Pit Princess

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Sleep Over

Once the sun had set Ariana stood, taking Dallas’ hand in hers, her finger over her mouth to suggest they keep quiet as she led him up to her room.

Dallas allowed her to lead for the moment. When they entered her room Ariana locked the door behind them and turned to face Dallas.

“What are you planning baby girl” Dallas asked as he watched her look turn nischecious.

“It’s been a long day daddy” she replied as she walked around him running her hand over his form. “I know you must be as wanting as I am right now daddy.”

Dallas’ eyes slowly began to darken as he felt the ache inside himself grow. He wanted to bend her over that four post bed and fuck her silly.

“What are you thinking daddy” Ariana asked as she noticed his eyes. She lifted his shirt and began kissing his perfect abs.

Dallas could feel the need growing and as he grabbed Ariana’s hands he pulled her straight so he could look into her eyes as he said, “you Lee teasing daddy like this baby girl and I’m going to fuck you like you have never imagined.”

“Please daddy” Ariana breathed out the words with such need and desperation that Dallas could feel an animal instinct awake within him.

Dallas turned Ariana around quickly, his hand wrapping swiftly around her throat as his other hand pulled her dress up and ripped her panties down allowing them to fall to the floor.

“You know I love you right baby girl?” Dallas growled in her ear.

“Yes daddy, I do” Ariana replied in a purr.

“Good because I’m about to fuck you like I don’t” Dallas said as he pushed her body to the bed, bending her over if.

Ariana could hear Dallas undo his belt and then his zipper. He held her, with his hand on the back of her neck, pinned to the bed.

Her dress up exposing her bare ass and wet, glistening pussy.

“Oh my baby girl,” Dallas growled, “you are so wet for daddy.

“Yes I” Ariana was saying as she felt Dallas’ hard cock slam into her pussy causing her to gasp.

Dallas leaned over her body kissing her neck as he held her pinned. His hips making short, hard, deep thrusts into her causing her to yelp with each drive into her.

Dallas didn’t go soft or easy. Ariana has worked up a need inside him and he had warned her so he did as he said he would.

Ariana felt each and every drive into her, piercing through her right walls. Dallas’ cock was hard as a rock and the way his veins bulged against his shaft felt amazing as her walls gripped him.

“Tell me how much you love it” Dallas said. “Tell me your mine to use how I want to.”

Ariana panted as she replied, “I’m yours daddy. Yours to use how you want to and I love it. I love it daddy.”

Dallas slapped her ass making her yelp.

“Shh baby girl” Dallas said as he pulled his shirt off and wrapped it around Ariana’s mouth like a gag. “You don’t want anyone to hear you.”

Dallas plunged harder and deeper into Ariana’s wet dripping pussy. He could hear her moans muffled by the male shift gag as he drew back almost completely out of her and then drove back into her hard and deep.

“Cum for daddy” Dallas said as he could feel her body tensing ready to release.

Ariana did as he said and allowed her body to contract and release her orgasm harder then she had ever imagined possible. As her walls contracted and held tight to Dallas’ shaft she felt her cum dripping out around him.

“Very good baby girl.” Dallas said as he observed how wet his cock was from her. “You have done such a great job lubing up daddy’s cock.”

Dallas pulled his cock out of Ariana’s wet pussy and as he spread her ass cheeks apart he smiled looking down at her tight hole.

Dallas spit into her hole as he pulled it open and lined his tip up with her opening.

”I’m taking this ass baby girl” Dallas said as he eased his cock into her.

Ariana screamed out into the make shift gag. Her virgin ass struggling to take his cock.

Dallas went slow as he allowed her to adjust and once her felt his head push through he eased the rest of his cock into her.

Her screams turned to moans and groans of pleasure.

Dalla picked up what pace, plunging in and out of her tight ass. He spanked her once and then a second time, harder.

He was so turned on by her body and her whimpers. He loved how tight her holes were and loved even more that she gave herself to him the way she did.

As he thought of how obedient Ariana was he continued to thrust in and out of her ass.

“Oh fuck baby girl” Dallas groaned out. “You’re so tight. Oh fuck daddy’s gonna cum.”

Dallas moaned as he felt his balls swell rock hard as he prepares to shoot his load.

He drove into her harder, his balls slapping her ass. Finally he pushed into her deep as he came hard into her ass.

Dallas’ shaft throbbed and pulsed into her as he unloaded his cum in her ass.

When he pulled out he watched as some of his wet, sticky cum dripped from her hole. Dallas then took his finger and pushed his cum back into her ass.

Ariana groaned as she felt his finger push in her.

Dallas removed the make shift gag and pulled Ariana into his arms as he cuddled her and kissed her passionately.

“I love you baby girl” Dallas began saying. “I will never let any harm come to you.”

“I love you too daddy” Ariana replied as she cuddled into Dallas’ arms, realizing that this truly was the start of something amazing.

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