Tales From The Cobra Club

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Come along and enjoy a collection of steamy one shots from your favorite sex club. Follow the Cobra Club from its opening night forward. See what makes it the elite club where all your sexual fantasies can come true. Perhaps you'll find a familiar face or two along the way. Remember at the Cobra Club the only limits are your own imagination... *This novel is a companion novel to The Arrangement Series.*

Erotica / Romance
Anna R. Case
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Part One- Opening Night

PART ONE- Opening Night

Harrison Carter Kellerman the third signed his divorce papers on the same day the Cobra Club was set to open in downtown Omega City. For weeks, he had heard nothing but hype surrounding the club and how it would be a “mind blowing experience unlike any other, where all your sexual fantasies come to life in the flesh.” It turned out his wife Katherine had been living out her sexual fantasies with the pool boy, the gardener, and finally his partner Parker Sheffield at their law firm Kellerman and Sheffield. Good old Parker had even represented Katherine in the divorce proceedings.

Harrison had become a laughing stock when it became known he hadn’t signed a pre-nup when he’d married her a decade ago. When he first met Katherine, she a waitress with great tits and an amazing ass at the diner the young, hungry law student would visit all hours of the night. It was love at first screw when they hooked up in the bathroom the first night they met. Yes, he should have seen this coming, that Katherine was a lying, cheating, gold digging whore from the start.

Fast forward ten years, she now had a body he’d paid for, which helped her to catch the eye of Parker and God knows how many other men. She was already living in Parker’s high rise in uptown Omega City long before the ink had even dried on their divorce agreement. He and Parker were still at odds on what to do with the law firm, as neither seemed willing to budge to buy the other out. Parker could fuck Harrison’s wife all he wanted, but he wasn’t going to fuck the law firm Harrison had built from the ground up.

Katherine had taken half of every fucking thing Harrison had worked like a dog to achieve. He was forced to buy her out on the apartment he had paid for, while Katherine hadn’t had a job in nine years. She had spent her time whoring, pilates, yoga, spa’s, spending his damn money and occasionally doing some charity thing so she could post pictures of it on her social media accounts.

Bitch even insisted on taking custody of Harrison’s French Bull Dog Duke which Katherine hated. That dog had chewed up her Jimmy Choo’s and shit on the mink coat she had left lying on the floor. And Duke had been in Harrison’s life before Katherine and the dog would be there after her. On that issue he’d stood firm, as the only reason Katherine wanted Duke was so Harrison didn’t get to keep his own damn dog. She was a spiteful, conniving cunt. And he should know, because he had paid for the cunt she was currently fucking Parker with.

After Katherine had packed her bags, he’d fucked the paralegal Zara at the law firm. But the young woman had become a bit clingy wanting him to come to her cousin’s wedding and dinner at her parents. Another relationship was the last thing on Harrison’s mind at the moment. He made it clear to Zara he wasn’t wanting anything serious or exclusive. That hadn’t stopped her from blowing him up with text messages. Or emails. Or her showing up at his loft uninvited and unannounced.

He had taken the day off work and had been drinking since noon. Feeling sorry for himself, he was tempted to call Zara up. Make her whatever promises necessary to get a good fuck and some company for the night. He was still in his damn prime after all, thirty-five, with a cock ready to go a few, well, two rounds at least tonight!

He showered and used those fancy fucking organic soaps that Katherine had bought. The ones you had to order from another country and costs more than she made in a week back when she’d actually worked. Fuck her, but he was keeping the soap because it did nice things to his skin that some woman would appreciate. Hell, he was going all out tonight as he shaved, trimmed his nose hairs, eyebrows, the whole damn works. Tonight he would show that bitch just what she had just lost!

He glanced at his reflection in the mirror. He slicked back his dark blonde hair, and his blue button down shirt made his blue eyes pop. Fuck no that wasn’t crow’s feet peeking out from the corner of his eyes, it was just bad lighting. He was years away from needing botox or undergoing the knife. Appearances were important in his line of work after all.

He slipped on his diamond encrusted 24 K gold watch and the matching gold cuff links. He put on his most expensive tailored Armani suit and polished leather shoes. His golf buddy Roland had been trying to convince Harrison to attend the Cobra Club opening with him for weeks now. Roland had a wife who was as frigid as winter in Moscow from whence she came and was often out of the country. The only reason their marriage had lasted this long was because Ksenia was only in Omega City a few months out of the year. Their marriage had been for financial and political gain to merge their parent’s Fortune 500 companies and allow them to gain ground in Russian and American markets.

Harrison sent Roland a message that he’d changed his mind about going tonight and would meet him at the club. Roland seemed hammered himself already when his reply came full of grammatical errors. The man was well educated, Ivy league, and had become friends with Harrison after he represented their company in a defamation lawsuit against a local tabloid. The tabloid had printed the truth about the crooked company full of inside trading, orgies, and drugs among high up management, but Harrison had won the case because he was just that fuckin’ good. And the tabloid had to pay the company a cool hundred million in damages.

He called for a car and headed downstairs to the main lobby. He lived in a quiet building with more older businessmen and retirees, than new, young blood. Harrison liked it this way, though Katherine had always bitched about only having elderly neighbors and called it a nursing home. The building was older, had character, far more interesting than that new modern, new age artsy shit.

He liked his ass sitting on a couch that was more than just ascetically pleasing, but actually fucking comfortable. Nothing wrong with the good old classics like vaulted ceilings, marbled floors, and art that looked like more than just a high mother fucker throwing paint at a canvas. And not to mention, actual real fucking trees, flowers, and plants in the lobby beneath a sky light. And a doorman, receptionist, and neighbors who knew you by name and asked how your Mother was doing after her surgery last month. In the ritzy modern monstrosity Parker and now Katherine resided in, your neighbors would just walk past you dying on the floor because they had their watches and tablets shoved in their faces. That had actually occurred, true story. God bless Modern, Corporate America!

Mrs. Carmichael was in the lobby with her Pomeranian Fifi. The dog was a bitch, but Mrs. Carmichael was good people. A rare breed whose three sons weren’t raised by nannies and she hadn’t even gotten a cook until her arthritis got too bad a few years back. Her husband Donovan was a research scientist about to turn seventy-five and still working for the LEDA Corporation. He said he would retire when they found the cure for the infection, or when he died, whichever came first.

Two of his sons had followed in the research line of work and the third they didn’t talk about too much. Harrison had represented their youngest son Zander in a slander case filed against him from an old flame. Seems he spread nude photos and several self-recorded drunken videos talking about their sex life of the up and coming news anchor after she broke things off with him. They had settled out of court and for a fraction of the initial damages she was originally seeking.

The dog tried to bite his heels, as Mrs. Carmichael tightened the leash on the yapping beast. She greeted him cheerfully and asked how he was doing. The divorce was no secret. Katherine had done an interview with the local news, to officially announce she had filed for divorce six months ago.

She conveniently left out the part she had beaten Harrison to the punch after he walked in on she and Parker fucking late night at the law firm. But that was the media for you, biased, twisted content. And they had sympathy for the poor young woman who tearfully confessed she’d tried to save their marriage but her soon to be ex-husband refused couple’s therapy. And the icing on the fucking cake was her outright lie she’d miscarried their child from the stress of everything.

That bitch had her tubes tied on a trip overseas five years ago, behind his back. Katherine was so vain, she dared not carry a child and destroy her body, or heaven forbid have to compete for any attention. She had to be the center of it. It was another reason she had despised Duke. Or anything or anyone who shifted the focus off herself. She was a grade A, narcissistic bitch. Parker could have her.

Harrison had declined to tell his side of the story or air his personal life for the sake of entertainment. Through Parker, Katherine had filed a request to the judge to seal the divorce proceedings and make them private sighting “extreme emotional distress.” Harrison disagreed, as he knew it would hurt Katherine’s reputation if the truth came out. He had evidence of her infidelity.

The judge had agreed to seal the records. But it wasn’t Harrison’s fault if he left sensitive documents on his desk where anyone could see them and they had been leaked. Not his fault at all he’d been asked to give a statement by multiple media outlets about to air or print the story.

He smiled as he told Mrs. Carmichael he was getting by and thanks for asking. The doorman Archibald announced that Harrison’s car was here and he bid Mrs. Carmichael a pleasant night. He felt no shame as he got in the back of black limousine and he popped the top on some champagne. Bubbly, fruity shit usually wasn’t his thing, but tonight he was raising his glass and lowering his standards. He wasn’t coming home until he fucked a girl of his choosing. It was his hard earned money after all.

As the limo headed downtown, weaving through the fuckin Friday night traffic, he started to fantasize about the fucking he would do tonight. Katherine wasn’t a prude, he’d give her that, but that bitch never wanted to be the one tied to the bed or handcuffed. Tonight he would find a sexy woman who looked nothing like his ex-wife, who wouldn’t give him lip rather than the good kind, and tie her up, slam his cock inside her as she moaned and begged for more. Maybe even blindfold her. Or maybe let her watch him pounding her pussy. His cock was already starting to rise at just the mere thought and vision of it.

He’d drunk half the bottle of champagne and the driver apologized for it taking so long to reach their destination, forty minutes to be exact. The joint was packed, gridlocked, and Harrison resorted to hopping out of the car and walking the rest of the block to get to the entrance. His mood was improving though and he had tipped the driver two hundred bucks.

The Cobra Club stood tall and imposing, the snake head gleaming down on them like a God from the Heaven’s above. It was real, solid gold, and its eyes, genuine emeralds. Its body was sleek back, and curved in an S design. The club occupied the top ten floors, and it was the largest building in the city. No doubt the richest families in the city had already snagged up the two penthouses. If tonight went well, Harrison just might buy himself a private VIP suite and become a regular.

The line to get in was wrapped around the block and out of sight, even though the club had been opened only for an hour already. He cursed and had no desire to join the other riff-raff waiting to get in. Not that Harrison felt himself above all these people, for he’d worked his way up from nothing but a child of a single mother on welfare, to being one of the top-sought lawyers in the whole damn city, he was simply in no mood to stand in a fucking line for hours to just get his dick sucked.

Speaking of dick, Katherine had been more than willing to suck his often in the beginning. But as time went on, it seemed he was licking her pussy more and more, while that bitch was saving her own oral skills for Parker. But in all fairness, if a blow job was all the lawyer was after tonight, he could hail a cab over to The outskirts of the city and pick a hooker from Eighty-eighth Street for the job. But The Cobra Club made bold promises of steamy skin to skin sexual encounters guaranteed to be disease free. Now that was what he was fucking talking about alright!

He eyed the bouncer at the door and wondered if he should try his luck. Money talked. Or maybe somehow Roland had gotten his name added to the list. Roland had more connections in this town, mostly thanks in part to his Russian wife. Harrison knew better than to ask too many questions though, as people who rubbed the Ambramovich’s the wrong way often disappeared on permanent business trips.

But before Harrison could reach the bouncer, he heard a voice calling his name.

“Harry, you bastard, you actually showed,” laughed Roland.

By his ruddy cheeks and overly-friendly disposition, it was clear Roland had already indulged in some spirits from his vintage, handcrafted, mahogany liquor cabinet, no doubt made by cheap slave labor back in the eighteenth century. Further testament of his good nature tonight was when Roland hooked Harrison around the shoulders and drew him in enough to dig some knuckles into his skull. Roland knew that shit grated on his nerves so the bastard would try and tousle Harrison’s perfectly coiffed hair, though he usually only attempted it when he was intoxicated.

Harrison shoved his friend off him and fixed his hair back into place.

“You fucker. This place had better live up to the hype, Roland or I’m holding you personally responsible. It better be some supreme pussy in here my friend.”

“Oh it will blow your fucking mind Harry. Blow your dick too. Always such the cynic. You’ve never been to a club like this before. I can guarantee that.”

“That’s what you said about that place over in The Fringe a couple years back. Remember that Roland? You got the clap from that bitch and robbed. I had to pull my gun to save both our assess. So I have reason to be skeptical here.”

Roland laughed, “Yeah, she did give great head though. What a night huh. But this is a reputable joint my friend,” he patted Harrison on the chest, “And you’re with me, so they’ll be no waiting in line. Tonight I’ll make it up to you Harry. I’ll buy you any girl in this joint who strikes your fancy.”

Harrison just decided to indulge his friend, though he didn’t really need his charity. He had more than enough money to buy his own pussy, even though Katherine had just considerably lessened his bank accounts. Not that the cunt knew everything and he was far from a fucking fool. He had money stashed away that Katherine would never know about or get her greedy hands on. It helped to have friends in high places.

Roland was one of those high places. He was also the type of man who if he’d been born poor, you’d find his ass in a rundown bar, with a beer gut, drinking cheap liquor on a Friday night. The man was an ugly motherfucker, which didn’t matter with the size of his padded wallet. Even now he had a bloated paunch from too much booze and carbs and not enough time in a fucking gym. His nose was too broad for his face, his lips too thin, his eyes beady looking and set too close together, his hair wavy though not in a sexy way. With some time and effort Roland could have at least taken himself from a three to a six, but he was a lazy fucker.

He oiled his hair up so much it gleamed, got weekly spray tans, and tailored suits. That was as far as his personal care routine went. No personal trainer, far too much fast food, hell the man barely even showered and instead dabbed himself in expensive cologne. But what incentive did Roland have to get into better shape when his wife looked like a Russian Model, they had an open marriage, and he could pay for the finest pussy in town?

Harrison had to make an effort to look good. Had to watch what he ate and spend countless hours in the gym to keep his six pack, spend time at the manicurist to keep his nails trim and tidy, and visited his barber religiously every month. He also had to work for everything he had achieved in his life while Roland was born into money. Perhaps that was what made Harrison appreciate it all the more. To not be so carefree and reckless with his life.

But fuck that tonight. Tonight Harrison was going to throw caution to the wind, get shit faced drunk, and ram his cock inside a nice moist pussy who wouldn’t talk back. Not that he cared where this pussy had been, he had no personal or emotional stakes in the matter. No strings attach, hit it and quit. Then perhaps move on to the next bitch eager to please him. Eager to work for him for a change. If they fucked him good, he’d reward them generously.

True to his word, Roland approached the bouncer and dropped his name. After checking the list, the bouncer moved that velvet rope aside and allowed them both to pass with a “Have a good evening Gentleman.” Roland slipped some money into the bouncers palm as he passed by. It was just another perk of having rich, well connected friends.

Inside the club was much like Harrison expected it to be, the lobby looking all expensive and decadent. All marble and gold, vaulted ceilings which made you dizzy to look up to see the skylights and painted murals of fat cherubs. But what Harrison wasn’t expecting was what occurred after they were placed on an elevator to the one hundred and fortieth floor. It seemed there was a detail Roland either didn’t know himself or left out. A que had formed as club goers where directed to a series of ten golden doors side by side. The lines seemed to move quickly, though what awaited behind those doors was no prize.

When Harrison made it through one of the doors, he found a small, white sterile room with a man in a white lab coat awaiting him. The room looked like your typical doctor’s office with an exam table and medical equipment lining the counters. What the fuck was this?

“Hello and welcome to The Cobra Club. We pride ourselves on skin to skin contact like no other so you can live out all your sexual fantasies. We guarantee at our club that every employee is free of any STI’s or other communicable diseases. Soon you will be able to experience what our club has to offer for yourself. But first you must pass a health screening to gain admittance to our club. It is your right to refuse of course, however you will not be allowed in the club if you refuse to be screened.”

“What kind of screening?” asked Harrison, “What all does it entail?”

The man pointed a diagram on the wall that Harrison had previously overlooked. These people weren’t messing around. The price of admission was a swab of every body orifice and a drop of blood. Shit. That was intense. But by the look of that solid door in front of him, there would be no one slipping through either.

“I assure you sir it doesn’t take long and I’m a certified health professional. The results come back within a minute and are processed right in this room. All of our staff at the club undergo the same tests on a daily basis.”

But what the hell, he’d already had a fair amount of champagne in him. This was no worse than a visit to the doctor. If this man wanted to prick his finger, swab his cheek, his asshole, and the tip of his cock, more power to him. He was probably getting paid a shit ton to do it. He almost felt sorry for the poor bastard.

“Sure, why the hell not,” agreed Harrison.

He unbuckled his designer belt and assumed the position over the exam table. The man was quick about running what appeared to be a large q-tip around Harrison’s rectum before he dipped the sample into a vial of clear liquid. While he waited the test results from the anal swab, the technician used a clean swab to trace the tip of Harrison’s cock. It was honestly the most action he’d had in a month or so.

He used the same process to swab the inside of Harrison’s cheek. By the time he pricked his finger and sucked a drop of his blood into the machine, the results of his swabs were ready to be read apparently. Not that Harrison could tell a difference though as all the vials remained clear.

These rapid STI kits had been developed by the LEDA Corporation and were a high in demand product. Afterwards, people could even discreetly buy medications from the LEDA website to kick their sexually transmitted infections. It was a very lucrative business and John Leda was the richest man in the country.

The tech smiled, “No reactions. That is what we want to see sir. A positive reaction would change the color of the fluid in the vial. The results of your blood test have also come back negative. Have a nice evening sir. You are free to pass.”

There was a metal clicking sound as the door opened. Harrison righted his clothes and walked out of the room. He felt sorry for the unlucky bastard who had to swab Roland’s hairy ass. Roland was there waiting for him at the doorway to what appeared to a massive ballroom marked The Rainbow Room.

Along the hallway was a list of posted rules and etiquette for the club. Harrison spent a few moments skimming over the contents, many of them were standard such as the club has the right to remove anyone from the premises, no fighting was tolerated, but what was unique was a rule stating that biting, spankings, whips, chains, restraints were left up to the discretion of the Goddess or Page, or only to be carried out on the BDSM level of the club.

There was also a map showing the name of all the floors for instance, floor one hundred and forty –five was the Mosaic Room. According to the legend it described the floor as “A cultural experience with many different customs and ethnicities to suit any preferences or tastes.” Well that sounded fucking promising. Harrison’s eye was also drawn to The Circus Room where it boasted “An experience like no other, this circus is not intended for children. You’ve never been to a circus like this before, clothing is optional.” Harrison had always loved the circus. Hell he’d even masturbated to a program of those tumbling girls in barely there leotards when he was fifteen.

Roland broke him from his thoughts as he struck him clumsily on the shoulder.

“I kinda enjoyed that back there Harry. Reminds me of the time I played doctor with that neighbor girl Gabriella Remington. Though she wasn’t as gentle. She shoved a tongue depressor right up my ass though I liked it,” laughed Roland.

Harrison sighed, another perk of drunk Roland, oversharing of information he preferred not to know. Drunk Roland knew no boundaries or limits. Harrison knew all about Roland’s sex life and even the way his Russian wife preferred anal, that way she didn’t get pregnant or have to look at her slob of a husband while he took his piece. Zsenia saved her pussy for her lovers back in Russia.

Harrison was eager to find himself some pussy and escape Roland, so he walked through the threshold of The Rainbow Room. But he had trouble finding where to begin or what to take in first in the massive space. A golden bar curved in the center of the room, seemingly self-service by the looks of it. A DJ was spinning an electro beat by a golden dancefloor packed to the brim with horny and drunk patrons. The walls were painted in bold colors of well the rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

But the most pleasing to the eye and senses had to be the raised platforms located throughout the room where men and women with little on worked their seductive magic. A bare breasted woman juggled though it wasn’t the balls the men were watching go round and round, but her voluptuous breast go up and down. A muscled and oiled man wearing nothing but a snakeskin loincloth had a snake curling itself around his body as he danced to a drum beat. A club goer was apparently testing out the VR gear as he created his dream woman up on the scream, the busty blonde on the screen with the big lips went down on him, and the man shuddered in his high tech suit. It allowed sensations and feelings that mimicked real life.

A couple of hula dancers swayed their hips to the beat and their grass skirts revealed they wore nothing underneath. A man and woman wearing nothing but tribal paint on their bodies did a tribal dance. Girls wearing nothing but golden body paint went around the room offering shots.

A naked woman was moaning in ecstasy, tied spread-eagle on a bed up on a platform as a man from the crowd was testing out a cattail, running it up and down her body, teasing her clit. The room was impossible to take in all at once. Roland was chanting “fuck” like it was a holy prayer. But Harrison decided to cut down on the distractions and ventured closer to the platform with the restrained woman.

He knew where he wanted to go alright. Roland tailed him there, but Harrison tuned him out. He grabbed a couple shots from the golden girl as she passed and downed them quickly. But he didn’t need liquid courage tonight, his rod was already gearing up for some action.

“Nice! I knew you had it in you Harry. But if you wanna play, you gotta fuckin pay my friend.”

Roland pointed to a glass counter near the wall where people lined up to purchase golden eggs. According to the signage, they were the currency here, and if you wanted some private attention from a Goddess or Page in the club, all you had to do was slip them the golden egg. Harrison didn’t particularly feel like standing in line, but he was anxious to get up to the BDSM level. He was going to tie up a woman and have her beg him to fuck her harder. Maybe even give her ass a good spanking before he tied her up. His dick was getting harder just by thinking about it.

He started to head towards the que, when Roland began to laugh like it was the funniest fucking joke, before he withdrew some golden eggs from his suit pocket.

“When you’re with me Harry, you don’t wait in lines you bastard. First piece is on me.”

“That’s generous of you Roland.”

He tossed Harrison one of the eggs which he caught easily and slipped into his pocket.

“I’m going to go take a shit and a piss then hit the bar. Tonight I’m in the mood for Asian. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do Harry.”

“Sorry Roland, but I’m not into fucking goats or other men. But you have fun.”

Roland had a way with words, quite the charmer. He patted Harrison on the shoulder again and it took him several seconds to get the joke. He burst out into another round of obnoxious laughter.

“Good one you bastard. I’ll catch you later then. The night is young my friend. And this place is a legend in the making. Go get fucked good.”

Roland stumbled away and Harrison was glad for it. Dealing with Roland sober was usually a challenge, drunk was nearly impossible. The man was smart enough in some ways, book smart, but dumb as fuck in many others. He’d spent most of his life being carried on the backs of others and Harrison often questioned why they were friends. Well the perks of Roland’s connections was a strong argument and him and his associates near constant need for legal counsel. But the men had little in common truth be told.

In all actuality, Harrison had very few friends and lived in a sea of acquaintances. Katherine had been the social butterfly, and once upon a time, he hadn’t needed anyone really but her. Not since his childhood friend Vincent had killed himself during their final year of law school.

My how the times had fucking changed. He took himself to the bar and got a shot of bourbon. Tonight was about forgetting the past, forgetting that evil cunt, and the start of a bright future ahead. He’d drink to that alright and a long and miserable life for Katherine and Parker!

Have some fucking fun for a change. And he knew just where to go to get it as he rode the elevator up to the one hundred and forty-eighth floor. The ding of the elevator welcomed him into a space of concrete floors, black walls, exposed pipes, and caged light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. But the room’s industrial décor wasn’t what grabbed the lawyer’s attentions, but rather the nude woman in the cage, and the man in a leather g-string chained to a wall being whipped by a woman in a too-tight dress. Or the man down on all fours in assless leather chaps being led on a chain by a woman in a red leather body suit. When he didn’t come quickly enough she smacked the whip against his ass.

Over on the back wall a man’s white ass was peeking out beneath his suit jacket, as he took a woman chained to a wall from behind, a fist full of her hair, pounding into her as she moaned. Not that Harrison was trying to stare down the man fucking out in the open, but he was pretty sure he looked familiar, had represented the financial advisor a few years back. He adverted his eyes.

Some of this shit Harrison wasn’t into, like the man who was chained to a chair as clamps were being applied to his nipples and nuts or the woman in the cage who was having a large dildo shoved up her ass up beneath the space in the bars. Not that anal was off the table, but it really wasn’t doing anything for him at the moment. Now the woman in a leather jumpsuit dancing in a cage was more his style. She wore a black wig and looked to be up for anything. Nice tits, nice ass, nice face. She would do nicely and she caught him staring.

She gyrated her hips up against the cage to allow him a view of her snatch. Her form fitting body suit was crotch less. She locked eyes with him the whole time she swayed her body in time to the beat. She slowly tugged down the zipper of her jumpsuit to allow some of her cleavage to spill out. Harrison was walking towards her with purpose now in case someone else snagged her up first.

He wasn’t entirely sure how this worked, but he slipped the golden egg from his pocket and slid it between the bars to her. She smiled naughtily and slipped the egg down between her breasts. She looked in her mid-twenties, her eyes dark, and her skin with a tone that suggested some type of South America heritage. Nothing like blond haired, blue- eyed Katherine and her false innocent girl next door persona, or at least back in the day before she had her body transformed into porn star with the Barbie doll cunt.

The girl in the cage nodded over at a dominatrix looking woman standing nearby. This woman had long, dark hair coiled upon her head, dressed head to toe in leather, and carried a fucking whip in her gloved hands. She looked intimidating as fuck as the dominatrix unlocked the cage and forcefully removed the girl. She gripped the girl by her upper arm and began to shove her towards a side door. She even gave the girl in the wig a lick from the whip across her back. The girl moaned as if in pain.

Harrison assumed this was all a part of the act. This level was like one big role play. He didn’t see any bruises on the girl’s face or exposed part of her chest. Besides the leather offered some protection from the force of the whip and he wasn’t sure it was a real whip to begin with. It was likely a prop. And besides tonight wasn’t the fucking time to grow a conscience.

He followed the pair through the door which resembled a cage door with a tiny viewing widow. The concrete room was bare save for a bed, some chains hanging from the ceiling, and a black chest in the corner. Another door lead to what Harrison assumed was a bathroom. The dominatrix shoved the girl roughly onto the bed then turned to Harrison.

“My girls are up for anything. If she gives you any trouble or doesn’t preform to your expectations, let me know and she will be punished. In that chest you will find whatever you need to do whatever you wish to her.”

With that the dominatrix gave the girl a parting lash with the whip across her shoulder making her whimper and fold into herself away from the blow. Harrison wasn’t finding this as much as turn on now. It seemed legit and there was a fine line between sexy aggression and him taking advantage of a trafficked victim. Well fuck, his dick was shriveling now.

He sighed and glanced at the girl cowering on the bed. Quite the fucking moral stand-off indeed. Not that he hadn’t lied and done other despicable shit in his life, but nothing like this.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Unique. I’ll do whatever you want sir,” she said meekly, “I will obey your any command. Please let me service you.”

Harrison sighed again as he walked over to the chest and opened the lid. It was filled with a variety of sex toys, nipple clamps, anal beads, handcuffs, chains, lube, blindfolds, restraints, and even vibrators and dildos. There was even a gag, a collar, and a leash. Fuck. It was just the alcohol sitting heavily in his stomach making him feel sick. The girl wouldn’t even make eye contact with him, her eyes looked at the concrete floor.

He slammed the lid on the trunk making her jump before he walked over to the door and slid a piece of wood across the viewing hole in the door. He’d just wanted to get a good fuck tonight! Trust Roland to fuck things up again! He walked over to the girl and stood in front of her.

“Hey, tell me are you here because you want to be? Or are you forced? If you’re afraid to say it out loud, just nod your fucking head. ”

“Please just let me service you sir. Perhaps you would like me to suck you off? Or you can punish me like I deserve. I’ve been a bad girl. I deserve it.”

He breathed in through clenched teeth, “For fuck sake Unique or whatever your real name is, don’t you get that I can’t in good conscience fuck you if I think this isn’t your decision to be here? My dick is getting limp by the thought. I’m a lawyer, I could help you.”

The girl on the bed looked up at him and laughed, “You can’t be a lawyer because you a have a soul. I hate to break character here, I thought I was killing it. But I assure you I’m not being held against my will. I’m working the summer here on break from school. I’ve also done a bit of theater. This isn’t that kind of club. No one is here against their will.”

“Well this all looks pretty fucking authentic to me. How can I be sure you aren’t just telling me what I want to hear?” he demanded.

“Authenticity is the point. Go pick up that whip in the chest. It’s a high quality prop. Foam, nothing more. And if you needed further proof, it’s right here between my legs.”

She grinned wickedly before she spread her legs on the bed. Her pussy was moist as fuck. The girl was definitely turned on and horny. But still, Harrison walked over to the trunk just to be sure, and true to the college student’s word, the whip was just a fancy prop. He grinned and pulled out the restraints, his dick already starting to recover.

“Well in that case, you have been a naughty girl Miss Unique. And naughty girls need to be punished,” then he added, “But this whole slave thing isn’t working for me Unique so tone that down.”

Unique raised up onto her knees on the bed and turned around to bare her ass to him, “Well how about your Latin secretary up for anything then? Please spank me boss. I’ve been a bad employee.”

That was something Harrison could get behind for fucking sure. He tossed the restraints down on the bed and gave her round ass a good smack. Unique moaned in pleasure and begged for another hit. Harrison gave her what she wanted. This girl just kept begging for more. Harrison’s rod seemed to swell with each hit, each whimper of pleasure from her lips.

After several hits and her bottom red, he instructed her to lie down on her back. She did as she was told and he tied her arms to the bed post. She moaned and gyrated against him as he leaned over her and went about his task. He left her legs untied. His dick was straining against his pants.

“I’m going to put my dick in your mouth and you will pleasure me until I tell you to stop.”

“Yes boss,” she answered.

Harrison unzipped his pants and pulled his dick free from the designer fabric. His dick was bigger than average and nothing to complain about. This girl would be singing his praises before the night was through. He was going to fuck her wet cunt so hard she would be begging him for more. Unique eyed his bulging cock and licked her lips in anticipation.

He climbed up the bed and placed his knees on other side of her head. Unique opened her mouth widely to take him in eagerly as he eased himself down inside her mouth. He didn’t want to suffocate the girl, but he wanted his dick sucked right. He pushed himself in and out of her mouth, giving her time to breathe in between his thrusts. He tried not to get carried away as he went deeper. It felt fucking amazing as her lips sealed around his cock, sucking, her tongue playing with his tip. This girl knew her shit.

But Harrison didn’t want to come just yet. He wanted to drawl this out. A few final thrusts inside her mouth and he pulled out. He looked down at her. She was licking the taste of him from her lips.

“Now I’m going to fuck you hard in the pussy. And you won’t come until I command it.”

“Yes boss.”

Harrison had to free himself of his pants to allow free range of movement. He was also starting to get hot as fuck still in his suit jacket and collared shirt. He’d worked hard to get his body into shape, might as well show it to a woman who might appreciate it. Even if she was getting paid. Less expensive that cunt Katherine though. He stripped off his tailored suit, but when he went to remove his tie, Unique piped up.

“If I may have permission to speak boss?” asked Unique.

“Permission granted.”

“Leave your tie on boss.”

Unique’s suggestion turned out to be a good one. Harrison used it to skim across her bare belly and chest after her unzipped her suit down the front. He decided to leave her suit on as now it would be more trouble than it was worth to remove it while she was tied up. Besides he still had access to all her fun bits. She shivered and moaned as the fabric drug across her peaked nipples. He traced her contours with his tie.

Harrison was enjoying himself just getting her off. He teased her clit with the fabric as well. Up and down her folds he traced the tip of his tie as Unique groaned and shuddered. He would have to have his tie dry cleaned or throw it out after this as it become moist from her leaking juices. It seemed Unique was growing impatient for his cock to be in her, as she was thrusting her untied bottom half towards his cock. But he wasn’t ready to give her what she wanted just yet. Tonight was his night after all. He was in fucking control here!

It seemed she had too much freedom left after all. So Harrison improvised and bound her ankles together with his tie. Loose enough for him to still be able to spread her knees apart but little else. Unique moaned. It seemed she liked being tied up. And her pussy proved it, as she was leaking onto the bed beneath her. But he hadn’t given her permission to come yet.

He leaned close to ear, “I didn’t give you permission to come.”

“Forgive me boss.”

“I will have to punish you again.”

Harrison swaggered off the bed and back over to the trunk. His dick was still hard as wood as he rummaged through the contents. He pulled out a device with a smile on his face. He skipped over the nipple clamps. But something else caught his eye which would come in handy as he retrieved it also.

Unique was panting on the bed, though she didn’t look like she feared for her life this time. Harrison gave about ten seconds of thought about perhaps they should have come up with some type of safe word at the beginning of this. But she could always just tell him to stop. And she seemed to be totally into it now.

He slipped the gloves attached to a small box on his fingers. The gloves caused small electric shocks when activated and placed against the skin. He assumed they were perfectly safe. He came towards her and pushed apart her knees to apply the other object he’d removed from the treasure chest, the two strips of leather which went around each of her thighs, at the end was small clamps to spread her labia apart and keep it open. Bad cunts needed to be punished.

Her moist pussy didn’t make it all that easy to get the clips in place. She also squirmed a bit and made him wonder if he was taking things farther than what she enjoyed. He decided to play it by ear and watch her face just to be sure. He placed one gloved finger against her nipple and pressed the button. Unique whimpered. He couldn’t tell if it was a good or bad whimper, so he tried the device against his own nipple. It gave just enough of amount of juice to make it pleasure edged with pain. It set his nipple to a stimulating tingle, so he moved it further down and placed it against his dick. It made him shudder in response.

He refocused his attentions on Unique. He placed one finger against her clit and her ass came up off the bed as much as her binds would allow. He gave her another jolt of electricity through that bundles of nerves. She was screaming, but it couldn’t be describe as anything but in ecstasy. This time he placed two electrified fingers against her clit. Her screaming and thrashing only intensified.

He shoved a finger inside her leaking entrance, pressed the button and felt more than just the electricity of the machine ripple through her pussy. She came again, her pussy clenching around his finger. As Unique shuddered, he pulled his finger out from inside her and gripped his cock in his gloved hand. He sent waves of electricity through his cock and felt it pulsating with pleasure. He grunted and shoved his still pulsating dick inside her spread opening.

Harrison slammed his cock in and out of her soaping snatch. He shoved himself deeply inside her again and again, forcing the entire length of himself in. Unique was moaning again, her warm pussy sucking him in, closing in. He placed his gloved hand over her left breast, sending waves of electricity through her skin, as he pounded her. Her legs bound at the ankles allowed him enough space to get inside her, but also a tighter space, her knees touching his hipbones.

The bound girl on the bed beneath him thrashed and was quite noisy as he buried himself deep inside, over and over again. His pelvic bone met hers in and out as he thrusted. But still he wanted more. He decided to test the waters a bit as he pulled his quivering cock from her cunt and probed her asshole. It was already warm and waiting it seemed for him to fuck her up the ass.

He pushed his tip inside her backdoor, waiting to see how she would react. Waited for her body to adjust, before her went in farther inside her. Unique loosened her ass cheeks, spread her legs as widely as she could, an open invitation. And he slid more of himself inside her tight ass. It was almost like fucking a virgin. So warm and tight. Harrison allowed her ass to adjust to the length and girth of him. Her warm juices were leaking down from her cunt, well gushing really. And he could hold back no longer. He felt his cock starting to quiver. He shoved his rod inside her ass in and out, her body squeezing around his member like a fucking glove.

He thrust inside her in a frenzy, eager to finish. Long, hard thrusts which had Unique screaming and leaking, withering on the sheets. His tie seemed to snap by the fervor of his fucking. It allowed Unique to open her legs even wider and Harrison to fuck her in the ass even harder. He grunted and shot his juices inside her. He collapsed on the bed next to her to enjoy his spasming dick as it spread through all the nerves in his fucking body.

Unique’s harsh breathing matched his own on the bed beside him. Both of them were soaked in sweat and come. This was the best fucking club in the fucking world! He owed Roland big fucking time. He had to allow more time for the numbness to leave his body, though the euphoria lingered much longer.

“Did I please you boss?” panted Unique.

“Very much.”

Harrison sat up and reached for his pants. His fingers skimmed them on the floor where he’d discarded them. He withdrew some money from his wallet and counted out a grand in hundred dollar bills. Unique was still tied to the bed where he’d left her. He traced a Benjamin Franklin down her still heaving chest then put nine other bills down inside her leather jumpsuit before he zipped her back up.

“That out to cover most of your books next semester,” he said, “Perhaps I’ll see you again sometime.”

Unique chuckled, “Perhaps you’ll represent me sometime.”

Harrison laughed and withdrew his business card from his wallet. He placed it in between her sweaty breasts, “Ask for Harrison Kellerman, not that motherfucker Sheffield. He fucked my wife. But he can keep her. Today I’m one day happily divorced.”

“Congratulations. I’m honored to be chosen to help you celebrate such a happy occasion.”

“It’s been a pleasure. You are truly Unique.”

Harrison untied her and kissed her hand like a fucking gentleman. After he left her, Harrison went and bought a private suite for the next year. He continued to visit The Cobra club from time to time, over the next decade, sometimes fucking Unique as he became one of her regulars.

True to her word, it was fifteen years later, when she walked into his law office asking for representation for the Cobra Club. He’d split his firm from Parker, Parker and Katherine had split a decade before after she stole most of Parker’s money and eloped with his golf buddy overseas. Harrison had met a good woman and they had a son Liam who was three. Though he and Liam’s mother had since separated, it had been mutual, and they co-parented little Liam well. Life was good.

Unique had earned her business management degree years before and worked her way up into club management. She was polished and professional. Her real name was Reyna Chavez. After their official consultation, Harrison fucked her on his desk for old time sake, off the books. Talk about attorney client privilege.

Harrison took her to dinner afterwards and coincidentally it happened to be fifteen years to the night the Cobra Club had opened its doors. Both of them had grown in many ways since the night they met, and she was just as beautiful as ever. So Harrison toasted Reyna. Who knew what the future held, but it sure was looking bright for the both of them.

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