The College that Changed my Life

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The First Day,The First Fight

I looked back as I saw Colin,looking at me,that black leather jacket,his blue eyes,now red in anger,his right fist clenched,his left fist undoing the zip of his jacket as I saw he was wearing a white Supreme shirt inside."Dean Stephenson,you believe that you can insult me,my friends and escape without a beating! Now I shall really rip your balls apart,you son of a bitch !!". He shouted. " Ian isn't around now,is he? To save your sorry ass this time. I came here alone,to fight you,so if you are man enough,follow me,and let's see who the better man is!" He barked as he entered his blue Porsche. I understood Colin was a rich brat and obviously the spoilt one around the block. I was already upset that Lucy belonged to this guy,Jack whose name I discovered during our classes,and now he was challenging me. Now,I am Dean and I am a trained brawler,who never backs off from a fight,and as I was already frustrated,I accepted his challenge, entered my Swift and followed him. It was a 40 mins drive to the suburbs where his car halted into a driveway,I heard the noise of a train jostling nearby,the sun about to set. On my way I had called my parents that I would be late,and gave them no specific explanation why. Now,let me inform you,although I have been in this new city for over 6 months,I never really explored these places and this place seemed new to me. I had many tasks in mind,beat Colin up,find a way home,not to be late,I had to wrap this up quick. I exited the car,both his Porsche and my Desire giving their best glare as the sun set. It was fairly cold and dark,and I turned on the headlight of my car,so did he. He opened his jacket,and I pulled of my hoodie to reveal my black Seth Rollins shirt beneath it. My muscles ripped through my shirt,and his face spoke that he was intimidated by my stature. Even Colin had a great muscular body,having more muscles than me. We walked toward each other,no intimidation in either of our eyes. We stood face to face,around 7 inches distant,as he said," 30 mins,son,30 mins,either of us walks Outta here." He smirked. I didn't have so much time,so I needed to finish this fast. He smirked,that somehow awakened the brawler in me, and maybe that he didn't expect this Outta nowhere,I had landed a punch right on his jawline,making him spit out as he fell on th ground, eating dust. I took the chance to pound on him,as I hit him with my lefts and rights. After getting hit with around 10 punches,he managed to shove me off,and he stood up immediately,unphased. I understood now that Colin is no easy piece,as I could feel that he might not have much skills to fight,but he can take hell of a beating. I needed to avoid getting hit by him,coz his muscles were now getting the best of me. "Nice,nice,Dean Stephenson,you amaze me to new levels!! In the last 5 years no one has been able to lay a punch on me,and you managed quite a few,now time to paint your white car red with your fucking blood. Prepare yourself to face Colin !!!!". He shouted as he rushed towards me,his fists clenched,but I was able to dodge it timely,and throwing a punch of my own,which astonishingly,he dodged,shoving me to the ground. I got up immediately,to be surprised by him with a wicked punch,as I fell back again. I could feel my nose bleed. Blood,blood is the only thing that triggers me. I have been trained such that whenever I see blood,I don't hold back anymore. As I was lost on my thoughts after seeing that blood,I got up,only to be shoved down with another punch. Yes,I was bleeding,blood oozing out of my nostrils,now followed by my mouth. " Time to be a bit serious,I guess". I looked at him,who was already charging at me. This time,I blocked his punch,and simultaneously hit my knee right into his abdomen. He groaned in pain,as I held his right hand with my left,pulled him to me,and with my right clenched fist,hit him tight on the bridge of his nose, throwing him to the ground. He got up,and I was shocked that he still didn't bleed. I understood that it would take more than this to finish off Colin,for he was no show. He charged at me and I charged at him,and I being the faster man,hit his nose again as he fell down. This time,he took his time to get up,as sweat was accumualting all over my body. I saw his nose turn red,as I smirked, knowing that my next shot will surely make him bleed. I charged again as he caught my hand and simultaneously,threw me down to the ground,almost ripping my right hand off. He didn't let go of my right hand,and he pulled me up,and I took the stance to kick his mid section,making him spit out again,as he knelt down in pain,his grip over my hand now loosening up,and finally my hand was free as I landed another kick on his mid section. Then,I pounded him again and hit him with a few rights and lefts,until he shoved me off again and hit the end of my right brow,a new blood stream gushing out of it. I was now really angry,and didn't hold back anymore. I charged into him,my head hitting his mid section and picked him up and shoved him into his Porsche,as he groaned in pain. Then I landed a series of random punches and kicks,and by the time I was exhausted,his nose was bleeding. Suddenly,he gripped around my neck, strangling me. I was at a loss of air,my jaw clenched,he looked so furious,my eyes rolled. I felt like I would faint at any moment."Now die,you piece of crap". I had no choice,with last bit of strength,I clenched my fist,and hit him,hit his penis,and he immediately left my neck and fell down, growling in pain. I breathed like hell,as both sweat and blood dropped to the floor. He growled,holding his penis," You,son of a bitch,I believed we were having a fair fight." A drop of tear escaped his eyes." Everything is fair in love and war. " I smirked. Then I got up and punched him. I don't remember how much I beat him next, hitting his penis a couple of times more. Finally,I grabbed his penis,and squeezed it so hard that he shouted out. I went close to him and whispered," Whose balls are in danger now,huh ? Colin,it's over. " Then I left his balls,got up,walked a few steps back,and rushed towards him. He was on his knees,somehow trying to get up again,as my knee hit his temple and his head banged against his Porsche's skirt,and he fell down,all out of order. I walked towards my car,slowly,writhing in pain,as he murmured, "It's not over yet" , as he collapsed off. I grinned as I entered the car,washed my wounds off, and wore my jacket again,and drove off. Using Google Maps,I found my way home after a 1 hr long drive. I finally reached home and slowly,opened the front door with the extra key they gave me,making sure no one notices me. As I opened the door,I was shocked as my parents were waiting there,and they were very very angry. My dad analysed me,and came to me,"Where were you,and what about these cut marks on your face ?" , he asked in a serious tone. I knew I had no other choice,so I spilled the truth. I got scolded real bad,and then medicated. I called up Ian after dinner to tell him everything that happened,and he replied," Let's sort this out tomorrow in college,meet me at the gate". I replied with a Ok,and soon,I went to sleep,all tired after the fight today,exhausted and worn out.I knew tomorrow is gonna be difficult,and while pondering over these thougts,I don't know when I fell off to sleep.

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