Pit Princess

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Tour de Castle

After mother was in the house and Ariana was certain she was well out of view of the garden she walked over to Dallas and kissed him.

As he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close she could feel how hard he was.

The way his lips molded to hers was like nothing she had ever know. As his tongue pushed its way past her lips she tasted his sweet kiss for the first time.

“You belong to me” Dallas said, breaking from their kiss, “and I do believe mother approves of me.”

Ariana felt as though she would melt right there in his arms.

“Yes daddy” she replied, “I belong to you.”

“Now why don’t you show me around baby girl” he said as he laced his fingers in hers.

Mother looked out her bedroom window, which over looked part of the garden. As she watched she saw the two of them walking hand-in-hand through the garden. She smiled sweetly to herself and they layed down in bed for her nap.

Ariana walked Dallas around the gardens and then showed him around the interior. The place was large, to say the least. She introduced him to the hired help and finally walked up the stairs to her room.

They walked through the door and it opened up into a large room with a queen sized bed in the middle on an island raised platform. Behind the bed was an arched way through to a sitting room that had a couch and two chairs around a glass table.

Off to the side was a magnificent powder room with a double sink and separate bath and shower. Through that room we’re a set of double door that lead into what most would consider another small bedroom but it was Ariana’s closet. In the center was a cushioned bench and all around were racks, drawers and shelves that held items from Ariana’s biker boots to her wide brimmed derby hats.

“Wow baby girl” Dallas said, “there is so much potential in here.”

Dallas gave Ariana a crooked smile and at that moment she watched as his gorgeous blue eyes darkened while he reached and laced his hand into her hair.

“Mother’s room is down the other end of the hall, correct?” Dallas asked, his voice carrying a hint of a growl to it.

“Yes daddy” Ariana said and the felt Dallas tug against her hair, directing her to her knees.

He didn’t say a word, but just held her hair tightly with her positioned on her knees before him. His other hand opened his pants and his hard cock popped out before her eyes.

Dallas pulled Araian’s head toward him and she didn’t need him to say a word. Ariana opened her mouth and took his cock into her throat.

Dallas’ head fell back and Ariana could hear the primal moans escape as he directed her head to and from his body, throat fucking her.

As the sensation flowed through his body Dallas began pushing his hips toward her lunging his cock deeper and harder causing a slight gagging sensation which made Dallas’ balls contract, pushing his orgasm to the surface.

“Oh fuck fuck yes baby girl” Dallas moaned out, “that’s it swallow daddy’s cum!”

Ariana sucked hard as her throat contacted on his shaft, her lips gliding up and down his cock and his balls slapping her chin before shooting his lod down her throat.

She swallowed as his cock throbbed and pulsed and as he neared the end of his orgasm Dallas withdrew his cock, letting the remainder drip down her chin.

He reached down and whiped Ariana’s chin and then gave her his finger to suck clean.

Dalla moaned softly again before saying, “you are such a good girl for daddy.”

Ariana could feel her clit throbbing and aching for relief but she didn’t mention it.

“No worries baby girl” Dallas said, noticing the look of need in her eyes, “daddy will take care of that ache for you soon enough.”

Shortly after getting cleaned up Ariana heard mother calling for her.

“Coming mother” she called back as she hurried to make sure she looked presentable.

Dallas just chuckled and turned her chin up so he could look her in the eyes, “you look perfect baby girl.”

Ariana smiled and the lead then downstairs.

As the two walked down the steps mother was waiting at the bottom to greet them.

“I hope you enjoyed the tour Dallas” she said, “and I do hope Ariana was a hospitable host.”

“Yes” Dallas replied, “I’m not sure what was more enjoyable, touring your gorgeous gardens, viewing your lovely library or the company by your amazing daughter.”

Dallas squeezed Ariana’s hand as mother smiled and turned to walk as she talked.

“I do hope you will stay for dinner,” mother exclaimed as she walked to the sitting room. “I’ve instructed the kitchen crew to include an extra plate.”

“I’d be honored, thank you.” Dallas replied.

The next couple of hours mother asked about Dallas’ plans regarding Ariana, despite Ariana’s objections, and still Dallas replied appropriately and without hesitation.

“So you hope to be around for a good time to come then,” mother asked.

“Well yes ma’am” Dallas replied, “that is if Ariana will have me.”

Ariana just smiled at him and squeezed his hand. She was at a loss for words. Mother loved Dallas, it seemed, Dallas was faring well into the mix of Ariana’s world so far, and Ariana was falling hard and fast for him. What more could she want?

Just then Ariana felt the ping of need between her legs. Oh yes, a release that’s what more she could want.

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