The Wildcards

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Chapter 9

“I’m going to end up getting ditched at Evan’s party, aren’t I?” Lindsey Smith huffs, as she leans against the door frame of Charlie’s bathroom. The short Asian girl crosses her arms over her volleyball t-shirt, as she taps her toe of her sneakers down on the tile floor, crossing her leg over the other.

“I’m not going to ditch you,” Charlie chuckles as she leans into the mirror and traces dark circles around her eyes with black eyeliner.

“Uh-huh,” Lindsey’s chocolate brown eyes run over Charlie’s laced back tank top turned dress, with skulls littering the front. Her eyes wander down to her barely covered booty and black girdle, that is holding up her lacey hose. “Are you even wearing shorts under that?” She points a finger to the bottom hem of Charlie’s shirt.

“Yes...” Charlie smirks, as she lifts the shirt up showing off her lace black underwear. “See, pants.”

“Panties, you mean,” Lindsey rolls her eyes as she shakes her head, sending her straight black ponytail waving behind her. “So getting ditched.” Uncrossing her legs, Lindsey walks over to Charlie and jumps up on the counter next to her.

“Any hookups I have will be at the party. When we’re ready to go, we’ll hunt each other down, and I swear, we will come back here for our sleepover. Bros before hoes,” Charlie holds up her fist for a bump, only to get glared at.

“The saying is Sisters before Misters.”

Charlie shrugs, grabbing Linsey’s hand she forces her hand to first bump hers, “I like the other saying better.” Nudging Lindsey’s jean cladded leg, Charlie flashes her an innocent smile, “When have I ever ditched you before?”

“Lots. Like all the time,” she rolls her eyes, crossing her arms over her small chest.

Charlie’s eyes grow wide in genuine surprise, “I have not! Not if it’s just the two of us!”

“Ah-ha!” Lindsey points an accusing finger at her, “it’s never just the two of us, and you always ditch! Why aren’t we going with Ty and Carson? We always go to stuff like this with them. I feel like we are excluding them.”

Charlie groans, rolling her eyes as she turns her attention back to the mirror to finish applying her makeup. “I need them not to be there, or at least not know I’m there, okay?” Ty’s been possessive like she predicted, and Carson hasn’t been much better. Even when Charlie’s at the Fallen base with two of them she’s caught them repeatedly bickering over the last week.

Lindsey’s eyes narrow, “You’re doing one of your, jeez, what do you call it? Avenging angel things?”

Charlie finishes putting on her deep burgundy lips stick, as her eyes flash to Lindsey. “Don’t worry about my agenda tonight. We’re going to a party. We’re going to have fun. Then come back here, and do girly shit.”

The acts of vengeance are how Lindsey and Charlie became friends in the first place. A group of girls were bullying her until Charlie threatened them within an inch of their lives. Since then, the two girls have been as thick as thieves. Charlie’s the dark shadow to Lindsey’s pureness. Ty and Carson work hard at keeping the girls away from the Fallen gang, and it works for Lindsey. Unfortunately, Charlie finds other ways to slip herself into the Fallen and blackens her soul along with them.

“Fine, but I don’t want to do girly shit,” she sighs, and pulls her legs up to rest her feet on the counter, “It’s one of the reasons we make good friends, neither of us like girl shit.”

Charlie snorts, “That’s not true, I love girly shit. I just love none girly shit too.”

Lindsey rocks her heels back and forth as Charlie cleans up her makeup mess, putting everything back in its spot. “Is that new guy going to be there? Asher German?”

That makes Charlie stop and slowly turn to her, “I don’t know? Why?”

Linsey gives a little shrug and blushes, “No reason. You two seem close, so I thought maybe he’d be there.”

Narrowing her eyes doubtfully Charlie shakes her head, “I don’t know. Have you tapped that?”

Charlie’s bluntness set’s Lindsey’s face afire, “No! I mean he’s hot, but I have done that, with anyone!”

“Okay,” Charlie chuckles at her freak out, “it’s okay, Linds. I was just curious. You’re just getting really bashful.”

Lindsey turns an even dark shade of red, “He’s hot, okay?”

Charlie nods, “That is true.” Walking out of the bathroom, Lindsey quickly jumps down to follow her, “he’s very hot.” Sitting on her bed, Charlie grabs her black canvas tennis shoes, with silver studded skulls littering them and slips them on.

“Have you? You know...” Lindsey shyly smiles, “tapped that?”

“Eh,” Charlie waves her hand in the air, in a so-so motion, “sort of. I’m sure you heard the threesome in the sports closet rumor that happened a week ago.”

Lindsey nods, “Yeah, with Stacy, right?” It’d be shocking to Lindsey if she wasn’t already aware of Charlie’s wild ways.

Nodding, Charlie points to her, “That’s it. Haven’t since then though.” Charlie took his confidence that she’d be begging for more, as a challenge. Plus, she doesn’t beg, not anymore.

“Doesn’t that count as doing it?” Lindsey raises an inquisitive brow.

Charlie softly chuckles, as her eyes sparkle with mischief, “It depends on who you ask I guess. Personally I say, hand jobs don’t count.”

“So you and this Asher guy. You aren’t a thing?”

Charlie shakes her head, “No we aren’t a thing. I don’t want to be a thing with anyone anymore.”

Lindsey gives an understanding nod, “He didn’t mean to hurt you, you know.”

“But he still did, Lindsey.” Charlie sharply bites, as she starts to withdraw into herself. The pain is still too fresh and too real. “If he didn’t want to hurt me then he wouldn’t parade girls around in my face. He could have told me the fucking truth when he broke up with me.” Tears sting her eyes as her gaze drops to her shoes. “He could have just said he didn’t want me anymore.”

Lindsey’s face drops into a sympathetic smile. Walking over to the bed she wraps a comforting arm around Charlie and pulls her in close. “You’re always ready to jump to protect and comfort others, but never show your pain to be comforted yourself. It’s been two years, Charlie. Isn’t it time to move on?”

“I would if I could, Linds.” Charlie sits there silently for a moment. “Okay,” She slaps her knees and pulls from her friend’s grip, as she blinks back the tears that are threatening to fall from her eyes. “Are we ready?”

Nodding, Lindsey rises to her feet, “Yes, but I don’t know how we are getting there.”

Charlie tsks, giving her a reproach filled glare, “Girl. I have connections.”

“You’re stealing your parents’ car again, aren’t you?”

Charlie gives her a playful smirk before nodding, “Yes.”

Charlie’s house is empty, her parents are at a function up in L.A. and her brother James is at a friend’s house. Making it the perfect night to not only have a sleepover with Lindsey but easy to sneak out. Grabbing the keys to her mom’s car off the hook, Charlie and Lindsey climb into the Lexus.

“Please,” Lindsey begs, as she buckles up and cinches the seatbelt down on herself, “don’t speed this time.”

“Linds,” Charlie groans, as she backs out of the garage, “you’re cramping my style, lady.”

“I’m trying to live,” she argues.

When the girls pull up to the house, the party is already in full swing. The beat of the bass can be heard from the driveway.

“Evan’s going to get the cops called on him if he doesn’t tone it down,” Lindsey mutters as they walk up the drive to the beachfront home.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s a Friday, and the houses are spaced out enough that it won’t bother the neighbors too badly. They usually overlook it on weekends anyway.”

The crowd in the house is thick, and the piney scent of weed, mingled with the bitter hue of beer, is even thicker. Bumping shoulders with people as they pass through the hot humid living room, Lindsey reaches out grabbing Charlie’s hand to make sure she doesn’t lose her friend. Interlocking their fingers, Charlie navigates them through to the kitchen where a server yourself bar is set up. An array of drinks are set out with red plastic party cups.

Turning to Lindsey, Charlie flashes her a smile, “What do you want to drink tonight?”

“Water,” Lindsey shouts over the crowd, as she gets bumped by a passing linebacker.

“You got it, babe.” Charlie nods digging through a cooler and producing a bottle of water, handing it to her friend. Most people would be judgmental on Lindsey’s none partying ways, but Charlie finds it uniquely refreshing.

Still keeping their fingers locked, Charlie pours up her own favorite drink mix, rum, and coke. “Do you want to dance for a bit?”

Lindsey nods and goes to put down her water, only to have Charlie snatch it right up and hand it back to her, “Do not put this down, and if you do, don’t pick it back up again. Get a new unopened one. In fact. Get all of your own drinks, unless they are from me directly, got it?”

Lindsey’s eyes widen, but she gives her a nod.

Hauling her to the dance floor, Charlie and Lindsey, dance along with the beat. Charlie keeps her eyes on the crowd looking for her target, not wanting to let her query get away tonight without dishing out his due rewards.

When her eyes fall to a tall square-jawed boy, a smile spreads across her face. “I see Zeke!”

Lindsey’s eyes dart around the room, spotting his wavy dark hair first. “I’m surprised he came!”

Charlie nods, he’s the whole reason she even bothered coming to a high school party. She’s been planning this since the first day of school watch, waiting, looking for just the right moment to strike the boy that crossed Zeke. “Come on.” She nods toward Zeke.

Tugging her through the crowd, Charlie pays no mind pushing people to the side, as Lindsey calls out polite excuse us’s behind her.

“Zeke!” Charlie throws an arm out for a one-handed hug, still not daring to let go of Lindsey out of fear of losing her in the sea of people.

Zeke’s dark eyes brighten at the sight of the redhead, “My Ginger Snap!” Zeke jerks her into a tight hug. His eyes fall to Lindsey, “And her lover!”

Lindsey rolls her eyes, knowing Zeke is just fucking with her, since others seem to often assume she’s dating either Ty, Carson or on the rare occasion, Charlie. Heaven forbid you just have friends without the benefits Charlie likes to enjoy.

Pulling Zeke in closer, she whispers just loud enough for him to hear, “Have you seen Caleb tonight?”

Zeke pales as he shakes his head no. His eyes dart around the room not realizing he was going to be here. “No worries,” Charlie smiles, and plants a soft kiss on the boy’s jawline, “You won’t see him.”

Zeke’s almost black eyes fall to Charlie as concern sweeps over his face, “Charlie-”

“I need you two,” she quickly cuts him off, and places Lindsey’s hand into Zeke’s, “not to lose each other. I’m coming back for you both in a little bit.”

Before either can protest she slips through the crowd looking for the little weasel.

As she walks through looking for Caleb Masters, she takes a double-take at the far living room. Leaning against it, of course, surrounded by girls, is none other than Asher German. Chuckling to herself, she shakes her head and winks when their eyes briefly meet.

If she had the time, she might go over and say hi, but she’s a woman on a mission. Turning her gaze back to the horde, she finally spots the piece of shit, drinking and laughing with a group of football players.

All right, time to play. Plastering on her best fake smile she slides up behind the five-foot-ten boy with deep brown hair. Before she gets to him, she starts staggering a little, as if she’s had too much to drink. Giggling, she stumbles into Caleb, knocking him slightly off-balance, “Oh my god,” she slurs slightly, as Caleb steadies her, “I’m so sorry.”

“Charlie?!” Caleb’s hazel eyes fly open in surprise as they dart around the room, no doubt looking for her small group of bouncers.

A sloppy grin crosses her face as she lays her hands on his biceps to brace herself against him, or at least make it look that way. “Caleb!”

“Are you here alone?” he asks, as a slimly grin starts to spread across his smug face.

“Mmhmm,” she hums, tipping back her drink and drink and finishing it off. “Aah,” she throws her hands out to the side, and falls into Caleb’s grasp, “refreshing.”

“You’re drunk,” he laughs, adjusting her weight in his built arms, “we, uh, better get you somewhere safer.”

Charlie wrinkles up her nose, and pushes against Caleb’s chest, “You’re drunk. I just need fresh air. So fucking hot,” she whines as she fluffs her shirt, no doubt making him aware to the fact that she’s sans bra.

Caleb’s eyes go wild, as they fall to her chest. Licking his lips, his eyes dart to the glass French doors that lead out to the backyard. “Let’s get you some air then.”

Guiding her out, Caleb helps the stumbling drunk Charlie outside. As they move out to the dark lawn, Charlie notices a fellow schoolmate of theirs pass by, lighting a joint.

After this, she’ll probably need one herself. It’s no surprise, Caleb guides her to the darkest part of the lawn. In the backyard, Evan’s parents have a tool shed. Throwing her up against it, Caleb suddenly turns rough, just like she thought he would.

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