I’ll take your word for it. I can send you post fucked pics.”

Snapping his head towards her Asher raises a brow, blatant surprise on his face that she would take his word for it. “I’ll do the same. That way you won’t refute my word later.”

“Eh, don’t worry about it,” she waves him off, “getting girls to agree to those types of pics is hard enough. Doesn’t seem fair. Your word is good enough. So we got a pact?”

Holding her gaze where it feels he can somehow see into her soul like Ty does, Asher gives a small nod. “Yes, little fox. We have a pact.” Pulling his phone out he hands it to her after putting in some insanely long password. “Just your initials, deniability after all and we only send daily tallys or proof. You wish to talk to me, do so here at school.”

She quickly types CEM and her number into his phone and hands it back to him. “Don’t talk to me too much here,” she smirks, “you might kill my game. Text me, I’ll put you in under AG. Come on, Pre Algebra is on the second floor.” Her eyes turn down the hall and her face quickly falls, “Well shit.”

“Any sign of her yet?” Ty Saint-James, the boy Jett foolishly tried to pickpocket growls out, as his vibrant green eyes narrowed in irritation and a menacing aura fills the hallway.

“God damnit,” Charlie grumbles under her breath, as her eyes dart around the group of guys surrounding him. Ryker’s sandy blonde hair and muscular build make him easy to spot beside a thinner platinum blonde she knows all too well, Carson. Charlie drops back a bit and keeps her head down praying by some miracle she goes unnoticed.

Sensing her unease, Asher’s attention snaps over to them as his eyes narrow only to take her hand and push her behind a group of jocks as they go by. Jerking his hoodie over his head, giving her a momentary tease of his surprisingly muscular stomach as his shirt rises up, he shoves it at her. “Your hair stands out, put it on.”

Keeping an eye on the group of guys she shakes her head but pulls it on, flipping up the hood, “Pretty sure it’s too late.”

“There’s only one up there I question having seen you. Now is there another way around?” He softly mutters as his eyes dart around only to have a frown cross his face, unsure of why he’s even bothering doing this for her.

“No, this is it, unless you wanna be hella late.”

“They’re about to move,” grabbing her hand he interlaces their fingers and pulls her swiftly to a nearby wall before pushing her up against it only to suddenly kiss her.

Charlie’s eyes fly open wide as her hands fly up to instinctively push him away, and she sucks in a sharp surprised breath. Unexpected electric sparks fire through her as his lips dance across hers with a skill she wouldn’t expect from a high schooler. She’s never been kissed quiet like this before and she can’t seem to help the lust filled fog her mind slips into. Letting out a soft moan, she sinks into the kiss, her hands resting on his neck. Her body molds into his as a natural reaction to this mind blowing kiss.

“Mother fucker,” a deep baritone voice snarls as Asher’s suddenly jerked back to reveal a boy the same height as him with spiked near black hair with at least fifty to a hundred pounds on him. Livid, Ty’s vibrantly green eyes few can meet the gaze of, burn with rage, ruining an otherwise ruggedly handsome face. Tensing his muscles, Charlie’s eyes widen as Ty’s fist coils back, aiming straight for Asher’s face.

A feral grin spreads across Asher’s face instead of fear or even surprise as he seems to glide with a grace only a few dancers Charlie knows possess right out of Ty’s way. “Is that the best you can do?” He raises a brow at Ty, “I’ve fucked girls who can throw a punch better than you.”

Tensing his jaw, the hallway fills with Ty’s dark rage as his eyes deaden, making him look void of a very soul. Charlie whispers a soft, “Fuck,” realizing Ty is reaching that uncontrollable anger level. “Ty-Ty,” she jumps in between the two boys, knowing that isn’t going to do too much to stop him, but it’s worth a shot. “Hey,” she lays a gentle hand on his face trying to gain his attention only to get it knocked away because Ty’s murderous glare is already locked onto its target. Asher though doesn’t seem to care, in fact, he doesn’t seem the least bit bothered by the mixed group of hockey players and Fallen around him.

The group of guys with Ty are all on the defense, including Ryker, who is sending off some majorly pissed off vibes along with Carson Moretti. Charlie rolls her eyes seeing Carson’s jaw tick. “Jesus Christ, fucking calm down.”

Biting his lip ring, Asher’s grin only grows, “For not having a boyfriend you have a lot of very jealous male friends.” His vibrant ice blue eyes dart to her as he suddenly ducks when Ty’s fist comes straight for him again, hoping to use his momentary distraction against him. “Particularly this one.” Snapping his arm out, Asher’s hand blurs only to have Ty curse as he jerks back.

“Who the fuck are you?” Ty growls out, but at least whatever Asher just tried to do to him has gotten his temper a bit in check, though given the slight tsk of disapproval Asher releases, he didn’t expect Ty to be able to perceive, much less dodge it.

A feral grin crosses Asher’s face as amusement dances in his eyes, “I could ask the same to you, Ty-Ty,” he adds repeating the name Charlie said.

“He’s the Grim Reaper,” Ryker answers behind him, making Charlie scowl, knowing he’s obviously got the wrong brother in mind.

Turning his head towards him, Asher bites his lip ring, “Are you sure?” He raises a brow, “We are The Nightmare Twins,” he taunts.

“Well if you aren’t then you’re stupid to admit it. Reaper’s the scariest one,” Ryker spouts off.

Shaking his head Jakob uncharacteristically tenses his jaw, “No, not if it involves girls.”

“The Reaper will steal your soul,” Carson’s prepubescent tenor voice grinds out. “But the Boogeyman is a twisted pied piper that lures girls and destroys their minds.”

“Son of a...” Jumping forward, Ty’s suddenly jerked back by Mounty and Ryker knowing he’s about a few seconds away from getting his ass suspended if he keeps this up.

“Keep that mad demon of yours in check,” Asher drolly says, taking a step back as his hand snaps out to grab Charlie’s. “If you know what’s good for him,” he taunts, turning on the balls of his feet only to start heading down the hallway with her in tow.

“Room two-O-eight on the right,” she tells him as she slips out of his grasp and points down the hall. Slipping his hoodie off, she tosses it back to him before skipping back to the group of guys. Turning slightly on his heels, Asher flashes her a playful grin as if he didn’t just try and pick a fight with a third of the freaking Hockey team and a bunch of Fallen before he disappears a few minutes later into the room.

Reaching the boys, Charlie’s instantly pulled to Ty’s side by her hand as he glares daggers down the hall at room two hundred and eight. “Just a little bit of an overreaction, don’t ya think?” Charlie cocks a brow up at the testosterone-filled horde only to have Carson shake his head in disbelief.

“Find out if we have a fuckin’ nightmare infestation,” Ty angrily snaps, his temper still at the surface as he ignores them both.

“Are you kidding?” Carson points down the hall in a huff, “you were already falling under his spell.”

"Oh my god,” she rolls her eyes, “I was not.”

“Yeah,” Ryker snorts, “that’s why it looked like you were about to dry fuck him right in the middle of the hall.” Carson glares over his shoulder at Ryker, who just merely shrugs, silently daring him to contradict him.

“Never fear, I’m not going to sleep with the guy. Even if I did, we all know I’ve lost my mind a long time ago.” Charlie puts a finger to her head and lets it loop down as she whistles out a cartoon falling noise. The sight makes Carson cringe, knowing just whose damn fault it is.

“I’ll check some of the classes on my way to Biology,” he mutters turning on his heels.

“I told you,” Ryker mouths off to her as he points a finger at her, “to stay away from those two!”

“Did you?” She playfully ponders pretending to recall the conversation, “must have missed that part.”

“You fuckin’ kiddin’ me, Reed?” Ty snaps, as his eyes narrow over Charlie’s head at him. “You knew he was snoopin’ around and didn’t say shit?”

“The other one came into my shop or that one,” he gestures down the hall. “Fuck, I don’t know-” His jaw ticks, “And I’m not one of your Fallen.”

“The other one,” Charlie corrects, “how can you not tell them apart. They don’t really look that much alike and they feel different. Well not,” she rubs her hand up and down Ty’s arm only to have him pull her into him so that his arm drapes across her shoulders. “Not that kind of feel, but the air around them.”

“They’re identical twins, Charlie,” Jakob shakes his head. “It’s one of those things everyone knows about The Nightmare Twins. Well, that and they’re vicious.”

Ryker rolls his eyes, “Anyway, what do I fucking care if they are hanging around, they paid so it’s not my business. But I did tell her,” he gestures to Charlie, “to stay the hell away!” He narrows his eyes at her.

“I stayed away... until this morning when I got the bus. Then,” she waves her arms out in front of her, “there he was.”

Ty tenses behind her, “You’re stayin’ with me tonight, angel.”

“I was planning on it anyway. Come on,” she pats his arm, “you need to blow off steam.” Pulling his arm away, she takes his hand and starts dragging him off.

“I want that fuckin’ twin found!” he hollers over his shoulder as they head down the hall and up a flight of stairs only for him to jerk her to a stop. Pulling something from his pocket Ty messes with the door until it suddenly opens. “In!”

Slipping into the janitor’s closet, Charlie sluffs off her backpack and tosses it to the ground.

“He’s trouble, stay away from him,” Ty grumbles as he grabs the back of his shirt and pulls it over his head.

“So are you,” she chuckles, “so am I!”

“Don’t start that fuckin’ shit with me,” Ty growls out using his size to corner her against the wall.

“Mmhmm,” she hums unfazed by his moodiness, as she reaches for his belt. ”God, you’re so cranky.” She bites her lips smiling, his foul mood is actually exciting her, if anything.

“He was fuckin’ all over you, of course I am,” he grumbles, showing that damn posessive streak J.D. always goes on about.

“Oh good,” she smirks, “and greedy.” She jerks his belt loose and loosens his pants. “That combo makes for some fucking good sex.”

Grabbing her cargo pants, Ty deftly flicks the button and unzips it only to slide his hand down the front of her thong, “Get this shit off before I break it.”

Jerking her pants and panties off, she quickly rips her shirt up overhead to, knowing that’s what’s coming next. Reaching into his back pocket, Charlie retrieves a condom that she knows he keeps in there only to have Ty snatch it out of her hands. The telltale sound of it ripping fills the air as she strokes him with her free hand.

Growling within his chest, Ty captures her hands in one hand while the other slides the condom on only to grab her hips and lift her up so that she’s pressed against the janitor’s closet’s wall.

Her heart races with excitement waiting for what’s to come. Ty Saint-James is not small by any means, and her body is craving to have him inside her. She wraps her arms and legs around him and bites his bottom lip, giving his aggressive kiss a metallic hint of blood as they both fight for dominance. Jerking her down onto him, he swallows her cry as he forcibly stretches her causing her to her back and press her chest into him.

Her nails dig into his back as he continues his relentless rhythm filling her body as an outlet for his volatile rage.

"Oh god,” she hisses. With his size and the barbarous pace, it hurts so good. “Ty, god, I’m going to be so sore.”

"Good,” he grunts against her lips as their teeth clash and his hands tighten on her hips to an almost painful level.

“Fuck, yes,” she gasps knowing he needs to get his pent up aggression out through rough sex or beating the shit out of someone. Charlie will gladly volunteer her body up for the sex to keep him from getting suspended. No qualms with this at all.

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