Pit Princess

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Ariana’s alarm went off at 0600 hours promptly.

She jumped out of bed and went about selecting a nice, respectable yet flirty outfit for the day.

As she come walking down the stairs she heard mother calling, “Ariana dear, you must get moving already. I see these race nights...”

“Mother why are you shouting” Ariana said as she reached the bottom of the stairs fully dressed and ready for the day.

Mother looked at her surprised and smiled, “it’s nice to see you have managed to balance things this week. Now, we need to discuss this bit of riding your bike to the track last night young lady.”

“I know mother, I’m sorry” Ariana began. “You will be pleased to know it was trailered home though.”

“Ah yes” mother replied, “so I heard. Is it true that I will get to meet this young man who has my daughter smitten?”

“Yes mother” Ariana relied as they walked to the kitchen together. “He will be joining us for tea today.”

Mother gave an approving smile and as she squeezed Ariana’s arm lovingly she replied, “I am so happy for you dear. This young man seems to truly make you happy. I look forward to meeting him.”

It was a quiet morning. Ariana and mother went over the week’s scheduled events and then set to discussing tea with the server.

It was decided to set up out in the garden. As the noon hour approached Ariana heard the speaker come to life.

Geeves could be heard making the announcement, “Sir Dallas is here to make your acquaintance Ma’am”.

“Thank you Geeves” mother replied, “send him through. Please tell him he can park by the garage where he took Ariana’s bike last night.”

Ariana was giddy with excitement. Her mother told her to go meet the young man and show him in.

As Ariana rounded the building she saw Dallas getting out of the truck. A lovely bouquet of lilies, carnations, daisies and irises.. all of mother’s favorites.

“Looks like you did your homework” Ariana said as she wrapped her arms around Dallas in a tight hug.

Dallas leaned over and kissed her lips. Ariana felt a fire ignite. That was the first time she felt his lips to hers and they were soft and passionate and oh how she couldn’t wait to feel them on the reat of her body.

As they entered the main doors mother was waiting to meet him. Ariana made the introductions and Dallas made a perfect impression as he greeted mother properly, bowing and taking her hand to kiss the top before handing her the bouquet he had brought.

“I do hope you will enjoy these” he said.

“Oh they are lovely” mother said, hardly able to contain her excitement. “They’re my favorites too. Ariana must have told you.”

“Actually my Queen,” Dallas said, “I recalled a recent story that mentioned they were your favorite.”

“Impressive” mother said as Dallas offered her his arm to escort her to their destination.

Ariana couldn’t have been more pleased at how things were starting. Dallas was sufficiently early, which was on time according to mother’s rule if thumb.

He had impressed mother with the flowers and was appropriately proper.

Dallas held and pushed mother’s chair in for her and then did the same for Ariana.

“So how did you and my daughter meet” mother asked.

Ariana sat silent, her face turning red from the feeling of heat she felt rising to her ears.

Dallas reached under the table and placed his hand on her knee, giving her a squeeze to reassure her.

“Actually, we met last week at the derby.” Dallas said.

“Oh yes, now I remember” mother replied. “You are that handsome young man that showed us to our seats.

“Mother” Ariana whispered. Dallas chuckled.

“I told you child” mother said, “I’m old not dead.”

Dallas then laughed a more hearty laugh, which made mother smile.

He then continued saying, “I honestly didn’t think I’d ever see her again until last night when I happened to run into her at the track.”

“Oh yes, the track” mother said. “Thank you for trailering her bike home last night.”

“It was my pleasure” he replied. Dallas started to run his hand up Ariana’s leg, making her squirm.

“Well you seem like a very nice young man” mother said. “I do hope you will become a familiar face around here.”

Ariana looked at her mother in horror, but Dallas just pushed his hand furthe up her leg before relying, “I would like that very much myself.”

Dallas smiled at Ariana as his hand found its way to the crotch of her panties. He could feel the warm wetness forming and that made him hard.

He reached his finger around the edge of her panties and found his way to her slit. Sliding his finger into her slowly he could hear her breathing change.

“Are you okay dear?” Mother asked when she noticed Ariana sitting quietly looking a little strained.

“Yes mother” Ariana replied, slightly unsettled by the pleasure she was feeling from Dallas’ finger inside her.

Ariana’s hips rocked forward slightly and Dallas pushed a second finger inside her.

“Oh god” Ariana whispered under her breath. As Dallas looked at her and smiled she was ever so thankful mother had not heard her.

Tea was an afternoon event of at least a couple of hours, especially when there was company, and mother was certainly going to be sure and turn it into just that.

Ariana could feel her body shudder with desire. She could feel the burn and ache growing in her pussy. The need for Dallas to touch her body in ways they had only spoke of to that point.

“Dallas”, mother asked, “are you new around these parts?”

“Yes ma’am” he replied. “Relocated a few months back now and took the job at the derby while I get my company started.”

“Oh you have your own company?” Mother asked. “What do you do?”

“It is a graphics design company” Dallas explained. “We create graphic imagery for all sorry of purposed. Signage, advertising, books, you name it we can cover it.”

As the conversation began to slow it was obvious mother was ready to settle in for her afternoon nap.

“I apologize young man” mother began, “this old lady can’t keep the hours I once did. It’s time for me to grab a short nap. I do hope you will stay and enjoy some time with Ariana.”

Dallas stood to assist mother and thanked her for her hospitality. “I think I shall visit a bit if it pleases Ariana for me to do so.”

“I’d like that” Ariana said, smiling at Dallas as mother excused herself into the house.

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