Voyeuristic Intentions

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Reece Wilkes was in for the ride of her life.

Erotica / Humor
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The Wild Side

Wearing a high waisted pleated black mini skirt, black thigh high stockings, a black cropped tank top, and a pair of black pumps, Reece was dressed to kill. She had found this new dive bar that was gaining a reputation for having patrons that were a little more on the dangerous side. Being that she was an avid fan of her favorite show 'Sons of Anarchy' she was eager to find her own Jax Teller. With her long work day she was ready to blow off some steam. Tonight was about her, and her pent up needs being satisfied, preferably with a big burly biker that would make her forget how to walk. She had her long blonde hair in waves, makeup light with her eyeshadow in dark pinks, and a cherry pink lipstick. She finished it with a brown eyeliner that made her green eyes sparkle like peridot jewels. Giving herself a twirl in the mirror everything was in place, and she was ready to go.

She had called a friend to drop her off. His name was Zeke, a tall six foot man with dark brown hair, large shoulders, and some muscle. He wasn't fit, but he wasn't overweight either. They had been friends for a while, and even though he pined for her she never saw their relationship as anything more than convenience. She met him years ago through a mutual friend, he had tried several times to take her on a date, but she wasn't interested. Finally he settled for her friendship, and he was currently picking her up to take her to this new bar. She had already warned him that he was just dropping her off, and if she needed a ride she would call. He was reluctant, but seeing as she always got her way he agreed taking small comfort in knowing at least she called him. They arrived at the bar, and just as she had heard there was a line of motorcycles parked out front. She saw several bikers outside having a smoke, and quite a few weren't bad looking.

Zeke stopped the car out front, "you sure you don't want me to come with you? These guys look like trouble." He asked, concern clear in his voice. Reece hadn't given it a second thought, "Nope I'm good. You'll cramp my style!" She answered as she opened the door to step out. Just as she was about to close the door she heard, "Reece wait!" She turned to look back at Zeke impatiently. "Just be careful." She nodded, closing the door. He watched as she walked towards the door, seeing the bikers outside very obviously checking her out. The curve of her ass peeked out of the bottom of her skirt as she walked, and the men definitely took notice. Zeke drove away, already with his phone in hand in case she called at all.

Reece on the other hand reveled in the attention, knowing that she would most likely be the hottest thing to walk into that bar tonight. She wasn't arrogant, all though many would assume she was. She just had pretty girl problems, and a charismatic personality to match. This is what drew men to her, first they saw her, then they talked to her, and then she effortlessly charmed the pants off them. Rejection? Who's she? This is what made her a force to be reckoned with in her job.

She made her way to the bar, it only took one or two people to bump into her before they took notice, and parted the way for her. She sauntered to a barstool, making a bit of a show sitting down, and then crossing her legs. The bartender was a young man likely in his mid twenties, he had short brown hair that spiked up in the middle to create a faux hawk. He wore a black V neck T-shirt that covered his toned body. She eyed him momentarily, had he been older she might have considered him. He glanced at her, finished his current order, and made his way over. "What can I get you, pretty lady?" Reece smiled, "three shots of Jager." The bartender followed up asking, "do you want a chaser?" Reece giggled, "no thanks, that would ruin the taste." The bartender raised his eyebrows in surprise, then grabbed four shot glasses, and filled them with the black liquorice liquid. She took one, and so did the bartender. "Cheers." He said, then took the shot, and immediately chased it with a beer. Reece raised her glass in a toast, then took the first shot. She set the glass down, and immediately followed with the last two.

She turned away from the bar looking around. The place had an old pub feel to it which she enjoyed. It's crowded, but people were still able to move around enough. There were plenty of men in biker gear, black leather vests, and jeans. There were also plenty of women around, most in tiny shorts, and tops, or dresses. She noticed on the opposite end there were several pool tables with a few games being played. With her interest peaked, she made her way over. Before she could get to the tables she heard a charming, yet deep voice boom in laughter. "Good on ya mate!" She couldn't quite see the owner of the voice, but his accent made her insides flip with excitement. She squeezed around two women who were clearly no longer aware of their surroundings, and finally reached the tables. There were two games going, and the players looked to be a betting crowd.

The owner of the voice had his back to her, so she couldn’t quite make out his face, but that didn’t stop her from appreciating his form. He carried a broad back and shoulders, his large biceps strained underneath the white long sleeve shirt, with the sleeves pushed up to his elbows, showing off two large forearms attached to equally large hands. One of which was holding an empty bottle. His light wash jeans hugged his thick, muscular thighs, and firm ass. His long, thick, dirty blonde mane peppered with grays was half up and half down. He was tall at around 6’5” and very much a tree that Reece wanted to climb. She wasn’t the only one however, there were plenty of bar flies around also vying for his attention, but she had something a little more than looks up her sleeve, she had skill, and she was going to use it. Without a second thought she went to the wall, grabbed a pool cue, grabbed the chalk, and rubbed it several times over the tip until it was adequately covered. “Next game.” she said, loud and confident.

There were two other men talking with the tall foreigner that now turned their attention to her, giving her a once over. "This isn't a game for girls. If you want to sit there and be a pretty little thing to look at go right ahead." Said one of the older men walking towards her. He was short, stocky, with a large stomach, an unkempt beard, and a balding head. He gave her a sickening grin, however she wasn't fazed. She pulled a hundred dollar bill from her cleavage, and set it on the table. She looked back at the man, and put on the biggest, sweetest pout, batting her eyelashes, she walked her fingers up his chest, twirling them into the ends of his beard. "Just a game against pretty little me? Can't be too hard to beat." She said in a cutesy high pitched voice. The man was so enamored with her that he caved. He looked back at his friend. A tall, slender man with sunken in eyes, and a scraggly goatee, who gave a shrug and a nod. "Alright, you can play, but you're with the Aussie. He could use some help losing." She smiled and took a step back looking over his shoulder towards the Australian who was now looking at her with intrigue. He was even more handsome from the front. Light gray hooded eyes stared at her with heart stopping intensity, with a large thin lipped smile. He had a short, trimmed beard that still displayed his sharp jawline clearly. Reece bit her lip in excitement, “He stands to gain a lot more than lose.” Reece said, giving him a wink.

He walked over to her, holding her gaze as the other men were getting the table set up. He extended a hand to her, “G’day, name’s Alek.” She took it, enjoying the feeling of her small hand being enveloped by his. “Reece.” She said, with a coy grin. “Guess we’re partners.” “Deadset.” He responded, still holding her hand. After a moment she broke eye contact to look at her hand still in his. “I don’t mind holding your hand all night, but I will need it eventually.” She chuckled. “Crikey.” He laughed letting go, “Got a bit lost there.” By now they joined their competition, who were finishing the set up. Each of the men and Alek placed another one hundred dollars in the winning pot, along with Reece’s. One of the men pulled out a quarter. “Call it.” he said, in a gruff voice to Reece as he flipped it. “Heads.” she answered. They looked to the quarter as it landed in the middle of the table. Heads. Reece smiled, they would be going first, and she would be breaking. She had decided that she would play it slow at first, just enough to get Alek’s attention, before she would finish them. She set up her cue, aligning the cue ball center with the apex, and enough force to make a clean break. Her ass almost fully on display, thanks to her short skirt. With a loud crack! The balls split, and immediately sent one into a corner pocket. Stripes. Reece set up again, sending the cue ball to the inner left side bouncing off the wall and knocking another stripe in. ‘Shit!’ Reece thought, if she kept going she would win the game in no time. She was looking to win, but not this quickly, She didn’t want them to catch on to her. She maneuvered the tip slightly to the right and barely touched the side of the cue ball sending it rolling slowly out of the way. It seemed to do the trick, since the two men were now at ease, chalking her hits down to beginners luck. She would have no problem playing up the trick.

The tall, thin man was next, he managed to get a solid in before missing the next shot. Reece hadn’t realized it at first, but Alek had gone to the bar, and come back with two beers. He handed one to Reece. “Stubby?” he asked, handing her one. She gladly took it, allowing her fingers to lightly brush his as she did. “So, where in Australia are you from Alek?” He smiled at her “The GC, with heaps of other banana benders.” Reece scoffed. “The GC? Banana benders?” He nodded, “The Gold Coast, Queensland.” they were leaning against the wall, when Alek stood up to play his turn. She watched as his muscles flexed under his shirt, and his jeans hugged his ass and thighs when he leaned forward to line up his shot. He drew back his arm and gave the cue ball enough force to bounce off a far opposing wall and two others before coming back to knock a stripe into a corner pocket to his right, Reece was impressed, as it was a difficult shot. They were now three out of 7 balls in, while their opponents had only made one shot. He took another, but missed. Reece cocked her head a little in thought. It was actually an easy shot he could have made, just a straight line into a side pocket, but he had hit the cue ball slightly off to the left sending it spinning away. The other two men laughed, having been groomed all night with winning against Alek, were completely unphased by the move. Reece however was on to him. It was simple, he was hustling, just as she was.

When he came back to lean against the wall next to her, she decided to investigate, and see how much of a hustler he really was. “You could have made that shot.” She whispered leaning towards him. “Yeah? Ya could’ve too, love.” He whispered back to her, the bass of his voice, and the heat of his breath sending shivers down her spine. “Wanna win and get out of here?” She asked. “I reckon. Let’s get rid of these drongo’s and shoot through.” That was all she needed to hear. “Be ready then. This will be quick.” their opponents had managed to get two more shots, but Reece was done with this game. She lined up her shots, One, two, three, four. She hit each one after the other in quick succession wasting no time. The look on the men’s faces told her they were not ready for this. Her cue ball was aimed at the 8 ball, but it had two solids in the way. The men smiled ready for her to lose this shot, but she was too good for that. “Right corner pocket.” she said, confidently. The men looked at her in confusion for a moment, how was she going to get this in the pocket when there were clearly solids in the way. She looked at the men, looked at Alek, who was also curious. She gave him a wink, and with her cue tip aimed low, she popped the ball hard, sending it over the two balls, hitting the 8 ball, sending it right to the pocket she called.

The two men stood there with their jaws dropped. Alek had his hand over his mouth attempting to stifle a laugh, but the amusement could clearly be seen in his eyes. Reece walked around to the corner of the table and grabbed the pile of money. “Thanks boys, but I think we will be heading out now.” The tall man was now over his shock, and angrily walked to Reece, grabbing her wrist. “What kind of bullshit is this?! You two played us!” Reece pulled her arm, annoyed that he was even touching her. Reece wasn’t just some weak little girl, but she rarely had to fight when she was always able to charm her way out of any scenario. However, things usually never escalated to the point of her being touched. This did not sit well for Reece, but before she could even get a word out, Alek had come from behind her, and hit the man square in the nose. “Rack off ya mongrel! Don’t go crook on her for losing!” The man stumbled backwards letting go of Reece and grabbing his now bloody nose. His friend, realizing what happened, began to charge at Alek. “Time to go!” Reece said, grabbing his hand and heading towards the door. Alek got ahead of her once they reached outside, and jumped onto his black, Indian Scout motorcycle. Reece climbed on the back, wrapping her arms around his waist. Despite the current predicament, Reece couldn’t help but feel the very toned body under the shirt. He started the bike, revving it loudly, the vibrations adding to Reece’s already excited body, and they took off from the bar, as the men came crashing out the front door. Reece laughed, as the night air whipped her hair behind her. This was an interesting night, and she wasn’t ready for it to end just yet.

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