Pit Princess

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Dinner Time

The kitchen help called for dinner and as Dallas stood he offered his arm to mother to escort her to the dining room.

Mother took his arm and grabbed Ariana to pull her to a hug, very happy to see things were developing in the area of love for her daughter.

Dallas held the chair for mother and then for Ariana before taking his own seat.

“Dallas” mother began, “it’s hard to believe you’re not royalty. You are so well versed.”

“Well ma’am,” Dallas replied, “I’ve spent a lifetime around this world so I have picked up a thing or two. Just never expected to fall for someone of royal blood the way I find myself falling for your daughter.”

Ariana felt herself blushing just before she felt Dallas’ hand riding up her leg.

“Ariana dear, are you okay?” mother asked noticing a change in look on her daughter’s face.

“Yes mother” Ariana relied, just after clearing her throat to catch her composure. “Throat is just a little dry.”

“You should drink something then dear” mother offered.

“Yes, you should” Dallas added with a smirk as he handed Ariana a glass of water, his hand moving up higher on her thigh.

Ariana drank the entire glass of water as Dallas worked his hand further up till his fingers were pressed against her wet panties.

“Feeling better?” Dallas asked as he leaned over and kissed her cheek.

“Yes thank you” Ariana replied as she steadied her breathing.

Mother went on to talk about what lies ahead for the week and Dallas continued his reach for Ariana’s wet, needy pussy.

Dallas moved Ariana’s panties to the side as he pushed two of his fingers inside of her. Her walls tight, contracting with want and desire.

His fingers reaching into her deeper, curling up to massage her g-spot and work her ache into a frenzy.

“So what do you think dear?” Mother asked.

“I’m sorry?” Ariana replied having been lost in the way it felt to have Dallas’s fingers inside her that she completely missed what her mother was saying.

“Would you be up to having Dallas join us this week and introducing him to the world as your steady beau?” Mother asked.

Ariana practically choked. Mother was even more eager then she was to make things official with Dallas, and if that wasn’t enough, she could hardly think with Dallas working her wet cunt faster now, causing her to drip onto the seat.

Mother sat patiently waiting for a reply. Dallas decided to ease back a little to allow Ariana a chance to formulate a response.

“I’d like that mother.” Ariana replied. “If you’re giving approval to do so and if Dallas would be in agreement, then yes I’d like the very much.”

Dallas started to work her pussy again harder, adding a third finger inside of her as the palm of his hand pressed against her swollen clit.

Ariana could feel her hips start to rock. She could feel her body edging and the need to cum rising inside her like a caged wild animal eager to be released.

“I would like that as well” Dallas commented when mother looked his way for reaction.

“Very good” mother said, “then it’s setteed, Dallas you will begin joining us as early as tomorrow for events. Let the world see the two of you together and by the weeks end it will be announced as an official relationship.”

Dallas smiled, both because of what mother had just said and because he could feel the tension growing in Ariana. He knew she was edged and needing to cum.

Dallas leaned over to kiss Ariana’s temple and as he did he whispered to her, “cum for daddy baby girl.”

That’s all it took for Ariana’s body to completely unravel. She fought to keep her visible reactions at bay so she appeared posed for mother all while her walls gripped Dallas’ fingers as she felt the wave of orgasm rip through her cumming hard.

Dallas smiled and as he felt Ariana relax from her orgasm he withdrew his fingers from her. Neatly pulled her panties back and brought his hand to the table.

Dinner was served and as Dallas looked ok at the elaborate display he noticed the gravy on his plate and dipped his finger eloquently into it before placing it to his tongue.

“Mmm yes very good and just the right temperature” he commented.

Ariana could feel her cheeks blushing again as she realized that display was more about tasting her then it was about testing the gravy.

Mother smiled at the two of them as she wondered just how long they had been together. From the connection between them she would imagine it had been awhile but she didn’t ask. Truthfully, she didn’t care. All she cares about was that her daughter was happy, Dallas was a good man and the crown would fall onto a stable foundation.

As the staff cleared the plates when they had finished dinner mother suggested they retire to the garden again for dessert.

“I think that’s a lovely idea” Dallas replied. “The gardens are lovely and such a wonderful way to relax and rejuvenate.”

“Dallas” mother said as he offered her his arm again. “You continue to surprise and amaze me.”

“Ariana” mother said as she turned to see her daughter, “he’s definitely a keeper.”

Ariana simply smiled and nodded.

“Oh Dallas?” Mother turned to ask, “will you be staying the night? I would like to give the staff notice so they can prepare the guest room.”

“Well ma’am” Dallas began politely, “I hadn’t planned on it but if it would please you I would be honored.”

“Very well then I will advise the staff accordingly.” Mother said as she sat in the chair Dallas had pulled for her.

The dessert conversation was focused around how mother had planted each and every flower, tree and shrub in the west garden with her own father and how the east garden was full of what had been planted by Ariana and her father. It was a tradition.

“What a rewarding tradition” Dallas replied, which made mother smile all the more.

Ariana just watched and listened and smiled as she saw how well Dallas truly seemed to fit in and how much mother genuinely seemed to like and approve of him.

As the sun began to set behind the garden growth mother bid the two good night and reminded Ariana it would suit them not to stay up too late.

“Yes mother,” Ariana replied and then kissed mother good night.

Dallas stood and bid mother a pleasant sleep and thanked her for all of her hospitality.

Once the two were alone again they sat silently a moment watching the sun set. Dallas has pulled Ariana into his lap and wrapped his arms around her holding her close.

Ariana breathed deep as she smiled to herself appreciating the moment.

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