The College that Changed my Life

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The First Day

The week flew like sand slips through hand. And today is the grand day,yes,I am going to college.I woke up as I heard a call,my mom calling me from downstairs,"Dean,it's your first day in college today,you don't wanna be late,I assume." I rushed down,"Yes mama,am ready." I glanced at the mirror again,my red and black hoodie,with my sling bag and my usual blue faded Denim jeans. I smiled as I found I looked great.I drove to college in my brand new car.I remember those days when my dad used to teach me how to drive.I turned on the radio,as Maroon Five's Girls Like You played ,followed by Imagine Dragon's Believer. I didn't realise when I swayed to the music so much that I had reached college.I parked my car in the parking lot,making sure it's the students parking.Slowly I entered the college,a bit nervous,biting my lips as I looked around at the huge infastructure.Inside,I was greeted by a couple of boys,who looked like senior.One of them called me and asked me my name."Dean Stephenson". I replied confidently." So,are you the new fresher?",one guy smirked,I could look into his hazel eyes and understand that something is not right.I still did not panic and replied,"Yes,today is my first day and I would like to head to my classes if we are done with the introduction here ",I replied sounding as cool as I could. The third guy replied,"Look Colin,looks like our juniors have come to college with some balls".The guy in black jacket,who was quiet still now gave me a glare and said,"Kiddo,you better know how to respect your seniors around here,else I will rip those balls apart".Now let me tell you something about myself,I am professionally trained in mixed martial arts and street boxing and I have been going to the gym for 2 years now,so I had quite a figure myself. Although,I am not the most muscular of all men,but I stand 5ft 7" tall, weighing around 67 kg and having a chest of 32. I was no way getting intimidated by some burly looking gang of 6 seniors,whose head was Colin McGregal,as I knew by now. I looked at Colin and replied,"Wanna try ripping my balls apart ? And I might end up breaking your bones instead". Colin looked at the bald guy and said"Rico,why don't you show him who runs this place?". As Rico now advanced towards me,I was getting ready,not backing off from this fight,I saw Rico's muscles ripple,he surely was not all show.Suddenly I heard a voice from behind, shouting,"It's enough already! Rico,you don't have to be the boss around here,and Colin,why don't you leash your dogs ??!!". Colin looked at that guy,as so did I. He was a 6ft guy in a maroon shirt,ripped jeans,and a black sneaker.His body was well built,as I saw his green eyes,looking at Colin in anger."Ian Morrison" ,Colin smirked and signalled Rico,who again sat back."You better teach this brat to respect their senior,and know how to behave." I replied,"Respect is earned,not begged for,Colin". Colin looked at me ,hid blue eyes surely very angry at I looked at them,unphased.Ian called me ,"What's your name ? " . "Dean Stephenson",I replied."Enough trouble on your first day in college,come,let me show you around here,you still have a hour before your classes start",said Ian. I obeyed him and went with him.For the next hour,he showed me this place around,I got my schedule,and reached my class.I had traded numbers with Ian and by the time,we reached my class,I had the name of those 6 seniors memorized.They were Colin,Rico,Iwabe, Brian,Tye and Nico.Rico and Nico were twins,not identical but twins.The others met in this college and they were from the 2nd year,the same class that Ian was in. I entered my class to find all new faces.I seated myself in the front seat,being an academic genius. This was the maths class and I loved maths. So,I paid attention as the teacher entered the class. After the introduction was done,and 10 mins into the class,a girl rushed in the class. I looked at her. Her blue eyes,her silky black hair,her lips gaping as she was panting,her tank top and the tight jeans showing her beautiful curves nicely. It was love at first sight. Her cheeks sweating,while I looked at her,wishing that she would be mine. The teacher,Mr Harrison interrogated her,"Come in Ms. Why are you late ?" She replied,"My car broke down in the way,Sir." After interrogation session was over,finally I came to know her name. She was Lucy Maslow,and all I knew was that Lucy was beautiful and I wanted her. After class,I gathered my guts and went to Lucy only to introduce myself. After a brief introduction,her phone rang as she picked up the call and I was devastated.She had a boyfriend.I thought that's obvious,and I excused myself before going for my next class. During the lunch hours,I was sitting in the canteen and fiddling with a burger,my mind full of Lucy's thoughts,yet the disappo intment that she belongs to someone else. Suddenly,I came out of trance as soemone patted me on the back. It was Rhea, Lucy's friend and the very first friend I made today. She sat down next to me,as we exchanged greetings. "Dean,you look somewhat tensed. Is everything all right ?". Do I look alright ? And you can't even do anything about this anyways,I thought toyself and then replied,"It's all right Rhea,I am fine" and I gave the most beautiful fake smile I could.As we were conversing,we were interrupted again,this time by Lucy. She came in with a bright smile,and sat beside me. It felt so good,my love at first sight,Lucy was beside me. Rhea and Lucy were cracking lame jokes and I was focussed,fully focused on Lucy. Her beautiful smile,eyes,and everything about her was so perfect. Her wavy hair suddenly brushed on my face as she turned and it felt like heaven. But,that also had me snap out of my world of ecstasy only to realise I was having a huge bulge between my legs. I somehow regained control of myself. I didn't know what had got into me,but I suddenly spoke out,"Lucy! You look very beautiful today,can we trade numbers ?". I can tell she was a bit surprised but was definitely not offended.She smiled shyly,finally grabbing my phone and trading her number. I gaped at those small hands of her,as I decided,One day those hands will be in my hands. Well,finally recess was over and we headed back to class. The rest of the day went all well and finally,I was at the parking lot moving towards my car. Suddenly,I was called out by a familiar voice,the voice I wouldn't wanna hear,Colin.

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