Two Demons and One Angel ***ON HOLD***

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Charity West is a Fallen Angel who has lived in the shadows her entire life. What happens when she captures the attention of two devilishly handsome demon brothers? (18+, MATURE CONTENT)

Erotica / Fantasy
veronica phillips
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Chapter 1


I gave the man his grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup, and he smiled at me and winked. I gave him a tight smile back and held back the bile that was threatening to come up my throat.

I turned and walked back to the bar, tightening my blond ponytail on the way.

This always happened. Fifty-something year old guys always hit on me, and I couldn’t flip them off because of the stupid be-nice-to-the-customers rule.

My best friend, Sarah, gave me a sympathetic smile, and I blew out my cheeks in response before the bell above the door of the diner rang.

I instantly put a smile on my face and turned around to face our new customers.

The smile on my face was replaced with an open jaw when I saw the two Adonis’s who were staring right back at me.

One of them had tan skin, piercing, ice-blue eyes, and a sexy as fuck five-o’ clock shadow that matched his black side-swept hair.

The other had the most gorgeous honey-colored eyes and surfer-dude, chocolate-colored hair. His skin was a bit less tan, but you could see he had a hint of it.

The brunette looked me up-and-down and gave me a sexy smirk, while the other one just crossed his arms and stared at me.

I ogled for a few more seconds before I snapped back to reality and cleared my throat, forcing my smile back on my face. I walked over to them, and felt my heart pound in my chest.

“Hi, and welcome to Delilah’s. How many are there?”

“How many does it look like, sweetheart?” Mr. Blue Eyes replied, his velvety smooth voice sending shivers down my spine.

I clenched my jaw to stop the snarky retort that was about to come out, and I saw a proud glint in his eyes.

Instead, I gave him the same tight smile I had given to the last customer, and led them over to a booth. I handed them both menus, and was about to walk away when Mr. Blue Eyes caught my wrist. I felt sparks the second we made contact, and jumped slightly. My grey eyes slowly drifted up to his, and he stared at me so deeply, I felt as though he was looking into my soul.

“Aren’t you going to take our orders, sweetheart?” He whispered, making my lady parts tingle.

I opened my mouth, but no words came out. I managed to look away from his breathtaking blue orbs, and focused on my breathing as a deep red flush covered my face.

“Um, we usually give you some time before we—” I managed quietly before he cut me off.

“Well we’re ready now,” He replied, letting go of my wrist and straightening the cuffs of his suit. “I’ll have a medium rare steak with a side salad and a Coke Zero.”

I nodded and fumbled to get my notepad and pen before furiously scribbling down his order. I then looked over at the other guy, perspiration starting to form on my forehead from how nervous I was in both of their presence’s.

The brunette gave me a cheeky grin before saying, “I’ll have the same, but make it a Diet Mountain Dew, gorgeous.”

I blushed again, and nodded once more before writing down his order as well.

“I’ll get that to you shortly,” I mumbled, avoiding both of their gazes.

I quickly walked away, and when I was behind the bar, I let out deep breaths.

What the fuck was that about?

“Bye, Char! I’ll see you tomorrow!” Sarah said, giving me a little wave.

I smiled and wiggles my fingers at her before replying, “You too, Sarah. Have a goodnight.”

She giggled before walking off, and I smiled to myself before making my way to my silver Toyota sedan. I took out my keys and unlocked the car. I slid inside and rubbed my hands together, instantly cranking up the heat.

Winter + Washington = Fucking Freezing.

I tugged on my seatbelt and pulled out of the parking lot. I lived a good half-hour away from work, and thankfully there wasn’t any traffic. I pulled into the driveway of my condo, and as soon as I stepped out of my car, I heard a loud crash.

I whipped my head around, and held my breath. The sound came again seconds later.

“Um...hello?” I said inaudibly.

I cleared my throat, and jumped when the sound came again, only this time louder.

I reluctantly followed the noise, and started instantly backing up the second I noticed it was coming from the alley behind my condo.

“Fuck no,” I muttered. “I am not in the mood for this shit today.”

I turned around and started walking when I heard a scream coming from right behind me.

I stopped dead in my tracks, and felt my blood freeze in my veins.

I whirled around once more, and sprinted into the alley.

“Hello?! Who’s there?” I called out.

“Help! Help me!” I heard a girl scream.

I ran deeper into the alley, and when I got to the scene of the crime, my entire body stopped working.

There were two men—no, creatures—sucking on a girl around my age. She was disappearing right in front of my eyes.

She kept fading away until she was gone, and in her place was a brick wall.

I dropped to my knees in shock, and the two—things—slowly turned around to face me.

“Holy...” I whimpered, trailing off as tears pricked at the corner of my eyes.

These monsters were the God-like men that came into the diner today.

Or, at least, it looked like them.

These things had glowing red eyes, and fangs sticking out of their mouths.

I watched as the brunette breathed in deeply, and his eyes shot to mine. Before I could even breathe, he had me by the neck and slammed against the alley wall, holding me at least a foot above him.

The other guy shot towards us, and whispered something in the brunette’s ears. He grunted, sighed, and then squeezed his eyes shut as tightly as possible. I watched with bugged-out-eyes as the fangs retracted from his mouth, and looked over at the raven. He was back to normal, and stared at me with a look so nasty, I had to glance away. I turned my attention back to the brunette, and saw him staring at me with his normal, honey eyes.

The both stared at me for a couple of long seconds before the brunette sighed again.

“I’m really sorry about this,” He apologized.

“Sorry about wh—“ I began, confusion taking over.

Before I could finish, I felt his head crack against mine, and the next thing I saw was darkness.

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