The College that Changed my Life

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This is the novel that reflects the life of a boy who has just stepped into college and seems to make a career,but will his college life be so easy ? Read the whole to find out if Dean Stephenson is really gonna have that smooth a college life

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The Gateway to College

As my heart raced pretty fast,I looked on,fully focused on the computer screen,tiny droplets of sweat finding their way down my cheeks,my parents beside me. The computer screen was loading my higher secondary result and that result will decide if I get my dream college or not. The computer buffered for some times and finally my result was in front of my brown eyes. I had secured 93 % .I fell back,happy and with a smile across my face as I looked at my parents,who instantly wrapped me in a hug. I was finally happy and would be able to enroll myself in my dream college,Rockford West College of Management and Technology. I wasted no time but started gathering all the information regarding my dream college.

After 2 months :-

Finally today,I am going to visit my college and get admitted today. My father called me as I headed downstairs in my yellow hoodie and my blue jeans,my orange sneakers to complete the outfit. I raced downstairs,as I shifted my black framed specs over my nose,my brown eyes shining bright,with my smile spread over my face.I hopped into the car,and in 30 mins came near the college.I looked at it,the huge infastructure,the huge Panther logo that was th pride of the college,the name surely read Rockford West,yes, it's not a dream,I really am here.After 3 hours of the admission process,we finally came out,happy and exhausted as I finally got enrolled in the college,the college which my brother used to study in,the very same brother who is in USA,with his wife.Finally ,it was a 30 minute ride home,and after a long tiring day,we sat together to have our lunch. By night,it was decided that I was to go to college by car.I already had my driving license ready and next week was my birthday,so I was really excited.

Next week :-

I woke up as the alarm went off at 7:30 a.m.I brushed,took a shower,and went downstairs only to find the whole house empty.Suddenly,I heard a car screeching,I looked out of the window to find my pare ta waiting outside, with a brand new Swift Desire. It was a black body,with white stripes and a race engined car,as the sound suggested.I went out as they wished me birthday and hugged me.Yes,this car was mine and only my own personal car,God,I had turned 18 now.Later that day,many guests came and we had a hearty party,and finally as my friends left,I went to sleep around 11 p.m.I was excited as my college atarted next week.I was more than happy to have new friends,and to be able to maybe find my life changer also.I went to sleep,happy and fully contempted.I couldn't wait for the next week anymore

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