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The Kink Club Series: Book 1: Rope Bunny

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Cecilia LeMore is your average 30 year old. She has a great job, her own home, and a small group of friends she can rely on. All she is missing is maybe someone to share it with. After getting into a precarious situation with a stranger on a girl's night out, she finds a whole new dark and sensual side of herself that she isn't sure if she wants to return from. Will she continue to explore this new side, or stop before she gets too deep.

Erotica / Romance
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Wake up call.

Cecilia woke up to the unnerving sound of her alarm clock. Reaching over without looking she batted at the clock till she hit the snooze, knowing in 5 minutes she was going to have to do it again, or get up and face the day. "Just a few more minutes please." She said begging her brain to shut off. Thoughts already pouring in, she groaned as a plump little body stretched next to her. She reached out grabbing her calico cat Jude and pulled her close to snuggle. Jude was reluctant at first, then rubbed her head against Cecilia's hand for head and chin scratches.

Giggling she said "wish someone would give me head scratches just for being cute and fluffy." Jude purred in response, lost in her own pleasure. Sighing Cecilia finally gave in and began to get up. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes she glanced at the clock seeing that it was 6:34 am and she needed to be at work by 8. She shut her alarm off before it could send it's piercing noise to the heavens once more. Standing up to stretch she went to her closet to get her work clothes together and shower.

She chose a fitted dress with a black bust cowl neck, and a charcoal bodice. She added a pair of open toed black pumps, and matching gray lace bra and panties. Satisfied with her selection she went to do her morning routine. Keeping the water lukewarm in order to wake her body up, she managed to get herself washed, shampooed, conditioned, and shaved in less than 30 minutes. Stepping out feeling completely refreshed she went and sat at her vanity.

Pulling her long dark Auburn hair out of the towel she debated on if she should let it go natural and have her beach waves on display or straighten it to get it's full length down her back. In the end she opted to just put it in a French braid. With such warm, humid weather this would do all the work for her, and give her hair a nice wave for the evening. Looking at her clock and seeing it was a quarter after 7, she started in on her make up adding just enough eyeshadow around her honey brown eyes making them pop. She added a touch of highlight to her bronzed skin, and a pale pink lip plump.

Smiling at her work she finished getting dressed and stood in front of her full length mirror for a quick once over. She was standing at 5'6" in her three inch heels, and her hour glass figure was perfectly outlined in her dress. She was neither overly skinny nor heavy, and she didn't have an excessively large bust being a B cup. Her hips were just noticeable thanks to her waist being slightly smaller, when cinched it made her curves more noticable, which she was thankful for.

Grabbing her purse she gave Jude one last pet before heading off to work. She lived in the suburbs of a quiet neighborhood just outside the city, her commute to work was a 20 minute drive so this would give her time to grab a coffee and breakfast before her first meeting. On the way her phone rang and a familiar face popped up. Smiling she answered, "Morning Rue! How is my beautiful best friend this morning?" A straight to business voice responded, "Excuse me! Don't beautiful best friend me CeCe! Where were you last night? You were supposed to be out with me, Isla and Reece." Sighing, CeCe responded as apologetically as possible, "I know but I had a meeting this morning and a presentation to complete for the design department. I'm almost to work now, so I'll see you at lunch and you can tell me how the night went." Exasperated her friend responded, "Fine, but you better go out with us tonight. No excuses." CeCe giggled, "Ok deal. Now I gotta go. Bye!"

Hanging up, she pulled into the garage and found a spot to park. Looking at her watch she had 5 minutes to get to the meeting room, she hurried to the elevator and pressed for the lobby. She hated that you had to cross the lobby to get to the other elevator. Coming out she saw the next one was closing, and called out "Hold the door!" Just as the they were about to close a hand jutted out stopping them. She approached slightly out of breath, she uttered a polite thank you and pressed for the 8th floor. Smoothing her dress she began to review her meeting notes paying no attention to the other rider. When the doors opened for the 7th floor the rider stepped out, while she was still too engrossed in her notes to be bothered to look up.

When the doors open again she steps out, heading down the hall to the meeting. As she passes, she sees that everyone is waiting. Being the head of design, the sight amps her up, and she feels prepared for battle. As she enters she smiles warmly at everyone in attendance and begins the presentation for a new company logo for a client. By noon, the meeting is over, having ended with promising results, and her stomach is growling. She texts her friends to let them know she is ready and asks where to meet at.

When she arrives at the restaurant, her friends are already seated inside at a corner table. She could already tell what they were discussing as they pointed and giggled at the bartender. Reece, a 5'9" blonde with green eyes, and prominent hips on her hour glass figure, is the first to see her. "There she is! Too good to go out last night, but here in all her stuck up glory!" CeCe laughs, "I told you guys I had a presentation and wouldn't be able to make it." CeCe quickly orders her lunch before Rue, a voluptuous 5' curvy redhead with hazel eyes, and pale skin piped up. "Uh yeah, well Isla here had 8 back to back meetings with the 4th floor IT department about proper hand washing and she still came out." "Well Isla is HR, and lives off the despair of staff. As long as she is making people miserable with policy, she is thriving!" CeCe quipped back. Isla sat with her drink in hand only half listening as she stared heatedly at the bartender. Her long platinum braids draped over her left shoulder contrasted well against her dark skin, at 5'7" she was the most stylish of the group. Wearing dark patterned pants and a matching vest over a light peach button up, her full figure was nicely outlined. It was clear that the bartender was taking notice.

"I'll be right back." Isla said placing her drink down and heading to the bar. The rest of the group watched as she made her way over. "She works so fast!" Reece said smiling "Bets! Let's see how fast she gets his number! Loser buys drinks tonight. Go!" "Thirty seconds after they exchange names!" Rue excitedly replies. "One minute from the time she left the table," Reece responds. "Right now," CeCe adds as Isla is already walking back to the table stuffing a napkin in her pocket. "Reece you lose!" Rue exclaims. "What? You said they had to exchange names! Isla did you guys exchange names before you got his number?" Isla smirks as she sits down leaning back, legs crossed, and picking up her drink once more. "No need. Don't need names and they don't need mine." "Aha! You lose Rue! Drinks are on you tonight!" Rue sighed in defeat, by now their lunch order had arrived.

As they dug in, CeCe listened to the tale of their night out. It was always an adventure wherever they went. Isla, being the quiet and bold one, always managed to snag anyone she set her eyes on, but left them wanting more in the morning as she kicked them out of her place. Rue being the center of attention, found herself in trouble after a few drinks. She managed to bring a large man to his knees after he made a few remarks she didn't care for. Reece working her famous assets and charm managed to smooth things over so they didn't get kicked out.

These girls were her best friends. They had known each other for so long that they were practically related. She always made sure to go along with their whims when she could. If they needed a wingman, hype man, or ride home she was there. CeCe giggled to heself because even though Reece said Rue would be paying for drinks, it was more of a joke than a reality. Reece would work her assets and charm to get free drinks for the night. It was pretty common that the girls only took their IDs and $20 for drinks when they went out just in case. Usually to get a cab if they didn't convince someone to pay for that as well.

All in their 30's they were all strong willed on their own, but together they were a force to be reckoned with. After the banter settled, CeCe finally spoke up about the evenings plan. Being Friday it was likely to be a long night, and she wanted to be ready. "So where are we heading this evening? I need to make sure I am dressed to impress." Reece perked up. "Isla found this new club, so high heels, leather, and chains." CeCe cocked her head in bewilderment. "Heels, leather, and chains? What kind of club is this?" She looked at Reece and Rue who smiled mischievously at Isla. Not even looking up from her plate Isla states bluntly, "it's the Kink Club."

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