Voyeuristic Intentions

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The Ride of a Lifetime

It was a little past six in the next evening when Alek arrived in front of Reece’s townhouse on his motorcycle, the sound of the engine revving letting her know that he is outside. Reece still in her lingerie decided that there is nothing better than a waiting man, but little did she know he would make her regret this decision almost immediately. She heard the sound of the engine die as he turned the key stepping off his bike, he made his way to the door. She, still sitting at her large vanity, putting the last dash of mascara on her long lashes heard the front door ring. The anticipation of this date made her insides jump with excitement. She had only met him a few days ago, but she was already quite fond of him after her easy victory in their game of pool. She had later admitted being an avid billiards player, but failed to mention that what started as a fun hobby, and pass time turned quickly into a matter of life and death when her father's gambling habit spun out of control.

Her attention was brought back to the fact that her doorbell was ringing yet again. She sauntered out of her room, downstairs to the front door in only her pastel pink lace thong, matching push up bra and sheer black robe. She opened the door, to see his broad back and shoulders facing the road. Alek wore a black leather jacket cut to fit his enormous frame perfectly, his large biceps straining against the leather, with a pair of dark wash jeans that hugged his thick, muscular thighs, and black biker boots. His long blonde mane cascading over his shoulders and back. He turned to speak, but his words caught as he hungrily raked his eyes over Reece’s body.

He started at her long legs, and trailed up to her barely covered womanhood. His eyes took in every detail as they continued up the curve of her hips, to the sudden dip of her stomach. He licked his lips when he reached her chest, apple sized breasts ripe for picking only made fuller in the confines of their cloth cage, and her long blonde hair curled around them, framing them perfectly for view. Her plump lips in a noticeable smirk, before he reached her eyes, the green of hers knowing full well the effect she was having on him. She took a step back, inviting him in. She closed the door behind him as he stepped in her foyer. “Have a seat.” she managed to get out, before he had her pressed against the wall, his lips immediately on hers, and his hands going straight to the ample globes of her ass. He gave them a hard squeeze, causing a small moan to escape her lips, before he thrusted his tongue in her mouth, the scruff of his beard lightly scratching her nose.

He pressed his hips forward shoving his hard member against her aroused entrance. She moved her leg up to wrap around his waist, as he held her there. She was so caught up by the interaction that she no longer wanted to leave, before he broke their kiss to breathe. She reached out and grabbed a handful of his hair trying to pull him back to her for more, but he held his head taut against her. She pouted at his sudden reign over his hormones, that she tried batting her eyelashes to coerce him to continue. He looked at her with a smirk, indicating he knew the effect he had on her as well. This frustrated Reece, and she tugged on his hair hard, pulling his head back unexpectedly, giving her access to his neck. She inhaled his scent, the smell of cedarwood, leather, and his own musk sent tingles down to her core. She lightly kissed the base of his neck, before lightly flicking her tongue along his adams apple, and jawline. He released a low groan, crashing his lips back into hers giving her what she wanted.

She rolled her hips against his, still desperately trying to create more friction, as the bulge in his pants was straining to get out, the rise giving her plenty to grind on. She let go of his hair and ran her hands down to his belt in a desperate attempt to unbuckle them, but he quickly grabbed her hands and stopped her. He pulled away to look down at her, as her eyes lazily looked up at him in confusion. “Not yet.” he said, his deep australian accent sending shivers of pleasure down her spine. He gently unhooked her leg from his waist, and she dropped it in frustration. Crossing her arms, she jutted out a hip, and gave an exceptionally large pout. “We gonna have a bit of fun first.” She tilted her head, still fully aroused, and remembering that they had a date. “What did you have in mind?” she asked, biting her bottom lip. He reached into his pocket and pulled out some items. “Put these in.” he handed her two silver ben wa balls, and a silicone anal plug. She smiled as she reached out, and took them in hand.

The balls were weighted in her hand as she rolled them, and the anal plug was a little on the larger side. She chuckled at him, a little confused. “I thought we were going out?” he grinned, “We are. Ya wanna wear somethin’ to keep ‘em in. Those knickers of yours won’t cut it.” she stared at them, then back at him, seeing his expression was very much playful, but serious. He nodded towards her stairs. “Crack on love.” She squared her shoulders, and held her head up as she swayed past him, to go get dressed. He was still very much watching her round ass bounce as she did. “‘Ey love?” she stopped looking over her shoulder at him. “Grab extra bottoms. Ya gonna need it.” she raised her eyebrow, but went to her room, and did exactly as she was told. She dropped lube on the plug, and on the rim of her opening, slowly inserting it til it was lodged. She did a quick wiggle alternatively bending her legs to ensure it wasn’t going anywhere, the feeling made her moist panties become saturated.

Once satisfied she grabbed one of the balls and placed it at her entrance, the cool metal chilling the heated ache in her loins. She had never thought to use ben wa balls before, so she wasn’t entirely sure how they would stay in. she pressed the ball inwards, her lips slowly devouring it. She continued to push it in, and felt her inner walls clench down around the ball keeping it place. She did another wiggle, before following the same process for the second one. Once both were inserted, she could feel the weight of them rolling around inside, the balls were pressing against the anal plug, sending small waves of pleasure throughout her body. She didn’t know what Alek had in mind, but she was already excited for it. She walked to her closet, feeling the balls roll inside her as she did, she let out small pants. She had picked out a tight little black spaghetti strap bodycon dress, but with the added toys, she wasn’t sure if the balls would say in with that. Instead, she grabbed a pair of low waist, button fly black mini shorts, and light pink crop top that criss crossed from front to back. She put on a pair black, lace up, ankle high, chunky heel Dr. Martens, figuring she was going to be on a bike, why not? And threw on a tight black leather jacket, grabbing an extra pair of black shorts too.

Each step down her stairs sent small waves of heat to her core, the balls and plug were rubbing her insides perfectly, and she was losing a bit of her concentration with them in. When she reached the bottom step, Alek let out a whistle as she did a little spin for him. “Crikey, what a beauty.” He said, as she walked to him taking her hand in his, “ready for a go 'round?” she nodded, the excitement building even more. She was already worked up from their earlier petting, and with the added toys doing their work with just the slightest movements, she couldn’t wait to see what he had in store for her. She locked her door, and followed him to his bike, taking the extra pair of shorts and putting them in his saddle bag. He climbed on handing her a helmet, which he helped to put on her, and she climbed on the back. She wrapped her arms tightly around his trunk of a waist, and hung on. He started the motorcycle and the immediate rumble of the engine, causing the balls and plug to vibrate wildly inside her. She let out a loud gasping moan, as he revved the engine a few times for her. “Jesus fuck!” she cried. He chuckled, turning his head towards her. “Hang on, love.” as if she had a choice, and with that he started down the road.

It was still light out as he leisurely drove on the city streets, building her up slowly, before having to sit idle at a light. There was still plenty of traffic around, so the idea that she was having pleasure relentlessly penetrating her, while others stared obliviously, had them both so turned on it was a wonder they didn’t just stop in the middle of the road to show off. They barely made it a few streets over, before she was a moaning, panting mess behind him. She had her face buried in his back, and every rev of the engine would send another building shockwave through her body. Her grip on him getting tighter, and tighter as he drove. Once they hit the highway, that was it for her. He picked up speed causing the toys to rub on her sweet spot hard. Her body was clenching around the balls and plug so much that it wasted no time giving her orgasm, after orgasm. She was biting onto his leather jacket, as she screamed out in bliss. After each one he would slow down to the speed limit to give her a moment to calm herself, before taking off again to build her right back up.

At one point, there was a vehicle driving by with a middle aged businessman on his way home from work. He happened to be trying to pass them, but was caught off guard as he saw Reece throw her head back in pleasure, and grind her hips into the bike seat. The driver was shocked by what he was seeing, and started to slow down to keep pace with them. Reece happened to look over as she turned her head, and caught the drivers eye. She continued to moan while staring at him, as she rolled her hips more on the bike. The man was becoming visibly turned on as he would glance at the road to make sure he didn’t hit anyone, only to immediately turn his attention back to Reece. He watched as she built up another orgasm, and came once again, her body shaking as it ripped through her. The man could not believe what he was seeing, but she winked at him, while he sat there dumbfounded. Alek looked over at the man, and smirked, knowing that the man very much wished he was in his shoes, before he turned off at an exit. Reece blew the man a kiss, and giggled as he continued on the highway, repeatedly glancing back at them as he sped away.

They were now on a scenic route outside of the city. The sun having set, and the stars and moon coming out, it provided for a very romantic scene. Reece however, was anything but romantic. By now, she had endured at least over 10 orgasms, at least she thought it was 10, she couldn’t be sure since she lost count. Her shorts were now a soaked mess that had spilled over the back of the motorcycle. She felt a little bad, and wondered if he would be bothered, but quickly dismissed the thought since he knew what he was doing, and she didn’t think she could be blamed for his idea. Their pace was a slow one, for which she was grateful, her body needed a break from the sheer exhaustion that was the ride.

They pulled up to a Mom and Pop carhop diner, and parked. The engine died, and even though there was no physical motion in her body, the balls and plug still vibrated as if they were still moving. Alek hopped off the bike, and took his helmet, off, shaking his wild mane out, with Reece doing the same. She threw her leg over and attempted to stand, but her legs were like jell-o, and her knees gave out immediately. Alek’s big arm caught her before she could hit the ground. “Easy love, that was quite a ride ya took, and ya look a bit buggered.” Reece rolled her eyes, as he sat her back on the bike seat. “Your seat is wet.” she huffed, as he reached into his saddle bag for her extra shorts. He chuckled, “Bloody oath, ya came all over it. C’mon love, let’s head to the dunny and get ya cleaned up.” With that he reached under her legs and behind her back, picking her up in his arms, and carried her to the nearby bathroom. He gently set her down in front of the door to the restroom, she leaned against the wall to steady herself to get the strength back in her legs. His hands still on her back and waist in case she fell again. Once she was certain she wouldn’t she nodded to him, and he handed her her extra shorts. “Go ahead and take the toys out, and I’ll get ya some tucker.” Reece hummed at the thought, “A big, fat, greasy burger, and fries, with a diet Coke.” she gave a wide grin. He smiled, shaking his head, “A’right love. Hamburger, hot chips, and a fizzy.”

She went into the bathroom, leaning against the door after she closed and locked it. Her body was still trembling from the repeated assault on her core. She took a deep breath before going over to the mirror to look herself over. She set the shorts down on the sink, and looked at her reflection. Her hair was slightly matted down from the helmet, and sweat, so she shook it out, and fluffled it up to give it some much needed volume. She unbuttoned her shorts, and dropped them along with her thong, slipping out of them, then placing them both on the sink as well. She reached around and pulled the plug out, setting it in the sink to wash, and then reached into her crevice to try and get the ben wa balls out. She struggled a little trying to figure out how to release them, and when she was unable to with her fingers, she pursed her lips trying to figure out how she was going to get them out. She thought for a moment, then squatted down, and used her inner muscles to push. With that, the balls popped out one after the other into her hand. She laughed quietly at herself, before placing them in the sink and washing the balls, and the plug. She wiped herself up, and when she finished she put the new shorts on, and stuck the toys in her jacket pocket. With one last look, she grabbed her soiled clothes, turned on her heel and left the bathroom.

She walked back to the bike where Alek was waiting with their food. He was already digging in, when she got there, so she climbed on the back, picked up her burger, and took a big bite. She let out a loud moan, as her eyes rolled back, and her bottom wiggled so hard the bike teetered with it.

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