The Wildcards

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Chapter 8

Reaching his next class, Asher flashes Charlie a playboy smirk before disappearing inside. Ignoring his fellow classmates he drops into his seat barely paying attention to the teacher as she takes roll.

“German, Asher sind sie da?”

“Da,” he drolly answers.

“Was war das?” She raises a brow at him as she asks him what was that.

“Ich be da, Frau Ix.”

“Gut.” She gives a nod before turning to the next student on her list only to tell them in German that they have a pep rally to go to and that he will sit next to her T.A. He rolls his eyes, like that, would make him behave, he’d already fucked her teacher’s assistant twice.

Sighing as the announcement to head to the gym for his class goes out, Asher stands and shoulders his bag only to fall in line beside Bridgit, her senior T.A.

“Guten Tag, Asher. Bist du bereit für ein bisschen Spaß?” Good afternoon, Asher. Are you ready for some fun? Bridgit asks, shaking her skirt ever so slightly as she says it.

“Ja, so viele Spaß,” yeah, so much fun, his words dripping with sarcasm though she knows she means another kind of fun.

Sliding into a set of bleachers near the far side of the gym, Asher pulls out his sketchbook and ignores the rest of the class. Kicking his foot up on the bleacher beneath him, uncaring of the look he gets from Hilary Patricks for it, he begins to sketch. Letting his pencil freely slide, he begins to draw a corseted dress in cream and black. The wearer stands tilted slightly forward with her dress hiked up to reveal her leg and stiletto black heels.

Turning his attention outwards, he shakes his head as he watches Charlotte fly into the air only to be caught by her squad. Such a strange little toy she’s turning out to be. A mechanic, a skateboarder, a damn cheerleader, every time he places her where he thinks she belongs within his collection she hops right out and wanders off. Looking down at what he’s continued to draw his lips thin at her expression within his art. Lips parted, eyes alight as if trapped within a moment of exhilaration as her hand reaches out to take that of someone in a suit. And who do you reach for, little fox, I wonder? Saint-James or another?

Watching jocks act like idiots below him only to get fawned over by the cheerleaders and other girls Asher stands as the others do and shoulders his backpack only to have the fool behind him bump him. Jerking around to glare at him, his sketchpad tilts out of his bag and before he can grab it Hilary Patricks attempts to grab it herself. The fool knocks it right out of his own reach, sending it flying across the end of the bleacher and to his annoyance right under the hidden door to the sports closet. Gritting his teeth Asher narrows his eyes at her causing her to visibly pale before she bolts down the bleachers with him hot on her heels.

The moment he reaches the bottom, Charlie tackles him in the hug he asked for and even plants a kiss on him for a bonus. “There you go,” she whispers into his ear, feeling Ty’s burning irritation from where they are standing, “he’s good and pissed now. Just like you wanted. Aaand now he’s coming for me, gotta split. Catch ya later, tiger.” With that she skips off, disappearing into the crowd.

Having lost his quarry, Asher turns his eyes to the murderous glare coming across the gym from none other than Ty ‘Lucifer’ Saint-James, her ‘boy’ friend and rising Fallen. Letting his own presence snap darkly out he flashes a twisted smile as he holds the man’s gaze. Yes, your grips slipping Lucifer, his expression tells him, causing Ty’s jaw to tick.

Storming over, Ty gets right in his face, his expression livid, “Stay away from Charlie, you piece of shit.”

“Or you’ll what?” Asher icily demands as he cocks an unimpressed brow.

“I’ll beat you so...” Ty darkly threatens only to have a teacher smack their hand down on his shoulder.

“Stop right there, Saint-James,” Coach Decklin, head coach for the boys’ hockey team decrees. “You and I are going to have a little chat about when we can and can’t get into fights aren’t we?” His tone leaving little choice in the matter as he directs him out of the gym.

Now bored since his fun was taken from him, Asher’s gaze sweeps around the room before he allows himself to be directed out of the gym and turning he prowls away and towards his locker. Opening it, he shoves several of his items inside only to grab a second bag holding all his worldly possessions and throw it over his shoulder. He learned long ago trust is a fool’s luxury. Time and time again life has proven to him those that take care of you only want to use or harm you and always they would take. Knowing not enough time has passed since the pep rally, he turns and heads back to his German class knowing the T.A. Brigit would have gone there first and if he’s fast he’ll catch her. Arriving as she’s about to leave, he finds himself minutes later in the empty classroom. Hoisting up on a table, he amuses himself with her body for a brief amount of time making her silently scream her release at least twice before he, unfortunately, has to leave without finding his own. Despite being far too short for his liking, he finishes Brigit off a third and final time, letting her slide to the floor as he redresses and leaves intent on getting his art before some foolish jock finds it in the damn thing.

I’ll burn their precious gym down first before I let one of them find it, his expression turns dark. No one touches my sketches!

Throwing open the door to the gym, Asher stills at the sight of the Lacrosse team coming out of their locker rooms only to start stretching. Fuck...

“Hey German, you hear for tryouts?” Harper Bailey, a rich preppy brunette, calls out causing Asher to grit his teeth.

"No,” he snaps out moving behind the still thankfully out bleachers and so that Harper doesn’t realize he’s slipping into their damn storage closet. Grabbing the handle, he jerks it open and slips inside only to still. His eyes widen at the sight of Charlie pinned against the wall, her cheer top off, bra pushed up exposing her breasts to the girl she’s with, who’s enjoying one of Charlie’s succulent breasts. Charlie’s head is tilted back in pleasure with her hand up another girl’s skirt, and her panties on the floor around her ankles. Both of their lips sticks are smeared, revealing that they’ve been making out for a while, and panic fills both of their eyes as their heads snap to him.

Charlie jerks her hand away and squeaks, “Asher! Fuck! I...I can explain...” Oh, I don’t need one little fox, but it’s cute you think I do.

“To the whole Lacrosse team?” He cocks a brow, knowing how it will affect them. “Because they’re about to come in here for their sticks and gear in a matter of minutes.” Charlie’s and the other girl’s eyes widen as they pale just as he knew they would.

"What?! No! Not after the pep rally,” Charlie’s hands fly to her mouth, ”Oh God! Playoffs!” Charlie turns visibly green, “James! He’s gonna freak. Oh God! What if he tells mom and dad!” Poor little rich girl, will daddy bend you over and spank you? I have a feeling you might oddly like that. The act anyway.

“You have issues getting caught too?” Asher demands, his exterior showing concern when he really could care less. Locking his eyes on the blonde that’s with Charlie, he watches her panicked face nod.

“Right,” grabbing the back of his hoodie, Asher jerks it over his head before striding across the room. The things I find myself doing for you, little fox. The sight of him without his hoodie reminds Charlie just how slender yet oddly fit he is. “Kiss me. Both of you. Make sure you smear your lipstick.”

The blonde’s eyes widen in shock and she eyes him like he’s crazy. “Just do it, Stacey, he’s trying to save our asses,” Charlie says as Asher slides in front of her. Coming the last few inches to meet him she gives him a quick, but deep passionate kiss, before pulling away, “Kiss his neck, Stace. Make it look like we’ve been with him for a while.”

Stacy lays an awkward kiss on his neck, as Charlie ruffles up his silken hair, giving the appearance that fingers have been running through it. “Right,” pushing Charlie up against the wall she’d just been against, Asher lifts her up, causing Charlie to instinctively wrap her legs around. “Ass or chest?” His eyes landing on Stacy. “Because I have to touch you some way.” He eyes her distance. “You’ll have to get closer than that or this isn’t going to look believable.”

Stacy scowls but steps closer, “Ass.”

“Alright, come here then and keep your hands on me, but don’t touch my chest, I don’t like it.” His words proving what Charlie’s already realized, piquing her interest on just why he would care if someone touched him there or not.

Asher casts Stacy what comes across as a remorseful stare, knowing it’s what others would expect of him. “You’re not going to like this but you’ll need to appear interested in doing this with me. Do what you’re most comfortable with. I don’t care what it is, but your current look of yours won’t work. No one’s going to buy.”

Stacy nods grabbing his ass and starts to kiss his neck just as the sounds of a group of people talking meets their ears.

“Bet you didn’t think that kiss out there would lead to this?” Asher quips flashing her a playful smirk as he bites his lip ring.

Snorting, Charlie grins, “Definitely wasn’t my plan.”

“Mine either little fox, but this threesome’s at least a warmup. And I added a point before I came here.” Cutting off her retort, Asher kisses her harshly, causing her to gasp against his aggressive nature. Yet to experience this side of him, Charlie lets out a genuine moan just as the door to the storage room opens and Asher’s hand slips in her panties and in her. Stilling at the sight, her brother James and a couple of other players’ eyes grow wide.

"Jesus, Charlie! What the hell are you doing!” James, Charlie’s tall red-headed brother, exclaims from the doorway. His blue eyes go wide in shock as disgust fills his face.

Snapping his head at the question, Asher glares at him as his displeasure fills the room causing the players around James to take a step back even as his fingers speed up making her throw her head back and moan.

"Oh my god!” Charlie’s eyes rolling to the back of her head, a sense of awe filling her at how quickly this boy gets her to the brink of a release. Even with Stacy working her over for a while, she didn’t expect to be brought to a release so quickly.

“Who are you? Can’t you see we’re busy?” Asher icily demands, letting his true nature slide forward and his predatory slide surfaces.

“James ... oh god yes ... fuck, out!” Charlie garbles as she undoes Asher’s belt and reaches into his pants. Her eyes grow wide, “Oh fuck me!” Her eyes drop to his crotch. Sliding his mouth against the side of her neck, Asher gratingly growls as if claiming her, sending the lustful vibration through her heightened nerves.

“Ah! My god!” Charlie pants, biting her lip as her hand moves up and down stroking him. In a mixture of trying to block his teammates from his sister’s porn show, and wanting to vomit, James starts shoving guys out of the sports closet.

Grunting, Asher pins her with his weight further against the wall as his fingers quicken yet he keeps a different rhythm with Stacy as he caresses her ass as she continues to kiss his neck. “Get your fucking shit and get out!” Asher barks, leaving no room for debate on the matter with how angry his tone is. This is a man you do not want to get on the wrong side of. Asher German has done time in juvie for a reason, and James and them don’t want to learn for what.

"Oh god!” Charlie moans, no longer caring about playing this off as a threesome, as she finds herself more interested in the pleasure building within her. One hand still attending to him, the other laces through his hair and aggressively jerks, crashing his lips to hers. Screams of ecstasy ring out as she aggressively rides his hand.

"Asher!” Charlie’s cries of pleasure snap her brother’s attention away from the scene. His lips curl up in disgust and he grabs the last of their lacrosse equipment.

“Mom and dad are gonna hear about this,” he snarls over his shoulder.

“It’ll make meeting them all the more interesting, then.” Asher unexpectedly retorts back.

Glaring daggers, James disappears out the door, slamming it closed behind him.

“Shit,” Charlie groans, as Asher slips his fingers from her and gently lets her slide down the wall.

Flashing her an amused smirk, Asher’s ice blue eyes dance in delight as he bites his lip and looks down at her. “And now you know why they say girls lose their minds around me, little fox.” Shifting his eyes towards Stacy his expression turns apathetic. “Are we cool?”

The blonde swiftly nods as she puts herself together only to grab her backpack and leave the room.

Charlie smirks and glances toward his crotch, “Your fuckin’ huge! The other girls weren’t lying.” Her smile falters slightly as a wave of concern washes over her before she plasters on her best fake smile, “Thanks.” Not only will she be in a world of trouble still for having a threesome in the sports closet. Asher has the potential to blackmail her, and it’s a legitimate concern since she’s seen him making Nightmare deals, like Ty. He’s a manipulator, and a damn good one though she doubts most realize it. She’s seen him do it and now he knows she was with a girl and more than likely suspects this isn’t her first time either, meaning she could be in for a world of hurt.

She nervously licks her lips as she grabs her top and pulls it back on. “What can I do to make this... disappear?”

Oh little fox, you show your hand and fears far too easily. If you were anyone else and I was in the mood I’d have you sell your very soul to me.

“I don’t care you’re bi, or that Stacy’s a lesbian, Charlotte,” Asher flashes her an amused grin and bites his lip ring as he retrieves his hoodie and slips it on only to grab his two bags off the floor. Charlie grows more nervous realizing how good he is at reading people. Moving towards the door he watches her tense as he bends down, only to retrieve his sketchbook neither of the girls had noticed before, giving a glimpse of a well-used sketch pad.

“You’re going to be meeting my parents in at least two weeks. I can not stress enough that my sexuality cannot be brought up. It’s not just a matter of whether or not I’m ready to come out or not, Asher.” Her lips thin.

Sliding his sketchbook safely within his backpack, Asher raises a brow as he zips it shut. “And you’re afraid I’ll tell them.” His gaze runs over her body in a calculating way.

“It’s a concern I have for anyone that finds out. It would be detrimental to me. I know you’ve already got your preconceived notion of my home life, but trust me, it’s not sunshine and glitter,” she bites, as she snatches up her backpack.

“Yes, I can imagine the Mayor wouldn’t be too pleased.”

Charlie cringes, realizing he’s done the research he promised to do on her.

Shifting the weight on his shoulder, Asher rolls his eyes, “I could care less what your parents think, especially your mother. I know her type far too well. If you’re so worried about proving your sexuality to them I could fuck you in their limo.”

Charlie snorts, and rolls her eyes, “I’ve caught on to the fact that you couldn’t give a rats ass about others. They might not have,” she gestures to the world outside, “but I have. I’m more concerned about the silver platter opportunity you have before you. Cause honestly... I’d jump all over this shit.”

“Oh, it’s very tempting, little fox. You’re only begging for it with your naive responses,” he counters keeping his outer appearance playful while inside his mood darkens.

Just how observant are you? Very few, your boyfriend for one can catch a glimpse of my true nature. Yet somehow you have... but then your reaction screams such naivety. You are a fickle toy, little fox.

“But it would also ruin our game or at the very least give you a presumed edge. The fools,” he gestures outside, “do love the idea of being the boy invited into a lesbian tango.”

She raises a brow at him, “You realize I have threesomes all the time, right? And that you actually aren’t getting my ‘real’ numbers.”

“Naturally, and you realize three ways are warm-ups, right?” He cocks a brow at her, “I did fuck the entire Varsity cheer squad this morning. Hence J.V.s lovely performance today.”

She rolls her eyes, “You keep bragging on that like it’s some kind of accomplishment. Congratulations, I’m excited for you.”

“I don’t brag, as I think you’ve noticed by now.” And he’s right, besides reporting it to her Asher’s never really bragged per se, not like the other boys would do. Ty would have run his mouth off before school even started letting the whole school know. Asher on the other hand hasn’t said a word but to her and when people do brag, it’s the girls.

“You’re a true gentleman. I gotta go. I have to hunt someone down. Thanks to our little warmup I have to avoid home for a few days,” she huffs.

“Saint-James no doubt, I’m sure the jealous boyfriend won’t mind.” He flashes her twisted grin.

“You really won’t let up, will you?” She shoots him a glare.

“With that fact that he’s jealous? Territorial? Practically peed on you the first day I was here?”

She opens her mouth to contradict him, but the truth is Ty is coming off as a jealous boyfriend. She lets out a grunt and flicks him off. “I don’t care what you think, we’re just friends.”

“With benefits,” he gives her a playful smirk. “The kind of female friends I normally keep.”

“Same, except for the gay males or the straight females...” she stops and thinks for a second, “and you.”

His smirk turns knowing, “Because that could give me added numbers. And I agree, that would ruin the fun of the game if you were to lose your mind to me.” Reminding her of all the warnings the Fallen have given her about The Boogieman.

"Oh my god,” she groans rolling her eyes, “don’t flatter yourself.” Though he was good, and it’s very tempting to taste more, she’ll find other ways to let out her frustrations.

A knowing smile crosses Asher’s face, he’s seen her internal struggle before and out of those that have tasted, none have ever managed to keep that mentality of hers for more than a few days.

“Okay, I gotta go Romeo.”

“Yes, yes, go find your homecoming date. This rendezvous has cost me my bus ride and Grim will be ticked when I arrive hours later than expected. Death hates waiting.”

“I’m not going to the dance. I wasn’t asked.” Unlike most girls her age, she doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that no boy asked her. “Tell your brother, I’m sorry.”

He shrugs, “If you like. And if it makes you feel better some fool thought to nominate me for homecoming king,” he rolls his eyes like it’s the stupidest idea ever when many dream of it.

She smirks with amusement, “I would have gone stag just to see you crowned. Best night ever. You’re sheer displeasure as they placed that plastic crown on your gorgeous head.”

“One, you assume I’d go to said dance, I wouldn’t. Two,” a long knife suddenly appears in his hand, “that would be hard to do without a hand.”

Her eyes fall to the knife as a spark of mischief gleams in her eyes, “Well, that would make it even more entertaining.”

“Until the cops ruined it, and screaming crowds,” he makes a face and shakes his head, “get old. Now,” he shifts the bags on his shoulder. “You have a boy to beg, possibly on your knees, and I have a bus to catch. Enjoy your precious homecoming, cheer fox,” he calls over his shoulder as he opens the door and walks out.

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