Good Morning Miss

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Wealthy business woman Diana Johnson wakes up to what she expects to be an uneventful day, that is until her personal assistant and submissive lover, Tina Brooks walks in with her breakfast...and an irresistibly sexy surprise. I am considering writing erotica, so I decided to publish an excerpt from a story I have planned here to gauge the interest level. If you enjoyed this chapter please comment and let me know and I will start posting a chapter weekly.

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Chapter 1

“Come in.” I mumbled in response to a soft knock at my bedroom door.

I sat up in bed shaking the last remnants of sleep from my head as the door opened and my personal assistant slipped in, closing the door behind her. Any thoughts of sleep were immediately swept from my mind when I got a look at what she was wearing, that is to say, nothing save a pair of thigh high lace top stockings and the collar I had given her. She walked over to the bed and went down on her knees, offering me a breakfast tray, looking up at me through her eyelashes. On the tray was my usual coffee, and a warm muffin and a bowl of oatmeal as well as a surprise. Next to the bowl was a furry tail that ended in a butt plug. I could feel my heart rate quicken.

“Good morning Miss,” she murmured with a smile that could break your heart.

“Good morning Tina. Go over to the couch and spread your legs while I eat my breakfast. I want every part of you exposed to me while I eat, and get comfortable because I don’t want you to move a muscle until I ask you to.”

Her grin widened as she hurried over to the couch and situated herself so her feet were up near her ears exposing her already glistening pussy as well as her puckered asshole.

I settled myself more comfortably against my headboard and took a sip of my coffee, enjoying the view. “Good. Now stay just like that.”

I took my time eating my breakfast. Soaking in the image before me. Tina’s blond hair had been pulled into deceptively innocent pigtails. Her big green eyes were trained on me. I could tell by the way her full bottom lip kept finding it’s way between her teeth that the anticipation was having the desired effect. Her bright pink nipples were erect and begging for attention and I could tell That Tina must have gotten waxed yesterday. Her pussy was perfectly smooth and the flushed pink between her smooth labia contrasted against the rest of her pale skin.

I downed the last mouth full of coffee then slowly, mustn’t let her off the hook quite yet, put on my silk robe then I took the tail, pulled a bottle of lube out of the bedside drawer, then walked over to her. I put my supplies down next to Tina then threw a pillow down in front of her and settled myself down onto it.

“I’m still hungry,” I purred, holding her gaze. “So once I give you your tail I am going to eat your pretty little cunt until I am satisfied.” The glimmer of excitement in her eyes was endearing but I couldn’t make this too easy, so I continued, “But once I get started you can’t move or make a sound until I say. The moment you do everything stops. Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss.” she replied in a small voice.

“Ok stretch and get comfortable then.”

She shifted and bent and stretched her legs then resumed her compromising position

“I’m ready.” she said with obvious excitement.

I tugged roughly at one of Tina’s hard pink nipples “I believe I told you no talking.” I growled, feeling my wetness on the inside of my things as she looked at me with a guilty yet mischievous smile.

I grabbed the lube bottle and applied some to the tip of a finger then I began to run it along her asshole, teasing it for a moment before adding pressure, watching her eyes go wide and her mouth open slightly as my finger sunk entirely into her tight ass.

Tina’s anus accepted my finger eagerly, so I slowly added a second. I could hear Tina’s breath hitch as the second finger slid all the way into her hot little hole, so I decided to have a little fun with her and slowly pumped and curled my fingers inside her for a minute or two before deciding she was ready to accept the butt plug. Her bottom lip was slightly swollen from her teeth biting back moans, and she had a sheen of sweat over her body and a pretty flush had crept up her chest and neck to turn her cheeks a lovely pink. ‘God what a pretty picture she makes.’ I could tell she wasn’t going to be able to keep quiet for what I had in store for her next, so I decided to show a small mercy.

“Good,” I said as I eased my fingers out of Tina’s tight little asshole. “I’ve decided to let you make noise for this part because I want to fuck your ass with this tail for a bit before I eat your pussy and I want to play fair.”

“Oh yes Miss please take my ass it’s yours.” She was so wet at this point I could see her juices run down to her ass. Fuck she has the most edible little pussy, but before I had my dessert I wanted to watch her other greedy little hole get stretched with this butt plug. I add lube to the plug, doing my best to avoid the fur, then lined it up with Tina’s ass. I slowly and gently ease it in all the way, earning a whimper from Tina. I gave it a twist then because I wanted to see her tight little asshole stretch and take it again I pulled the plug out and watched with satisfaction as her asshole yawned for a moment before shrinking back down to it’s tight little pucker. I then pushed it back in a bit faster this time as Tina cursed. I then began pumping the toy inside her, slowly at first, picking up speed as moans and whimpering pleads to continue spurred me on.

By this point Tina’s pussy was flooding and was calling out for me to devour it.

“Original rules are in effect again,” I said in a stern tone. “No moving or sounds from you or I stop. I want to eat in peace.”

Tina smiled in response, then leaned her head back to rest on the couch.

I brace myself then dive in. I begin with a long firm lick all the way up her slit, digging my tongue in to clean some of the wetness. I then nuzzle in and get to work.

I tease Tina by circling her aching clit with my tongue only flicking the tip of my tongue over it when I can feel her body struggle to keep from squirming. Then, without warning I wrap my lips around her clit and suck and tug at it gently but urgently periodically rolling it with my tongue. I continue this until her thighs are shaking, and she is nearly panting then I begin to quickly spit out her clit then suck it back into my mouth repeatedly as I watch her jaw clench and the flush creeping up her chest deepen.

“You can make noise now I Want to hear my name as you cum”

I dive back in, this time encouraged by all the delightful noises Tina makes when she is about to cum. I alternate between sucking and getting the tip of my tongue under her clitoral hod to tickle the sensitive bundle underneath, while being careful to not overwhelm it.

“Oh Fuck! Miss, please can I cum? Oh! Miss, please let me cum. Please?”

“I nod slightly with my lips wrapped around her clit, my tongue tickling the underside. That sent her over the edge. Her whole body began to tremble

“Oh fuck! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum! Yes! Please! Oh! Fuck! Ohhhh... MISTRESS DIANA!”

I pull away and look down at Tina. She was grinning from ear to ear, trying to steady her breathing with an arm thrown over her eyes. I have never met anyone who managed to look so innocent and yet so incredibly sinful as Tina as she lowered her arm shakily and fixed me with those green eyes.

As Tina continued to come down from her orgasm I stood up and adjusted my robe then asked, “Are you OK? Do you need anything?”

Tina just smiled hazily and responded “I’m more than OK and no, I’m fine thank you.”

“Are you sure?” I press, reaching down, stroking her hair.

“Yes! I appreciate the care but in this case it isn’t necessary,” Tina giggles, leaning into my hand.

A wonderfully naughty idea passed through my head and I felt an evil grin creep across my face.

“Do we have anywhere to be today?” I ask innocently.

“No,” she responded, confused, “You have two phone calls this afternoon but other than that you just have emails and paperwork that you can do here.”

My grin widens, “How would you feel staying like this all day?” I ask reading her face and seeing a spark of interest behind her green eyes.

“What about the household staff?” she asks hesitantly

“Well...” I begin carefully, “They all know about the nature of our relationship anyway and I know you like being looked at. That’s why you came to me like this in the first place...and I was thinking that maybe we could...just for today... offer you to the staff for free use as a treat. The idea of walking into a room and seeing you servicing one of my staff members with that tail sticking out of your cute little ass is incredibly sexy to me. Would that be something you could possibly be interested in?” I was slightly worried that maybe she would think this idea was a bit too far and that she would get angry, however, when I looked at her, her nipples were erect again and I could see arousal in her eyes.

“That does sound sexy but how would it work?” Tina asked.

“Well we would gather all the staff together," I begin, trailing my fingers down her neck and along her collar bone, and then continued as she closed her eyes appreciatively, “and make the offer then lay down the rules that bottom line if you use your safe word they stop, and in the unlikely event you say no, nothing happens.” I massage Tina’s breasts as I continue, "I will have Kevin, my best security guy escort you to be sure the rules are followed, all CCTV cameras will be on. What do you say?”

“I say... I hope you don’t expect a lot of productivity today.” she responds with a wicked grin.”

“Oh I don’t. Don’t worry.” I respond, trying but failing to hide my excitement, “Well, go run me a bath then once I’m ready we can go rally the troops.” I watch as she giddily runs off to do as she was asked, excited for what was sure to be an interesting day.
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